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MacSurfer's Archive: Tuesday, January 23, 2018


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Weekend Highlights: Analyst Toni Sacconaghi thinks Netflix pulling out of App Store transaction fees is but the first shoe to drop as others will follow suit—meaning Apple's services segment is facing headwinds; research at Zacks suggests diversification of Apple's operations in China will help iPhone struggles; Apple among companies facing complaint in Austria for failure to comply with EU's GDPR; Apple management no longer supports Nvidia in macOS?; Jonny Evans breaks down the industry-wide smartphone slowdown; Foxconn cuts 50,000 jobs in China; data broker, Acxiom, supports Tim Cook's privacy regulation call; facial recognition now being used on birds; Apple to revive iPod touch and iPad mini?

  • "Tim Cook's visit to Shopify all about augmented reality, as Apple CEO praises 'profound' emerging technology: Cook's agenda during his surprise visit to Toronto is heavy on meetings with developers and coders, but he has also made students a priority"  Financial Post 8:49 PM
  • "Apple Can't Resist Playing by China's Rules/Apple is selling out. It's not about the latest version of the iPhone, but the huge cache of personal data that will be going directly to the largest, and one of the harshest, authoritarian regimes in the world: the Communist government of China."  New York Times [Free Registration Required] 9:04 PM
  • "Qualcomm set to be sanctioned by European antitrust watchdog: Finding that company abused dominance could boost Apple's cases against chipmaker"  Financial Times [Paid Membership Required] 3:00 PM
  • "EU antitrust regulators reportedly set to fine Qualcomm: The chip giant could face a multimillion euro fine for allegedly paying Apple to use only its chips." CNET 8:40 PM
  • "Qualcomm fine from EU antitrust regulators expected Wednesday: source" Reuters 9:03 PM
  • "Media alert: Apple ships 29 million iPhone Xs in Q4 2017"  Canalys 7:07 AM
  • "Canalys: Apple's iPhone X shipped 29 million in Q4, 'slightly below industry expectations'" VentureBeat 7:07 AM
  • "The iPhone X was the top shipping smartphone over the holidays, according to analysts" TechCrunch 1:11 PM
  • "Apple isn't really killing the iPhone X: A single model might go away, but its influence will be seen across Apple's iPhone lineup." Engadget 7:23 PM
  • "How Many iPhones Did Apple Inc. Sell in Q1? The tech giant is expected to crush its quarterly record for iPhone sales." The Motley Fool 7:07 AM
  • "After speculative reports of slow sales, iPhone X is now said to be in the 'high end of the industry range'"  AppleInsider 9:28 AM
  • "Apple Watch Is a Bridge to the Future: Something has changed inside Apple Retail stores. On a recent trip to my local Apple Store on a Sunday afternoon, it was actually difficult to get up close to the Apple Watch tables. People were looking at and buying various Apple Watch models and bands."  Above Avalon 2:14 PM
  • "Apple Releases macOS High Sierra 10.13.3 With Fix for Messages Bug" MacRumors 1:04 PM
  • "Apple Fixes iMessage Order Bug in macOS High Sierra 10.13.3" The Mac Observer 1:17 PM
  • "Apple issues Meltdown fix for Macs running Sierra and El Capitan" TechCrunch 2:47 PM
  • "Apple Releases Separate macOS High Sierra 10.13.3 Update for iMac Pro" The Mac Observer 4:50 PM
  • "Apple Releases iTunes 12.7.3 With Support for HomePod" MacRumors 4:52 PM
  • "Microsoft shoots for AutoSave parity in Mac Office 365: Office for Mac 2016 gets an auto-save feature matching what Windows users have had since last August. AutoSave is available only to Office for Mac 2016 users who also subscribe to Office 365." Computerworld 6:55 AM
  • "About the security content of macOS High Sierra 10.13.3, Security Update 2018-001 Sierra, and Security Update 2018-001 El Capitan" Apple Support 2:10 PM
  • "Agenda Review: Mac-Based Note Taking with a Calendar-Focused Twist" MacStories 9:28 AM
  • "How to use Memories in the Photos app in macOS High Sierra" Apple World Today 6:55 AM
