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MacSurfer's Archive: Saturday, March 10, 2018


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"Former Apple chief evangelist Guy Kawasaki says Apple should not have sacrificed battery life for sleek design." Is he right? Vote for the results in the left column below or go straight to the results here.

Monday Highlights: iPhone suppliers suffering under weakening iPhone production according to WSJ report, but some claim reports are misleading—coverage in our Apple/Macintosh, and Op/Ed sections; Axios sat for interview with Tim Cook on HBO Sunday discussing gender diversity in tech, Apple's search deal with Google—more in our General Interest section; Axios also spent time touring Apple's health lab; Guy Kawasaki, former Apple Evangelist, tells Australian Financial Review Apple mistakenly focused on sleek design of iPhone over battery life; it's official, Facebook can cause depression; TechCrunch got hands-on with foldable display.

  • "Apple's iOS Loyalty Rate Is Lower Than Google's Android, But Apple May Steal More Users Each Year" Forbes 8:10 AM
  • "Apple at $179.98: Fourth all-time high close of 2018" Apple 3.0 8:10 AM
  • "A Siri creator is surprised by how much Siri still can't do"  Quartz 3/9
  • "Siri Co-Founder Suggests Apple is 'Looking for a Level of Perfection They Can't Get' With Assistant" MacRumors 3/9
  • "Apple slapped with patent suit over Siri's natural language abilities"  AppleInsider 3/9
  • "Why Apple Should Buy Aston Martin: James Bond's favorite carmaker would put the tech giant back in the autos race."  BloombergGadfly 3/9
  • "Apple Could Face Tariffs Backlash in China, BTIG's Piecyk Says" Bloomberg Video 3/9
  • "Apple's Swift is the Fastest Growing Programming Language" MacTrast 3/9
  • "Apple's Swift rises into top 10 programming languages, swapping places with Objective-C" AppleInsider 3/9
  • "Chrome makes it easy to switch to a password manager of your choice" The Next Web 3/9
  • "How to Change the Default Screenshot File Format in macOS" LAPTOP Magazine 12:29 PM
  • "Hands on: Tighten up the creep of Menubar apps in macOS with Bartender 3" AppleInsider 3/9
  • "A Beginner's Guide to the Mac Maps App" MacMost 3/9
  • "Best Evernote alternatives for Mac" iMore 3/9
  • "How to use your 'me' contact card in macOS High Sierra's Contacts" Apple World Today 3/9
Press Releases
  • "Cloud Outliner makes it easy to share outlines between Apple devices" Apple World Today 3/9
General Interest/Potpourri
  • "Read Steve Jobs' job application from 3 years before he cofounded Apple" Business Insider 8:05 AM
  • "YouTube Surges into the Top 10 and Ranks Third Most Intimate Brands among Millennials, According to MBLM's Brand Intimacy 2018 Report" ["Apple and Disney ranked as the first and second most intimate brands for millennials. Comparatively, in MBLM's 2017 report, Disney placed first, followed by Amazon and Netflix."] MBLM 3/9
  • "Millennials feel closer emotional bond to Apple than any other brand, says large-scale brand survey" 9to5Mac 3/9
  • "Apple confirms investigation of creepy Chinese iCloud incident" ["According to sister publications The Paper and Sixth Tone, an Apple customer identified as 'Qin' attempted to close his iCloud account ahead of the government takeover, only to have an AppleCare advisor argue with him, hack his account, and threaten to expose his personal information to teach him a lesson."]  VentureBeat 3/9
  • "Apple Reportedly Interested in Obama Series if Netflix Fails to Clinch Content Deal With Former President" MacRumors 3/9
  • "Scaffolding rises at Apple's Fifth Avenue construction site, signaling return of iconic glass cube" 9to5Mac 3/9
  • "Toddler Locks Mom's iPhone for 47 Years" PC Magazine 3/9
  • "How the tech companies can fix push notifications" Mashable 3/9
Non-Apple News
  • "Google Play services beta hints at Android Wear rebrand to 'Wear OS'" 9to5Google 7:43 PM
  • "YouTube, the Great Radicalizer" New York Times [Free/Paid Registration Required] 7:30 PM
