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MacSurfer's Archive: Friday, March 30, 2018


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Weekend Highlights: Apple's TV ambitions will feature more family-friendly programming as opposed to "violence, politics and risqué story lines"; Colin Grabow argues iPhone production should stay in China; another round of new iDevice comparisons and Reviews are in as T3 reviews screen, speaker of Apple Watch Series 4, AppleInsider compares Series 4 vs. 3, Tom's Guide pits XS camera against Galaxy Note 9, CNET drop-tests XS on sidewalk; The Macalope talks Apple's iPhone strategy.

  • "Why Apple's new iPad is a better option for schools than a Chromebook tablet: Privacy matters."  Macworld 7:07 AM
  • "Apple's iPad event took me back to school. What a field trip! Apple went to unusual lengths to make its point that iPads should be playing a bigger role in the classroom."  CNET 7:40 AM
  • "Teachers weigh in on Apple's push for more iPads in school: Are iPads better than laptops? The answer depends on who you ask" The Verge 10:01 AM
  • "Why Apple and Microsoft Are Healthier Than Facebook: Tech's old-timers have business models based on selling things customers want to buy. That's especially useful now."  Bloomberg 7:21 AM
  • "Why Apple uses privacy as a sales pitch: Facebook keeps apologizing for privacy. Apple uses privacy as a selling point." CNNMoney 1:14 PM
  • "Apple Revamps Privacy Controls to Comply With New European Law" [Video Report] Bloomberg 4:09 PM
  • "Apple slapped with $12 million lawsuit for battery scandal in South Korea: 63,767 South Korean consumers have filed a class action lawsuit demanding 12.7 billion won ($US11.9 million) against Apple for batterygate." ZDNet 8:01 AM
  • "New Apple ID Website To Let Users Download All Their Data, Permanently Delete Accounts" Redmond Pie 12:17 PM
  • "Apple shares new developer tools that will help users delete, restrict, and export iCloud data" 9to5Mac 3:30 PM
  • "Mac Desktop Extension Software Duet Display Rendered Inoperable in macOS 10.13.4" MacRumors 7:20 AM
  • "The latest macOS update brings support for external GPUs" Engadget 7:30 AM
  • "Apple releases macOS High Sierra 10.13.4 with eGPUs support, Business Chat in Messages, and more [changelog] iDownload Blog 7:27 AM
  • "macOS High Sierra 10.13.4 Update Brings External GPU Support, Business Chat in Messages, More" MacTrast 7:21 AM
  • "MacOS finally gains external GPU support" TechCrunch 8:37 AM
  • "State of eGPU: Apple introduces official eGPU support in macOS 10.13.4, internal display acceleration opt-in" 9to5Mac 7:16 AM
  • "Apple Releases Combo Updater for macOS High Sierra 10.13.4" The Mac Observer 8:09 AM
  • "Best Way to Run Windows on a Mac: Just because you're using a Mac, doesn't mean you're forced to use macOS all of the time. You can have your cake and eat it too!" iMore 10:07 AM
  • "21 keyboard shortcuts Mac users need to know: This collection of keyboard shortcuts for macOS can users get the most from their iMacs, MacBook Pro and MacBook laptops." Computerworld 1:15 PM
  • "How to make Time Capsule and networked drives appear for your Mac" Macworld 7:16 AM
  • "How to save iPhone photos to an external drive using a Mac" Apple Must 10:23 AM
  • "Here's How to Force Your Mac to Run Only in 64-bit Mode" The Mac Observer 11:29 AM
  • "How to Get Your Mac's Dock to Show Running Apps Only" MacRumors 7:20 AM
  • "Sorting—or not—bookmarks in Safari in macOS 10.13.4" The Robservatory 9:59 AM
  • "A Beginner's Guide to Resizing Mac Windows" MacMost 10:31 AM
Press Releases
  • "iRASPA: GPU-accelerated visualization software for materials scientists" Macs in Chemistry 10:43 AM
  • "Substance Painter User-Interface—Updated With Help From Users" Architosh 10:35 AM
  • "This Chrome extension silences tabs before they annoy you" The Next Web 7:30 AM
General Interest/Potpourri
  • "Apple hiring for Siri engineers just spiked to its highest level ever"  Thinkum 2:27 PM
  • "Apple is aggressively hiring Siri engineers after widespread criticisms" VentureBeat 2:28 PM
  • "Judge Koh Rips Samsung Expert Before Apple Damages Trial" Law360 [Subscription Required for Full Article] 8:03 AM
