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MacSurfer's Archive: Sunday, December 10, 2017


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Weekend Highlights: Strategist makes case that not buying Netflix is "Apple's biggest mistake under Tim Cook"; Warren Buffett's Berkshire Hathaway has trimmed stake in AAPL, causing stock drop, though move allegedly not Buffett's idea; Apple buys up AI marketing start-up, DataTiger, possibly looking beyond iPhone; Dan Moren sees three hurdles Apple needs to overcome with news service; Apple files Conflict Minerals Report with the SEC, shows company removed five suppliers; Samsung to open retail stores, and leak indicates AirPods challenger coming from S. Korean company.

  • "Apple 'to buy Shazam for $400m'" BBC 6:30 AM
  • "Apple opens larger, relocated store in Raleigh's Crabtree Valley Mall" AppleInsider 6:22 AM
  • "Apple AI director talks advances in machine learning & mapping for self-driving car platform" AppleInsider 6:22 AM
  • "Apple's AI director on advances in machine learning for its self-driving car project: Training cars to recognize the world around them" The Verge 11:55 AM
  • "'They all stink,' Apple marketing chief knocks Android's alternatives to Face ID" The Drum 6:30 AM
  • "Apple Patches a Very Bad iOS HomeKit Bug"  Wired 8:59 AM
  • "Apple releases new machine learning tool to take on Microsoft Cognitive Services" MSPoweruser 1:05 PM
  • "Apple Executive Reveals More of Its Self-Driving Technology"  Wired 12/9
  • "Apple's AI director offers more information about company's work on self-driving systems" 9to5Mac 12/9
  • "Apple Looking To Acquire Shazam For $400 Million, Deal Could Be Announced On Monday" Redmond Pie 12/9
  • "Apple is apparently buying music-identifying app Shazam for around $400 million: A deal may be announced next week." Digital Spy 12/9
  • "Apple's Shazam steal is all about Siri" VentureBeat 12/9
  • "Apple's App of the Year Makes Sense If You've Been Paying Attention to the News/The big trend of 2017: unwinding with leaving your phone." Slate 12/9
  • "Ex-Amazon employee gets 6 months in jail for leaking quarterly results to fraternity brother" GeekWire 12/8
  • "Apple Releases macOS 10.13.2 High Sierra, iOS 11.2 and More with Security Fixes" Intego 12/8
  • "Hands On: Keyboard Maestro 8.0.4 speeds up working on your Mac" AppleInsider 10:36 AM
  • "15 Terminal commands that every Mac user should know: Customize your computer and master the Terminal with these tips, tricks, and Terminal phrases." iMore 12/9
  • "A Beginner's Guide to Mac Context Menus" MacMost 12/8
Press Releases
  • "CorelCAD 2018 Arrives for Mac and Windows—iOS Version Coming Soon" Architosh 12:20 PM
  • "Easily Track Employee Leave With Virtual TimeClock 18: New Virtual TimeClock software release makes it easy to calculate and limit employee leave awards, simplifies common tasks and adds enhanced security." Redcort Software 12/8
  • "The typing productivity solution 'PhraseExpress' is around even longer on Windows with more than 1,000,000 downloads. We added Mac and iOS versions earlier this year." Phrase Express 12/8
  • "BetterUnderarchiver is a bit beefier the macOS's built-in utility" Apple World Today 12/8
  • "Hello! MacDeveloper is a community built specifically for testing Mac OSX apps." MacDeveloper 12/8
General Interest/Potpourri
  • "Apple gets into the holiday spirit w/ Beer Bash concert featuring Gwen Stefani" 9to5Mac 12/9
  • "Woz Slams The iPhone X, Confirms Google Is Taking Advantage Of Consumers" ["'I think what I would want is Touch ID on the back. I'd want that more than anything. Face ID slows down my Apple Pay, and it fails enough times I have to keep typing the password' 'I have friends who actually turned off Face ID and turned passwords on to make their phone simple to use'. ... Despite his criticism of the iPhone X, Woz claims that Apple's treatment of its customers is different than the other tech giants: 'Of the unicorns, Apple is the one that makes its money off of good products'"]  Channelnews Australia 12/8
  • "Woz says Steve Jobs was like Donald Trump" CNET 12/8
  • "Apple claims it can gather data without violating the privacy of its users" Digital Trends 12/8
