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MacSurfer's Archive: Tuesday, March 14, 2017


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Tuesday Highlights: Qualcomm accusing Apple of trade secret theft and giving chip secrets to Intel—reports in our Apple/Macintosh section; aftermath of Apple/Salesforce deal huge for Apple in enterprise; "'background tag reading' NFC update...could be transformational for everyday iPhone owners"; Loup Ventures' music case study finds Spotify still atop global streaming market, but Apple growth hot; macOS Mojave released, but security flaw discovered—find plenty of tips, tricks, how-tos for the new macOS in our OS X section including how new stacks feature cleans up your desktop, and more; Marzipan in Mojave controversial, and The Next Web ranks features from best to worst; Ars Technica on possible legal issues that could arise with auto-911 Apple Watch calls after a fall; Foxconn reportedly taking more iPhone XR orders to avoid delays; Mashable reviews new Apple Watch; Mark Gurman reviews XS Max, while CNET compares cameras between X and XS.

  • "Apple found guilty of price-fixing in Russia over iPhone prices"  Financial Times [Paid Membership Required] 1:09 PM
  • "Russia finds Apple guilty of iPhone price-fixing, potentially facing fines" 9to5Mac 1:10 PM
  • "Apple illegally fixed prices of iPhones in Russia, investigation finds: Apple contacted retailers who were selling the iPhone at 'inappropriate' prices." Ars Technica 5:48 PM
  • "Russia finds Apple guilty of fixing iPhone prices: The company could face a fine for its alleged behavior." Engadget 5:49 PM
  • "Apple found guilty of iPhone price-fixing scheme in Russia" BGR 7:08 PM
  • "Russian antitrust regulator finds Apple fixed iPhone prices" ZDNet 7:16 PM
  • "The MacBook Pro laptop according to Apple CEO Tim Cook: Is the MacBook Pro still exciting? Apple CEO says consumers should expect more."  Stgist. 7:28 AM
  • "This graph shows how dependent Apple is on the iPhone"  Business Insider 7:30 AM
  • "Apple, Amazon, and Microsoft are helping Google fight an order to hand over foreign emails" Business Insider UK 7:49 AM
  • "Apple Joins Group of Companies Supporting Google in Foreign Email Privacy Case" MacRumors 7:49 AM
  • "Apple supports Google in resisting FBI warrant, says would set 'troubling' precedent" 9to5Mac 10:12 AM
  • "MacOS Proton RAT strain with potential zero-day bug up for sale in Dark Web: Researchers have found a new version of the Mac malware which can take full control of your PC." ZDNet 7:24 AM
  • "Office 365 everywhere? Not on these devices: Microsoft still can't decide if it can commit to a world that's not about Windows alone" InfoWorld 7:29 AM
  • "Magix SpectraLayers Pro 4 review: Audio editing with a bit of Photoshop style/SpectraLayers Pro 4 allows audio engineers to isolate, edit, and retouch individual sounds using tools and layers in a more visual, multidimensional way." Macworld 8:04 AM
  • "How to fix problematic iPhoto library imports into Photos" Macworld 7:08 AM
  • "Install and use a non-GUI connection speed test tool" The Robservatory 3:05 PM
  • "Turn off runaway logging on macOS" Mac Kung Fu 12:04 PM
  • "How to Re-Open Recently Closed Tabs in Safari for Mac the Easy Way" OS X Daily 3:23 PM
  • "How To Close Every Tab Except the Active One in Mac Safari and Chrome" MacTrast 7:21 AM
  • "Back up all your data—and we mean all of it—to your NAS box without installing any software: Back up your Windows, MacOS, and Linux PCs, along with your mobile devices, to a NAS box using its built-in apps and utilities." TechHive 6:29 AM
