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MacSurfer's Archive: Wednesday, August 8, 2018


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  • "Samsung and Apple Are Spending Fortunes at Home. Or Are They? Most of the money pledged to South Korea and the U.S. would have been spent anyway."  Bloomberg 8:32 AM
  • "Is Apple Really Your Privacy Hero?"  Bloomberg 8:32 AM
  • "Apple Supplier Ramp Bodes Well for iPhone ASP" Loup Ventures 11:52 AM
  • "Apple says iOS Health Records has over 75 backers, uses open standards" VentureBeat 3:17 PM
  • "Porn Blackmail Scam Rattles Mac Users: What You Need to Know"  Intego 12:21 PM
  • "Patrick Wardle on Breaking and Bypassing MacOS Firewalls/A Black Hat talk demonstrates the ease of poking holes in firewalls: How to break, bypass and dismantle macOS firewall products."  Threatpost 9:00 AM
  • "Fix Apple's Copy and Paste problem on the Mac and iOS with these tools" AppleInsider 3:17 PM
  • "How to set iCloud to save emails on your Mac, not in the cloud" Macworld 8:19 AM
  • "How to add or remove fonts on the Mac with Font Book" AppleInsider 8:59 AM
  • "How To Replace Fonts In Pages" MacMost 9:00 AM
  • "Spotlight search tips for Mac users" Apple Must 11:19 AM
  • "Mac: How to view and edit passwords saved with Safari" 9to5Mac 11:56 AM
  • "How to have the time announced to you on Mac" iDownload Blog 8:37 AM
Press Releases
General Interest/Potpourri
  • "Tech Companies Banned Infowars. Now, Its App Is Trending." New York Times [Free/Paid Registration Required] 7:35 PM
  • "Apple explains decision to keep 'Infowars' app on App Store" AppleInsider 7:35 PM
  • "The iPhone doesn't spy on users, Apple tells US lawmakers: Apple again tells congress that iPhone customers are 'not our product'." ZDNet 7:41 AM
  • "The iPhone doesn't spy on your conversations, Apple tells lawmakers" BGR 8:38 AM
  • "Full text of Apple's response to Congress" Apple 3.0 12:45 PM
  • "Voice of concern: Smart assistants are creating new openings for hackers/Let's talk about the security of smart speakers."  CNET 7:56 AM
  • "A new push for one charging standard may fry Apple's Lightning port" phoneArena 8:59 AM
  • "Pentagon bans fitness trackers on military bases in response to security fears" V3 8:28 AM
  • "Tim Cook is worth $625 million and leads a $1 trillion company — but he reportedly buys discounted underwear and prefers hiking to yachting" Business Insider 9:57 AM
  • "Apple develops series based on hit historical novel 'Pachinko'" Engadget 8:28 AM
  • "Apple lands rights to develop drama series based on 'Pachinko'" iLounge 11:56 AM
Non-Apple News
  • "Here's how and where to watch the Galaxy Unpacked 2018 event" Neowin 9:18 PM
  • "Facebook is shedding massive traffic — and it's apparently flocking to YouTube" BGR 8:26 PM
  • "Shock. People still feel intense dislike for their cable companies: In the latest Consumer Reports survey of cable companies, only one didn't get the lowest score for value." ZDNet 1:30 PM
  • "Warner Music Group sells Spotify stake worth over $500 million" AppleInsider 12:21 PM
  • "Phones sold by the four major US carriers could have a major security flaw: Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile and Sprint might have a big problem." Engadget 10:44 AM
  • "After being killed by Apple, Palm branded devices coming back from the dead" AppleInsider 9:58 AM
  • "Secure chat app could prove key to unmasking violent Charlottesville white supremacists" 9to5Mac 8:17 AM
  • "Google Pixel 3 XL leak appears to show production hardware and wired USB-C Pixel Buds" The Verge 8:37 AM
