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Thursday, August 21, 2014
Checked 1:00 PM; Last Updated 12:25 PM CDT; 17:25 GMT
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"How Apple took over the only segment of the PC ..."

"Prosecutors Want Apple To Use Its iPhone 'Kill Switch' — A ..."

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Today's Poll...
Do you tend to hang on to your iDevice(s), or upgrade when new models hit the market?

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Do you tend to hang on to your iDevice(s), or upgrade when new models hit the market? Vote for the results in the left column below or go straight to the results here.

Thursday Highlights: Ed Bott takes an in-depth look at the numbers which explain Apple success in the "premium ultramobiles" market; HealthKit may be the next big thing from Apple, but as Gordon Kelly at Forbes points out, some doctors express concern in how accurate it will be; Apple denied request to recover attorney fees in battle against Samsung; according to new documents uncovered by analyst, Apple is requesting expedited approval to begin sapphire production; Intuit releases a new version of Quicken for Mac, but still not on par with Windows version; MacIssues explains how to check your MacBook for battery-draining apps; tutorial on using filters from Motion 5 without having to leave Final Cut Pro; Walmart promotion sells iPhone 5c for 79 cents, iPhone 5s for $79; another schematic for iPhone 6 seems to confirm 128GB model; iPad Air to get 2GB of RAM; Apple applies for patent to help iPhone user find car, reversible USB patent among others in our Hardware/Software section.

Today's MacUpdate Promo offers 50% savings on Shine. "Shine has been designed to illuminate digital photos by using lighting and color effects, such as light rays, lens flares, light source, dynamic contrast, tinting and vignette."