  • "A Tour of the Mac Keyboard" MacMost 3:10 PM
  • "How To Manually Add Album Art In iTunes" AddictiveTips 1:09 PM
  • "How to encrypt your Mac backups" iMore 12:03 PM
  • "macOS: Using 'Automatically Select Best Account' in Mail" The Mac Observer 8:53 AM
  • "How To Change Mac Display Resolutions" Mac360 7:56 AM
  • "Startup Key Combinations (Bangkok Post, Life)" eXtensions 7:17 PM
  • "Going Phishing With Apple Mail" McSolo 7:46 AM
Press Releases
  • "The best writing apps for your Mac, iPad and iPhone" 9to5Mac 10:26 AM
General Interest/Potpourri
  • "Joining Apple: I'm pleased to announce that I've accepted a position with Apple's Security Engineering and Architecture team, and am very excited to be working with a group of like minded individuals so passionate about protecting the security and privacy of others." Zdziarski's Blog of Things 11:24 AM
  • "Apple hires Jonathan Zdziarski, an active forensics consult & security researcher in the iOS community" 9to5Mac 11:24 AM
  • "Apple hired respected iPhone security researcher Jonathan Zdziarski: 'Privacy is sacred,' writes Zdziarski." Recode 1:15 PM
  • "Apple's latest hire proves privacy is more important than ever: Well-known security expert Jonathan Zdziarski is the latest member of team Cupertino." Engadget 3:10 PM
  • "Apple quietly hires renowned iPhone security expert" BGR 9:21 PM
  • "Snap poaches Apple News media manager to work on Discover section" AppleInsider 6:30 AM
  • "Best-Preserved' Apple I Computer Up for Auction, Could Fetch $325,000" The Mac Observer 9:21 PM
  • "Apple Park HQ buttressed by Central & Wolfe 'AC3' campus in Sunnyvale, Calif." AppleInsider 1:14 PM
  • "India's Holi, the festival of colors through the iPhone" Mashable 6:46 AM
  • "This Teenager Just Hacked The Nintendo Switch With A Surveillance Company's iPhone Attack" Forbes 8:11 AM
  • "'Finest example' of rare Apple-1 computer set to sell for £250,000" Telegraph 7:24 AM
Non-Apple News
  • "Millions of records leaked from huge US corporate database" ZDNet 9:20 PM
  • "See how 'Zelda: Breath of the Wild' was made in a developer video series" Mashable 11:41 AM
  • "Trump's New FTC Chair Thinks Our Next Big Internet Disaster Might Solve Itself" Gizmodo 10:12 AM
  • "It's Possible to Hack a Phone With Sound Waves, Researchers Show" New York Times [Free/Paid Registration Required] 7:26 AM
  • "Proof-of-concept Nintendo Switch jailbreak teased by hacker" TechSpot 7:23 AM
  • "Why Intel put a smartphone chip in Tag Heuer's $1,600 smartwatch" IDG News Service 6:59 AM
  • "Connected, Episode 133: The Italian Word for Spoon" MacStories 3:35 PM
  • "Finding the 10.5-inch iPad's Target Market -TMO Daily Observations 2017-03-14" The Mac Observer 12:41 PM
  • "When you do podcasts as long as we have, sometimes you forget to upgrade your equipment." The MT Show 6:54 AM
  • "Pegatron will move iPhone factories to U.S. conditionally: CEO" Focus Taiwan 3:49 PM
  • "Pegatron will make iPhones in the U.S., for a price" Apple Must 3:50 PM
  • "Apple moves ahead production of planned new 10.5-inch iPad to March, say Taiwan makers"  DigiTimes 6:27 AM
  • "Apple Rumored to Unveil 10.5-Inch iPad Pro at Early April Event" MacRumors 6:28 AM
  • "Report: New 10.5-inch form factor iPad to be announced at Apple event in early April" 9to5Mac 6:28 AM
  • "Apple to Unveil 10.5-inch iPad Pro in April (Report)" LAPTOP Magazine 7:22 AM
  • "Apple's iPad Pro 2 line-up might see official launch next week: Firm also tipped to launch new 128GB iPhone SE" The Inquirer 7:28 AM
