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MacSurfer's Archive: Sunday, July 16, 2017


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Agree/Disagree: With rumors of in-house chips replacing Intel, Qualcomm, Apple is in danger of slipping back into "not invented here" mentality. Vote for the results in the left column below or go straight to the results here.

Friday Highlights: Apple Watch, Fitbit are lures life insurance companies using to promote deals for subscribers; want to set eGPU as preferred device in Mojave, iMore shows how; AppleInsider how-to tackles HEIC image sharing without data loss; Apple, Samsung target of Swiss banks in alleged collusion against digital pay—more in our General Interest section; Wired's best laptops of 2018 include MacBook Pro; report at DigiTimes of more weak iPhone XR demand, now from touch panel makers; The Verge reviews new Mac mini, Bare Feats pits Mac mini vs other Macs; Macworld calls new iPad Pro "a fantastic tablet, if not a fantastic laptop"; 2018 MacBook Air called "fresh air".

  • "The smartphone is eventually going to die, and Apple, Google, Microsoft, and Facebook are racing to kill it"  Business Insider 8:36 AM
  • "Can Apple Sell 160 Million iPhones This Year?"  24/7 Wall St. 8:37 AM
  • "If the rumors are true, the iPhone 8 won't be worth its massive cost" Business Insider 11:17 AM
  • "Apple says it's cracking down on leaks — but all the reports about the iPhone 8 show just how hard that will be" Business Insider 8:27 AM
  • "Apple aims to get an iPad in the hands of every hospital patient" TechCrunch 9:07 PM
  • "New Apple macOS malware alters the operating system to subvert security measures" Neowin 7/15
  • "Apple reportedly shifts App Store policy to stop adblockers outside of Safari" 9to5Mac 7/15
  • "The augmented reality boom will transform phones (and business)"  Computerworld 7/15
  • "Apple and Google Are Doing Business in China Very Differently, and the Stakes Are High" TheStreet 7/15
  • "How Steve Jobs Mislead a Room Full of Tech Media and Changed the World: Jobs never lied about the first iPhone, he just told the truth prematurely."  Entrepreneur 7/14
  • "Apple's Privacy Pledge Complicates Its Push Into Artificial Intelligence"  Wired 7/14
  • "Apple's deafening silence on net neutrality"  OSNews 7/14
  • "Apple Has Been Working On iPhone Facial Recognition For Years, But It Still Doesn't Work Right On The iPhone 8" Tech Times 7/14
  • "The state of Mac gaming: WWDC 2017 gave onlookers new hope (Metal 2!), but Mac gaming still lags despite growth."  Ars Technica 7/14
  • "Watch out for this money stealing macOS malware which mimics your online bank: OSX Dok now attempts to steal money from Apple Mac users: and could be being prepared for use in further attacks." ZDNet 7/14
  • "Kaspersky brings protection to business Macs" BetaNews 7/14
  • "How to batch rename files in macOS (without third-party tools)" The Next Web 1:55 PM
  • "Logic Pros: What's new in iOS & Mac music production this week" 9to5Mac 1:54 PM
  • "How to turn off website tracking in Safari for macOS High Sierra: Safarii 11 uses Intelligent Tracking Prevention to stop websites from doing cross-site tracking of your web activities." Macworld 7/14
  • "Ask the iTunes Guy: Consolidating iTunes libraries, deleting songs, correcting an email address for an iTunes account" Macworld 7/14
  • "Apple Pro Apps and macOS High Sierra compatibility" Alex4D 7/14
  • "Yoink is the macOS Shelf Utility I Want on iOS Too" MacStories 7/14
  • "Where's the Startup Boot Sound on New iMac & MacBook Pro?" OS X Daily 7/14
  • "How to record your PC or Mac's screen: Capture games and other software, and export or stream the footage" TechRadar UK 7/14