  • "Images of Google Pixel 3 XL production unit leak, with USB-C earbuds in the box" Android Police 8:14 AM
  • "Magic Leap One AR headset for devs costs more than 2x the iPhone X" TechCrunch 8:19 AM
  • "Magic Leap's futuristic goggles are finally launching — here's how much they cost and how to buy them" Business Insider 8:04 AM
  • "Trading apps vulnerable to hacking, report says" Financial Times [Paid Membership Required] 7:53 AM
  • "New genre of artificial intelligence programs take computer hacking to another level"  Reuters 7:47 AM
  • "Online Voting, the Corporate Public Square, Picard's Return to Star Trek -ACM 474" The Mac Observer 5:28 PM
  • "Magic Leap CEO interview: For $2,295, start living 10 years ahead of everyone else" VentureBeat 1:30 PM
  • "Apple Versus Infowars, Pachinko TV Series -TMO Daily Observations 2018-08-08" The Mac Observer 12:46 PM
  • "AWT TV Episode 45: Another week, another shocking development!" Apple World Today 10:44 AM
  • "Apple supplier earnings suggest TrueDepth coming to three new iPhone models in 2018" AppleInsider 6:58 PM
  • "Apple's affordable LCD-based 'iPhone 9' spotted in leaked image" Metro UK 8:59 AM
  • "More Hands-On Video With Purported 2018 iPhone Dummy Models" iClarified 10:18 AM
  • "How to fix MacBook Pro battery life problems" iMore 3:22 PM
  • "Some 2018 MacBook Pro Owners Experiencing Crackling Speakers" MacRumors 11:51 AM
Price Trackers/Deals
  • "Refurbished, Clearance, and Open Box Apple Merchandise Next Best Thing to Buying New" MacPrices 9:54 AM
  • "15" MacBook Pro Prices (2018 models)" MacPrices 7:37 AM
  • "13" MacBook Pro Prices (2017-18 models)" MacPrices 7:37 AM
  • "12" MacBook Prices (2017 models)" MacPrices 7:37 AM

  • "Review: the MacBook Pro is a powerhouse workhorse (at thoroughbred pricing)" Apple World Today 7:37 AM
  • "Apple MacBook Pro vs Microsoft Surface Book 2: Who Makes the Cut?" The Quint 9:28 AM
  • "Not an Apple Watch Series 3 Review: The Thrilling Conclusion" The Mac Observer 1:31 PM
  • "Camera Showdown: Apple iPhone 8 Plus vs. Olympus PEN E-PL9" PC Magazine 7:41 AM
  • "Review: Lenovo's Smart Display can sell iPhone owners on Google Assistant" AppleInsider 3:17 PM
  • "Hands-on with ElevationLab's distraction-free NightPad wireless charger for iPhone" 9to5Mac 3:16 PM
  • "Loopy and Loopy Max case review - The toughest iPhone X case out there?" Mobile Reviews Eh 11:51 AM
  • "Exclusive excerpt from upcoming book by ex-Apple engineer explores first iPhone software keyboard design process" 9to5Mac 9:21 AM
  • "Meet Vector, Anki's charming new robot" Mashable 8:25 AM
iPad/iPhone/iPod touch Apps
  • "iOS Screen Time vs. Android Digital Wellbeing: Which phone addiction fighter is best for you? Which phone does a better job of helping you put down your phone down?" Macworld 7:55 AM
  • "Lightroom might be the best camera app on iOS" Cult of Mac 1:30 PM
  • "Hands-on with Facebook's unreleased dating features on iOS" 9to5Mac 4:01 PM
  • "Math and Sorcery review: A battle of smarts" iMore 8:37 AM
  • "'Task Attack' Review – 'Blast That Task!'" Touch Arcade 3:22 PM
  • "Use an Apple Pencil with your iPhone with this dumb hack" Cult of Mac 3:23 PM
  • "How to Play YouTube Videos in Background on iPhone and iPad" OS X Daily 3:23 PM
  • "How to add any Apple Music album to your iPhone's Home screen" iDownload Blog 3:23 PM
  • "Busting iPhone battery life myths: Buh-bye Facebook. Buh-bye Snapchat. Buh-by Pokémon Go..." iMore 7:40 PM
  • "2018 iPhone dummy units hands-on video reveals every detail" SlashGear 7:04 PM
