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MacSurfer's Archive: Saturday, June 23, 2018


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Weekend Highlights: Apple's TV ambitions will feature more family-friendly programming as opposed to "violence, politics and risqué story lines"; Colin Grabow argues iPhone production should stay in China; another round of new iDevice comparisons and Reviews are in as T3 reviews screen, speaker of Apple Watch Series 4, AppleInsider compares Series 4 vs. 3, Tom's Guide pits XS camera against Galaxy Note 9, CNET drop-tests XS on sidewalk; The Macalope talks Apple's iPhone strategy.

  • "What Tim Cook says coming out cost him—and why he still has 'no regrets'"  CNBC 9:24 AM
  • "Security researcher shows how to brute force iPhone passcodes [Video] 9to5Mac 7:53 AM
  • "Making The Grade: Apple's biggest mistake in K-12 happened in 2006"  9to5Mac 8:21 AM
  • "A hacker figured out how to brute force iPhone passcodes"  ZDNet 4:26 PM
  • "Security researcher gets around iPhone passcode limit: Brute force attack lets would-be hackers run as many passcodes as they want without destroying data, ZDNet reports." CNET 4:25 PM
  • "Security researcher bypasses iPhone's limit on passcode attempts: The method only needs an iPhone that's switched on and a Lightning cable." Engadget 2:23 PM
  • "Apple disputes claims of iOS 'vulnerability' to brute force passcode hack"  AppleInsider 9:00 PM
  • "Apple attempts to invalidate Qualcomm patents in ongoing licensing fee spat: Firm claims chipmaker's patents 'aren't new ideas'"  The Inquirer 6/22
  • "Apple Goes Nuclear In Patent War Against Qualcomm Via USPTO" HotHardware 6/22
  • "In latest legal move, Apple fights Qualcomm over four US patents" iDownload Blog 6/22
  • "Apple is ordering so many shows, with nowhere to show them: It's hard to get excited for Apple's upcoming shows without knowing how we'll get to watch"  The Verge 6/22
  • "U.S. Supreme Court Bolsters Mobile-Phone Privacy Rights"  Bloomberg 6/22
  • "Supreme Court Rules that Warrants Generally Are Required to Collect Cellphone Data" New York Times [Free/Paid Registration Required] 6/22
  • "Supreme Court rules that warrant is needed to access cell tower records" Washington Post [Free Registration Required] 6/22
  • "Supreme Court rules police need a warrant to access a suspect's cellphone location data" Mashable 6/22
  • "Where oh where can the Mac updates be? Long product cycles are the now normal for the Mac."  Macworld 6/22
  • "CMV: Here's a way Apple could solve its MacBook Pro dilemma, and keep everyone happy"  9to5Mac 6/22
  • "FileMaker 17, First Take: More accessible, more connected Review" ZDNet 6/22
  • "How Can I Use the Same Password on My MacBook, iPad, and iPhone?" Lifehacker 6/22
  • "How to get your Mac ready for the macOS 10.14 'Mojave' Public Beta" Apple Must 6/22
  • "The macOS 10.14 Mojave new screenshot tools guide" Computerworld 6/22
  • "9 Common Browser Problems and How to Fix Them" Gizmodo 6/22
  • "How to use a PC-formatted drive on the Mac" iMore 6/22
  • "50 (Almost) Ways to Leave Your Lover (High Sierra) for macOS Mojave" The Mac Observer 6/22
  • "Apple pushes privacy theme in Safari for iOS 12, 'Mojave': The browser is getting new privacy and security tricks, including better integration with third-party password managers and less tracking with cookies."  Computerworld 6/22
  • "Your OS Doesn't Matter. Use What Makes You Happy: Life is too short to argue over operating systems. Does it really matter what you use as long as you are happy with it?"  Low End Mac 6/22
Press Releases
  • "Caliban Below is now available on SteamVR for macOS: Blackthorn Media releases Caliban Below on macOS" iMore 3:36 PM
  • "Final Cut Pro X Updated to 10.4.3" 6/22
  • "Recosoft ships IR2Office - Convert Illustrator to PowerPoint & Keynote" prMac 6/22
  • "Copy Fast 1.2 let you have in the menu bar an handy utility to copy in a click text from a list of files" Tension Software 6/22