  • "macOS: How to Prevent Tracking in Safari macOS High Sierra" The Mac Observer 7/14
  • "A Beginner's Guide To the Mac Trash" MacMost 7/14
  • "Free Mac Calculator Is Crazy Easy To Use" Mac360 7/14
  • "Game developers cautiously optimistic about Mac's gaming future, but with a catch ..." 9to5Mac 7/14
  • "Safari Is The Fastest Browser You Can Get (it doesn't matter; websites are too slow)" Mac360 7/14
Press Releases
  • "macOS Tag Editor Offers a Better Way" Rixstep 7/14
General Interest/Potpourri
  • "Apple aims to get an iPad in the hands of every hospital patient" TechCrunch 8:04 PM
  • "Malware installs Signal as part of scheme to steal Mac users' banking credentials" Graham Cluley 3:51 PM
  • "iPhone Users Look Psyched to Spend Almost $400 on Apple's New HomePod" TheStreet 7/15
  • "AR iPhone App Rapidly Takes Photos and Leaves Them Hanging in the Air" Gizmodo 7/15
  • "Facebook Is Testing A New Gif-Making Feature For Iphone Users" Digital Trends 7/15
  • "10 Fascinating Things You Didn't Know About the iPhone" Tom's Guide 7/15
  • "Apple's Pitch To Indian Developers: Think Local, Stay Up To Date, and Aim For Design Awards" Slashdot 7/15
  • "Dr. Dre says he was afraid a video of him partying and drinking could've killed Apple's $3 billion Beats acquisition" Business Insider 7/14
  • "Apple's Pitch to Indian Developers: Think Local, Stay Up to Date, and Aim for Design Awards" Gadget 360 7/14
  • "Indian App Accelerator is great news for devs and Apple alike" Cult of Mac 7/14
  • "US Customs can search phones but not data stored in the cloud" Engadget 7/14
  • "U.S. Border Protection can search devices but not cloud accounts, as searches climb dramatically" 9to5Mac 7/14
  • "U.S. Customs Agents Can Search Your iPhone, But Not iCloud" The Mac Observer 7/14
  • "Sprint intros free early upgrades for any leased phone, not just iPhones and Galaxies" phoneArena 7/14
  • "Rare photo shows Steve Jobs rocking Beats headphones" Cult of Mac 7/14
  • "Today in Apple history: Revolutionary MP3 format gets its name" Cult of Mac 7/14
Non-Apple News
  • "Amazon's Alexa Works Great in Your Car" Lifehacker 7/15
  • "YouTube experimenting with GIF-like video previews: Some thumbnails are now 3-second teasers for desktop users." Engadget 7/14
  • "People Accidentally Agree to Clean Toilets for Free Wi-Fi" PC Magazine 7/14
  • "Samsung's Galaxy Note 8 seen launching in September against Apple's 'iPhone 8'" AppleInsider 7/14
  • "Former Google data scientist: Don't blame the internet for dividing the country" Business Insider 7/14
  • "The tech industry is not too happy with Trump delaying the 'startup visa'" Mashable 7/14
  • "Google taught an AI to edit photos like a pro and the results are glorious" The Next Web 7/14
  • "MashTalk: What happens after Net Neutrality falls?" Mashable 7/14
  • "Happy Hour Podcast 128 | iPhone 8 wireless charging, mirror finish rumor, and iOS 11 changes" 9to5Mac 7/14
  • "App Store Free Trials, Time for a New Apple TV -TMO Daily Observations 2017-07-14" The Mac Observer 7/14
  • "Why even audiophiles are hyped for HomePod, this week on The CultCast" Cult of Mac 7/14
  • "AppleInsider podcast talks 'iPhone 8' pricing & launch, pro Mac audio, ARKit and lasers" AppleInsider 7/14
  • "Mac Pro: Features, specifications, and prices for Apple's workstation" Macworld 7/15
  • "Mac mini: Features, specifications, and prices for Apple's affordable desktop computer" Macworld 7/15
  • "Apple iPhone 8 will Miss Out on Wireless Charging at Launch" DeviceMAG 7/14
  • "iPhone 8 may include 3D laser to support AR apps" ReadWrite 7/14
  • "New leaks show one iPhone 8 that's stunning – and one that's really not" BGR 7/14
  • "Why your iPhone has a tiny hole next to the rear camera lens: One of life's great mysteries - solved" Mirror Online UK 7/14