  • "Tips: If you're holding off on macOS High Sierra, turn off upgrade notifications for good" AppleInsider 11:18 AM
  • "Photos Selective Color Tool" MacMost 10:34 AM
  • "Quick Tip: Stop Mac Spaces rearranging themselves" Cult of Mac 3:49 PM
Press Releases
  • "MacOS Metal games: The Definitive List" Mac Gamer HQ 8:15 AM
  • "Firefox 58 arrives with smoother rendering, faster JavaScript caching, and Progressive Web Apps on Android" VentureBeat 7:27 AM
  • "Construction Software: PlanGrid introduces new 'PlanGrid Submittals" Architosh 7:25 AM
  • "DuckDuckGo Launches Redesigned Privacy Browser Extension and Mobile App With Anti-Tracking Features" MacRumors 6:55 AM
  • "The New Mailbutler boosts Apple Mail and Gmail productivity" prMac 6:48 AM
General Interest/Potpourri
  • "Apple, Amazon, Facebook and Google spent nearly $50 million — a record — to influence the U.S. government in 2017" Recode 6:47 AM
  • "Apple's old sapphire nightmare continues with new lawsuit" Cult of Mac 6:57 AM
  • "iPhone battery explodes after Chinese man bites it: iPhone battery explodes in Chinese man's face after he bites it to test its authenticity"  Taiwan News 8:26 AM
  • "Man causes explosion in Chinese electronics store by biting replacement iPhone battery" AppleInsider 8:26 AM
  • "Apple Bows Apple Music For Artists to Provide Acts With Deep Analytics Dive: Exclusive" Billboard 7:43 AM
Non-Apple News
  • "The Internet Sucks Up a Full Day of Our Time Each Week: That's a big contrast from 17 years ago when Americans on average spent only 9.4 hours online each week, according to the USC Annenberg Center for the Digital Future." PC Magazine 9:03 PM
  • "The GAO Will Look Into the FCC's Sketchy Net Neutrality Comments in, Like, Five Months or So" Gizmodo 8:49 PM
  • "Mosaic's birthday: 25 years of the modern web" ZDNet 7:23 PM
  • "A million net neutrality comments used fake PornHub emails" Engadget 2:59 PM
  • "Blockchain and cryptocurrency may soon underpin cloud storage" Computerworld 6:55 AM
  • "Macworld's February digital magazine: iMac Pro" Macworld 4:52 PM
  • "012: HomePod release date, iOS 11.2.5, and 6.1-inch iPhone Daily" 9to5Mac 4:52 PM
  • "Can Apple's HomePod outdo Echo, Google Home? (The 3:59, Ep. 343)" CNET 2:15 PM
  • "Apple Ready to Ship HomePod -TMO Daily Observations 2018-01-23" The Mac Observer 1:02 PM
  • "AppStories, Episode 39 – The Mac App Store's Problems" MacStories 10:46 AM
  • "HomePod arrives February 9, available to order this Friday: Breakthrough Wireless Speaker Brings Advanced Audio Technologies Into Any Home for an Incredible Music Listening Experience"  Apple 7:41 AM
  • "HomePod Arrives February 9, Available to Order This Friday" Business Wire 7:41 AM
  • "Apple's HomePod Speaker Will Be Available On February 9" BuzzFeed 8:15 AM
  • "HomePod Ships February 9th with Pre-Orders Friday, Stereo and Multi-Room Audio Later this Year" The Mac Observer 8:12 AM
  • "HomePod Works Abroad in English Only, Other Languages Coming in Future Software Updates" MacRumors 10:46 AM
  • "HomePod can play purchased iTunes music, podcasts and stream Beats 1 without Apple Music subscription" 9to5Mac 10:48 AM
  • "HomePod Can Be Used as Speakerphone, Will Support Commands From Multiple Users" MacRumors 11:36 AM
  • "HomePod: Everything you need to know about Apple's smart speaker" AppleInsider 7:22 PM
  • "New MacBook to boost LCM orders for GIS: Touch panel maker General Interface Solution (GIS) is expected to land more LCM (LCD module) orders from Apple, which reportedly plans to release an entry-level 13-inch MacBook in the second half of 2018, according to industry sources."  DigiTimes 6:36 AM
  • "Supply chain rumors again point to OLED and LCD iPhone models in 2018" AppleInsider 6:46 AM
  • "Apple Said to Release New Entry-Level 13-inch MacBook This Year, Likely Replacing MacBook Air" MacRumors 6:45 AM
  • "Report: New 6.1-inch LCD iPhone to sport thin-film touch sensor display with 18:9 ratio" 9to5Mac 3:48 PM
  • "Apple supply chain spills beans on 2018 iPhone upgrades" Cult of Mac 7:08 AM