  • "Apple's HomeKit security blunder exposes the risk of smart homes" Computerworld 12/8
  • "HomeKit vulnerability allows unauthorized access to accessories, a fix is already in place" iDownload Blog 12/8
  • "Apple HomeKit flaw left smart gadgets vulnerable" BBC 12/8
  • "Apple Shares 'Turi Create' Machine Learning Framework on Github" MacRumors 12/8
  • "Apple updates Leadership page to reflect Bruce Sewell's retirement, departure of diversity chief Denise Young Smith" 9to5Mac 12/8
  • "Bitcoin just hit its iPhone moment" Apple Must 12/8
  • "Apple celebrates holidays with Beer Bash featuring Gwen Stefani" AppleInsider 12/8
  • "Laurene Powell Jobs channels Ronald Reagan for DACA" Apple 3.0 12/8
Non-Apple News
  • "NASA and Amiga history meet in an eBay listing: The holidays are coming, so if you want to gift anything to the Ars Orbital HQ..." Ars Technica 6:12 PM
  • "FCC Chairman Ajit Pai 'jokes' about being a Verizon shill: He even enlisted a Verizon executive for his skit." Engadget 12/9
  • "Scott Belsky Returns To Adobe To Lead Product And Design: One of the Valley's most fervent believers in creativity returns for round 2 at Adobe." Fast Company Design 12/9
  • "YouTube makes a few of its Red Originals free for the holidays" Engadget 12/9
  • "Google Maps will soon tell you when it's time to get off your train or bus" TechCrunch 12/9
  • "High school mentors prove coding can be fun" The Herald 12/9
  • "Sprint offers customers $100 for the holidays, but not in cash — in PokéCoins" Digital Trends 12/8
  • "Amazon's new cloud-based IDE could shake up the industry" Mashable 12/8
  • "Lynda Carter stars in amusing PSA to save single-player games" CNET 12/8
  • "More price hikes could be coming to Sprint" BGR 12/8
  • "YouTuber nearly dies after cementing a microwave on his head" CNET 12/8
  • "FCC backtracks on helping with neutrality fraud investigation: Eager to cut ISP regulation, the agency shows concern for privacy of comment forgers" The Register 12/8
  • "FCC Commissioner Blasts Her Own Agency for Withholding Evidence of Fraud" Gizmodo 12/8
  • "Leaked Video Shows FCC Chair Ajit Pai Roasting Himself With 'Jokes' About Being a Verizon Shill" Gizmodo 12/8
  • "Net Neutrality Protests to Ramp Up Before FCC Vote" 24/7 Wall St. 12/8
  • "Net neutrality supporters take protest to Verizon stores" CNET 12/8
  • "iMore show 584: There's No Place Like HomeKit for the Holidays/The iMore show brings you everything you need to know about the week in iPhone, iPad, Watch, TV, Mac, and Apple!" iMore 12/9
  • "Getting Over 'Getting Over It' - The TouchArcade Show #333" Touch Arcade 12/8
  • "Is Apple bringing back the iPhone with a metal back? (Apple Byte Extra Crunchy Podcast, Ep. 113)" CNET 12/8
  • "The MacVoices 2017 Holiday Gift Guide #3" MacVoices 12/8
  • "HomeKit Zero Day Exploit, the iPad Computer Debate -TMO Daily Observations 2017-12-08" The Mac Observer 12/8
  • "Siri: The journey to consolidation/Cesar Delgado joins Mick Hollison to discuss how Apple is using its big data stack and expertise to solve non-data problems." [Video] O'Reilly 12/8
  • "AppleInsider podcast talks AirPods, 2018 iPhones, iOS 11.2, and STEM education with MakeCrate" AppleInsider 12/8
  • "Why does net neutrality matter? Jessica Rosenworcel, a member of the Federal Communications Commission, defends the endangered regulatory policy on the latest Too Embarrassed to Ask." Recode 12/8
  • "Apple Supplier Suggests That Face ID Could Come To 2018's iPhones" UberGizmo 9:23 PM
  • "Apple May Soon Get Another OLED Display Supplier: A recent regulatory filing from a major display manufacturer suggests that Apple could soon get another supplier of OLED mobile displays." The Motley Fool 4:10 PM
  • "2018 OLED iPhones might feature single cell L-shaped battery design, all models to bump capacity"  AppleInsider 12/8
  • "2018 iPhone X Successor Could Feature Up to 10% More Powerful Battery With New 1-Cell Design" MacRumors 12/8
  • "Component demand for iPhone X weakening, say sources" DigiTimes 12/8
  • "Apple supplier Finisar to scale VCSEL production, suggests Face ID coming to all iPhones in 2018" AppleInsider 12/8
  • "iMac Pro: Everything we know about Apple's powerful all-in-one so far [Video] 9to5Mac 12/8