  • "Why Apple's investing in PCB equipment: Apple recently purchased pricey production equipment for the rigid flexible printed circuit board, a key part for its upcoming OLED iPhone that connects chips with each parts such as the display screen and camera." ET News 7/14
  • "iOS 11 Will Expand Your iPhone's NFC Capabilities Beyond Apple Pay in Several Ways" MacRumors 7/14
  • "Apple patent shows an iMac with slots for recharging batteries for wireless devices" Apple World Today 7/14
  • "Apple buying, leasing equipment for suppliers to ensure parts for 'iPhone 8'" AppleInsider 7/14
  • "iPhone or iPad keeps shutting off? Here's how to fix it!" iMore 7/14
Price Trackers/Deals
  • "15" MacBook Pro Prices (2017 models)" MacPrices 7/14
  • "13" MacBook Pro Prices (2017 models)" MacPrices 7/14
  • "12" MacBook Prices (2017 models)" MacPrices 7/14

  • "Essential Photography Apps for the iPhone" GSMArena 9:07 PM
  • "Best iPhone Apps to Help Relieve and Manage Depression" iDrop News 1:52 PM
  • "Best Tempered Glass Screen Protectors for Apple Watch" iMore 11:21 AM
  • "Replace your dubious iPhone 7 headphone dongle with this $40 Lightning adapter" CNET 7/15
  • "Focal Spark and Spark Wireless earphone review" The Gadgeteer 7/15
  • "What's the best Apple Watch running app? [Runner's Week: Day 7] Cult of Mac 7/15
  • "This app helps you pass on treasured keepsakes and memories" Starts at 60 7/15
  • "My 8 favorite accessories to use with the 2017 MacBook Pro" iDownload Blog 7/15
  • "Netgear Orbi RBK30 WiFi System review: It's not bad, but it's not great/It's still not a mesh system, but this time you might care." TechHive 7/14
  • "Review: Not-so-obvious smart home with Leviton's Decora Smart Switch & Dimmer" 9to5Mac 7/14
  • "Review: Pictar iPhone Camera Grip" iLounge 7/14
iPad/iPhone/iPod touch Apps
  • "New iOS 11 ARKit Demo Shows The Future Of Online Shopping [Video] Redmond Pie 7/14
  • "A Difficult Experience with a new Filters app: Pop Art -Spoiled by Details" eXtensions 7/14
  • "How to Delete Music on iOS 10" OS X Daily 3:49 PM
  • "How to Disable Video Autoplay in Safari and Google Chrome on Mac" iDrop News 11:18 AM
  • "New In iOS 11: Rearrange Photos In Stock Photos App" Redmond Pie 8:43 AM
  • "How to stream your Mac video games to Twitch using Gameshow" iMore 7/15
  • "How To Use A Blue Light Filter On A Pc Or Mac" Digital Trends 7/15
  • "How To: turn your iPhone or iPad into the ultimate book reading tool" AppleInsider 7/15
  • "iPhone Sound Not Working with Headphones? Loud Buzzing Sound in Earbuds? How to Troubleshoot" OS X Daily 7/15
  • "How to Set up Parental Controls on Apple TV" iPhone Hacks 7/15
  • "How To Install VizoRec Screen Recorder On iOS 10 Without Jailbreak" Redmond Pie 7/15
  • "How To Install UFC++ On iOS 10 Without Jailbreak" Redmond Pie 7/15
  • "Here's how to take photos even when your phone is out of storage" Mashable 7/15
  • "How to make your iPhone look like Android" iMore 7/14
  • "How To Get The Most Out Of Your Amazon Echo Dot" Wired 7/14
  • "How to get a refund for iTunes or App Store purchases" iMore 7/14
  • "How to View Your Monthly Cellular Data Usage in the iOS 11 Beta" MacTrast 7/14
  • "Addicted To Your Phone? 4 Steps To Regain Mastery Of Your Phone" Forbes 7/14
  • "Useful iOS 11 Tips And Tricks That You Need To Know About" Digital Trends 8:47 AM
  • "How App Store Gift Cards Work" MacStories 7/15
  • "Live in NYC? Test Apple HomeKit for free with with your air conditioner, ThinkEco SmartAC & Homebridge" AppleInsider 7/14
  • "6 Cool New iOS 11 Control Center Talents" Apple Must 7/14
  • "Life hack: how to best arrange your iPhone apps, one icon at a time/After years of fiddling, I finally cracked it. This is how you should organise your home screen – and it's advice that could be handy for Android users too" The Guardian 7/14