  • "China busts smugglers using drones to transport smartphones: state media" ["The smugglers usually operated after midnight and only needed seconds to transport small bags holding more than 10 iPhones using the drones, the report quoted customs as saying."] Reuters 7:15 AM
  • "China says gang used drones to smuggle smartphones worth $80 million" CNNMoney 7:30 AM
Non-Apple News
  • "AI predicts your lifespan using activity tracking apps" Engadget 7:57 PM
  • "Exclusive: Google employees organize to fight cyber bullying at work" Reuters 4:26 PM
  • "Evidence is mounting that Amazon's HQ2 will land in 'the bullseye of America's internet'" Business Insider 3:14 PM
  • "You can officially buy an Android Go phone in the US" Ars Technica 3:06 PM
  • "Ajit Pai faces heat over proposal to take away poor people's broadband plans" Ars Technica 2:31 PM
  • "AI-powered ambient computing is just getting started" VentureBeat 2:28 PM
  • "Huawei says it's still committed to the U.S., in spite of, well, everything" TechCrunch 1:17 PM
  • "Under Armour Admits Huge MyFitnessPal Data Hack" Forbes 10:00 AM
  • "In-depth report on wireless radiation is bad news for 5G" BGR 8:08 AM
  • "Q&A Tech designers should be licensed, says Silicon Valley designer Mike Monteiro" Los Angeles Times [Paid Membership Required] 7:11 AM
  • "'Death from bullying cannot be the cost of doing business': US senator goes after Facebook and threatens regulation" Business Insider 3:13 PM
  • "Facebook Employees in an Uproar Over Executive's Leaked Memo" New York Times [Free/Paid Registration Required] 7:05 PM
  • "Zuckerberg Finds It's Not Easy to Tame Facebook's Growth Obsession" Wired 3:47 PM
  • "Mark Zuckerberg disavows controversial Facebook memo" CNNMoney 10:00 AM
  • "Leaked Facebook memo: 'so what if the social network's growth leads to terrorism and death?'" BetaNews 7:26 AM
  • "Here are the internal Facebook posts of employees discussing today's leaked memo: 'I've always thought our 'open but punitive' stance was particularly vulnerable to suicide bombers.'" The Verge 7:15 AM
  • "Everything that's going wrong for Facebook right now" MoneyWatch 7:12 AM
  • "Facebook 'ugly truth' growth memo haunts firm: A Facebook executive's memo that claimed the 'ugly truth' was that anything it did to grow was justified has been made public, embarrassing the company." BBC 7:09 AM
  • "Train Jam and GDC Debrief - The TouchArcade Show #348" Touch Arcade 8:05 PM
  • "This 1981 Interview Shows How Steve Jobs at 26 Was Way Cooler than Me (and Probably You)" The Mac Observer 3:47 PM
  • "iMore show 600: There is an 'iMore' in Team!" iMore 3:06 PM
  • "Briefing -Five Reasons To Use Apple HomePod and Apple Music" MacVoices 2:27 PM
  • "9to5Mac Happy Hour 166: Apple's EDU iPad event, Apple Watch redesign rumors, iOS 11.3 release" 9to5Mac 1:14 PM
  • "Apple Profile Downloads, Business Chat Explained -TMO Daily Observations 2018-03-30" The Mac Observer 1:09 PM
  • "Let The Vergecast explain the new iPads, Microsoft's reorg, and GDPR" The Verge 10:28 AM
  • "The new iPad excites us! It's true, and we'll tell you why on The CultCastCult of Mac 8:37 AM
  • "AppleInsider podcast talks OS updates, interviews Yoav Degani of MyPermissions about Facebook, and discusses new iPads" AppleInsider 8:37 AM
  • "Japan Display to raise $500m to supply key customer Apple: iPhone maker's shifting screen demands whipsaw LCD company"  Nikkei 7:06 PM
  • "Apple releases iOS 11.3 with a massive focus on privacy" BetaNews 7:26 AM
  • "iOS 11.3 lets you prevent Apple from throttling your aging iPhone" The Next Web 7:31 AM
  • "Apple might be making a foldable iPhone — here are 6 things we've heard about the smartphone concept" Business Insider 1:14 PM
  • "Apple Watch S4 Rumored to Sport New 'Trendy' Design, Larger Display" iDrop News 2:56 PM
  • "watchOS 4.3 release notes & security fixes" iDownload Blog 10:28 AM
  • "Bassgate: Did software update sap HomePod audio?"  Cult of Mac 11:32 AM
  • "Should you get AppleCare+ or insurance for your iPad?" iMore 7:21 AM
Price Trackers/Deals
  • "The new iPad is now available to purchase in-store at Apple and Best Buy" The Verge 11:31 AM
