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MacSurfer's Archive: Saturday, September 20, 2008


  • "New Microsoft Ad: I'm a Mac, but I'm Listening" ["CP&B was brought on to take a little wind out of Apple's sales (intended), but it remains to be seen what kind of listening Mac users will be capable of. We're an elite bunch. The agency is known for recharging sagging brands through sharp, unconventional brashness, typically inventing memorable new themes or characters in the process. To get PC users feeling less inadequate, and Mac users less mighty, it will take a gifted campaign."]  The Huffington Post 8:41 AM
  • "Digging Deeper: The high concept of Apple's long-running 'Get a Mac' TV campaign is that the characters portrayed by John Hodgman and Justin Long are personified computers. It's right there in the opening lines of every ad in the series: 'Hello, I'm a Mac.' 'And I'm a PC.' Hodgman is not 'Windows'; Long is not Mac OS X. They are not representative or average PC/Mac users. They are computers."  Daring Fireball 2:32 PM
  • "Apple store draws core following" BBC 10:28 AM
  • "Apple recalls iPhone 3G power adapter, but replacements not ready until October 10" iTWire 9:13 AM
  • "Apple recalls iPhone 3G power adaptors" Reg Hardware 9:17 AM
  • "Apple recalls iPhone adaptors: Ultracompact plugs prone to breakage" 8:08 AM
  • "Apple to exchange faulty iPhone power adapters: They were supplied with 3G iPhones sold in the US, Japan, Canada, Mexico and Latin American countries" Reuters 8:20 AM
  • "Is Apple stealing ideas from iPhone developers?"  iPhone Atlas 8:08 AM
  • "The best iPod ever? Touching is believing"  Boston Herald 9/19
  • "Should Apple take a chance with music subscriptions?"  CNET 9/19
  • "Coca-Cola Remains World's Best Global Brand: Table" ["Apple #24 with a brand value worth $13.724 billion"] Bloomberg 9/19
  • "iPhone Apps Policy Stirs Discontent: Still no word from Apple on its criteria for rejecting certain applications." 9/19
  • "5 reasons why Apple should build its own iPhone SoC (and 5 why it won't last)"  TG Daily 9/19
  • "Why Apple Needs to Deliver New Macs Next Tuesday"  Cult of Mac 9/19
  • "Trojan Masquerades as iPhone Game" PC Advisor 9:43 AM
  • "Apple Expo Reports: Virtualizing Solutions for our Mac" HardMac 8:12 AM
  • "Stupid Simple Root Exploit Remains in Mac OS X 10.5.5" Rixstep 2:57 PM
  • "Blu-ray Support in Mac OS X 10.5.6?" Mac Rumors 9/19
  • "Parallels 4 to tout OS X Server VM, dual-core, new interface" AppleInsider 9/19
  • "iPhone developer sidesteps App Store to sell banned Podcaster: After Apple turns down his app, Alex Sokirynsky uses iPhone beta-test mechanism to distribute his software" Computerworld 9/19
  • "Apple fans besieged by iPhone Trojan and iTunes attack" Channel Register 9/19
  • "OSX vulnerable to malicious attacks again" The Inquirer 9/19
  • "Apple's QuickTime under fire -again" iTWire 9/19
  • "Mac OS X 10.5.5: green/purple video." MacFixIt 9/19
  • "iTunes stops after playing one song" MacFixIt 9/19
  • "Today's Leopard reader reports include tips for troubleshooting graphics problems following the Mac OS X 10.5.5 update, plus more experiences and comments." MacInTouch 9/19
  • "Bugs & Fixes: Dealing with CPU overloads, part two" Macworld 9/19
  • "Five 'under-the-hood' things you should know about App Store apps"  iPhone Atlas 9/19
  • "ITunes For Your Recipes" Mac|Life 9/19
  • "Hazel: Automated Organization for Your Mac" SurfBits 9/19
  • "The Top 6 Free Tools Every Mac User Needs." Mac360 9/19
  • "Restore Screen Sharing buttons to 10.5.5" Macworld 9/19
  • "A script to install all required Software Updates" Mac OS X Hints 9/19
