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MacSurfer's Archive: Sunday, December 15, 2019


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Report says Apple considering letting you choose default apps in iOS. Think it true, or a cruel tease? Vote for the results in the left column below or go straight to the results here.

Monday Highlights: After a relatively quiet weekend, Monday stock markets crater over 1000 points due to expanding coronavirus concerns, Apple hovering around $300, down over 4% today; Wedbush sees virus as temporary challenge, holds AAPL target at $400; meanwhile, Apple loses VirnetX appeal in the US Supreme Court; clamshell that is iOS slowly opening?; what you copy to your iOS clipboard is allegedly available to any app, Apple calls it no problemo; Safari will eventually reject HTTPS certificates if over 13 mo. old; switch from Windows to Mac? Here's a compilation of tips to make things smoother; Steve Jobs would be 65 today—more in our General Interest section; Warren Buffett finally trades his old flip phone for an iPhone, "says Apple...'probably the best business I know in the world'"; iPhone 12 to feature 802.11ay Wi-Fi?

  • "How Apple Arcade changed mobile gaming in 2019: Apple Arcade made it evident that the tech giant pays attention to the details."  CNET 8:08 AM
  • "Apple among companies sued over 'brutal' child labor"  AppleInsider 5:52 PM
  • "North Carolina officials hint that Apple may still build new campus there" AppleInsider 12:08 PM
  • "Apple's head of accessibility on the company's determination to make gadgets that work for everyone: How Apple ensures its tech and services work for everyone, regardless of their needs"  London Evening Standard 12/14
  • "Apple Soars 75%, Blasts Entire Market Higher"  24/7 Wall St. 12/14
  • "Apple Buys Spectral Edge for AI-Enhanced Photos: Computational photography is emerging as a key competitive battleground." Motley Fool 12/14
  • "Apple and Google asked by congressional panel if apps must disclose foreign ties: There are concerns about Chinese investment in apps like TikTok." Android Central 12/14
  • "Mozilla to force all add-on devs to use 2FA to prevent supply-chain attacks" ZDNet 12/13
  • "Catalina 10.15.2 has changed Gatekeeper's dialogs to confuse notarization status" Eclectic Light Company 5:08 PM
  • "CyberGhost VPN Review for iOS and macOS – iPhone, iPad, and Mac" MacTrast 5:52 PM
  • "How to give apps accessibility access on macOS" AddictiveTips 12/14
  • "How to unlock your Mac with Apple Watch" Cult of Mac 12/13
  • "How to turn on the keyboard light on your Mac computer, or set it to turn on automatically" Business Insider 12/13
  • "How to crop a PDF on your Mac computer in 5 simple steps" Business Insider 12/13
  • "How to enable Dark Mode in Safari on Mac for most any site" iDownload Blog 12/13
  • "Amazon, Python, and Ellison" Dr. Drang 8:40 AM
  • "If you care about privacy and security, Brave should be your browser of choice" Digital Trends 12/13
Press Releases
  • "Chrome Will Automatically Scan Your Passwords Against Data Breaches" Wired [Free/Paid Registration Required] 10:55 AM
  • "MacUpdater 1.5 Brings Advanced Filtering and Sorting Options" prMac 12/13
General Interest/Potpourri
  • "Three Apple products make 'Time' magazine's best gadgets of the decade list" AppleInsider 5:04 PM
  • "Apple releases Apple Watch with cellular connectivity in New Zealand" The Apple Post 11:13 AM
  • "5G won't boost Apple's stock in 2020 as much as investors think, says Gene Munster" CNBC 12/14