  • "15" MacBook Pro Prices (2017 models)" MacPrices 7:18 AM
  • "13" MacBook Pro Prices (2017 models)" MacPrices 7:18 AM
  • "13" MacBook Air Prices (2017 models)" MacPrices 7:18 AM

  • "Apple 9.7-inch iPad (2018) review: Still cheap, still great" Mashable 9:08 AM
  • "Apple Pencil lag test: New iPad vs. iPad Pro" Macworld 2:32 PM
  • "A5+ Wireless Speakers are pricey, but are some of the best around" Apple World Today 7:27 AM
  • "Nest Hello review: The smartest doorbell" iMore 8:39 AM
iPad/iPhone/iPod touch Apps
  • "Hands-on with Business Chat for iMessage in iOS 11.3 and macOS 10.13.4" 9to5Mac 2:54 PM
  • "Video: What's new in watchOS 4.3 for the Apple Watch, featuring portrait Nightstand mode, iPhone music controls and more" AppleInsider 2:31 PM
  • "How to stream Apple Music on Apple Watch Series 3 without iPhone" 9to5Mac 3:06 PM
  • "iPhone X Ringer Volume Very Low? Here's the Fix" OS X Daily 1:14 PM
  • "How to transfer data from your old iPad to your new iPad" iMore 11:31 AM
  • "How to Use iOS 11.3's New Battery Health Feature for iPhone" iPhone Hacks 11:28 AM
  • "How to check battery health and disable iPhone battery performance throttling in iOS 11.3" 9to5Mac 10:01 AM
  • "5 awesome new iPhone features in iOS 11.3 that no one is talking about" BGR 10:01 AM
  • "Updating your HomePod and questions about firmware changing sound quality" The Loop 10:01 AM
  • "Keeping Personal Appointments Private on Google Calendar" New York Times [Free/Paid Registration Required] 10:00 AM
  • "Top 5 New 9.7-inch iPad Features You Should Know About" iPhone Hacks 11:28 AM
  • "6 new uses for your old iPad: Getting a new tablet? Before you sell the old one, consider putting to use in other ways." CNET 8:42 AM
  • "A Public Service Announcement Regarding World Backup Day (Saturday, March 31)" The Mac Observer 7:21 AM
  • "Apple's new 'battery health' feature is a great reminder that my iPhone will be a piece of trash some day" Mashable 8:07 PM
  • "3 Reasons to Buy Apple Inc.'s 10.5-Inch iPad Pro Instead of the New 9.7-Inch iPad" The Motley Fool 7:57 PM
  • "Apple doesn't understand what makes Chromebooks great"  The Next Web 7:13 PM
  • "WWDC 2018 rumors: All the new Apple hardware and software to expect" Cult of Mac 4:41 PM
  • "Opinion: Apple's privacy-first approach has downsides but is really paying dividends now" 9to5Mac 10:01 AM
  • "Apple's new $329 iPad and iOS 11.3 release temper my wanderlust: Apple had quite a week with the announcement of a new entry-level iPad that has Pencil support and the release of iOS 11.3. Combined with continued iPhone X usage, iOS is becoming my platform of choice."  ZDNet 8:02 AM
  • "Siri, you're fired: Why Apple needs a new personal assistant/Does anyone really like using this laughable excuse for a voice interface? There is a better choice: and it comes from a natural partner that everyone is overlooking."  ZDNet 8:01 AM
  • "Why Apple is leaving a pile of ad money on the table" Apple 3.0 7:57 AM
  • "The iPad Paradox: Why it Can't Really Teach Kids to Code" The Mac Observer 3:44 PM
  • "An (Apple) Education: The reality distortion field meets a market it can't penetrate..."  500ish Words 11:40 AM
  • "Apple, if you want to win in education, look at what sucks about iPads: Schools still underwhelmed by gaps in Cupertino's shiny slabs"  The Register 7:17 AM
  • "Tim Cook is right to kick Facebook over its data privacy failings"  Financial Times [Paid Membership Required] 7:17 AM
  • "Fake news: Apple isn't killing iTunes music downloads"  AppleInsider 7:16 AM
  • "It's time for Apple to show iBooks some love: Can the company compete with the behemoth that is Amazon?"  Macworld 7:16 AM
  • "Facial recognition tech moves from smartphones to the boardroom: With the release of Apple's iPhone X and its Face ID feature, facial recognition technology has become more mainstream – and it's already being piloted by some government agencies and commercial airlines as a friction-free security measure." Computerworld 7:11 AM
  • "Ethics and responsibilities of AI: Should limits be placed on tech? - Video" ZDNet 9:01 PM
  • "Let's talk about OnePlus and iPhone X clones" BGR 10:21 AM