General Interest/Potpourri
  • "New lawsuit takes issue with Apple's 'brilliantly scratch-resistant' Apple Watch marketing"  9to5Mac 10:20 AM
  • "A hacker figured out how to brute force iPhone passcodes: The attack allows any would-be-hacker to run as many passcodes as they want, without destroying the data." ZDNet 6/22
  • "Security Researcher Discovers Method for Brute Forcing iPhone Passcode in iOS 11" MacRumors 6/22
  • "Simple hack bypasses iOS passcode entry limit, opens door to brute force hacks" AppleInsider 6/22
  • "Apple Maps Vehicles Begin Collecting Street-Level Data in Japan" MacRumors 6/22
  • "Foxconn sees US-China trade spat as 'war of tech manufacturing': Key iPhone assembler looks beyond Apple as handset industry slows" Nikkei Asian Review 6/22
  • "Toronto Man Files Lawsuit Against Apple Over Scratches on Apple Watch"  iPhoneinCanada 6/22
  • "Canadian sues Apple over Apple Watch scratches that he made" AppleInsider 6/22
  • "Bethesda Sues Warner Bros for Copying Fallout Shelter With New Westworld iOS Game" MacRumors 6/22
  • "iPhone Assembler's Billionaire CEO Chafes at China Overtime Caps: Foxconn's Terry Gou argues Chinese want to work more hours" Bloomberg 6/22
  • "Here's all of the awards Apple took home at Cannes Lions 2018" 9to5Mac 6/22
  • "Apple Orders French Series Calls as an English Adaptation" The Mac Observer 6/22
Non-Apple News
  • "Adobe's AI Will Help You Spot Photoshopped Photo Fakery" HotHardware 5:24 PM
  • "Judge Orrick upholds Samsung's anti-enforcement injunction against Huawei" Foss Patents 1:33 PM
  • "Samsung's next Android phone might be free of Samsung's bloatware" BGR 7:52 AM
  • "Google Chrome's mystery sawtooth tabs have (slightly) changed my life: Are you seeing what we're seeing?" CNET 6/22
  • "Bill Could Give Californians Unprecedented Control Over Data" Wired [Free/Paid Registration Required] 6/22
  • "Microsoft And Nintendo Have Locked Sony Into A No-Win Cross Play Trap" Forbes 6/22
  • "Qualcomm and Vivo debut single 5G millimeter wave and sub-6GHz antenna" VentureBeat 6/22
  • "Xiaomi Mi Pad 4 will have face unlock feature" SlashGear 6/22
  • "China is Home to 9 of Top 12 Smartphone Vendors" EE Times 6/22
  • "China is Home to Most Smartphone Vendors" CDR Info 6/22
  • "Amazon employees protest sale of facial recognition software to police" The Verge 6/22
  • "Twitter buys and shuts down anti-troll service, leaving customers in a bind" 9to5Mac 6/22
  • "Souce Code Stealing Drama – The TouchArcade Show #359" Touch Arcade 6/22
  • "iMore show 614: Now with Show and Shame!" iMore 6/22
  • "Gadget Lab Podcast: Our Vertical-Video Future" Wired [Free/Paid Registration Required] 6/22
  • "Tech Chat with MGG's Dave Hamilton and John F Braun -TMO Daily Observations 2018-06-22" The Mac Observer 6/22
  • "An Interview with Andy Hertzfeld" 512 Pixels 6/22
  • "The sad state of the Mac, this week on The CultCastCult of Mac 6/22
  • "The woman who gave Apple its voice: Since its first release, we've come to ask Siri everything. The Drum decided to talk to it a bit more, interviewing the human 'original voice', Susan Bennett."  The Drum 6/22
  • "What is Google doing with AI? Chips with Everything podcast" The Guardian 6/22
  • "Podcast interviews Wes Borland of Limp Bizkit, discusses bringing AirPlay 2 to Airport Express, Apple Pay at concerts" AppleInsider 6/22
  • "Fresh iPhone 9 Leaked Case Render Corroborates Return Of Bezels On The 2018 Lineup" WCCFTech 8:21 AM
  • "Keyboard Service Program for MacBook and MacBook Pro: Apple has determined that a small percentage of the keyboards in certain MacBook and MacBook Pro models may exhibit one or more of the following behaviors: Letters or characters repeat unexpectedly/Letters or characters do not appear/Key(s) feel 'sticky' or do not respond in a consistent manner"  Apple Support 6/22
  • "Apple's Sticky Keyboard Triggers Offer For Free Repairs: Company says it will replace damaged keys or entire keyboards on defective MacBooks" [Paid Membership Required] 6/22