  • "Analyst: iPhone 12 could be a disappointment if carriers botch the 5G rollout" 9to5Mac 12/14
  • "Siri helped save a teenager after his vehicle crashes into icy river" Digital Trends 12/14
  • "Check out our video tour of Toronto's new Eaton Centre Apple Store" iMore 12/14
  • "Photos: Apple Kawasaki's grand opening in Japan" 9to5Mac 12/14
Non-Apple News
  • "Google: RCS-Based Texting Available on All US Android Smartphones" PC Magazine 9:18 PM
  • "Pathetic Money Grab As Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare Dings Players $20 For Kill Death Ratio Stats" HotHardware 4:59 PM
  • "Say What Again! How To Enable Samuel L. Jackson And Other Celebs On Amazon Echo" HotHardware 4:59 PM
  • "Prime Leverage: How Amazon Wields Power in the Technology World" New York Times [Free/Paid Registration Required] 7:34 AM
  • "Ren Zhengfei on the coming innovation explosion: The key to the future is open collaboration, says Ren Zhengfei, CEO and founder, Huawei" The Economist 12/14
  • "5G 'can spy on you': Critic sensationally claims tech will watch you at home/A vocal 5G critic who makes Youtube videos describing the technology as 'weapons' has claimed it can be misused to listen and watch people in their own homes" Daily Star (UK) 12/14
  • "Tech for stopping plague of robocalls is on the way" New York Post 12/14
  • "Hackers are getting really good at hacking Ring cameras and the results are terrifying" Mashable 12/14
  • "Facebook Will Call Some Media 'State Controlled.' Al Jazeera Says That's 'Dangerous.': A 'step to delegitimize credible journalism,' says an Al Jazeera executive." BuzzFeed News 12/14
  • "Stolen Facebook Hard Drives Jeopardize 29,000 Employees" PC Magazine 12/14
  • "Machine learning opens up new worlds for developers" ZDNet 12/14
  • "Thousands Of Misleading Facebook Ads Help Conservatives To 'Crushing' UK Election Victory" Forbes 12/14
  • "Google Maps satellite images cover 98 percent of the world's population: It has photographed 10 million miles of Street View imagery." Engadget 12/14
  • "An 8K videographer told us how the Mac Pro has revolutionized his workflow" Digital Trends 6:36 PM
  • "Apple Arcade Finds A Home For The Meaningful 'Where Cards Fall'" Forbes 5:09 PM
  • "iMore show 684: Mac Pro OMG! The iMore show brings you everything you need to know about the week in iPhone, iPad, Watch, TV, Mac, and Apple!" iMore 5:08 PM
  • "All about that crazy new Mac Pro! [Cult of Mac Magazine 327] Cult of Mac 12/14
  • "9to5Mac Happy Hour 255: Apple TV remotes, Mac Pro released, and the latest OS updates" 9to5Mac 12/13
  • "Vergecast: Apple's expensive Mac Pro, gadgets of the decade, and Twitter's project Bluesky" The Verge 12/13
  • "Apple Podcasts via Alexa, OS Updates– TMO Daily Observations 2019-12-13" The Mac Observer 12/13
  • "The new Mac Pro proves Apple's still got it! Plus, our best of the year picks, on The CultCastCult of Mac 12/13
  • "Engadget Podcast: The Mac Pro and Apple's return to great hardware/Apple is finally listening to what users want." Engadget 12/13
  • "Apple's Mac Pro, iOS 13.3, encryption backdoors on the AppleInsider Podcast" AppleInsider 12/13
  • "The Talk Show ✪: Ep. 271, With Special Guest Jason Snell" Daring Fireball 12/13
  • "Dennis Sellers Shares His MacBook Pro 16-Inch Experiences" MacVoices 12/13
  • "Apple's super-powerful new Mac Pro costs anywhere from $6,000 to a mind-boggling $50,000 — here's why it's probably not for you" Business Insider 12/14