  • "iPhone 8 Exclusive: Apple's New Design 'Confirmed'" ["Working with case designer Nodus, I have been able to obtain CAD files for the iPhone 8 through its supply chain. We have rendered these to visualise the final design and I can confirm that, despite problems, fears Apple would fall back on a less ambitious 'Plan B' are unfounded."] Forbes 8:04 PM
  • "Siri loses ground to Alexa, Google Assistant, Cortana in a year's time" Pocketnow 5:47 PM
  • "Don't believe the 1Password FUD — here's what's really happening" iMore 3:50 PM
  • "iPhone Desperately Needs a Display Boost, Here's Why It'll Get It This Year" iDrop News 3:48 PM
  • "The Bad Rap on Apple Inc (AAPL) Stock Makes Investors Wonder If It's Time to Swap For Alphabet" InvestorPlace 11:16 AM
  • "Data Updates to Apple and Google Map apps Delayed" eXtensions 8:54 AM
  • "Good news for iPhone users! This new feature will make documents scanning, sharing easy like never before" Financial Express 8:50 AM
  • "Apple's billion devices give augmented reality edge over Google" Denver Post 8:37 AM
  • "How Apple vs. Samsung Became a Smartphone Beauty Contest" [Paid Membership Required] 8:28 AM
  • "With iOS 11, NFC is for more than just using Apple Pay" phoneArena 7/15
  • "iPhone Users Look Psyched to Spend Almost $400 on Apple's New HomePod" TheStreet 7/15
  • "Windows 10 is failing us" BetaNews 7/15
  • "Terry Mattingly: iPhone has shaped lives, families and souls" La Crosse Tribune 7/15
  • "After A Decade On Macs, Windows 10 Showed Me What I Was Missing" Digital Trends 7/15
  • "Apple Has an iPhone 8 Problem" Fortune 7/15
  • "Samsung Galaxy Note 8 will have THIS one feature the iPhone 8 definitely will not" Express UK 7/15
  • "Apple Tests the Faithful" [Paid Membership Required] 7/15
  • "H8erade: The iPhone 8 has so many problems" Macworld 7/15
  • "Apple Leases Equipment To Suppliers To Guarantee iPhone 8 Parts And Avoid Production Issues" Tech Times 7/15
  • "Apple is buying its own machinery to get the iPhone 8 ready on time" TechRadar UK 7/15
  • "What Will Make $1200 iPhone Pro Worth it?" iPhone Hacks 7/14
  • "Other Products" ["From the way Apple reports its revenues you might think that the company has several operating segments. There are the iPhone, the Mac, the iPad for which units and revenues are reported. Then there are Services and Other Products for which we have revenues only."] asymco 7/14
  • "Border Agents Can Search Your iPhone, But Not Your iCloud Data" iDrop News 7/14
  • "The right Mac laptop to buy for a student" Six Colors 7/14
  • "Why augmented reality on the iPhone will leave Android in the dust" BGR 7/14
  • "The IT upgrade cycle has never looked better for Apple"  Computerworld 7/14
  • "After seeing Apple's HomePod, Amazon is working on an Apple HomePod echo" MacDailyNews 7/14
  • "iPhone silly season and the elimination of Touch ID" The Loop 7/14
  • "Apple And Google Battle For Cloud Backup" Mac360 7/14
  • "Why Apple Hasn't Dropped Dead Yet" NoodleMac 7/14
  • "Why Apple's iPhone 8 Could Be Delayed for Weeks" Fortune 7/14
  • "Android killed Windows Phone, not Apple: There's no greater woulda-coulda-shoulda than Windows Phone" The Verge 7/14
  • "3 features Apple's HomePod needs in order to hit the smarthome sweet spot: The HomePod needs to shine in a few key areas if Apple wants it to make a splash." Macworld 7/14
  • "After 10 long years, I'm finally breaking up with Android: The iPhone turned 10 years old this year, which makes it a full 10 years that I've never owned one — but I'm finally ready to take the leap." Mashable 7/14
  • "Everyone seems to hate the new Skype" The Verge 7/14
  • "Comment: Suggestions that Apple is still undecided about iPhone 8 hardware seem crazy" 9to5Mac 7/14