  • "How to view C-SPAN streams with Flip4Mac WMV player" Mac OS X Hints 9/19
  • "21.09.2008 Apple, i beg of you..." 8:18 PM
  • "Mac OS X 10.5.5 Update, Mac Sales Up 30%, Ubuntu Aiming for Mac OS, and More" Low End Mac 9/19
  • "Mac Bloggers Get Leg Up on OS X Update, Scratch Heads Over ARM's Future" MacNewsWorld 9/19
  • "From TextEdit to Google Docs: 5 Reasons Why Google Docs Is Better" AppleMatters 9/19
  • "Google Puts Gears for Safari in Full Throttle" Smoking Apples 9/19
Press Releases
  • "Electronic Arts makes changes to Spore DRM" TechWhack 8:19 PM
  • "Pwnapple Arrives: iPhone Dev Team Delivers Quickpwn 2.1" Mactropolis 2:42 PM
  • "ImageFramer 2.1 for Mac OS X Improves Photorealism" prMac 8:10 AM
  • "Groqit's Personal Inventory Management System" Groqit 9/19
  • "Nuclear Nova Updates GL Golf For the Mac" Nuclear Nova 9/19
  • "Nemetschek Press Event Diary: Inner Harbor and Parasolid" Architosh 9/19
  • "Say Hello to LittleSnapper: LittleSnapper is built to be the designer's digital scrapbook, allowing you to capture, organise, annotate and share screenshots from your desktop and the web." Realmac Software 9/19
  • "PageSpinner updated for Leopard" Macworld 9/19
  • "Sync'Em - designed to sync Microsoft Exchange, Google and Apple contact and calendar information" Sync'Em 9/19
  • "Sync'Em to sync Exchange, Google and Apple contacts, calendars" Macworld 9/19
  • "Macgamestore Presents FATE for the Macintosh" prMac 9/19
  • "Altomac introduces Filemailer for Mac OS X" prMac 9/19
  • "11 New Rapidweaver Themes Available at iWebTemplate" prMac 9/19
General Interest/Potpourri
  • "EU warns online music stores: change or be changed" iTWire 9/19
  • "NBC's Web sites see surge in traffic: iTunes sells 1 mil since Sept. 9; news events draw visitors" Hollywood Reporter 9/19
  • "Over 1 Million NBC Downloads Since Return to iTunes" Mac Rumors 9/19
  • "T-Mobile Germany plans to launch prepaid iPhone 3G packages" Telecompaper 9/19
  • "Peek Inside Future Store Before It's Renovated" ifoAppleStore 9/19
  • "Apple Expo Paris 2008: the full report: Griffin impresses at the latest showcase for all-things Apple-related" TechRadar UK 9/19
  • "John Hodgman: PC, iPhone user" Engadget 9/19
  • "A Mac rig that'll make your eyes bleed" Cult of Mac 9/19
  • "Perfect Lego Mac Pro Is Two Computers in One" Gizmodo 9/19
  • "September 19, 1994: Apple Announces Clones Are Coming" AppleMatters 9/19
Non-Apple News
  • "Yahoo, Hotmail, Gmail all vulnerable to Palin-style password-reset hack" Computerworld 9/19
  • "Step aside, Chrome, for Squirrelfish Extreme" CNET 9/19
  • "3 Firefox extensions engage Google, Opera, and Microsoft" CNET 9/19
  • "Yahoo's new board to meet next week, report says" MarketWatch 9/19
  • "Google denies disassembling Vista software" CNET 9/19
  • "EFF Sues Over Domestic Spying Program" eWeek 9/19
  • "IT at sea: Google to launch a computer navy" CNN 9/19
  • "Web 2.0: Google Chrome To Support Add-Ons: Google said it will work hard to make sure its add-on paradigm keeps Chrome stable, unlike add-ons for Mozilla's Firefox and Microsoft's Internet Explorer." InformationWeek 9/19
  • "Samsung preps 'antibacterial' netbook" ZDNet UK 9/19
  • "Wireless LAN standard to cut power use: Upcoming 802.11v standard scheudled for ratification in 2010 will improve power savings in wireless LANs" IDG News Service 9/19
  • "You don't back up? The storage industry wants you." Fortune 9/19
  • "Android Phones To Be Remote Controls ; Nokia Rolls Out App Challenge Aimed At Emerging Markets" 9/19
  • "Strategy Analytics: Android to Gain 4 Percent USA Q4 2008 Smartphone Share" Business Wire 9/19
