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MacSurfer's Archive: Tuesday, September 18, 2018


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Weekend Highlights: iPhone 11 location data, even turned off, still tracks due to ultra wideband compliance, future software toggle to remedy; too much "focus on privacy weakens Apple's AI" according to experts; Lazarus trojan targets macOS users; Eclectic Light Company wants to know if you're seeing weird issues with macOS Catalina; some Apple TV+ content not playing in Dolby Vision HDR on 4K Apple TV models; iPhone, Pokemon Go causes cited by doctors for rise in head injuries?; want an iPhone with no ports at all? You might get your wish if Ming-Chi Kuo is right, and as soon as 2021; looks like audio popping noise as well as display ghosting affects some 16" MacBook Pros; CNET compares cameras of iPhone 11 and XR; Macworld reviews Amazon's Echo Buds; MacStories takes new Clips 2.1 Memoji, Animoji features for a spin.

  • "Apple pays Ireland $15 billion lump sum to settle tax dispute: Ahead of an upcoming appeal of a 2016 tax ruling, Apple has paid the equivalent of over $15 billion to the Irish government to settle claims of underpayment of tax to the European Union."  AppleInsider 12:04 PM
  • "Apple has finished paying $15 billion European fine" TechCrunch 6:10 PM
  • "Apple repays €14B in 'illegal aid' to Ireland, so EU drops court case: 'Always Ireland's intention to comply with our legal obligations in this regard.'" Ars Technica 8:39 PM
  • "Apple CEO Tim Cook to appear on 'Good Morning America,' visits SoHo Apple store: Apple CEO Tim Cook is making the media rounds following last week's iPhone XS, XS Max, XR and Apple Watch unveiling, with the executive scheduled to talk up his company's new devices on ABC's Good Morning America."  AppleInsider 5:40 AM
  • "Apple CEO Tim Cook Will be on Good Morning America Tomorrow" MacRumors 5:49 AM
  • "Tim Cook uses fuzzy math to justify iPhones' hefty pricetag" New York Post 2:15 PM
  • "US spares Apple and Fitbit from new China tariffs" ZDNet 5:49 AM
  • "Ebooks, Hazel, and xargs" Dr. Drang 5:40 AM
Press Releases
  • "Autodesk's AutoCAD Web App—Named Finalist in User Experience by Fast Company" Architosh 2:03 PM
  • "Output Factory Server for InDesign Now Can Use Text In Anchored Frames" prMac 12:37 PM
General Interest/Potpourri
  • "Apple Music & Spotify Are Dominating The US Streaming Market" UberGizmo 8:30 AM
Non-Apple News
  • "Industry bodies support FTC's motion to require Qualcomm to license SEPs to rival chipset makers" Foss Patents 5:42 AM
  • "Bizarre botnet infects your PC to scrub away cryptocurrency mining malware" ZDNet 7:43 AM
  • "MongoDB server leaks 11 million user records from e-marketing service" ZDNet 6:40 AM
  • "Amazon is looking to launch eight new devices powered by Alexa, including a microwave" Neowin 5:49 AM
  • "Amazon Is Planning on Releasing Eight New Alexa-Enabled Devices This Year" Gizmodo 5:52 AM
  • "YouTube's $5-per-month Membership bonuses come to more channels: Channels with 50,000 subscribers can now implement the feature." Engadget 5:43 AM
  • "The Galaxy S10 might have a bigger display than the S9 without a bigger body" BGR 5:39 AM
  • "Twitter will revive the purely chronological timeline: 'In the coming weeks' it will test a switch to see the most recent tweets." Engadget 5:38 AM
  • "Google's 'Family Link' parental controls expands to teens: It's also rolling out to most countries." Engadget 5:42 AM
  • "Big Google push into the auto industry" Seeking Alpha 5:35 AM
  • "VW hopes to sell 10 million electric cars based on its new platform: It expects to sell the first 150,000 by 2020." Engadget 5:43 AM