  • "How Facebook Can Better Fight Fake News: Make Money Off the People Who Promote It" TechCrunch 8:36 PM
  • "Facebook's mission changed, but its motives didn't" TechCrunch 2:57 PM
  • "Here's what Facebook employees are saying about that 'growth at any cost' memo" Mashable 8:39 AM
  • "Why People Should Learn About Cybersecurity In 2018" Forbes 7:40 AM
  • "Data-gatherers should be regulated like financial advisers" Financial Times [Paid Membership Required] 7:11 AM
  • "If tech companies made Easter candy!" The Joy of Tech [cartoon] 7:18 AM
Press Releases/Products/Public Relations
  • "Coming March 31: Gene Steinberg meets columnist/podcaster Kirk McElhearn and The Mac Observer's Bryan Chaffin, this week on The Tech Night Owl LIVE!" The Tech Night Owl LIVE 5:30 PM
  • "Mushkin Launches Source SSDs: 3D TLC NAND, SATA, from $39 to $110" AnandTech 1:17 PM
  • "Get ready for summer photos with the Ztylus Revolver M Series iPhone Lens Kit" Apple World Today 8:39 AM
  • "Twitter app makes it easy to share a particular moment from a live video" 9to5Mac 7:27 AM
  • "Apple Pay transit card integration goes live in Beijing and Shanghai" AppleInsider 7:16 AM
Computer Industry
  • "Microsoft is ready for a world beyond Windows: Cloud and AI are Microsoft's future bets" The Verge 7:39 AM
  • "The Future of Windows? (Premium)" Thurrott 11:56 AM
  • "Microsoft chief breaks up Windows engineering team" Financial Times [Paid Membership Required] 7:30 AM
  • "Microsoft's Windows head to leave company amid reorganisation" Reuters 8:54 AM
  • "Microsoft releases update that fixes problematic Meltdown patch" BetaNews 7:26 AM
  • "Microsoft AV Software Finally Beats the Big Boys" Tom's Guide 8:54 AM
  • "IBM sees quantum computing going mainstream within five years" CNBC 7:30 AM
  • "IBM Layoffs 2018: What We Know About the Job Cuts" InvestorPlace 3:48 PM
  • "Dell Inspiron 15 7000 Gaming Laptop: Meet the GTX 1060 Max-Q" Tom's Hardware 8:56 AM
  • "Dell XPS 15 Two-in-One Features Kaby Lake-G CPUs With Radeon RX Vega M Graphics Coming Next Month" SegmentNext 8:56 AM
  • "Intel Patent Describes Bitcoin Mining Hardware Accelerator With Incredible Power Efficiency" HotHardware 3:55 PM
  • "Intel Releases Patent for New Cryptocurrency Mining Accelerator" Bitcoin Magazine 4:26 PM
  • "Intel AMD Hybrid Kaby Lake-G Processor Proves Powerful In First Real-World Evaluations" Forbes 2:55 PM
  • "AMD Says Cryptocurrency Sales Were A Small Factor" eTeknix 8:58 AM
  • "AMD and Unity showcase a fully open source high performance GPU-accelerated ray tracing engine" DSOGaming 8:58 AM
  • "AMD Ryzen Mobile won't score flagship design win" Fudzilla 8:58 AM
  • "Nvidia Is Helping Adobe Retain Is Leadership" Seeking Alpha 11:57 AM
  • "Nvidia Next Generation GPUs Are Already Being Sampled Without Anyone Finding Out" SegmentNext 8:58 AM
  • "Looking to nab Nvidia's GeForce chips? You need cash and patience" The Register 4:41 PM
  • "Everything you need to know about the Oracle lawsuit against Google" Mashable 8:08 AM
  • "Oracle v Google could Chill Software Development" Hackaday 8:55 AM
  • "Cisco Seeks To Solve Silicon Valley Homelessness Starting With $50 Investment" Forbes 12:12 PM
  • "China cuts tax rates for chipmakers amid trade tensions" Reuters 8:02 AM
  • "China's tech grab: Where Trump has a point on trade" Seattle Times 8:37 AM
Finances (Click heading for current Apple Stock price.)
Apple News
  • "Foxconn Profit Up As iPhone Production Glitches Fade: Profit tops year-earlier and analysts' estimates while revenue rose 23%" [Paid Membership Required] 10:28 AM
  • "Hon Hai's Profit Beats Estimates Thanks to Demand for iPhone X" Bloomberg 7:58 AM
Industry News
  • "Asian shares track tech, consumer stocks' rally on Wall St" Associated Press 8:45 AM
  • "Asia Stocks Rise; Many Markets Closed for Good Friday" [Paid Membership Required] 8:45 AM
  • "Asian stocks rise as many markets close for holiday: Tech companies lead gains by Nikkei" MarketWatch 8:45 AM
  • "European stocks rise as car makers rev higher, but still book quarterly decline: Sodexo shares sink on warning" MarketWatch 8:44 AM

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