  • "In An Era of Anti-Social Media, Apple's Values Are Having an Impact" The Mac Observer 3:55 PM
  • "Comment: Early Magic Leap reviews suggest we're years away from Apple Glasses" 9to5Mac 9:58 AM
  • "CNNTech: Tim Cook told Eddy Cue to jettison Alex Jones" Apple 3.0 8:37 AM
  • "Apple crushed Alex Jones — then tossed him a lifeline" The Verge 8:19 AM
  • "Digesting the rumors: Where's the iPad Pro going next?" Macworld 8:07 AM
  • "iPhone X Memories points to a smarter future for your photos and videos/Commentary: Photos Memories is an impressive feature, but I want to see more ways Apple can help me navigate and organize my photos."  CNET 8:05 AM
  • "Should Apple be forced to abandon the Lightning connector and switch to USB?" [Video Report]  ZDNet 7:41 AM
  • "eXtensions -The Wednesday File (69): Apple Notes, Accessory Sellers and Box-shifters" eXtensions 7:37 AM
  • "Samsung Joins the Flexible Display Wars" Tech.pinions [Subscription Required for Full Article] 11:51 AM
  • "Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 review: A great tablet for fun and serious work" Mashable 10:11 AM
  • "Google's Android Monopoly Isn't Free" Forbes 9:21 AM
  • "Disney Has Already Lost the Streaming Wars" 24/7 Wall St. 8:16 AM
  • "You Can Learn Everything Online Except for the Things You Can't" Wired [Free/Paid Registration Required] 7:56 AM
  • "There Is No Magic in Magic Leap: The company's concept videos were obviously misleading to anyone who cares about mixed reality." Motherboard 11:56 AM
  • "Inside Magic Leap's Quest To Remake Itself As An Ordinary Company (With a Real Product)" Wired [Free/Paid Registration Required] 7:55 AM
  • "I finally tried Magic Leap, and I have mixed feelings" CNET 7:55 AM
  • "Magic Leap is either brilliant or BS. It's ready to prove its AR gear is real" CNET 7:55 AM
  • "Artificial Intelligence Starts in the IT Department" InformationWeek 7:47 AM
Press Releases/Products/Public Relations
  • "Apple, Verizon partnership gives unlimited data plan subscribers six months of free Apple Music" AppleInsider 8:00 PM
  • "'Controller for HomeKit' app lets you back up and restore Home configurations" 9to5Mac 4:01 PM
  • "HomeKit Weekly: Nanoleaf Remote is the most capable (and colorful) controller" 9to5Mac 3:16 PM
  • "Top five best iPhone apps for travelers" AppleInsider 10:44 AM
  • "Sonnet Announces Echo™ 11 Thunderbolt™ 3 Dock: Thunderbolt 3 Docking Station Provides 87 Watts of Power Delivery to Charge Notebook Computers; Offers Five USB 3.0 Ports, Gigabit Ethernet, and Dual 4K Display Support" Wall Street Communications 10:19 AM
  • "New Epson scanner converts photos from old shoe boxes to the cloud in seconds" Digital Trends 8:28 AM
  • "Tear down this wall! - The Berlin Wall in Augmented Reality for iOS" prMac 8:07 AM
  • "WaterField Introduces Crowdsourced Tech Folio for iPad and Accessories" prMac 8:07 AM
Computer Industry
  • "Microsoft Quietly Releases Game-Changing Ethereum Proof-of-Authority on Azure" Investopedia 8:38 AM
  • "Microsoft's New Ethereum Blockchain Product Gets Rid of Mining" CCN 9:26 AM
  • "Windows 10 to get new 'InPrivate Desktop' security feature" ZDNet 7:00 PM
  • "BBC subpoenas Microsoft to identify Doctor Who leaker" TechSpot 9:27 AM
  • "BBC Wants Microsoft to Provide Information on Doctor Who Leaker: A leak of the upcoming season of Doctor Who, to feature the first female Doctor, was stored and shared through Microsoft's OneDrive service." WinBuzzer 9:26 AM
  • "IBM Demonstrates DeepLocker AI Malware at Black Hat" eWeek 9:07 AM