  • "Hang on, will Apple really kill Lightning on the 2021 iPhone? Are you ready for a wireless future?" CNET 12/14
  • "Apple's latest acquisition could lead to crisper iPhone photos" Engadget 12/13
  • "Apple quietly acquired AI startup Spectral Edge to beef up the iPhone camera" Business Insider 12/13
  • "Apple's working on a way to not charge more for its redesigned, 2020 5G iPhone" Digital Trends 12/13
  • "Apple's new Screen Time Communication Limits are easily beaten with a bug: Apple acknowledges the bug affects iPhones with a 'non-standard configuration.'" Ars Technica 12/13
  • "Apple vows to fix its easily defeated iPhone parental controls" Engadget 12/13
  • "Pro Display XDR works on iMac Pro at 5K, not 6K" AppleInsider 12/13
  • "iOS 13.3: Will you regret installing it? iOS 13 had a rocky start, comedically going from one stumble to another. But does iOS 13.3—likely Apple's last release for 2019—finally redeem itself?" ZDNet 12/13
  • "New iPhone Security Alert: 'iPhone Only' Krampus-3PC Malware Campaign Confirmed" Forbes 12/13
  • "iOS 13.3 Fixed the 'AirDoS' Bug That Could Make Devices Unusable" The Mac Observer 12/13
Price Trackers/Deals
  • "16" & 15" MacBook Pro Prices & Sales" MacPrices 12/13
  • "13" MacBook Pro Prices & Sales" MacPrices 12/13
  • "13" MacBook Air Prices & Sales" MacPrices 12/13

  • "Apple iPad Pro Smart Folio is the best damn keyboard on the go" Mashable 10:50 AM
  • "Review: iFrogz Impulse 2 Wireless bring all-day battery life and good sound quality to entry-level wireless headphones" AppleInsider 6:05 PM
  • "Hands-on review: Panic's Playdate device pairs old-school games with new-school content delivery" GeekWire 10:56 AM
  • "Apple MacBook Pro 16in Review: A Balance Of Design, Power & A Brilliant Keyboard" Forbes 12/14
  • "Why Razer's new wireless earbuds replaced AirPods in my pocket [Video] Chrome Unboxed 12/14
  • "Review: POW Audio's Una X is a portable, collapsible wireless party speaker" AppleInsider 12/14
  • "Apple's 2019 Mac Pro Uncasing and First Impressions & Cheese Grating" YouTube: iFixit 12/13
  • "Logitech G Pro X Keyboard review: Hot-swappable switches let you mix and match" PCWorld 12/13
iOS Apps
  • "TouchArcade Game of the Week: 'Star Diffusion'" Touch Arcade 12/13
  • "'Terraforming Mars' Review: Boardgame App That is Out of This World" Touch Arcade 12/13
  • "How to Lock Screen Orientation on iPhone & iPad with iOS 13 / iPadOS 13" OS X Daily 10:55 AM
  • "How to transfer cellular plan to new Apple Watch: Know steps here" India Today 8:06 AM
  • "How to Delete a VPN from iPhone or iPad" OS X Daily 12/14
  • "How To Jailbreak iOS 13.3 Using Checkra1n [Guide] Redmond Pie 12/14
  • "How to activate and use Hot Corners on the iPad [Video] iDownload Blog 12/14
  • "How to upgrade the SSD in a 15-inch Retina MacBook Pro" iDownload Blog 12/13
  • "How To Use NFC Tags With Your iPhone" MacMost 12/13
  • "How to Draw in Emails on iPhone & iPad" OS X Daily 12/13
  • "How to update iTunes on your Windows 10 computer in 2 ways" Business Insider 12/13
  • "Will Apple release a cellular 5G MacBook in 2020?" The Apple Post 1:13 PM
  • "Comment: Could Apple take a political stand that would make you stop buying its products?"  9to5Mac 11:43 AM
  • "Comment: Why Apple should invest in a corporate training solution using Podcasts" 9to5Mac 11:12 AM
  • "Editor's Desk: Screen Time problems, Mac Pro price, Apple Card hypocrisy" iDownload Blog 11:00 AM
  • "If the new iPhone SE 2 looks this good, Apple fans are in for a serious treat"  Express UK 8:10 AM