  • "The iOS 12 Tipesode -TMO Daily Observations 2018-09-18" The Mac Observer 2:06 PM
  • "Everything new in iOS 12.1 beta 1: Group FaceTime returns! The first developer beta of iOS 12.1 has been seeded to developers. AppleInsider takes the plunge to discover any new features or changes buried within." AppleInsider 8:32 PM
  • "Apple issues first developer betas for iOS 12.1, watchOS 5.1, and tvOS 12.1: Apple has restarted its beta release cycle once again, one day after ending the previous cycle by shipping public releases, with new first beta builds of iOS 12.1, watchOS 5.1 and tvOS 12.1 being issued to developers for testing." AppleInsider 2:28 PM
  • "The first iOS 12.1 developer beta is available for download right now" BGR 2:28 PM
  • "iPhone XS release date, price and specs: All iPhone XS, XS Max models sell out/Apple delays shipping to 'one to two' weeks" The Inquirer 5:52 AM
  • "iPhone XS LTE speeds up to 266 percent faster than iPhone X, early test reveals: As we head towards the release of the iPhone XS, the first speed tests are teasing what we can expect when it comes to LTE speeds across the major carriers. According to results from, iPhone XS and XS Max will boast quite the improvement from last year's iPhone X." AppleInsider 5:39 AM
  • "iPhone XS improvements to Qi wireless charging limited to efficiency, not voltage increase" AppleInsider 10:40 AM
  • "Apple patent is for a 'name recognition system' for its various devices"  Apple World Today 7:38 AM
  • "Apple is working on 'indestructible' iPhones and Macbooks" ShortList 9:31 AM
  • "How to troubleshoot your Apple Watch: Is your Apple Watch being fussy after installing watchOS 5? Here are a few ways to make it behave." iMore 8:30 AM
  • "iOS 12 Mail Not Working With Exchange ActiveSync, Intune, MDM For O365, Fix In The Works" Redmond Pie 5:53 AM
  • "Fix iOS 12 Common Problems, Issues And Bugs"  Redmond Pie 5:50 AM
Price Trackers/Deals
  • "iMac Prices (2017 models)" MacPrices 7:32 AM
  • "Mac mini Prices (latest models)" MacPrices 7:33 AM
  • "13" MacBook Pro Prices (2017-18 models)" MacPrices 7:33 AM
  • "Complete UK pricing for all Apple's September event announcements! The complete guide to British pricing for iPhone Xs, XR, and Apple Watch Series 4" iMore 6:54 AM

  • "Apple's new iPhones a slight notch above the X: reviewers/'They don't spark strong feelings — except maybe chagrin that they cost so much'" Reuters 8:34 PM
  • "iPhone XS Reviews: Why You Should Ignore The New Gold Standard iPhone" Forbes 7:18 PM
  • "iPhone XS and XS Max, Day 1: A clear step forward/There's a lot to like already, but are they must-buys?" Engadget 2:27 PM
  • "The iPhone XS and XS Max Review: Bigger Is Now Definitely Better/Apple's new smartphones start at $999 and $1,099, but their superb cameras and screens make them worth the high prices, our reviewer writes." New York Times [Free Registration Required] 10:33 AM
  • "iPhone XS and XS Max review roundup: you might want to wait/Early consensus from tech press is these are best iPhones to date. Is it worth holding on for the cheaper iPhone XR?" The Guardian 8:30 AM
  • "iPhone XR vs iPhone XS Max: The entire 2018 iPhone line-up consists of 'X' models but should you pick the cheapest or the most expensive? We compare the XR and XS Max on price, design and specs." Macworld UK 8:30 AM
  • "Review: iPhone XS, XS Max and the power of long-term thinking/Apple's iPhone XS moves smartphone photography forward" TechCrunch 7:57 AM
  • "iPhone Xs And Xs Max Review: Apple Has Made The Most Desirable Phones In The World — But Something Else Is Coming/They are the best. But they might not be for long, with the XR just around the corner" The Independent 7:38 AM