  • "Yahoo! Search delivers free Rhapsody music playback" iTWire 9/19
  • "The MacReviewcast #178: Adobe LR2, VideoCue, AppDelete, AskVideo" SurfBits 2:58 PM
  • "iPod accessibility: Macworld Video #68" Macworld 9/19
  • "Evidence points toward iPhone 3G home activation and model refresh" AppleInsider 2:34 PM
  • "Apple prepping a 32GB iPhone update, bringing back at-home activation?" Engadget 8:50 PM
  • "Today Apple announced the Apple Ultracompact USB Power Adapter Exchange program. Apple has determined that under certain conditions the new ultracompact Apple USB power adapter's metal prongs can break off and remain in a power outlet, creating a risk of electric shock. We have received reports of detached blades involving a very small percentage of the adapters sold, but no injuries have been reported."  Apple Support 9/19
  • "Apple issues safety alert for iPhone 3G power adapter" Macworld 9/19
  • "Apple to Exchange IPhone 3G Power Adapters" 9/19
  • "Apple to exchange faulty iPhone power adapters" Reuters 9/19
  • "Apple Recalls iPhone 3G Ultracompact USB Power Adapter" World of Apple 9/19
  • "Apple recalls iPhone 3G power adapters over shock risk" AppleInsider 9/19
  • "Apple Recalls Its Supercool iPhone 3G USB Power Plug" TidBITS 9/19
  • "Apple files notification screen patent, is this really that unique?" ZDNet Blogs 9/19
  • "Apple Patent Application Could Lead to Portable User Accounts" The Mac Observer 9/19
  • "Intel Nehalem CPUs expected to boost substrate demand" DigiTimes 9/19
Price Trackers/Deals
  • "Ancient Quest of Saqqarah: Buy at a 40% discount. Promo runs today only." MacUpdate Promo 7:23 AM
  • "In The US Apple Store 10 items were restocked including the refurbished Mac mini 1.83GHz Intel Core 2 Duo for $499, 63 were unchanged, and one was sold out." While Supplies Last 8:18 AM
  • "MacBook Pros -Up To $500 Off -Other Extras" MacReviewZone 2:29 PM
  • "MacBook Prices -Currently Shipping -Up To $200 Off -Other Extras" MacReviewZone 2:29 PM
  • "Snapshot: Buy at a 40% discount. Promo runs today only." MacUpdate Promo 9/19
  • "17'' MacBook Pro Prices & Current Bundles" MacPrices 9/19
  • "15'' MacBook Pro Prices & Current Bundles" MacPrices 9/19
  • "13'' MacBook Prices & Current Bundles" MacPrices 9/19
  • "Best Time Capsule and AirPort Prices" Low End Mac 9/19
  • "Apple Refurbished Product Watch.... Mac Pros Up To $500 Off" MacReviewZone 9/19
  • "iMac Refurbished DealZone -Intel iMacs Up To $750 Off" MacReviewZone 9/19

  • "A year with the iPhone: The iPhone is now around a year old, and into its second version. It arrived with a fanfare, and is loved and ignored in equal amounts. So was it groundbreaking or just so-so?" e-academy 8:39 AM
  • "iTunes App Store iPhone Game Review Roundup -Part 2" iPod Hacks 8:29 AM
  • "A Quick Look at Pick-Up RPG 'Loot Master' for the iPhone" Touch Arcade 8:29 AM
  • "Apple iPod touch 2G and nano 4G: The Engadget Review" Engadget 9/19
  • "Why the iPod touch Makes the iPhone Irrelevant" Mac|Life 9/19
  • "Pogue on iPod v. Zune: NY Times personal technology columnist David Pogue compares the new iPod with Microsoft's Zune." CNBC 9/19
  • "Review: Pebble Wireless mouse/Macally's rather pedestrian wireless mouse is saved by its versatile software" Macworld 9/19
  • "Review: Kensington Slimblade Media mouse" CrunchGear 9/19
  • "CX500 review: Sennheiser's CS500 earphones have great audio quality at a reasonable price" Macworld UK 9/19
  • "Appletell review - KeySkin keyboard protector for Apple keyboards and laptops" Appletell 9/19
  • "Just Mobile Gum and Gum Pro Portable USB Power Packs" iLounge 9/19