  • "Why I Sold My Retina MacBook Air (And What I Replaced It With)" Forbes 7:45 AM
  • "A Verizon salesman says he's had enough of selling iPhones and Samsungs: Once upon a time, working in a phone store was relatively lucrative. No more. That's why this Verizon salesman just quit." ZDNet 7:34 AM
  • "The Mystery Of Apple's Missing MacBook" Forbes 12/14
  • "Is the Mac Pro really that expensive? The answer, of course, is it depends on who you ask..." iMore 12/14
  • "Is Apple's $52,599 Mac Pro overpriced? Apple's new Mac Pro has landed, and while the starting price is only: only: $5,999, that quickly spirals to $52,599 with a few clicks." ZDNet 12/14
  • "Bogus DMCA Notices Still A Huge Problem As Apple Gets Unfairly Blamed For Reddit Takedown" Techdirt 12/13
  • "Apple just launched a new way to buy an iPhone in monthly payments, and it says a lot about its master plan for the Apple Card"  Business Insider 12/13
  • "Maybe There's Room in Apple's Lineup for a New Mac Model" The Mac Observer 12/13
  • "No, Apple's new Mac Pro isn't overpriced" AppleInsider 12/13
  • "Dear Android and Apple fans: In 2020, can we permanently end the hate?" Android Authority 12/13
  • "Before you buy Apple's iPhone 11, here's the true cost over your lifetime (you may want to sit down for this)" MarketWatch 12/13
  • "Apple's Tim Cook said the strangest thing and I keep wondering why: Apple's CEO seems to think monopolies aren't inherently bad. Now why would he say that?"  ZDNet 12/13
  • "Yes, An iPhone Can Cost $999, But An Xbox Series X Can't Cost $600" Forbes 10:50 AM
  • "To err is human – is that why we fear machines that can be made to err less? Algorithmic bias can be fixed more easily than the prejudices of people – so why do we still have a problem with it?" The Guardian 7:46 AM
  • "T-Mobile's 5G network: 4 reasons to switch, 4 reasons to wait" Tom's Guide 7:44 AM
  • "Let's talk Samsung Galaxy S11" TechCrunch 12/14
  • "Does Ethical AI Require the Regulation of AI?" ITPro Today 12/13
  • "A.I. Is Making It Easier to Kill (You). Here's How." [Video] New York Times [Free/Paid Registration Required] 12/13
  • "Pixel 3a re-review: The best of Google in a budget package" 9to5Google 12/13
  • "China's Tech Ban Could Have Grave Long-Term Consequences" TechNewsWorld 12/13
  • "It Turns Out That Apple's Mac Pro Makes For A Very Poor Cheese Grater" UberGizmo 12/13
Press Releases/Products/Public Relations
  • "Merry Christmas wallpaper pack for iPhone" iDownload Blog 11:14 AM
  • "Google Maps can now search for electric vehicle charging stations by plug type" Android Police 12/14
  • "TiVo's iPhone app finally streams shows using cellular data" Engadget 12/14
  • "This new navigation app has smart features you won't find in Waze or Google Maps" BGR 12/14
  • "Checkra1n iOS 13.3 Jailbreak Released For Download" Redmond Pie 12/14
  • "Checkra1n v0.9.7 adds support for iOS 13.3 and integrates bug fixes" iDownload Blog 12/14
  • "Sandmarc's top-notch lenses now fit the iPhone 11 line" Cult of Mac 12/13
  • "WWE joins TikTok and brings popular entrance music to the app" The Verge 12/13
  • "iTunes Remote iOS app updated w/ Dark Mode and improved support for Music and TV apps in macOS Catalina" 9to5Mac 12/13
  • "Amazon teams up with Citizen for a classier looking Echo wall clock" The Verge 12/13
  • "You can now ask Alexa to play Apple Podcasts on your Echo-enabled speaker" iDownload Blog 12/13
  • "Apple Podcasts now works with Echo speakers" Engadget 12/13