  • "Initial pre-orders for Samsung Galaxy S9 reportedly down compared to Galaxy S8 sales" AppleInsider 6:22 PM
  • "Google Maps celebrates Mario Day with a Mario Kart GPS Marker" iMore 4:38 PM
  • "This is what your smartphone is doing to your brain -- and it isn't good" Business Insider 8:07 AM
  • "Reddit Admits Russian Trolls Got Into Website During 2016 Election" Slashdot 8:07 AM
  • "3 Star Trek Tech Inventions You Could See in Your Lifetime" The Motley Fool 8:06 AM
  • "Intel reportedly poised to make defensive Broadcom bid amidst chip industry tumult" AppleInsider 3/9
  • "Facebook launches AR effects tied to real-world tracking markers" TechCrunch 3/9
  • "FCC's Ajit Pai is Surrounded By a 'Set of People With a Very Traditional Mindset', Says Sir Tim Berners-Lee" Slashdot 3/9
  • "Ex-DOJ officials worry about political motives in AT&T merger suit" Axios 3/9
  • "Return of the JEDI: Why the cloud industry is closely eyeing a big Pentagon cloud contract" GeekWire 3/9
  • "Reddit Still Hosts Links to Russian Propaganda Sites" Wired 3/9
  • "Google teases March 10th 'Mario Day' event on Maps as it starts popping up for some users" 9to5Mac 3/9
  • "Net Neutrality Fight Heads to Federal Appeals Court in San Francisco" The Mac Observer 3/9
  • "Google gives up on tablets: Android P marks an end to its ambitious efforts to take on Apple's iPad" AppleInsider 3/9
  • "Tech's sexist algorithms and how to fix them" Financial Times [Paid Membership Required] 3/9
  • "'Bombshell' shatters myth around Wi-Fi inventor Hedy Lamarr: Coinciding with International Women's Day, a documentary looks at the life of Hedy Lamarr, the glamorous actress who led a secret life as an inventor."  CNET 3/9
  • "Cult of Mac Magazine: Incredible, totally awesome iPhone home screens, and more!" Cult of Mac 12:29 PM
  • "Podcast: Qualcomm-Broadcom, Gaming Industry Meets Trump, Machine Learning Software" Tech.pinions 8:07 AM
  • "The Talk Show: 'Podcast Amnesia', With Special Guest Jason Snell" Daring Fireball 3/9
  • "Mark Fuccio on iPhone Sales, Spotify and Apple Music Subscriptions, and Dropbox" MacVoices 3/9
  • "Luxury and Passing the Baton: Excerpt from The Four, chapter on Apple." Inc. 3/9
  • "We talk to Beamdog about Siege of Dragonspear for mobile, classic D&D RPGs, and why a level editor won't be coming any time soon" 148Apps 3/9
  • "Final Cut Pro TV w Brad Olsen 'Off The Tracks' the FCPX Documentary" FCPXtv 3/9
  • "HomePod Mini and the end of iTunes, this week on The CultCastCult of Mac 3/9
  • "AppleInsider Podcast interviews Adam Justice of ConnectSense, discusses Right to Repair, HomeKit, and Workflow App" AppleInsider 3/9
  • "Apple Changes MFi Logo – Manufacturers Have 90 Days to Respond" Charger Lab 8:28 AM
  • "Good news: Apple designs a notebook keyboard that doesn't suck" The Register 8:10 AM
  • "Barclays Says AirPods Continue to Grow, HomePod Sales Have Been Underwhelming"  MacRumors 3/9
  • "Apple Inc. Is Rumored to Ditch the Notch in 2019 iPhone Models" The Motley Fool 3/9
  • "New Apple Patent Describes A Water Resistant Keyboard" WCCFTech 3/9
Price Trackers/Deals
  • "15" MacBook Pro Prices (2017 models)" MacPrices 3/9
  • "13" MacBook Pro Prices (2017 models)" MacPrices 3/9
  • "13" MacBook Air Prices (2017 models)" MacPrices 3/9

  • "The Matias Laptop Pro Keyboard" Macdrifter 8:07 AM
  • "Review: LXORY's Dual Wireless Charger is an affordable and versatile option with USB-C and Lightning input" 9to5Mac 12:27 PM
  • "Hands-on w/ the iPhone-size 'Crave Plus' 10,000 mAh Portable Charger + 40% off deal [Video] 9to5Mac 3/9
  • "Review: Yale Assure Lock SL with iM1 Network HomeKit Module" iLounge 3/9
  • "Xoopar Boy Bluetooth speakers review: Style over substance" iMore 3/9
  • "HyperDrive is a sleek solution to our biggest issue with newer MacBooks" The Next Web 3/9
iPad/iPhone/iPod touch Apps
  • "Pogue reviews this week's No. 1 most downloaded app: Sky Guide AR" David Pogue 3/9
  • "Want Animoji, but Not the iPhone X? Try These Apps Instead" Wired 3/9