  • "Review: USBFever's Bike Mount Holder for iPhone / iPod / GPS" Macenstein 9/19
  • "Silicon Sleeve: Bare-bones iPhone case from Belkin but with some interesting colours" Macworld UK 9/19
  • "Review: What's On? for iPhone/App delivers TV schedule to your mobile device" Macworld 9/19
  • "Review: X-Plane 9 for iPhone" Macworld 9/19
  • "iPhone 3G Software Review: Spore Origins" ExtremeTech 9/19
  • "Pac-Man and Ms. Pac-Man" Mac|Life 9/19
  • "Creating an iPhone-based Web Service: Part 1" Inside iPhone 9/19
  • "Take Control News: Learn How to Buy the Right Mac at the Right Time" TidBITS 9/19
  • "Delete multiple photos from the iPhone's Camera Roll" Mac OS X Hints 9/19
  • "Update iPhone software/firmware from any computer" Mac OS X Hints 9/19
  • "Hey Apple: 5 Computers per iTunes Account Not Enough!" Taxman: The Blog 10:09 PM
  • "In search of my perfect e-book reader: My new iPod Touch as progress" TeleRead 9:13 PM
  • "iPod Touch Skype Phone Capability Coming Soon?" The UberReview 8:19 PM
  • "Turn an iPhone Into a Pocket Theremin" Slashdot 8:16 PM
  • "Apple Recalls iPhone 3G Power Adpaters.... Lawsuits Can't Be Far Behind..." The IT Nerd 4:21 PM
  • "The Apple Store an Independent Developers dream comes true" TechWag 2:36 PM
  • "Rumor: Is Apple's 'Brick' A Mac Mini Redesign?" iPhone Savior 10:27 AM
  • "Now an iPhone bug fixer from Apple" iStumbled 8:19 AM
  • "Dell XPS 1530 Vs Apple MACBook" Tech World 8:11 AM
  • "Why Sergey Brin May Have Disclosed His Risk for Parkinson's" New York Times 9/19
  • "iPod Nano's Voice App Needs Rethinking" Cult of Mac 9/19
  • "7Digital No Great Threat to iTunes' U.S. Market" Cult of Mac 9/19
  • "Does Apple do Conceptual design? Sure, but we'll never see it" Coolest Gadgets 9/19
  • "NBC sees 1 million downloads in 10 days after crawling back to iTunes" MacDailyNews 9/19
  • "With 10% of the US Notebook Market, Where Will Apple Go Next?"  Low End Mac 9/19
  • "New NVIDIA Chipset: For Use in New MacBook"  Mac Soda 9/19
  • "Nokia's Comes With Music Poses Threat To iTunes Dominance: Report" 9/19
  • "Nokia Could Loosen Apple's Grip On Digital Music"  Cult of Mac 9/19
  • "Testing your iPhone coolness: Your iPhone applications say a lot about you." Fortune Magazine 9/19
  • "Huh. Those Mac Ads Aren't As Funny Any More." TechCrunch 9/19
  • "Apple Approves Another Pointless iPhone Application" Gizmodo 9/19
  • "How to Plug In to Slow Down" Mac|Life 9/19
  • "Why today's college student has a Mac and an iPhone instead of a Dell and a Blackberry" kiley dorton 9/19
  • "Hasta la Vista, Vista! I'm Back to Mac, Jack!" ["If you've ever used Vista Home Basic, you're not reading this. Because you're dead. Because you killed yourself. I wanted help killing myself, so I googled 'escape Vista!'. The moment Vista was typed Internet Explorer hijacked me to, whereupon my screen froze like Tin Woodsman exiting a steam bath."] 9/19
  • "Microsoft 'I'm a PC' ads are channeling Apple's 'Crazy Ones'" CounterNotions 9/19
  • "When will we see the 32gb iPhone?" 9/19
  • "A Mac User Buys His 1st PC – or How a $550 Laptop can cost more than $1200" My First Mac 9/19
Microsoft Ads vs. Apple
  • "I Think I've Got This Microsoft 'Windows vs. Walls' Thing Figured Out." The Small Wave 7:16 AM
  • "Microsoft's 'I'm a PC' Ads - Made on a Mac" Cult of Mac 9/19
  • "New Microsoft Apple Attack Ads: Not Funny" CRN 9/19
  • "What is Microsoft thinking? Some thoughts on the Microsoft commercials" CrunchGear 9/19
  • "Say It Loud: I'm a PC and I'm Proud" 9/19
  • "I'm a PC—and I'm desperate for people to like me" Cult of Mac 9/19
  • "Do TV Ads Sell Macs? Can TV Ads Help Sell PCs?" Mac360 9/19