  • "How Apple took over the only segment of the PC market that still matters"  ZDNet 8:21 AM
  • "iPhone 6 Alert: Doctors Raise Concerns Over Apple HealthKit" ["'One thing that is a problem is the purported accuracy of the data,' explains Gunasekera. 'Whilst having this data could be of use, a doctor is unable to guarantee that whichever blood pressure monitor, glucose monitor or fitness tracker a patient is using will be accurate. Because of this, it's unlikely that we'll ever be at a point where a doctor will take a look at your phone and be able to give a diagnosis.'"] Forbes 9:23 AM
  • "Judge Koh blocks Apple attempt to recover attorney fees from Samsung" Electronista 8:31 AM
  • "Where is Apple's cash?" Fortune 8:32 AM
  • "Apple files to kick off expanded, 'jewelry'-classified sapphire production this month" 9to5Mac 11:13 AM
  • "Apple Ordered To Pull Secret App From Store" Sky News 8:52 AM
  • "Intuit releases redesigned Quicken 2015 for Mac, first new version in 7 years" ["In addition, functionality that has long been a part of Quicken's Windows version — such as multi-currency conversion and advanced investment options — has yet to cross the operating system divice. Intuit is allowing customers to vote on which features will be added next, and the company says that they will be provided as free updates."] AppleInsider 8:36 AM
  • "Intuit's Quicken 2015 for Mac revamps interface, expands investment features" Macworld 9:25 AM
  • "Intuit releases Quicken 2015 for Mac, with stock tracking" TUAW 8:52 AM
  • "iMessage 'being taken over by spammers,' accounts for almost a third of mobile spam" 9to5Mac 8:32 AM
  • "OmniFocus 2 review: Stay on top of your task list with this top task manager" Macworld 8:04 AM
  • "Fonts review: Preview your Mac's fonts with this app's attractive interface" Macworld 8:21 AM
  • "What apps are killing your battery life?" MacIssues 9:23 AM
  • "Improve the Filters and effects within Final Cut Pro: Use Motion 5 Filters without leaving Final Cut Pro" Video Edit Oz 7:33 AM
  • "There are a lot of reasons why you need the Mailplane Gmail browser" Apple Daily Report 8:19 AM
  • "How to Uninstall iTunes in OS X" TekRevue 7:38 AM
  • "Yet Another Way To Kill Flash On Your Mac (the 'official' way– it's from Apple)" PixoBebo 7:36 AM
  • "Free: Control iTunes In The Menubar" Mac 360 7:36 AM
  • "Got Google Music? Get Gear Player" Mac 360 7:35 AM
  • "Blog Much On Your Mac? Try A Real Blogging App" McSolo 7:36 AM
  • "Intensify: A Must Have Mac Photo App" Mac 360 7:36 AM
Press Releases
  • "Mac Backup Guru 2.0 Drive Backup/Cloneing Utility Launches" MacPrices 9:19 AM
General Interest/Potpourri
  • "Apple Pokes at Amazon's E-book Problem, Again: Who knew the folks who run Apple's e-book store were such sly jokesters?" Re/code 9:32 AM
  • "Samsung Doesn't Have to Pay Apple Attorney Fees Because iPhone wasn't Famous" The Mac Observer 8:46 AM
  • "Apple's bid to recover $16m in legal fees from Samsung falls flat" Cult of Android 8:36 AM
  • "Judge denies Apple's bid to recover $16M in legal fees from Samsung" iDownload Blog 8:38 AM
  • "Calls to Apple confirm: Apple TV promotion and upcoming iTunes Festival wipe out Store stock, still available for shipping" 9to5Mac 8:33 AM
  • "Walmart is now selling the iPhone 5C for less than a dollar" Engadget 8:04 AM
  • "iPhone 5C drops to 97 cents at Walmart" CNET 8:21 AM
  • "You will soon be able to start your Tesla with your smartphone" Cult of Android 7:58 AM
  • "Start Your Tesla with iPhone After v6.0 Update" Tapscape 7:34 AM
  • "Finally, an App That Makes Online Video as Watchable as Regular TV" Wired 10:34 AM
Non-Apple News
  • "Sprint fires back at T-Mobile's prices with new $60 Unlimited Plan" iMore 12:25 PM
  • "T-Mobile entices subscribers to recruit friends from rival carriers" CNET 12:25 PM
  • "T-Mobile offering Sprint, AT&T and Verizon castaways one year of free unlimited LTE data" 9to5Mac 11:13 AM
  • "LTE in Wi-Fi spectrum shows great potential, says NTT DoCoMo" IDG News Service 10:35 AM
  • "iPhone 6 Killers? Samsung, Sony And LG Ready Their Rival Devices For IFA 2014" Forbes 8:46 AM
  • "Leaked iPhone 6 Schematic Confirms 128GB Version, 32GB Goes MIA" G for Games 7:56 AM
  • "128GB iPhone 6? Leaked schematics suggest it may happen" 9to5Mac 8:31 AM
  • "iPhone 6 Display Resolution Detailed Alongside 128GB Model" Know Your Mobile 8:55 AM
  • "iPad Air getting 2GB of RAM for multi-window multitasking?" TechnologyTell 10:35 AM
  • "Purported 'iPad Air 2' flex cables revealed in new photos" AppleInsider 8:33 AM
Apple Patent Applications
  • "Apple invention helps iPhone users find their parked car despite poor cell, GPS reception" AppleInsider 7:56 AM
  • "Apple's Second Reversible USB Connector Invention Surfaces" Patently Apple 8:44 AM
  • "Apple invents a 3D Feature for Future iPhone Camera" Patently Apple 7:59 AM
  • "Your iOS device may soon show you a picture of your destination before you arrive" Apple Daily Report 8:19 AM
  • "Apple patent filing is for creating a 'dynamic interactive entertainment venue" Apple Daily Report 8:19 AM
Price Trackers/Deals
  • "Star Trek Trexels For iPhone And iPad Is Temporarily Available For Free (Normally $2.99)" Apple Sliced 8:46 AM
  • "Alpha Zero For iPhone And iPad Is Free Right Now (Previously $2.99)" Apple Sliced 8:46 AM
  • "PetRun For iPhone And iPad Is Free Today (Was $0.99)" Apple Sliced 8:46 AM
  • "Mac Pro Prices & Deals" MacPrices 9:19 AM
  • "MacBook Air Prices & Sales" MacPrices 9:19 AM