  • "Apple iPhone Xs And Xs Max Review: Smoothed Out/Solid updates to a winning formula"  The Verge 7:00 AM
  • "iPhone XS Max review: The jumbotron phone for those who want it all" Telegraph 5:46 AM
  • "The Apple Watch Series 4 is great, but mostly because the competition sucks" phoneArena 7:40 AM
  • "Logitech Crayon review: An Apple Pencil alternative that can take a punch/If you can stand a couple of restrictions, Logitech's iPad stylus is ideal for schools or busy environments." Macworld 9:02 AM
  • "Best Tempered Glass Screen Protectors For iPhone XS And iPhone XS Max [List] Redmond Pie 5:51 AM
  • "Macally's keyboard protective overlay can help prevent 'keyboard-gate' on your Mac laptop" Apple World Today 7:37 AM
iPad/iPhone/iPod touch Apps
  • "ARKit apps you can install right now! Which apps are your new favorite?" iMore 2:14 PM
  • "Your iPhone's camera just got an upgrade thanks to iOS 12 — here are all the ways it changed" Business Insider 8:11 AM
  • "9+ iOS 12 security improvements you should know about" Computerworld 6:57 AM
  • "iOS 12 release: The best features of Apple's new software" Telegraph 5:48 AM
  • "How to add Google Maps to CarPlay In iOS 12 now Google has enabled this" Apple Must 7:20 PM
  • "How to downgrade your iPhone or iPad from iOS 12 to iOS 11.4" Digital Trends 2:15 PM
  • "iOS 12: Apple wants to teach you how to use Siri Shortcuts" Apple Must 10:31 AM
  • "iOS 12: How to Create Shortcuts from Siri Suggestions" The Mac Observer 2:10 PM
  • "10 Cool Things You Can Do with Siri Shortcuts" iPhone Hacks 2:03 PM
  • "Using Siri Shortcut Suggestions" MacMost 9:52 AM
  • "Apple iOS 12 guide: How to use Memoji, Measure, Screen Time and Siri with Shortcuts" Metro UK 8:12 AM
  • "How to use Dashlane, 1Password and LastPass with iOS 12" Apple Must 7:37 AM
  • "iPhone XS and XR work even when there's no battery left" BGR 8:00 AM
  • "New iPhones can conduct certain NFC transactions even when iOS is not running: The iPhone XS and XS Max, which ship this week, as well as the forthcoming iPhone XR support certain NFC card transactions even when iOS is not running and the host device is powered because it needs to be charged." AppleInsider 5:39 AM
  • "How Apple Makes The AI Chip Powering The iPhone's Fancy Tricks" Wired 2:39 PM
  • "What the Surge in Apple Watch Popularity Says About Our Culture" The Mac Observer 2:39 PM
  • "8 Apps, Services and Features Apple Killed with iOS 12" iPhone Hacks 2:04 PM
  • "MacBooks powered by iPhone processors are finally going to happen soon"  BGR 8:11 AM
  • "iOS 12: 'iPhone Slow' Might Be Dead As Apple Releases Update That Speeds Up Your Phone" The Independent 6:53 AM
  • "Here's why you might want to get the iPhone XS and XR" CNBC 6:54 AM
  • "iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max: To Upgrade or Not" SlashGear 6:54 AM
  • "iOS 12 on an iPad review in 3 screenshots" Blankbaby 5:39 AM
  • "What is an eSIM? For the first time, you can buy a dual-SIM iPhone thanks to the built-in eSIM in the iPhone XS and XS Max. We answer all your questions about eSIMs." Macworld UK 7:19 PM
  • "Google Home Max review: A year late and ruddy expensive but it still sounds spectacular" The Inquirer 2:32 PM
  • "Review: HP's Chromebook x2 could convince me to go all-in on Chrome OS/Fans of the Pixelbook will want to check out this $599 detachable alternative." Ars Technica 10:33 AM
Press Releases/Products/Public Relations
  • "Shopify's iOS 12 update adds AR shopping support for 600,000 stores: Augmented reality without leaving your browser" The Verge 12:37 PM
Computer Industry
  • "Hardware, accessories pace 26% jump in videogame sales" Seeking Alpha 6:09 PM