  • "A new Apple iPhone may not have 3D Touch: Analyst predicts the pressure-sensitive feature may not be in a 6.1 inch iPhone for release later this year." CNET 2:56 PM
  • "iPhone XI to Replace iPhone X in 2018"  iDrop News 6:30 AM
  • "Is this the new iPhone Xi? New renderings put a picture to the next generation of iPhone X, as analysts begin to think about the next big iThing." Computerworld 6:47 AM
  • "Apple Releases iOS 11.2.5 With Support for HomePod and Siri Audio News" MacRumors 1:04 PM
  • "watchOS 4.2.2 is now available for Apple Watch" 9to5Mac 1:04 PM
  • "Everything New in iOS 11.2.5: Siri Audio News, HomePod Support, New Control Center Music Interface and More" MacRumors 3:47 PM
  • "AppleCare+ for HomePod will cost $39, covers AirPort products" 9to5Mac 10:46 AM
Price Trackers/Deals
  • "iMac Prices (2017 models)" MacPrices 7:25 AM
  • "Mac mini Prices (latest models)" MacPrices 7:25 AM
  • "13" MacBook Pro Prices (2017 models)" MacPrices 7:25 AM

  • "iPhone X vs. Pixel 2 Camera in Five Images" Tech.pinions [Subscription Required for Full Article] 10:48 AM
  • "Samsung SSD 860 Pro Review: Fast, Reliable SATA Solid State Storage" HotHardware 9:16 AM
  • "Azio Retro Classic review: Backlit mechanical keyboard offers vintage style" Macworld 6:49 AM
  • "PencilSnap for the Apple Pencil is a handsome, if limited, holster" Apple World Today 6:55 AM
iPad/iPhone/iPod touch Apps
  • "Video: hands-on with Siri News, HomePod support & other changes in iOS 11.2.5" iDownload Blog 2:47 PM
  • "watchOS: How to Change Your Apple Watch Activity Goals" The Mac Observer 4:50 PM
  • "How to use the built-in dictation tools on iPhone and iPad" Apple Must 11:19 AM
  • "10 Hidden iPhone Tricks You Should Know About" Mashable 4:20 PM
  • "Why a $100 iPhone X Price Cut Could Make Sense" RealMoney 8:02 PM
  • "Why people are buying more expensive smartphones than they have in years: The average selling price for a smartphone is now $363." Recode 7:22 PM
  • "Comment: Why I'm keeping the iMac Pro [Video] 9to5Mac 9:28 AM
  • "Apple's HomePod Better Be Good: What can it do that the Amazon Echo or Google Home can't?"  Slate 8:40 PM
  • "Why Apple's HomePod smart speaker is poised to bomb"  Cult of Mac 2:47 PM
  • "Apple lowers expectations for HomePod's I.Q." ["My take: If Siri on the HomePod were going to blow the socks off Amazon Echo or Google Home as anything more than an AI DJ, Schiller would have said so. I don't need another speaker, or another voice-controlled assistant. But I'd pay more for a smarter one."] Apple 3.0 10:48 AM
  • "Apple ends the suspense, promises HomePod ships Feb 9" Apple Must 10:34 AM
  • "Apple to ship crippled, incomplete HomePod months late" MacDailyNews 10:33 AM
  • "With no multi-room support for HomePod at launch, will you buy now or wait? [Poll] 9to5Mac 8:34 AM
  • "HomePod Starts Shipping February 9, Available to Order This Friday, Still a Bit of a Mystery" Daring Fireball 8:33 AM
  • "Chernova's Take: As Apple's Cash Moves to U.S., VCs May Not See Much Benefit/Don't be so sure of an Apple acquisition spree" [Paid Membership Required] 7:06 AM
  • "Upcoming mistakes: Pre-dooming the HomePod" Macworld 6:49 AM
  • "I'm a long time MacBook user and tried Microsoft's new Surface Book 2 for a week — here's what I learned"  Business Insider 6:38 AM
  • "The End of the Platform Wars? (Premium)" Thurrott 10:47 AM
  • "Windows 10 vs Chrome OS: Acer reveals new $350 Chromebook Spin 11 convertible" ZDNet 8:34 AM
  • "Demonized Smartphones Are Just Our Latest Technological Scapegoat" Wired 6:45 AM
  • "Comic: Remember the HomePod?" iMore 8:15 AM
Press Releases/Products/Public Relations
  • "Siri's news podcast playback feature now includes sports, business, and music streams" 9to5Mac 2:15 PM
  • "Sonos Controller app adds darker UI, simplified navigation, more frequent updates promised" 9to5Mac 1:04 PM
  • "OWC Showcasing New Thunderbolt™ 3 Products at the NAMM Show 2018" PRNewswire 8:17 AM
  • "MyScript Unveils New and Improved Handwriting-based Calculator App" Business Wire 8:16 AM
  • "Arbella Launches Free Safe Driving Mobile App" Business Wire 8:16 AM