Deal Brothers Daily Deal: BuyBack+ offering 20% more for gadget trade-ins

  • "Side-by-side: The iPhone 6 vs. the Samsung Galaxy Alpha" Cult of Mac 7:58 AM
  • "Using a Corsair K70 Clicky PC Gaming Keyboard on a Mac" JackenHack 9:56 AM
iPad/iPhone/iPod touch Apps
  • "Get a Room: Last-Minute Hotel-Booking Apps Compared" Re/code 9:32 AM
  • "3 Free iPhone Apps for Ordering from the Starbucks Secret Menu" The Mac Observer 9:56 AM
  • "Choose to play for the Light Side or Dark Side in Star Wars: Commander" TechHive 8:35 AM
  • "The sequel to 'Flappy Bird' is basically impossible: 'Swing Copters' might be too hard" The Verge 12:24 PM
  • "This puzzle game is incredibly simple, but deceptively hard" iDownload Blog 8:38 AM
  • "'Dungeon Slots' Review - Hitting the Jackpot" Touch Arcade 9:27 AM
  • "'Corpse Party' Review - This Buggy Port Is A Real Party Pooper" Touch Arcade 10:34 AM
  • "Hanx Writer Review: Miss writing on a typewriter? Hanx Writer replicates that experience pretty well on your iPad." 148Apps 11:13 AM
  • "BoxPop Review: Move from tile to tile to clear the board in this slightly too simple and easy puzzle game." 148Apps 11:13 AM
  • "Forks Over Knives Review: Want some tasty new recipe ideas but want to keep it healthy? Forks Over Knives is the ideal app for you." 148Apps 8:35 AM
  • "Fix the iPhone's most common problems in 60 seconds" Cult of Mac 11:12 AM
  • "Learn these four oft-overlooked iOS 7 tips" Macworld 8:36 AM
  • "Was Making The iPhone 5C One Of Apple's Biggest Flops?" Quora 12:25 PM
  • "Former Siri Skeptic Explains Why He Started Using The App All The Time" Business Insider 12:24 PM
  • "New documents suggest that Apple's 'iWatch' is coming soon" AppAdvice 12:24 PM
  • "How low can you go?" Macworld 10:35 AM
  • "10 credible future Apple product claims for this week" Computerworld 10:26 AM
  • "Cassandra: Completing the Circle -Apple and Product Releases" eXtensions 9:56 AM
  • "How Fast Is Classic Mode on a Power Mac G5?" Low End Mac 9:25 AM
  • "Apple's Software Isn't Very Good: Elevation Partners Co-Founder Roger McNamee discusses Apple's stock price, innovation and the company's cloud product. He speaks on 'Bloomberg West.'" Bloomberg TV 8:03 AM
  • "Chromebooks, MacBooks, and Windows Notebooks: Where Is Microsoft Going?" Mac 360 7:37 AM
  • "What Apple Can Do To Your iPhone And iPad That You May Not Want" Mac 360 7:37 AM
  • "I am not emotionally prepared for Twitter to suck: Change was always inevitable, but that doesn't make it any less painful" The Verge 10:34 AM
  • "Why Amazon's Fire Phone hasn't set the smartphone market ablaze" TechHive 8:53 AM
  • "Dear Sony, Here's Why So Many People Are Buying The PS4" Forbes 8:45 AM
  • "Is it an iPad? Is it a MacBook Air? No, it's a Surface Pro 3: Nice hardware, shame about the use case" The Register 8:45 AM
Press Releases/Products/Public Relations
  • "Pangu Untether Package Updated to Version 0.3 With Sandbox Fixes" Modmyi 12:23 PM
  • "PadGadget's Sound Stage: NodeBeat HD Makes a Musician Out of Everyone" PadGadget 10:34 AM
  • "Superhero Workout turns exercise into a game" iMore 9:30 AM
  • "Close Your Eyes and Rest Easy - Blink Is Watching the House" TechNewsWorld 8:38 AM
  • "Disney expands 'Star Wars' iOS franchise with 'Commander' real-time strategy game" AppleInsider 8:35 AM
  • "Flappy Bird Creator Releases New 'Swing Copters' Game for iOS" iClarified 8:35 AM
  • "Twitter for iOS now lets you watch videos in a mini player while continuing to browse your timeline" The Next Web 8:45 AM
  • "Twitter for iOS now features a YouTube-like minimized player for videos" AppAdvice 8:32 AM
  • "Remotie app for Samsung Smart TV has been downloaded 10K times in 5 days" prMac 8:02 AM
  • "Spend Stack - Available Now - Simplifies Spending by Finding Sales Tax" prMac 8:02 AM
  • "Two-in-one kid's game Bubble Cat Kids sees release on iOS and Android" prMac 8:02 AM
  • "Melesta Games launches Sweet Maze arcade game for iOS" prMac 8:02 AM
  • "Baby Shapes: New App For Babies Not Just Another Digital Baby-Sitter" prMac 8:02 AM
  • "New Star Walk 2 for iOS Features Stunning Design: 3D Deep Sky Objects" prMac 8:02 AM
  • "Dressed 1.0 for iPhone - Virtual Closet App" prMac 8:02 AM
  • "New iOS Children's Reading App Powered by Nuance Voice Recognition" prMac 8:02 AM
  • "LightArrow Announces Pro.Calendar - New Productivity App for iPad and iPhone with Groundbreaking 'Time Ribbon' Views" PRNewswire 8:00 AM