  • "Why IBM is offering $200K to developers to create tech solutions for natural disaster relief: IBM invites developers to Call for Code, a hackathon competition aimed at building digital tools to help with some of nature's worst disasters." TechRepublic 9:09 AM
  • "IBM vows to fill 2,200 new roles in DACH" Channelnomics 9:09 AM
  • "Intel's 3-point plan for coming out on top of the AI chip war: Gadi Singer, VP of Intel's Artificial Intelligence Products Group, lays out the chip giant's AI strategy and explains what's driving it." ZDNet 7:40 AM
  • "'We have trained over 99,000 developers, students and professors since April 2017 for making AI-ready talent available in the country." NDTV 9:15 AM
  • "Intel sold $1 billion of artificial intelligence chips in 2017" Reuters 3:18 PM
  • "Intel Makes Storage Integral To Data Center Architecture, And That's Smart" Forbes 3:17 PM
  • "Intel Launches First Consumer QLC NAND SSD" ExtremeTech 9:15 AM
  • "AI Chip startup Cerebras Systems picks up a former Intel top exec" TechCrunch 8:19 AM
  • "Intel Shows Xeon 2018-2019 Roadmap: Cooper Lake-SP and Ice Lake-SP Confirmed" AnandTech 12:22 PM
  • "Intel's Crimson Canyon NUCs with Cannon Lake CPU & Radeon dGPU Available for Pre-Order" AnandTech 10:43 AM
  • "Vinod Dham, father of the Pentium, takes on AI chips with agent-based AlphaICs" VentureBeat 10:12 AM
  • "AMD Releases Radeon Pro Software Enterprise Edition 18.Q3 WHQL" AnandTech 9:13 AM
  • "AMD vs Nvidia: Whose Driver Updates Improve Performance More?" Tom's Hardware 9:13 AM
  • "AMD Radeon Pro 18.Q3 drivers make pro power available everywhere" The Tech Report 9:13 AM
  • "AMD shows how you can add real-time ray tracing effects with Radeon ProRender and Radeon Rays" DSOG 9:14 AM
  • "HP unveils Indigo series enhancements" PrintWeek 9:13 AM
  • "HP releases trailer for new 'The Wolf' short starring Christian Slater and Jonathan Banks" Neowin 7:36 PM
  • "Amazon won't be able to get off Oracle by 2020: Larry Ellison/Other competitors, like SAP and Salesforce, have also tried and failed to end their reliance on Oracle, Ellison said on Tuesday at a company event." IANS 9:17 AM
  • "Salesforce takes leaf out of Oracle's book to forge little co-CEO bromance" The Register 9:18 AM
  • "Cisco's Switch Business Seems Safe from Amazon's Challenge" Market Realist 11:51 AM
  • "Cisco expands Viptela SD-WAN to edge routers" Telecompaper 9:06 AM
Finances (Click heading for current Apple Stock price.)
Apple News
  • "Does Apple's $1 Trillion Benchmark Even Matter?"  Kiplinger 3:22 PM
Industry News
  • "Stocks end mostly lower, but Nasdaq ekes out longest win streak in 5 months: Tesla stock falls as Wall Street vets Musk's go-private talk" MarketWatch 4:00 PM
  • "Stocks End Flat Amid Rising U.S.-China Trade Tensions; Disney, Tesla Slip: Stocks ended mixed on Wednesday as a push from strong corporate earnings is muted by continued trade tensions between the U.S. and China." TheStreet 3:59 PM
  • "Markets Right Now: Stocks end mostly lower on Wall Street" Associated Press 3:59 PM
  • "Stocks cautious amid latest tariff spat" FOXBusiness 12:01 PM
  • "U.S. Stocks Waver, Pressured by Utilities and Energy Firms: Investors have remained guardedly optimistic as companies have reported positive earnings growth" [Paid Membership Required] 3:59 PM
  • "Chinese stocks recede, while other Asian markets resume gains: Hong Kong ekes out a gain, while SoftBank gain limits loss for Nikkei" MarketWatch 8:55 AM
  • "Europe stocks struggle for traction amid earnings, fresh trade rumblings: Novo Nordisk, Ahold Delhaize tumble on results" MarketWatch 8:55 AM

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