  • "Apple Launches Repair Program for Faulty MacBook and MacBook Pro Keyboards" MacRumors 6/22
  • "Apple finally acknowledges 'sticky' keyboard issues on MacBooks, offering free fix and refunds for past repairs" 9to5Mac 6/22
  • "Apple launches service program to address MacBook Pro keyboard woes" Ars Technica 6/22
  • "Apple Acknowledges Failed MacBook KeyBoards with New Repair Program" LAPTOP Magazine 6/22
  • "Apple Will Fix Your Messed Up MacBook Pro Keyboard for Free" Wired [Free/Paid Registration Required] 6/22
  • "Exclusive: This is Apple's 6.1-inch LCD iPhone"  BGR 6/22
  • "Buttonless and port-free: Expect the next iPhone to be as smooth as a baby's bum" The Register 6/22
  • "Report: Apple Considered Removing Lightning Connector from iPhone X" MacTrast 6/22
  • "TSMC ramping up 7nm chip production" ["Orders for Apple's custom A12 processor for use in the upcoming iPhones will play a major driver of TSMC's 7nm chip production growth in 2018, according to market sources."]  DigiTimes 6/22
  • "Apple's next-gen 'A13" iPhone and iPad chipset will remain 7nm" AppleInsider 6/22
  • "Best iPhone 2018 leaked photos and renders so far" [Slideshow] CNET 6/22
  • "Safari Based Jailbreak of iOS 12 and iOS 11.4 Betas Demonstrated [Video] iClarified 6/22
  • "How to Get a MacBook or MacBook Pro Keyboard Repaired Free Under Apple's Service Program" MacRumors 1:46 PM
  • "Finally: Apple Admits Problem With MacBook And MacBook Pro Keyboards, Offers Free Fix; Check To See If Yours Is Eligible" Redmond Pie 7:51 AM
  • "How Has Battery Life Been On Your Device After iOS 11.4?" Redmond Pie 6/22
Price Trackers/Deals
  • "15" MacBook Pro Prices (2017 models)" MacPrices 6/22
  • "13" MacBook Pro Prices (2017 models)" MacPrices 6/22
  • "13" MacBook Air Prices (2017 models)" MacPrices 6/22

  • "A year with MacBook Pro: reviewing Apple's 2017 pro laptop models" AppleInsider 1:34 PM
  • "Review: Netgear's Cable Orbi Kit delivers fast whole-home Wi-Fi" AppleInsider 6/22
  • "Nanoleaf Remote is a HomeKit remote control that gets people talking" AppleInsider 6/22
  • "Nanoleaf Remote review: A HomeKit controller for everyone" iMore 6/22
  • "Nuheara IQbuds intelligent truly wireless earbuds with BOOST review" The Gadgeteer 6/22
  • "Review: Mophie Charge Stream Travel Kit with Charge Stream Pad Mini" iLounge 6/22
  • "How tough are these cases? Evolutive Labs Rhinoshield SolidSuit iPhone X Review" Mobile Reviews Eh 6/22
iPad/iPhone/iPod touch Apps
  • "'VectorMan' Review – Nothing to Fear but Sphere Itself" Touch Arcade 6/22
  • "'Stories of Bethem: Full Moon' Review – A Link to the Past Guaranteed to Keep You Playing" Touch Arcade 6/22
  • "How to speed up a slow iPhone: Our tips show how to spring-clean your slow old iPhone and give it a speed boost for faster performance" Macworld UK 6:03 PM
  • "iOS 12: how to create Siri Shortcuts and make your life easier" iDownload Blog 6/22
  • "How to Save Zip Files to iPhone or iPad" OS X Daily 6/22
  • "How to Secure Your Home Router" Intego 6/22
  • "How to downgrade to iOS 11.4 after installing the iOS 12 beta" Cult of Mac 6/22
  • "Locked Out of Your iPhone? Here's What to Do: Apple includes plenty of security features to protect your data, but if you forget your passcode and can't unlock the phone, you can still regain control." New York Times [Free Registration Required] 6/22
  • "Eject Water from Your Apple Watch's Speaker After Getting It Wet" Gadget Hacks 6/22
  • "How To Customize Gmail Swipe Gestures [Android]" ["This option is only available on Android for now but it ought to roll out for iOS users eventually."] AddictiveTips 6/22
  • "How to organize your Apple Watch Dock for maximum productivity" iDownload Blog 6/22
  • "How to disable Apple's HEIF and HEVC formats in iOS" Macworld 6/22
  • "Technical Terms: Wi-Fi" MacMost 6/22
  • "The iPhone brute force passcode hack that (probably) wasn't: Recent reports about an iPhone Passcode 'hack' involving no-space strings may turn out to be no 'hack' at all — according to the original researcher." iMore 6:05 PM