Computer Industry
  • "Microsoft set to unveil Windows 9 on September 30th" The Verge 11:14 AM
  • "Opera's Mini browser to be installed on Microsoft phones" Reuters 7:54 AM
  • "Opera Mini will be the default web browser on Microsoft's non-Windows Phones" The Inquirer 7:28 AM
  • "Microsoft to make Opera default browser on its feature phones" Neowin 7:31 AM
  • "Microsoft ropes in Opera Mini as default Nokia dumbphone browser: Ancient browser to power ancient Redmond mobes" The Register 7:59 AM
  • "Microsoft, Opera sign browser building deal" Seeking Alpha 7:07 AM
  • "Opera Mini to nurse Microsoft's feature phones through their dying days" Gigaom 7:24 AM
  • "Microsoft: This Month's Updates Can Lead to a 'Horrible User Experience'" Softpedia 7:55 AM
  • "HP revenues get a welcome boost as PC sales grow 12 percent: End of XP and new machines boosting sales, claims chief executive Meg Whitman" The Inquirer 11:14 AM
  • "HP Boosted by PCs as Whitman Seeks Growth in Other Units" Bloomberg 8:05 AM
  • "HP revenues rise to $27.6bn on PC growth but profits fall under $1bn" V3 7:58 AM
  • "Hewlett-Packard Revenue and Cash Flow Improve, but Earnings Fall" New York Times [Free/Paid Registration Required] 7:47 AM
  • "HP reports surprise growth as PC sales climb: The company's PC business grew 12 percent, though most other divisions declined" Computerworld 7:20 AM
  • "H-P +4.5%; sell-side praises cash flow, top-line performance" Seeking Alpha 11:15 AM
  • "Hewlett-Packard Valued Like It's Going Out Of Business" Seeking Alpha 7:32 AM
  • "HP Q3 financials show increased revenues, drop in net earnings" Electronista 7:25 AM
  • "Update: Hewlett-Packard Meets Our Expectations" Seeking Alpha 7:06 AM
  • "HP's Q3 Shows PC Recovery Still Going Strong, Confirms Intel Is A Buy" Seeking Alpha 7:32 AM
  • "Update: HP Remains On Track To Exceed My Price Target" Seeking Alpha 7:32 AM
  • "Hewlett-Packard takes its Helion OpenStack Cloud to China" Gigaom 8:59 AM
  • "AMD Expands Its Gaming Portfolio With Its Entry In The SSD Market" Forbes 7:48 AM
  • "Intel Core i7-5820K CPU Is Nerfed, Has Crippled PCI Express Support" Softpedia 7:49 AM
  • "Intel and Unity partner on Android x86 support" bit-tech 7:50 AM
  • "Intel Is Already Inside Your Data Center, But Wants a Bigger, Better Spot" Forbes 7:54 AM
  • "AMD joins storage market with game console SSDs" EE Times Asia 7:06 AM
  • "German research firm taps IBM for 'massive' x-ray analytics project/Summary: IBM suggested that the analytics could result in differences pertaining to anything from 'semiconductor designs to cancer therapies.'" ZDNet 7:54 AM
  • "Oracle works both sides of the SQL/NoSQL street: While continuing to push SQL, Oracle makes accommodations for newer technologies, including NoSQL and JSON" InfoWorld 7:55 AM
  • "Cisco Systems, Inc. (NASDAQ:CSCO) Considerable Structural Change May Boost Results As Extreme Networks (NASDAQ:EXTR), Juniper (NYSE:JNPR) In Upbeat Move" eMarkets Daily 7:48 AM
  • "Acer announces the Chromebox CXI -- a slim and sexy Google-powered mini-desktop" BetaNews 8:00 AM
  • "Move over, HP and Asus: Acer just jumped into the Chromebox market, too" Gigaom 8:59 AM
  • "RISC rides again: New RISC-V architecture hopes to battle ARM and x86 by being totally open source" ExtremeTech 9:29 AM
Finances (Click heading for current Apple Stock price.)
Apple News
  • "Apple Hits 52-Week High on Rising Anticipation for iPhone 6" Zacks 10:34 AM
  • "Apple, Inc. Stock Passes All-Time Highs -- 3 Lessons for Investors" The Motley Fool 9:29 AM
  • "Google Loses Share Price War With Apple" 24/7 Wall St. 8:04 AM
  • "3 Apple ETFs for Outperformance" Zacks 9:27 AM
Industry News
  • "H-P gives tech stocks a boost in wake of earnings" MarketWatch 10:45 AM
  • "Stocks: 5 things to know before the open" CNNMoney 8:06 AM
  • "Stock Market Today: Futures Rise as Markets Anticipate a Dovish Yellen" TheStreet 8:06 AM
  • "U.S. Stocks Rise on Upbeat Economic Data: S&P 500 Index Hits Intraday Record High" [Paid Membership Required] 10:45 AM
  • "Asia Markets: Hong Kong stocks snap winning streak after China data/Hong Kong stocks broke a four-day string of gains on Thursday, after a private survey showed China's manufacturing growth eased in August." MarketWatch 8:07 AM
  • "Europe Markets: Raiffeisen rallies, miners slip: Europe movers" MarketWatch 8:07 AM

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