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MacSurfer's Archive: Wednesday, June 14, 2017


  • "Tim Cook: Bloomberg Studio 1.0 (Full Show 06/18)"  Bloomberg 9:33 PM
  • "Apple is quietly working on turning your iPhone into the one-stop shop for all your medical info"  CNBC 8:26 PM
  • "Report: Apple has secret team working to turn iPhone into 'one-stop shop' for medical info" 9to5Mac 8:37 PM
  • "Apple just created the largest installed base of AR-capable devices"  Quartz 6:39 AM
  • "Apple's Plan To Dominate Silicon"  Forbes 10:25 AM
  • "Apple's Tim Cook confirms self-driving car plans" BBC 6:37 AM
  • "Cook kills off the Apple Car speculation, and that's a good thing" ZDNet 7:25 AM
  • "Apple's self-driving car future remains as fuzzy as ever" VentureBeat 11:00 AM
  • "Why QR codes are important to iOS 11 and China: A sleeper feature, QR codes have heavy use in parts of the world. Could they spread with automatic recognition in the Camera app?"  Macworld 6:45 AM
  • "What Apple Thought the iPhone Might Look Like in 1995: More than a decade before the smartphone was unveiled, the tech giant made a mock-up design for a videophone-PDA that could exchange data."  The Atlantic 7:20 AM
  • "Apple prepping for an iPhone 8 'super cycle,' ramping up ... [Video] CNBC Videos 3:34 PM
  • "iPhone manufacturer Foxconn eyes Wisconsin for new plant: Foxconn, assembler of iPhones, eyes Wisconsin for plant"  Wisconsin State Journal 7:23 PM
  • "Wisconsin location reportedly under consideration for US Foxconn factory" AppleInsider 7:23 PM
  • "iPhone manufacturer Foxconn reportedly considering new plant in Wisconsin" 9to5Mac 7:27 PM