  • "Apple's Next Event Pegged for Early April, New iPads Expected" RazMag 10:26 AM
  • "OLED iPhone 3D Touch module reported to cost 60% more to make, suggests iPhone 8 will sell at higher prices" 9to5Mac 8:11 AM
  • "'Backup or lose your data': the iOS update set to cause havoc" The New Daily 7:25 AM
  • "Apple releases watchOS 3.2 beta 6 for Apple Watch" 9to5Mac 12:03 PM
  • "tvOS 10.2 beta 6 rolling out for Apple TV" 9to5Mac 12:03 PM
  • "New photo of Apple's iPhone repair and calibration machine surfaces online" AppleInsider 8:36 PM
Granted Apple Patents
  • "Apple Wins 'Project Titan' Related Patent for Driver Situational Awareness Alerts & Controlling Components of a Vehicle" Patently Apple 6:42 AM
  • "Apple Won 36 Patents today covering an iPhone Driven Head-Mounted Display System, a Gesture-Based UI and More" Patently Apple 6:59 AM
  • "Patent Report: iGlasses, Macs with gesture recognition, future CarPlay systems" Apple World Today 8:53 AM
  • "Is Apple FaceTime down? How to check if FaceTime is down and fixes to get FaceTime working" Macworld UK 7:25 AM
Price Trackers/Deals
  • "Mac mini Prices & Sales" MacPrices 7:30 AM
  • "13" MacBook Pro Prices & Sales" MacPrices 7:30 AM

  • "GoNovate G8 – Mini Bluetooth 'Earbud' Earpiece Review" Low End Mac 9:21 PM
  • "Hue Labs rescues Philips's Motion Sensor with sunlight as a switch" Six Colors 5:31 PM
  • "Oddly shaped Apple Watch charger brings joy of ... video? [Reviews] Cult of Mac 12:23 PM
iPad/iPhone/iPod touch Apps
  • "LiquidText 3.0: A Uniquely Digital PDF Experience" MacStories 3:35 PM
  • "Wi-Fi Widget Simplifies Wi-Fi Work in iOS" TidBITS 4:11 PM
  • "Red Clock for iPhone is a fine, if simple, alarm clock/weather app" Apple World Today 6:46 AM
  • "5 best Superman games for Android and iOS – save the planet as the Man of Steel!" phoneArena 7:24 AM
  • "How to save iCloud photos and videos so you can delete them from your iPhone" iMore 3:11 PM
  • "How to use all the awesome iOS 10 iMessage features you forgot about" BGR 11:24 AM
  • "Using your Apple Watch without your iPhone Tips" iLounge 4:10 PM
  • "View Your Calendar in Fantastical 2 for iOS While Adding an Event" The Mac Observer 3:04 PM
  • "The iPhone Has A Hidden Magnifying Glass Feature, Here's How To Turn It On" Huffington Post UK 7:25 AM
  • "Steve Jobs was semi-obsessed with fur, says Pixar exec: The Apple founder was so pleased by a test of Sullivan's fur for 'Monsters, Inc.,' the team celebrated with beer, says Pixar CTO Steve May at SXSW." CNET 4:11 PM
  • "The Apple Watch is still the best designed smartwatch" The Verge 1:10 PM
  • "Apple's first TV show: Ben Silverman, Propogate founder and former NBC Entertainment co-chair, discusses Apple's first foray into television with its show 'Planet of the Apps.'" CNBC Videos 11:25 AM
  • "Concept imagines Apple's 'iPhone 8' with Siri-based augmented reality" AppleInsider 10:13 AM
  • "This iPhone running Windows XP works about as well as you think it would" Mashable 10:11 AM
  • "Apple wants to zero in on 'Pro' segment, but what about the large majority?" iDownload Blog 8:56 AM
  • "Sorry, Apple; I Cannot Trust iCloud" Mac360 8:53 AM
  • "What a Change! Analysts Talking Up Apple, Talking Down Samsung" The Tech Night Owl 8:52 AM
  • "Apple's New Products: What And When" Mac360 8:08 AM
  • "Cassandra: Tuesday Review -Betas and Rumors Imply new Hardware Soon; Bells & Whistles; More IoT Thoughts" eXtensions 7:55 AM
  • "It's probably the worst time EVER to buy an iPhone SE or iPad (but that's about to change)" Express UK 7:26 AM