  • "The Battle Of Imaginary Phones" TeraTalks 7/14
  • "Android killed Windows Phone, not Apple: There's no greater woulda-coulda-shoulda than Windows Phone" The Verge 7/14
  • "Can These Phones Fight Russian Hacking?" PC Magazine 7/14
  • "All hail AT&T! Champion of the open internet and users' privacy! Also a bald-faced liar" The Register 7/14
  • "The net neutrality fight is on: Where do we go from here? Ultimately, the rules governing the open internet may head to the courts or Congress. We break down how they may play out." CNET 7/14
  • "Google's answer to 3D Touch is destined to fail" Cult of Mac 7/14
  • "Yes, Amazon is convenient, but is it just too damn powerful?" Mashable 7/14
  • "Much Has Changed in Tech in 10 Years...But Much Has Not" Tech.pinions 7/14
  • "Why fitness wearables won't make me beautiful/Commentary: Thinking about buying a wearable to kickstart a new exercise regime? Hope you like running." CNET 7/14
  • "5 phone makers that said they'll love you forever, but ran off with the child support" [Slideshow] phoneArena 7/14
  • "Australia's Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Encryption Law" The Mac Observer 7/14
Press Releases/Products/Public Relations
  • "Today's Apps Gone Freeback, Levitagram, White Noise and More" AppAdvice 1:52 PM
  • "Microsoft's 'Seeing AI' app lets your iPhone narrate what it sees" iTWire 11:32 AM
  • "Download: illi For iOS Is Apple's Free App Of The Week [$3 Value] Redmond Pie 7/15
  • "Coming July 15: Gene Steinberg meets columnist/podcaster Kirk McElhearn and TidBITS Managing Editor Josh Centers, this week on The Tech Night Owl LIVE!" The Tech Night Owl LIVE 7/15
  • "The Best iPhone 7 Battery Case" AppAdvice 7/14
  • "Apple's Updated Page Lists Countries Eligible for $99 per Year Apple Music Subscription" AppAdvice 7/14
  • "PSA: Apple updates list of countries eligible for $99/year Apple Music plan" 9to5Mac 7/14
  • "Sweetgreen's iOS app logs calories directly to Apple Health" Engadget 7/14
  • "The Week in iOS Accessories and Cases: Pi Case does a little bit of everything" [Slideshow] Macworld 7/14
  • "'The Walking Dead: March to War' is looking mighty impressive" 148Apps 7/14
  • "The Walking Dead: March to War for iOS gets zombie-licious teaser trailer" Cult of Mac 7/14
  • "Platformer 'illi' is Apple's Free App Store App of the Week" MacTrast 7/14
  • "Almost-Live With App Gains New Users, Brings IM to New Frontiers" prMac 7/14
  • "Gudak turns your $1,000 iPhone into a $20 disposable camera" Engadget 7/14
  • "The Best iPhone Keyboards: Sick of the same-old on-screen keyboard you get with iOS? Get a new one and experience keyboard nirvana." PC Magazine 7/14
Computer Industry
  • "IBM Earnings: Wall Street Is Confused About The Technology Giant's Future" Forbes 8:42 AM
  • "IBM Train Wreck Continues Ahead Of Earnings" 24/7 Wall St. 8:42 AM
  • "Google wins fight with Labor Department over pay gap data" Engadget 9:04 PM
  • "The Google exec in charge of designing Search: 'There's always this internal debate about how much functionality should we add'" Business Insider 8:30 AM
  • "A look at Microsoft's plan to bring 2 million Americans online by 2022" Chicago Daily Herald 7/15
  • "First insider build of Windows Server arrives with new virtualisation features" Ars Technica UK 7/15
  • "Microsoft's Path Guide lets you navigate indoors without GPS or other advanced sensors" Neowin 7/15
  • "Intel Is Feeling the Heat From AMD: The battle for CPU market share is heating up." The Motley Fool 7/15
  • "How Google, Amazon, and Facebook would look if they had started in the age of AI" VentureBeat 7/15
  • "Sun Valley tech demos – Spider silk and quantum physics" MyBroadband 7/15
  • "Experience What Work Felt Like in Windows 95" MakeUseOf 7/14