  • "Surface Pro gets an update to improve battery stability" Neowin 8:32 PM
  • "Microsoft Managed Desktop is Microsoft's new end-to-end device management service" Neowin 5:49 AM
  • "Microsoft wants you to hand over control of your entire network to Managed Desktop: Good afternoon, good evening and good night" The Inquirer 5:49 AM
  • "Windows 10 1809: Microsoft reveals features it's dropping in October 2018 Update" ZDNet 6:33 AM
  • "Microsoft ditches Windows 10 warning about Chrome and Firefox following backlash: Strong arm tactics not appreciated" TechRadar UK 6:33 AM
  • "Microsoft Acquires AI Dev Startup Lobe" FINSMES 6:32 AM
  • "Microsoft announces AI and mixed reality business apps for Dynamics 365" Neowin 7:17 PM
  • "Intel® Core™ i7 7820X (good for gaming or not)" Tom's Hardware 6:31 AM
  • "Intel To Acquire NetSpeed Systems" FINSMES 6:32 AM
  • "Ampere's ARM-based chips want a slice of Intel's data centre pie: Firm wants to offer plenty of performance for lower prices" The Inquirer 2:28 PM
  • "Mizuho ups its AMD target after Asia tour" Seeking Alpha 7:57 AM
  • "IBM is being sued for age discrimination after firing thousands: In the last decade, IBM has fired thousands of people in the U.S., Canada and other high-wage jurisdictions in an effort to cut costs and retool its workforce after coming late to the cloud computing and mobile tech revolutions." Financial Express 6:14 AM
  • "Oracle first-quarter 2018-19 results show weak growth: Oracle's first-quarter results for 2018-19 reveal $9.2bn revenue and 1% growth, with co-CEO Mark Hurd calling out 'spectacular growth' for the NetSuite cloud ERP for SMEs business" ComputerWeekly 6:33 AM
  • "Gartner sees 28% of spending in key IT segments shifting to the cloud by 2022: ANZ organisations continue to be among the faster, earlier adopters of public cloud, says Gartner research vice president Michael Warrilow" Computerworld New Zealand 5:38 AM
  • "U.S. tech giants eye AI key to unlock China push" Reuters 6:42 AM
  • "Women in Silicon Valley Face a Massive Equity Gap: A first-of-its-kind study shows that women hold only 47¢ for every dollar of equity men do." Bloomberg 8:01 PM
Finances (Click heading for current Apple Stock price.)
Apple News
  • "Apple: The Most Valuable Company In The World Is Still Undervalued" Seeking Alpha 2:50 PM
  • "Apple ducks Trump tariff bullet, stock takes dive: Where do investors get the idea that the first casualty of trade war will be Apple?" Apple 3.0 6:51 AM
  • "Trade war's 'nuclear option' could be bad for Apple, Amazon: strategist" MarketWatch 6:52 AM
Industry News
  • "U.S. stocks close higher as investors look past intensifying U.S.-China trade fight: Tesla shares drop on report of Justice Department probe" MarketWatch 4:06 PM
  • "Dow, Stocks Shrug Off Trade War Escalation, End Higher: Stocks ended higher Tuesday as Wall Street shrugged off the latest escalation in President Trump's trade war with China." TheStreet 6:00 PM
  • "Markets Right Now: Stocks rise broadly on Wall Street" Associated Press 12:39 PM
  • "Stocks gain as White House expands tariffs on Chinese goods" FOXBusiness 6:01 PM
  • "U.S. Stocks Shrug Off New Tariffs to Post Gains: Moves came despite news China will 'undertake synchronous retaliation' against the U.S." [Paid Membership Required] 6:02 PM
  • "Shanghai stocks bounce back from nearly 4-year low as U.S.-China tariff fight hits another level: Japan's Nikkei reopens to gains and the highest level in months" MarketWatch 6:50 AM
  • "H&M's 17% stock surge is a bright spot for Europe's stock index, but DAX ends lower: Italy stocks boosted; pound gains" MarketWatch 6:50 AM

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