  • "Apple Watch finally gets cellular support in New Zealand" Cult of Mac 12/13
Computer Industry
  • "Microsoft's new multi-spectral camera patent could show up on Surface Neo and Duo" MSPoweruser 8:26 AM
  • "IBM Watson exec on AI virtual agent providers: 'No big players, except for us'" VentureBeat 6:56 PM
  • "IBM's 'elite' data science squad has kickstarted AI for more than 100 companies" VentureBeat 7:23 PM
  • "Intel unveils its new RealSense lidar camera L515" KitGuru 8:19 AM
  • "Intel Revises The Shared Virtual Memory Support For Their Linux Graphics Driver" Phoronix 8:19 AM
  • "A Chinese competitor to Intel and AMD CPUs? Zhaoxin might be the Answer!" WCCFTech 8:18 AM
  • "AMD's GPU Performance API Library 3.5 Drops ROCm/HSA Support" Phoronix 8:18 AM
  • "HP launches new Spectre laptop at Rs 99,900" The Asian 8:21 AM
  • "A Silicon Chip Developed in Israel Powers Cisco's New Router Series: Cisco hopes the new router, which it says can handle a rate of 10.8 terabytes a second, will stand at the center of internet carriers' telecommunication systems, replacing complex clusters of routers and servers that consume vasts amounts of electricity and require significant cooling" CTech 8:15 AM
  • "With Xi's backing, China looks to become a world leader in blockchain as US policy is absent" CNBC 7:46 PM
  • "Carl Icahn sued over HP/Xerox deal" Axios 12/14
  • "Microsoft reveals a new Windows logo and scores of redesigned icons" BetaNews 12/14
  • "Advanced Micro Devices Stock Is a Bargain, But It Still Faces China Risks" InvestorPlace 12/14
  • "Beijing's patriotic PC shift spells trouble for foreign tech groups" Financial Times [Paid Membership Required] 12/14
  • "Opinion: The next decade belongs to Africa as technology ripples through the continent/Among the world's 30 fastest-growing cities, 21 are in Africa" MarketWatch 12/14
  • "Is the Media Out to Get Tech Founders?" The Information [Subscription Required for Full Article] 12/14
Finances (Click heading for current Apple Stock price.)
Apple News
  • "Apple Is a Great Company With a Dubious Valuation" GuruFocus 5:08 PM
  • "Wall Street Weekahead: Trade deal removes major hurdle for rally in Apple and tech" Reuters 12/13
  • "Apple hits an all-time high as China and the US reach a phase one trade deal" Business Insider 12/13
  • "Apple Touches Record High on Trade Deal Phase I" Market Realist 12/13
  • "AAPL analysts spar over state of Chinese iPhone sales" AppleInsider 12/13
  • "Apple Revenue and iPhone Demand in China Drop" Market Realist 12/13
Industry News
  • "S&P 500, Nasdaq eke out new records in wake of U.S.-China trade pact: Trump says new tariffs on China due Sunday won't take effect" MarketWatch 12/13
  • "Stocks Log Modest Gains as U.S. and China Reach Phase One Trade Agreement: Stocks ended slightly higher Friday after officials in Washington and Beijing said major progress was made in trade negotiations." TheStreet 12/13
  • "Stocks celebrate US-China trade deal, S&P and Nasdaq hit records" FOXBusiness 12/13
  • "U.S. Stocks Waver as Optimism on Trade Wanes: U.S. stocks paused a day after hitting fresh records, as some of the initial optimism about a trade pact between the U.S. and China fizzled." [Paid Membership Required] 12/13
  • "Asian stocks rally on apparent U.S.-China trade progress: Region's stock rally follows U.S. records; pound surges on indications for a win for Johnson and the Conservatives" MarketWatch 12/13

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