  • "Are truly wireless earbuds (like AirPods) safe? Truly wireless earbuds are having a moment. But does inserting tiny transmitters in your ears pose health risks? Experts are divided."  CIO 7:24 AM
  • "Scaredy cat: The latest company Apple should be afraid of" Macworld 6:29 AM
  • "How 'video understanding' could transform Facebook" Yahoo Finance 7:06 PM
  • "Someone Is Slipping Malware Into Android Devices in the Supply Chain" The Mac Observer 5:24 PM
  • "Google Fiber Was Doomed From the Start" Backchannel 1:10 PM
  • "Here's why the Galaxy S8 has a fingerprint sensor on the back instead of embedded in the screen" Mashable 10:42 AM
  • "Know-nothing authentication: If behaviorial authentication could be made to work, it could be a big part of our future." O'Reilly 7:49 AM
  • "Comic: Let's Give the Droid a Hand" iMore 10:42 AM
Press Releases/Products/Public Relations
  • "Chrome for iOS officially adds new Safari Reading List-like feature with version 57" 9to5Mac 3:50 PM
  • "Snapchat for iOS updated with new Bitmoji widget for quicker access to messaging" 9to5Mac 3:11 PM
  • "'Slime-ball-istic Mr. Missile' Now Available Worldwide" Touch Arcade 1:07 PM
  • "MFC says its 'iBUS' is the first to let users restore an Apple Watch S1" 9to5Mac 10:12 AM
  • "Restaurant Technology Company E la Carte Announces PrestoPrime EMV Pay-at-Table Experience Available" MacPrices 1:22 PM
  • "E la Carte Announces PrestoPrime™ EMV - The Best Pay-at-Table Experience Available" ["Contactless mobile payment capability including Apple Pay, Android Pay, and Samsung Pay, as well as a QR code reader and camera"] Business Wire 10:37 AM
  • "Apple Pay coming to more restaurant tables with new E la Carte Pay-At-Table EMV terminals" 9to5Mac 10:11 AM
  • "Microsoft brings shared calendar access to Outlook for iOS" 9to5Mac 10:11 AM
  • "There's now a device that lets you alert painlessly your friends when you're in danger" Mashable 8:04 AM
  • "Mazda bringing CarPlay to new and existing vehicles" Cult of Mac 7:48 AM
  • "'Golf Zero' by 'Wrassling' Developer Colin Lane Now Available" Touch Arcade 6:31 AM
  • "As Flu Levels Peak, New US Flu Fighter App Released" prMac 7:08 AM
  • "Offline English to Italian Translator Dictionary 1.5 for iOS" prMac 6:29 AM
Computer Industry
  • "LinkedIn co-founder Reid Hoffman joins Microsoft's board" TechCrunch 5:26 PM
  • "Microsoft adds LinkedIn co-founder to board of directors" Seeking Alpha 5:20 PM
  • "Microsoft Named One of the Most Ethical Companies in the WorldResearch includes Microsoft in ethical companies chart" Softpedia 8:37 AM
  • "Microsoft Teams goes live with new email integration, enterprise bots" ZDNet 11:02 AM
  • "Microsoft Teams launches globally, taking on Slack, Amazon, Google, others in high-stakes chat battle" GeekWire 11:24 AM
  • "Teams is Microsoft's most intriguing productivity app yet: The potential Slack killer is rolling out to all Office 365 users today." Engadget 11:45 AM
  • "Chasing Slack and Cloud Sales, Microsoft's Teams Targets Big-Office Customers" Bloomberg 12:05 PM
  • "Microsoft finally fixes 'critical' Windows security flaw after patch delay" ZDNet 5:36 PM
  • "These are some of the security improvements coming with Windows 10 Creators Update" Neowin 7:47 AM
  • "Windows Vista Users Given 30-Day Notice For Support Termination" HotHardware 4:23 PM
  • "Windows Vista is four weeks from hasta la vista: And we're not lying, it won't be back" The Inquirer 8:36 AM
  • "PSA: Windows Vista has less than 30 days until Microsoft ends its support" Neowin 8:37 AM
  • "Microsoft ratchets up group chat competition with Teams launch: Don't expect this to be a one-for-one Slack replacement" IDG News Service 10:57 AM