  • "How to Use Stopwatch on iPhone" OS X Daily 4:38 PM
  • "Ultimate Screenshot Guide for All of Your Apple Devices" iDrop News 12:28 PM
  • "How To Get Portrait Lighting Feature On iPhone 7 Plus Without Jailbreak" Redmond Pie 12:28 PM
  • "How to teach Siri to pronounce a name correctly" iMore 12:23 PM
  • "How to quickly share your current location on iPhone" 9to5Mac 3/9
  • "HomeKit Automation #004: manage your setup codes with the HomePass app" iDownload Blog 3/9
  • "How to find a missing app in iOS 11: Apple changed how it shows app folders in Siri search results in iOS 11." Macworld 3/9
  • "Pro-Tip: How to make your iPhone ignore crappy Wi-Fi" Cult of Mac 3/9
  • "How to Discover Free iOS Apps on the App Store With IFTTT" The Mac Observer 3/9
  • "8 essential Android to iOS file transfer tips" Computerworld 3/9
  • "2018 MacBook, MacBook Air, MacBook Pro: Rumors Signal Slow Evolution" Forbes 4:38 PM
  • "Remember when iPods and Beats were the coolest things around?" CNET 1:17 PM
  • "Siri Struggles with Commands Handled by the Original 2010 App" MacStories 12:29 PM
  • "Re-failing: The iPhone X fails and fails again" Macworld 8:11 AM
  • "Making The Grade: Apple needs an Identity Management Solution to take over schools"  9to5Mac 8:07 AM
  • "Editorial: The mysterious curse of iPhone 6, lifted with... the headphone jack"  AppleInsider 8:05 AM
  • "Apple's HomePod Video Ad Misses a Creative Opportunity" The Mac Observer 3/9
  • "A More Friendly and Motivational Health App" MacStories 3/9
  • "Apple's case of dance fever" The Loop 3/9
  • "Springtime for Apple: New products we're expecting" Macworld 3/9
  • "iOS vs. Android: When it comes to brand loyalty, Android wins" Computerworld 3/9
  • "Are Android users really more loyal than iPhone users?" Apple Must 3/9
  • "Why autonomous cars won't be autonomous" Computerworld 8:10 AM
  • "Samsung Galaxy S9+ Teardown" iFixit 3/9
  • "How Facebook Uses Web Trackers, Third Party Advertising Data, Loyalty Cards and More to Watch Us" The Mac Observer 3/9
  • "Why Smartphone Pre-orders are not a Good Barometer of Success in a Saturated Market" Tech.pinions 3/9
  • "AI Has a Hallucination Problem That's Proving Tough to Fix" Wired 3/9
  • "It's the U.S. vs. China in the 5G Olympics" Tech.pinions 3/9
  • "Watch Jimmy Kimmel ask 'Alexa' about her famously creepy laugh" Digital Trends 3/9
  • "What's really going on with those laughing Amazon devices." The Joy of Tech [cartoon] 3/9
Press Releases/Products/Public Relations
  • "Coming March 10: Gene Steinberg meets Russell Holly of Mobile Nations, and columnist/podcaster Peter Cohen, this week on The Tech Night Owl LIVE!" The Tech Night Owl LIVE 9:21 PM
  • "This iPhone case turns your phone into a working Game Boy" The Verge 4:37 PM
  • "Wallpaper Weekends: Abstract iPhone Wallpapers" MacTrast 8:10 AM
  • "'Baldur's Gate: Siege of Dragonspear' Arrives in the App Store for iOS and Android" Touch Arcade 3/9
  • "Never Get Lost Again With the Best Navigation Apps for iOS and Android" Digital Trends 3/9
  • "Ullu's Apple Watch bands are hand-colored in hues for spring" Cult of Mac 3/9
  • "Valve bringing 'Artifact' card game to iOS as company's first mobile title using the Source 2 engine" AppleInsider 3/9
  • "After Face ID to unlock your iPhone, face-recognition could be the new airline boarding pass" 9to5Mac 3/9
  • "DRmare launches One-Stop Converter for Apple Music, Audible and More" prMac 3/9
  • "Dropbox announces deeper integration with Salesforce ahead of IPO" TechCrunch 3/9
  • "Fortnite Battle Royale is coming to iPhone and iPad" Cult of Mac 3/9
  • "'Fortnite Battle Royale' is coming to iOS and Android in the coming weeks" BGR 3/9
Computer Industry
  • "Design flaw in Microsoft's Control Flow Guard allows complete bypass" TechWorm 8:16 AM
  • "Microsoft Blocked More Than 400,000 Malicious Cryptojacking Attempts In One Day" CoinTelegraph 8:15 AM
  • "Microsoft Fixes Xbox One's Last Big 4K Blu-ray Player Picture Bugs" Forbes 8:15 AM
