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MacSurfer's Archive: Tuesday, September 26, 2017


  • "Apple's biggest spoilers: The devs who cracked the iPhone X code"  Cult of Mac 8:21 AM
  • "Apple retains top spot as world's most valuable brand for 5th consecutive year"  AppleInsider 9:15 PM
  • "Digitimes Research: Apple outraces Google for on-device AI development" DigiTimes 7:21 AM
  • "Is There Hope On The Horizon For Apple With iPhone X's 'Bionic Neural Chip' AI?"  Seeking Alpha 8:31 AM
  • "Uncertainties for iPhone X production over 3-D sensor issues" Nikkei 8:57 AM
  • "China's longer upgrade cycle is bad news for Apple"  Business Insider 10:04 AM
  • "Apple takes the slow road to wireless charging: Though Apple has finally included wireless charging in its latest iPhones, the Qi standard it chose is slower than the variation used in rival Android smartphones." Computerworld 8:34 AM
  • "Apple holding up Toshiba memory sale - reports" CRN UK 8:57 AM
  • "FDA selects participants for new digital health software precertification pilot program" ["Participants selected include: Apple, Cupertino, California; Fitbit, San Francisco, California"] U.S. Food and Drug Administration 12:44 PM
  • "Apple, FitBit Will Join FDA Program Meant to Speed Health Tech" Bloomberg 12:38 PM
  • "Apple, Fitbit and Samsung part of FDA trial aimed at speeding tech development" Axios 2:08 PM
  • "Apple Just got Permission to Change Healthcare" Apple Must 12:45 PM
  • "Apple and Fitbit join pilot program to speed new health tech through FDA" The Verge 3:56 PM