  • "The iOS jailbreaking community is going nuts over this cryptic tweet by a Google employee" The Next Web 12/8
Price Trackers/Deals
  • "Save up to $120 on a new iPad at Target right now" iMore 1:05 PM
  • "15" MacBook Pro Prices (2017 models)" MacPrices 12/8
  • "13" MacBook Pro Prices (2017 models)" MacPrices 12/8
  • "13" MacBook Air Prices (2017 models)" MacPrices 12/8

  • "Apple iPhone X First Impressions"  Thurrott 4:23 PM
  • "Review: LandingZone Docking Station provides a security and port solution for the MacBook Pro" AppleInsider 12/9
  • "Review: Microsoft Surface Precision Mouse — Thinking Different about Mac functionality" 9to5Mac 12/9
  • "Google Home Mini's Latest Firmware Update Brings Back Some Disabled Touch Controls" MacRumors 12/9
  • "Gift Guide: Family fun games and accessories for iPhone, iPad and Apple TV" 9to5Mac 12/9
  • "Review: Apple Watch v Fitbit Ionic/Smartwatches are coming into their own but still have some software foibles" Financial Times [Paid Membership Required] 12/8
  • "Face ID in iPhone X vs. 'Face Unlock' Facial Recognition in OnePlus 5T" MacRumors 12/8
  • "iPhone X Boot Speed vs iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus [Video] iClarified 12/8
  • "Review: GearMo 75W USB-C Car Charger lets you charge your MacBook on the road" Apple World Today 12/8
  • "WyzeCam review: $20 home security camera is a real steal/This unassuming cube packs the most popular features of cameras ten times its price." TechHive 12/8
iPad/iPhone/iPod touch Apps
  • "Portrait: Useful but Limited app for Output of Face Images with Novel and Adjustable Filters" eXtensions 7:30 AM
  • "iPhone X Glowing Apple Logo Mod: Here's How To Get It [Video] Redmond Pie 12/9
  • "How To Rip The Mics Out Of Your MacBook And iPhone" Wired 12/9
  • "How to Show Battery Percentage on iPhone X" OS X Daily 12/8
  • "How to delete all photos from your iPhone (without losing them for good)" Alphr 12/8
  • "SoundCloud++ iOS 11 IPA Download On iPhone [No Jailbreak Required] Redmond Pie 12/8
  • "How to adjust your iPhone's ringer with the volume buttons" iMore 12/8
  • "PSA: If you have an older iPhone with slow performance, a new battery could solve your problems" 9to5Mac 1:05 PM
  • "Apple Hid A Holiday Season Easter Egg In The Apple Store App, Here's How To Find It" Redmond Pie 6:23 AM
  • "Type 'let it snow' into the Apple Store app on iOS for a surprise holiday easter egg" 9to5Mac 12/8
  • "Verify your identity to ensure smooth Apple Pay Cash transactions" AppleInsider 12/8
  • "Try these great emoji shortcuts on iPhone and iPad" Cult of Mac 12/8
  • "How to use the one handed keyboard on iPhone" The Loop 12/8
  • "Internet companies face more regulation in Asia on content: expert" CNBC 9:23 PM
  • "On Jony Ive's return to day-to-day management of HI and ID at Apple: Jony Ive. Apple's Chief Design Officer, is returning to day-to-day management of the Human Interface and Industrial Design teams." iMore 12/9
  • "Why 2018 Could Be an Especially Lucrative Year for Apple and Its iPhone"  Fortune 12/9
  • "Apple in talks to acquire Shazam—and it's not for reasons you'd think" TechnoBuffalo 12/9
  • "Apple and Amazon are under fire for Siri and Alexa's responses to sexual harassment" Quartz 12/9
  • "Negative News Emerges for Apple iPhone X Sales: iPhone X demand might not be as strong as some Apple component suppliers had hoped, says 'DIGITIMES.'" The Motley Fool 12/9
  • "When You Run The Numbers It Makes Sense For Apple To Buy PayPal"  Forbes 12/8
  • "TechCrunch: Apple Is Acquiring Shazam" MacStories 12/8
  • "Apple's iPad Marketing Beats a Dead Horse and Confuses Customers" The Mac Observer 12/8
  • "Jony Ive Returns to Day-to-Day Management of Design Team" Daring Fireball 12/8
  • "Meet iPhone Xc – The Inexpensive Alternative to iPhone X"  iDrop News 12/8
  • "Apple Will Probably Stick With Its 2-Tier OLED/LCD Display Strategy For Next-Generation iPhones"  Seeking Alpha 12/8
  • "Here's how Apple can improve iPhone battery life"  CNBC 12/8
  • "Feature Request: HomeKit support for hotel rooms using standardized names and Scenes" 9to5Mac 12/8
  • "This is the future if net neutrality is repealed; the creeping, costly death of media freedom" TechCrunch 12/9