  • "Jony, Phil, Eddy: Where are they now? Three senior Apple executives conspicuous in their absence." Apple 3.0 5:44 PM
  • "Stacking the deck: Google wins again" Macworld 5:45 PM
  • "Apple Finally Admits to MacBook Keyboard Design Flaw" Thurrott 2:28 PM
  • "Why Should You Not Upgrade to the MacBook Pro Right Now [Its Not the High Price] WCCFTech 1:45 PM
  • "Apple Just Ruined Its Most Expensive Apple Watch" Mashable 6/22
  • "Feature Request: Have HomePod only use listening history for the main user" 9to5Mac 6/22
  • "Huge changes are coming to Fortnite Battle Royale, and that's okay" Cult of Mac 6/22
  • "Apple has great challenges, great opportunities with the HomePod, Apple TV" Apple World Today 6/22
  • "When Will Apple's AirPower Wireless Charger Arrive, Finally?" Forbes 6/22
  • "In Army of None, a field guide to the coming world of autonomous warfare" TechCrunch 9:05 PM
  • "Acer Chromebook Tab 10 review: Chrome OS revives Google's tablet future/Acer made a capable tablet, but Google still has to work out kinks in Chrome OS." Ars Technica 10:34 AM
  • "Hacker successfully installs four different Operating Systems on a Windows Phone" MSPoweruser 6/22
  • "Alienware Area 51 R5 Review: Liquid Cooled GPUs And Skylake-X Firepower" HotHardware 6/22
  • "Go deeper: How the online sales tax ruling will affect consumers" Axios 6/22
Press Releases/Products/Public Relations
  • "Apple quietly kills Modern Buckle Watch band in the US: It's still available in some stores outside the country, though." Engadget 12:39 PM
  • "Watch TCM App Brings Classic Movies On Demand To Apple TV" Redmond Pie 7:52 AM
  • "Amazon FreeTime Unlimited Comes To iPhone And iPad" Redmond Pie 9:01 PM
  • "Apple quietly discontinues Modern Buckle band, first of the original Apple Watch styles to disappear" 9to5Mac 6/22
  • "LACPUG's 18th Anniversary Meeting Features Randy Ubillos and the Debut of 'Off the Tracks'" 6/22
  • "Amazon's kid-friendly FreeTime app hits iOS as Facebook's Messenger Kids reaches new countries" 9to5Mac 6/22
  • "Get Rid of Photos Clutter and Free Up Disk Space with New iPhone App Gemini Photos by MacPaw" MacPrices 6/22
  • "AXA Insurance just went all in on the iPad Pro" Apple Must 6/22
  • "LMP's USB-C Compact Dock is a great accessory for USB-C Mac laptops" Apple World Today 6/22
  • "Microsoft matches Google Lens with AI-powered visual search for Bing" The Verge 6/22
  • "Writing app Scrivener makes it easier to format your book in Vellum" 9to5Mac 6/22
Computer Industry
  • "Amazon, Microsoft and Google Face Backlash over ICE, Military Deals: and they're not afraid to use it, decrying military and surveillance work that they want no part in." TheStreet 8:22 AM
  • "Former Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer's has advice for Facebook and Google: Don't make the mistake we did" Business Insider 11:25 AM
  • "Everything that Microsoft said about the next-gen Xbox at E3 2018: While they didn't really offer any solid information to the audience; however, they mentioned enough for the fans to start anticipating about the next iteration with excitement." International Business Times 3:51 PM
  • "Microsoft to use Windows 10-focused Snapdragon 1000 chip for foldable Surface Phone?" phoneArena 11:24 AM
  • "Microsoft debuts ad-blocker in Edge for Android" gHacks 11:24 AM
  • "Microsoft Outlook now lets you block external images" Android Police 1:33 PM
  • "Microsoft and Razer might be working on an Xbox keyboard and mouse partnership: Earlier in the year, Microsoft gave a presentation to developers detailing keyboard and mouse support on Xbox One." Windows Central 11:24 AM
  • "Microsoft leaves systems lacking SSE2 support high and dry for ongoing Windows updates" Neowin 8:22 AM
  • "Microsoft Store reported to be getting new features soon" Neowin 3:13 PM
  • "Intel: The 3 Failures Of Brian Krzanich, Part 1" Seeking Alpha 7:53 AM