  • "Shameful Admissions: I Kind Of Like The New Microsoft 'I'm A PC' Ads" 9/19
  • "Microsoft airs its 'I'm a PC' ads (with video): The ads are insanely stupid because if you're living a 'Life Without Walls,' then you obviously have no need for Windows." MacDailyNews 9/19
  • "I am a PC ad:Apple is Microsoft's Creative Department" Desinformado 9/19
  • "Good God, I Sort of Like Microsoft's New Windows Ads" Technologizer 9/19
  • "'I'm a PC': Microsoft Airs New Line of Ads" 10:08 PM
  • "Comcast Discloses Throttling Practices" Slashdot 8:19 AM
  • "Dork talk: Are you Coke or Pepsi? PC or Mac? Oxford or Cambridge? Nikon or Canon?" The Guardian 9/19
  • "Editorial - What To Do About Blu-ray? Just Go For It" iPodObserver 9/19
  • "The wild, wacky world of webcams grows up -- kinda" Computerworld 9/19
  • "Database Options for the Cloud" eWeek 9/19
  • "Lessons of the Sarah Palin e-mail hack" InfoWorld 9/19
  • "Here's the Word on less expensive software: Google, Zoho, even Microsoft, offering free and lower-cost programs" MSNBC 9/19
  • "How telcos and ISPs are prepping for a pandemic" Network World 9/19
  • "The Stupidest Technologies for Your Home: These 10 ridiculous products—from a motorized spray bottle to a retractable ceiling fan—make us question why anyone would actually use them." PC Magazine 9/19
  • "Chrome's an OS, not a Browser! Google's Chrome app may accelerate the move to cloud computing." PC Magazine 9/19
  • "Awaiting the Google Phone: Whether Google has succeeded in revolutionizing the cell phone may depend on who you ask." Technology Review 9/19
  • "Impressive physics, visuals power new 'Star Wars' game" USA Today 9/19
  • "Five Things That Netbooks Need to Succeed" Wired Blogs 9/19
  • "Sarah Palin Hack an Example of Password Recovery Backfire" eWeek 9/19
  • "Blu-Ray may have won the race, but DVD level of success far from guaranteed" Macsimum News 9/19
  • "How I dumped my DVR for a terabyte TiVo" ZDNet Blogs 9/19
  • "Do You Live In Jacksonville, Indianapolis or Milwaukee? You May Want To Hold Off On Buying Google's Android 'Gphone" Silicon Alley Insider 9/19
  • "Text messaging fees... check. Hmmm, what else can we charge?" The Joy of Tech 9/19
Press Releases/Products/Public Relations
  • "Attention Larry King: Your iPhone app has arrived" Macenstein 10:08 PM
  • "Laminar Research Has Big Plans for X-Plane 9 on iPhone" Touch Arcade 8:29 AM
  • "Cambridge Audio reveals iPod-lovin' Sonata / Fusion audio systems" Engadget 8:14 AM
  • "Oosah Hosts up to 1TB of Media Online for Free" Lifehacker 9/19
  • "Asphalt 4 on the iPhone: cell phone racing gets real" Ars Technica 9/19
  • "Apptism: an Alternative to Apple's iPhone Apps Store" PC Magazine 9/19
  • "Sony Debuts iPod and iPhone Compatible Boombox, HD Radio With iTunes Tagging, CD Clock Radio and Docking Speaker" PRNewswire 9/19
  • "iDialUDrive: Hands Free Cell Phone Dialer App for the iPhone Now Available on iTunes" PRNewswire 9/19
  • "Introducing iPermiling, from Hunter Engineering's greenMeter: Thanks to Hunter Engineering, budding hypermilers can practice their skills with an iPhone App. For less than the cost of three gallons of gas, the greenMeter app uses the iPhone's built-in accelerometer to help drivers learn just how much their leadfooted ways are costing them in carbon emissions and fuel economy." Wired 9/19
  • "High end Art.Suono iPod sound system debuts" Macworld 9/19
  • "Stanton unveils DaScratch touch DJ pad" Electronista 9/19
  • "Case Logic intros TSA friendly laptop cases" CrunchGear 9/19
  • "BluePhone Personal Tech Experts is new consumer tech support" MacTech Magazine 9/19