  • "Google Gboard gets new GIF creation tool on iOS" Cult of Mac 7:42 AM
  • "Marshawn Lynch Pro Football available for Pre-Order" prMac 7:27 AM
  • "GRID Autosport racing game for iOS just got even better" Cult of Mac 7:06 AM
Computer Industry
  • "Intel warns people away from its bork-ridden Spectre patch: Squash one bug and another pops up in its place, or so it would seem" The Inquirer 6:24 AM
  • "Intel's Spectre fixes are 'complete and utter garbage,' says Linux inventor: 'What the f*ck is going on'" The Verge 6:26 AM
  • "Linus Torvalds blasts Intel's Meltdown/Spectre patch as 'pure garbage'" IT PRO 6:35 AM
  • "Intel warns users not to install its Spectre, Meltdown patches" bit-tech 6:33 AM
  • "Intel tells users to stop installing chip patches" BBC 6:35 AM
  • "Intel earnings: All eyes on chip-hack fixes, data-center growth/Data-center sales expected to grow 9% to $5.09 billion in Q4" MarketWatch 9:01 PM
  • "Intel's Sunil Shenoy joins RISC-V start-up SiFive" bit-tech 6:33 AM
  • "Intel says it has identified patch issues causing reboots" Hexus 6:33 AM
  • "Intel launches 7-Series SSDs with the new 760p: 64 layers instead of 32 for these new M.2s" SemiAccurate 12:20 PM
  • "AMD announces two new VPs of Radeon graphics, filling void left by Raja Koduri" Digital Trends 4:05 PM
  • "AMD hires dual vice presidents to run graphics division" ZDNet 4:01 PM
  • "Microsoft boss: 'World needs more computing power'" BBC 2:11 PM
  • "Microsoft reorgs the software side of its augmented/virtual reality operations" ZDNet 8:41 PM
  • "The Morning After: Microsoft's next gambit on education/And why Amazon Go makes us nervous." Engadget 6:24 AM
  • "Microsoft's canned 'Xbox Watch' revealed in leaked images: Archaic prototype shows Redmond has come a long way in hardware design" The Inquirer 12:15 PM
  • "Dell EMC, Netronome Deliver an NFV Server" sdex central 6:29 AM
  • "No Version Of Dell XPS 15 Will Come With Disabled AMD GPU, Dell Clarifies" SegmentNext 6:29 AM
  • "Carahsoft to Distribute Dell Tech Products to Federal Govt Through GSA Schedule" Executive Biz 6:29 AM
  • "Oracle is betting on conversational overtaking mobile" Diginomica 6:36 AM
  • "IBM researchers use AI to predict risk of developing psychosis: The machine learning system analyzed patients' speech patterns." Engadget 12:20 PM
  • "IBM UK's pre-Xmas GTS head-chop: THWACK! Is that it? Unsure on-shore: When it comes to staff ratio, you hit it then quit it... right? Right?" The Register 7:38 AM
  • "AMD Ryzen 5 2600 Performs 10% Better As Compared To Previous Generation 1600" SegmentNext 6:30 AM
  • "Acer's Spin 11 hybrid Chromebook supports Android apps: Acer has also released a Chromebook and a Chromebox for education." Engadget 6:24 AM
  • "Acer announces $349 Chromebook Spin 11 with 360-degree hinge and USB-C: And a tiny Chromebox" The Verge 6:26 AM
  • "Lenovo introduces new Windows, Chromebook education laptops to classrooms" ZDNet 7:24 AM
Finances (Click heading for current Apple Stock price.)
Apple News
  • "Could Apple Beat Analyst Estimates in Fiscal 1Q18?" Market Realist 3:49 PM
  • "3 Reasons Why Apple Stock Is Heading to $200 Per Share" InvestorPlace 7:06 AM
Industry News
  • "S&P 500, Nasdaq close at records; Netflix's shares rally: Netflix tops $100 billion in market cap after better-than-expected results" MarketWatch 4:07 PM
  • "Dow Closes Wild Tuesday on Sour Note: Stocks are mixed on Tuesday as investors turn their attention to corporate earnings." TheStreet 4:07 PM
  • "S&P, Nasdaq eke out new records" FOXBusiness 4:07 PM
  • "S&P 500 Climbs After Latest Earnings: Some investors are concerned about the pace of the stock rally; Netflix surges" [Paid Membership Required] 4:06 PM
  • "Asian markets heat up after fresh records on Wall Street; BOJ stays pat: Nikkei gains as BOJ maintains inflation outlook; Samsung bounces back" MarketWatch 8:18 AM
  • "Germany's DAX jumps to record high as U.S. shutdown ends: Carrefour rallies after revealing plans for sweeping overhaul" MarketWatch 8:18 AM

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