  • "TSMC Hits Volume Production Of 7nm Silicon With AMD Zen 2 And Vega 7nm Incoming This Year" HotHardware 5:25 PM
  • "Intel's leadership crisis hits in midst of reorganization" ZDNet 6/22
  • "Intel faces many challenges in the post-Krzanich era" Irish Times 6/22
  • "Intel Facing Tough Competition as CEO Brian Krzanich Resigns | Fortune" Fortune 6/22
  • "Intel CEO Challenge: Pick From Thin Bench, or Look Outside/Intel's board could favor an internal candidate, such as its engineering chief, Venkata M. Renduchintala, or the head of its data-center business, Navin Shenoy" [Paid Membership Required] 6/22
  • "Intel now faces a fight for its future" The Verge 6/22
  • "Finance man takes the helm at Intel after Krzanich 'resignation'" Telecoms 6/22
  • "Intel 8 Core, 16 Thread Coffee Lake-S CPU Spotted Again - Lets call it a Core i7 8800K" Guru3D 6/22
  • "Intel CEO Brian Krzanich to step down after 'workplace fling'" IT PRO (UK) 6/22
  • "Intel Chief Krzanich Quits Over Relationship" Silicon UK 6/22
  • "Intel sacks CEO Krzanich over relationship with employee" The National 6/22
  • "GitHub devs warn Microsoft 'ditch that contract with ICE or lose us'" The Inquirer 6/22
  • "What's New in Cumulative Update KB4284830 for Windows 10 Creators Update" Softpedia 6/22
  • "Microsoft, Nintendo team up to poke fun at Sony" Inquirer 6/22
  • "DEWA MD and CEO, Microsoft CEO discuss cooperation" WAM Emirates 6/22
  • "IBM early findings on disastrous TSB core banking system migration released" ComputerWeekly 6/22
  • "HP launches a speaker printer and new Envy, Pavilion laptops" The Straits Times [Free Registration Required] 6/22
  • "HP Features the Future of Digital Printing at Cannes Lions" WebWire 6/22
  • "Dell Products Used 73 Million Pounds of Recycled Materials" Xcrap Monster 6/22
  • "TSMC Begins Mass Production of 7nm Process, AMD Vega 7nm Confirmed, Zen 2 CPUs Expected Too – Production Capacity To Increase By 3 Times Next Year" WCCFTech 6/22
  • "AMD Tackles Coming 'Chiplet' Revolution With New Chip Network Scheme" IEEE Spectrum 6/22
  • "Canonical issues Spectre v2 fix for all Ubuntu systems with AMD chips" The Inquirer 6/22
  • "EdgeConneX expands cloud offerings with Oracle FastConnect" Capacity Media 6/22
  • "Oracle is changing how it reports cloud revenues, what's it hiding?" Computerworld UK 6/22
  • "Oracle now requires a subscription to use Java SE" InfoWorld 6/22
  • "Why getting Cisco-certified is core to a networking career" TechCrunch 6/22
  • "Cisco stock gains after J.P. Morgan defends bullish rating, says shares look attractive relative to peers" MarketWatch 6/22
  • "Cisco patches critical flaws in many of its switches and security appliances" Hot For Security 6/22
  • "Cisco UCS E-Series Servers BIOS Access Control Bug Lets Local Users Bypass Security Restrictions" Security Tracker 6/22
  • "It's not easy to move from a private cloud to a hybrid cloud" InfoWorld 6/22
Finances (Click heading for current Apple Stock price.)
Apple News
  • "Look for high volume in Apple today" Apple 3.0 6/22
Industry News
  • "Dow snaps 8-session skid, but logs worst weekly fall since March as trade jitters persist: Energy stocks lead, supported by jump in crude prices" MarketWatch 6/22
  • "Dow Posts First Gain in Nine Sessions; Oil Jumps: The Dow held on to post its first gain in nine sessions Friday. Oil prices soared after OPEC reached an agreement to boost oil production modestly." TheStreet 6/22
  • "Dow snaps losing streak as oil prices surge" FOXBusiness 6/22
  • "U.S. Stocks Suffer Biggest One-Week Loss Since March: Trade tensions spook investors" [Paid Membership Required] 6/22
  • "Asian markets end mixed as trade worries weigh: Automakers lead losses in Japan; Shanghai index salvages a small gain but teeters near bear-market territory" MarketWatch 6/22
  • "European stocks finish higher, but still suffer weekly loss: Services data provide cheer" MarketWatch 6/22

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