  • "Microsoft's Adopts New Tenure Policy for Board" NewsFactor 7/14
  • "Discontinuing Windows 8, Microsoft eyes next platform" Taipei Times 7/14
  • "Latest Insider update for Office for Windows devices brings support for editing with natural pen gestures" MSPoweruser 7/14
  • "Microsoft Announces First Windows Server 2016 Insider Preview" HotHardware 7/14
  • "Microsoft Releases Windows Server Insider Preview Build" eWeek 7/14
  • "Feature-Packed Windows 10 Build 16241 Now Available for Download" Softpedia 7/14
  • "Microsoft Adds Password Recovery Option to Windows 10 Lockscreen" Bleeping Computer 7/14
  • "GIS mapping giant Esri partners with Microsoft on Azure, AI technologies" OnMSFT 7/14
  • "Microsoft's Path Guide is an unconventional approach to indoor navigation" TechCrunch 7/14
  • "IBM Watson CTO: 'Data is the lifeblood of every business'" SiliconRepublic 7/14
  • "IBM restructures services division around Watson and AI -" Tech Central 7/14
  • "Update — IBM Participates in Strategic Investment in Lightbend" MarketWatch 7/14
  • "Get an HP Pavilion Wave desktop PC for $299.99" CNET 7/14
  • "A new firmware update for the HP Elite x3 Windows 10 Mobile flagship, and it's $300 off" OnMSFT 7/14
  • "Dell Announces First Laptop with Wireless Charging, as 2-In-1s Surge" FARS New Agency 7/14
  • "Insyde delivers BIOS and systems management firmware for new Intel Xeon scalable processors" DigiTimes 7/14
  • "AMD Threadripper 1920X And 1950X Officially Announced, Beat The Intel i9 CPUs" SegmentNext 7/14
  • "AMD Ryzen 3 1300X And 1200 Hitting The Shelves Starting 27th July" SegmentNext 7/14
  • "AMD Ryzen: What Gamers Need to Know" Tom's Guide 7/14
  • "AMD RX Vega: What We Know For Far Ahead Of Launch" SegmentNext 7/14
  • "AMD Ryzen 3 Pricing Leaked: Bargain $100 Overclockable Quad-Cores Intel's Biggest Threat Yet?" Forbes 7/14
  • "Nvidia gamers get new VR pretties for free, but what of AMD? Just wait for Gamescom..." PCGamesN 7/14
  • "Liquid Cooled AMD Radeon Vega Frontier Edition On Sale, Best Price Available" SegmentNext 7/14
  • "AT&T NetBond Helps Partners Get Customers To The Cloud, Adds Oracle And AWS On-Ramps" CRN 7/14
  • "Cisco Beefs Up Security Arsenal With Observable Networks Acquisition" The WHIR 7/14
  • "Cisco's latest acquisition 'ticks two important boxes'" CRN UK 7/14
  • "Cisco Australia named official network hardware sponsor of Gold Coast 2018" Inside the Games 7/14
  • "Cisco announces acquisition of security start-up Observable Networks" Computing 7/14
  • "Cisco signs on to provide connectivity solutions for Commonwealth Games" ZDNet 7/14
Finances (Click heading for current Apple Stock price.)
Apple News
  • "TSMC expects to see 10nm account for 10% of 2017 revenues" DigiTimes 7/14
Industry News
  • "Dow, S&P 500 close at records while shaking off bank stock slump: Nasdaq finishes at second highest close" MarketWatch 7/14
  • "Dow Posts Record for Third Straight Day; S&P 500 Also Scores New All-Time High" TheStreet 7/14
  • "Wall Street marches higher as Dow, S&P hit fresh records" FOXBusiness 7/14
  • "Dow, S&P 500 Climb to Record Close: Bond yields slip after data on retail sales and inflation disappoint" [Paid Membership Required] 7/14
  • "Nikkei edges higher as yen pulls back, but Chinese shares ease: Early gains faded in some Asia-Pacific markets Friday as investors caught their breath after strong gains this week and ahead of U.S. earnings season." MarketWatch 7/14
  • "European stocks waver, but best week in two months in sight: European stocks wobbled Friday, with bank shares holding largely steady, but the market was headed for its best weekly performance in more than two months." MarketWatch 7/14

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