  • "A Fixer Makes It Work" iFixit 12/9
  • "What Will an Internet Without Net Neutrality Be Like? Look to other countries for the answer." Slate 12/8
  • "How the net neutrality vote will affect you and why you should care" [Video Report] Business Insider 12/8
  • "The Impact Of Net Neutrality Laws On Your Business" Forbes 12/8
  • "The FCC Says Net Neutrality Cripples Investment. That's Not True" Wired 12/8
Press Releases/Products/Public Relations
  • "Coming December 9: Gene Steinberg meets commentator Kirk McElhearn, and Mac peripheral maker Larry O'Connor of Other World Computing, this week on The Tech Night Owl LIVE!" The Tech Night Owl LIVE 12/9
  • "Beats 1 Charity Auction Offers Behind the Scenes Studio Tour With Zane Lowe" MacRumors 12/8
  • "JailbreakMe-style browser jailbreak for iOS 9 in the works" iDownload Blog 12/8
  • "Apple expands iPhone, iPad, & Apple Watch accessories w/ Pink Fuchsia cases, new Hermès band, more" 9to5Mac 12/8
  • "VLC media player for iOS now optimized for iPhone X screen, HEVC 4K videos" 9to5Mac 12/8
  • "VLC for iOS gains full support for 4K H.265 video & iPhone X display" iDownload Blog 12/8
  • "NTT Resonant Announces Release of Role-Playing Game 'RagnaQuest,' Now Available at App Store and Google Play" PRNewswire 12/8
  • "Apple's TV app expands its reach to U.K., France, Germany" Cult of Mac 12/8
  • "Apple's 'TV' App Starts Showing Up for Users in the UK, France, and Germany" MacRumors 12/8
  • "GymKit launch continues with Virgin Active gym in London now supporting Apple Watch syncing" 9to5Mac 12/8
  • "iDB app update brings support for iPhone X (finally!) and Smart Invert Colors" iDownload Blog 12/8
Computer Industry
  • "Microsoft's holiday ad brings adorable monsters to life with Paint 3D" The Verge 12:17 PM
  • "Microsoft's Peggy Johnson is having a spectacular career thanks to a fluke conversation she had in college" Business Insider India 9:18 AM
  • "Microsoft highlights Malta's eGovernment as a case study" Time of Malta 6:40 AM
  • "AMD Working With Tesla To Develop Their Own AI Chips" Ultra Gamer Z 6:37 AM
  • "AMD Changing RX 560 To A New 12% Slower Version" Ultra Gamer Z 6:38 AM
  • "Analyst: Microsoft on track to $1 trillion market cap by 2020" MSPoweruser 12/9
  • "Head-To-Head: Lenovo Yoga 920 Vs. Microsoft Surface Pro" CRN 12/9
  • "More references to Courier-style device found in Microsoft's new Whiteboard app" MSPoweruser 12/9
  • "IBM Develops Preprocessing Block, Makes Machine Learning Faster Tenfold" The Coin Telegraph 12/9
  • "eaked NVIDIA TITAN V Benchmarks Show Volta GPU Demolishing All Competitors" HotHardware 12/9
  • "AI is more than automation on steroids, it amplifies human innovation" ZDNet 12/9
Finances (Click heading for current Apple Stock price.)
Apple News
  • "Apple stock rises after analyst points to supply-chain strength" MarketWatch 12/8
  • "A Strong Quarter for Broadcom, Thanks to the iPhone" The Motley Fool 12/8
  • "Dialog looks to avoid peril of over-reliance on Apple" Financial Times [Paid Membership Required] 12/8
Industry News
  • "Dow, S&P 500 end at records after stronger-than-expected jobs report: Health care stocks among the strongest of the day" MarketWatch 12/8
  • "Stocks Get Boost From Stronger-Than-Expected Jobs Report: The tech-heavy Nasdaq once again leads the averages higher on Friday." TheStreet 12/8
  • "Dow, S&P hit record highs on strength of jobs report" FOXBusiness 12/8
  • "Strong Jobs Report Lifts U.S. Stocks to Weekly Gains: The Dow and S&P 500 rose this week, but the tech-heavy Nasdaq Composite posted a decline for the second straight week" [Paid Membership Required] 12/8
  • "EU, Japan reach free-trade agreement after 4 years of talks: The European Union and Japan said Friday they have finalized a free trade agreement that will cover about 30% of the world's economy, with the deal concluding negotiations that began in 2013." MarketWatch 12/8
  • "European banks rally, leading stocks to 1-month closing high: European stocks rose Friday, scoring their highest close in a month, after the U.K. and the European Union came to terms on a Brexit divorce deal, opening the way to a key phase of talks." MarketWatch 12/8

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