  • "Boomwave releases FUNK line of iPhone 3G cases" MacNN 9/19
  • "New 'Take Control' book teaches smart Mac buying techniques" MacTech Magazine 9/19
  • "Macally Does More to Safeguard new iPod touch and iPod nano: Consumers will do more than ever with their new iPods, so the need for Macally's new protective cases has never been greater" Business Wire 9/19
  • "Bidouille Apple TV Today: After having fully disassembled a good old PowerBook 12 yesterday, today we will demo and record the procedure to repalce the tiny 40 GB HD with 250 GB 2.5'' PATA drive, to provide enough space for a large collection of movies. The demo will take place live at 16h00 at our booth and the video will be available later on (once fully edited and subtitled)." HardMac 9/19
  • "New iPhone tethering app goes live: Got a jailbroken iPhone? If so, a new program called iPhoneModem lets you tether your iPhone to your computer and take advantage of your phone's data connection" APC Magazine 9/19
  • "codefromtokyo introduces Japanese 1.0 for iPhone and iPod touch" prMac 9/19
  • "MacSupportJobs offers free job post until end of September 2008" prMac 9/19
  • "net4mac, the social network for Mac users is now available on iPhone" prMac 9/19
Computer Industry
  • "The Secret Microsoft Invasion of Yahoo Continues: MSN GM Headed There Soon?" AllThingsD: BoomTown 8:31 AM
  • "Microsoft Replaces Seinfeld Ads With Real Users" redOrbit 8:40 AM
  • "Macs Produced Part of Microsoft's 'I'm a PC' Ads" Computerworld 8:37 AM
  • "I'm a PC, But I am Disturbed Because Of The New Ads" eFluxMedia 8:38 AM
  • "Microsoft's New I'm A PC Ad: Way, Way Off Target" eFluxMedia 8:37 AM
  • "Zune Finally Ditches iPod Shadow with New Tune" Newslocale 8:42 AM
  • "Intel offers $8 million for NetEffect: Other potential buyers have until the end of September to submit bids" Austin American-Statesman 8:43 AM
  • "H-P Software's New Name" 8:30 AM
  • "Cisco to Buy Instant-Message Start-Up" 8:30 AM
  • "Dell's new Studio Hybrid desktop is a space saver with style: One of Dell's latest desktop PCs deserves an adjective that has rarely applied to its products: stylish." Washington Post 8:45 AM
  • "Oracle posts better-than-expected quarterly results" Reuters 8:34 AM
  • "IBM, Volvo plan to set up trade unions in China" China Daily 8:46 AM
Finances (Click heading for current Apple Stock price.)
Apple News
  • "Intel, Apple: Money Flow Leaders" 9/19
  • "Apple Vs. Dell: Bad Markets and growth prospects" BnVested 9/19
  • "Now Is the Right Time to Buy Apple Option LEAPS" Seeking Alpha 9/19
  • "Apple Credit Spreads: Targeting 500% Return" Seeking Alpha 9/19
Industry News
  • "What We Need To Know About The Bailout Plan" 2:42 PM
  • "The 'Back To School Sale' For Tech Stocks" CNBC 9/19
  • "Tech Stocks: Tech stocks follow Oracle north to close with gains/Technology stocks closed out a wild trading week on an upbeat note Friday, as Oracle Corp. led broad sector and the overall market reacted positively to new moves by the U.S. government aimed at bringing the current financial market crisis under control." MarketWatch 9/19
  • "Dow jumps 369 points: Wall Street surges as the government moves to stem the financial market crisis. Two-day gain of over 7% is the best in 6 years." CNNMoney 9/19
  • "Tumultuous Week Ends With Rally" 9/19
  • "Asia Markets: Shanghai, Hong Kong end up more than 9%/Government action in U.S., China ignites rally; most indexes down for week" MarketWatch 9/19
  • "Europe Markets: Europe stocks post best one-day rise ever/Watchdogs move to crack down on short selling; long-term solution mooted" MarketWatch 9/19

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