  • "Intel downplays report of interest in Broadcom" Reuters 8:10 AM
  • "Intel threatened by Qualcomm, eyes off Broadcom acquisition" TweakTown 8:16 AM
  • "NVIDIA's New GeForce Partner Program Under Criticism" Guru3D 8:13 AM
  • "Nvidia Inception highlights 4 AI startups for enterprise applications" VentureBeat 1:17 PM
  • "Republicans get on the anti-Big Tech bandwagon" Axios 8:10 AM
  • "Researchers develop 'SgxSpectre' security exploit that can crack Intel's SGX secure environment" Computing 3/9
  • "SgxSpectre: Boffins exploit CPU flaw to break into Intel's SGX secure environment" The Inquirer 3/9
  • "Intel finally dishes out stick-shaped Optane storage SSDs for mainstream PCs" Digital Trends 3/9
  • "Intel launches Optane 800P mainstream 3D XPoint drives" bit-tech 3/9
  • "Intel launches Optane SSD 800P with NVMe PCIe 3.0 x2 interface" Hexus 3/9
  • "Intel's turbo-charged Optane SSDs just got more affordable with the new 800P" ZDNet 3/9
  • "Intel announces 58GB and 118GB Optane 800P SSD" Guru3D 3/9
  • "Intel's new SSD is so fast and expensive that you'll need a second one for your actual storage" BGR 3/9
  • "Intel in the Semiconductor Industry: Key Revenue Drivers" Market Realist 3/9
  • "Intel, Facing Threat, Considers Deals That Could Include Bid for Broadcom: Tech giant working with advisers on evaluating deal and other possible acquisitions" [Paid Membership Required] 3/9
  • "WSJ: Intel considers deals including Broadcom acquisition; AVGO +6%" Seeking Alpha 3/9
  • "Report: Intel Considers Buying Broadcom: Intel is preparing to address a potential Broadcom-Qualcomm merger, viewing the tie-up as a major threat, according to The Wall Street Journal." PC Magazine 3/9
  • "We may see the Spring Creators Update arriving soon to Windows 10" Digital Trends 3/9
  • "Microsoft Releases Windows 10 Cumulative Update KB4092077" Softpedia 3/9
  • "Data#3 scores whole of Australian government Microsoft licensing contract" ZDNet 3/9
  • "IBM WebSphere Portal Input Validation Flaw Lets Remote Users Conduct Cross-Site Scripting Attacks" Security Tracker 3/9
  • "IBM Says 400 Projects On Its Blockchain Platform" RTTNews 3/9
  • "Mum? Dad? Can I have a 3D XPoint disk for my birthday?" The Register 3/9
  • "AMD's comeback means it's finally time to get excited about CPUs again" The Inquirer 3/9
  • "More AMD CPU Leaks Revealed: Ryzen 2nd Gen Details Plus AM4 And TR4 Socket Life Confirmed?" Forbes 3/9
  • "AMD Threadripper 3000 Series Castle Peak Will Be Coming Next Year, Will Take The Platform To 'The Next Level'" SegmentNext 3/9
  • "Cisco attacks SD-WAN with software from Viptela, Meraki acquisitions" Network World 3/9
  • "Why hybrid cloud bursting went nowhere" InfoWorld 3/9
Finances (Click heading for current Apple Stock price.)
Apple News
  • "Apple stock price sets new post-split record closing at $179.98"  AppleInsider 3/9
  • "Analyst: How Apple gets to net cash neutral" Apple 3.0 3/9
Industry News
  • "Dow closes above 25,000 while Nasdaq finishes at a record as stocks rally/WSJ: Goldman's CEO Blankfein could retire as early as the end of 2018" MarketWatch 3/9
  • "Dow Soars 440 Points as Strong Jobs Report Fuels Wall Street's Rally: Stocks jumped on Friday after the U.S. added 313,000 new jobs in February, well above estimates." TheStreet 3/9
  • "US stocks soar on strong jobs report; inflation fears ease" Associated Press 3/9
  • "U.S. Stocks Gain on Solid Jobs Report: Data eases investors' concerns about the potential for a rapid acceleration of inflation" [Paid Membership Required] 3/9
  • "Asian stocks log gains, with Korea rallying on news of Trump-Kim meeting: But steel stocks hurt by U.S. tariff announcement" MarketWatch 3/9
  • "European stocks end higher after U.S. jobs data blast past forecasts: Most European stocks ended a choppy session higher on Friday, getting a boost from the U.S. where the main indexes rallied after better-than-expected labor market data." MarketWatch 3/9

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