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MacSurfer's Archive: Sunday, May 13, 2018


  • "This Simple Back Door Hack for Your Mac is Exactly Why FileVault Should be Enabled" The Mac Observer 5/11
  • "The Keys That Might Fix Your Mac: If your Mac greets you with a black screen, the fan runs constantly or you notice other power-related issues, a simple home solution might save you a trip to the Genius Bar." New York Times [Free Registration Required] 5/11
  • "When your Mac is slowing down, try this Terminal tip" Apple Must 5/12
  • "Highland 2 review: So much more than just a scriptwriter" iMore 5/11
  • "How to Set Up Your MacBook From Scratch" Lifehacker 5/11
  • "Photos People: How to Add a Face Photos Doesn't Recognize" The Mac Observer 5/11
  • "8 Apple Notes tips for Mac and iOS you'll probably use" Apple Must 5/11
  • "How to Set Up a System-Wide Word Count Service on Your Mac" MacRumors 5/11
  • "How to tell which macOS apps are 32-bit and which are 64-bit" Apple World Today 5/11
  • "A Beginner's Guide to Mac Display Preferences" MacMost 5/11
  • "BBEdit turns 25 (or 26, who's counting?)" Six Colors 5/11
  • "The 25 Best Mac Games of 2018 (so far and upcoming)" Mac Gamer HQ 5/11
  • "Feature Request: Proper, personalized album and concert alerts by Apple Music" 9to5Mac 5/11
Press Releases
  • "BBEdit Merch: To celebrate BBEdit's 25th anniversary, we're creating some special merch: T-shirts, hoodies, and more. While we're getting it ready, please help us out by letting us know what you think!" Bare Bones Software 5/11
  • "New Vimeo Tools for Final Cut Pro X" 5/11