  • "Microsoft's Windows account sync data deletion tool is down right now" Windows Central 8:38 AM
  • "The UK's health services now relies on Cortana Intelligence Suite to read medical research" Neowin 7:47 AM
  • "Microsoft Begins Promoting Creators Update In Windows 10" Thurrott 6:37 PM
  • "AMD issues report on thread scheduling, gaming, Ryzen, and Windows 10" ExtremeTech 8:20 AM
  • "AMD rebuffs Ryzen temperature and Windows 10 thread scheduling complaints: Nothing to see here, apparently" The Inquirer 11:17 AM
  • "AMD Responds to AMD Ryzen 7 1700X and 1800X Temperature Issue" MobiPicker 8:20 AM
  • "AMD: There's Nothing Wrong with the Windows 10 Scheduler" Thurrott 8:20 AM
  • "When Intel Redesigns The Google Glass" Yanko Design 8:21 AM
  • "Intel Rolls Out New HD Graphics Driver for Windows 10 - Get Build 4624 BetaThe update fixes Fallout 4 crashes encountered at startup" Softpedia 8:21 AM
  • "Why Intel put a smartphone chip in Tag Heuer's $1,600 smartwatch: Smartphone chips can extend the life of smartwatches, so they won't need to be replaced every few years" IDG News Service 7:43 AM
  • "Tag Heuer and Intel launch the $1,600 Connected Modular 45 smartwatch, with Android Wear 2.0" Neowin 7:47 AM
  • "Tag Heuer and Intel are making another $1,600 Android Wear smartwatch: And apparently an Intel-made smart assistant" The Verge 7:57 AM
  • "Tag Heuer's first Android Wear 2.0 smartwatch transforms into a mechanical watch: For those who, er, don't want a smartwatch at all" The Inquirer 7:48 AM
  • "Intel Security releases detection tool for EFI rootkit after WikiLeaks' Vault7 revelations: Updated Intel BIOS tool can be used to check for DarkMatter EFI firmware malware" V3 9:51 AM
  • "Arthritis Research UK taps IBM Watson to create virtual assistant for people living with Arthritis: Those suffering with arthritis will be able to get answers to their questions more swiftly" V3 9:51 AM
  • "Australian PC shipments in Q4 2016 beat expectations to total 1.12m: IDC" ZDNet 7:48 AM
  • "Laser research paves way for computers 100,000 times faster than today, and quantum processors" Neowin 7:47 AM
  • "Boffins see the light that could make computing 100,000 times faster: Hertz, don't it?" The Inquirer 7:48 AM
  • "A third huge datacenter falls to ARM servers: Super 7 + 1 is now three down" SemiAccurate 7:58 AM
Finances (Click heading for current Apple Stock price.)
Apple News
  • "Morgan Stanley analyst says iPhone 8 'super cycle' will increase unit sales by 20% in fiscal 2018" 9to5Mac 7:47 PM
  • "How one Apple bull plans to make 174 percent by betting on the tech giant" CNBC 7:22 AM
Industry News
  • "The Missing Element in the Fed's Calculus on a Fourth Rate Hike: The Federal Reserve signaled three potential interest rate hikes during 2017. Now, economists say, there's a chance the central bank may go for more." TheStreet 5:37 PM
  • "Will the Fed stop the Trump rally?" FOXBusiness 5:37 PM
  • "Market Close Report: NASDAQ Composite index closes at 5,856.82 down -18.96 points" Nasdaq 5:38 PM
  • "Markets await Federal reserve statement Wednesday" USA Today 5:39 PM
  • "Stocks, Oil Slide Ahead of Fed Decision: Investors' worries that ramp-up in U.S. production could offset efforts to reduce supply glut sends oil prices down for seven consecutive sessions" [Paid Membership Required] 5:39 PM
  • "Asian markets making few waves ahead of Fed meeting" MarketWatch 11:54 AM
  • "European stocks edge back after 4-session win streak" MarketWatch 8:25 AM

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