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MacSurfer's Archive: Monday, December 30, 2019


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Report says Apple considering letting you choose default apps in iOS. Think it true, or a cruel tease? Vote for the results in the left column below or go straight to the results here.

Monday Highlights: After a relatively quiet weekend, Monday stock markets crater over 1000 points due to expanding coronavirus concerns, Apple hovering around $300, down over 4% today; Wedbush sees virus as temporary challenge, holds AAPL target at $400; meanwhile, Apple loses VirnetX appeal in the US Supreme Court; clamshell that is iOS slowly opening?; what you copy to your iOS clipboard is allegedly available to any app, Apple calls it no problemo; Safari will eventually reject HTTPS certificates if over 13 mo. old; switch from Windows to Mac? Here's a compilation of tips to make things smoother; Steve Jobs would be 65 today—more in our General Interest section; Warren Buffett finally trades his old flip phone for an iPhone, "says Apple...'probably the best business I know in the world'"; iPhone 12 to feature 802.11ay Wi-Fi?

  • "Apple ink supplier in Japan makes mark with iPhone 11 Pro colors: Tim Cook says Seiko Advance is 'the reason' Midnight Green exists"  Nikkei [Subscription Required for Full Article] 7:38 AM
  • "Tim Cook: Japanese Supplier Seiko Advance is the Reason Why iPhone 11 Pro is Available in Midnight Green" MacRumors 12:17 PM
  • "Apple's AirPods had a breakout year in 2019, and it proves that they're slowly becoming one of the company's most important products"  Business Insider 9:58 AM
  • "The iPad's Identity Crisis"  Gizmodo UK 7:53 AM
  • "Cardiologist sues Apple over its heart-reading Apple Watch tech" Cult of Mac 7:40 AM
  • "Apple Mac for gaming rumored in development, to be unveiled at WWDC 2020" Digital Trends 7:49 AM
  • "Apple Reportedly Working On A Device Designed For Gamers And eSports" China Business Times 7:53 AM
  • "Apple Watch as macOS Catalina password without Touch ID" 9to5Mac 6:21 PM
  • "How to force iMessage to sync with iCloud on Mac" 9to5Mac 6:21 PM
  • "How to password-protect and export PDFs from Pages, Numbers and Keynote" iDownload Blog 7:49 AM
  • "What Is The Best Way To Launch Apps On Your Mac?" MacMost 1:46 PM
  • "How to open a Pages file on your Windows 10 computer using a third-party app" Business Insider 10:05 AM
  • "Sketchy Rumor Claims Apple Plans to Announce High-End Gaming MacBook or iMac at WWDC 2020" MacRumors 10:05 AM
  • "Why I'm not holding my breath for Apple's rumored gaming Mac [Opinion]"  Cult of Mac 8:27 AM
Press Releases
  • "Keymaster in Action (1)" Rixstep 9:58 AM
  • "Macintosh HD Is Archaic" Kirkville 7:48 AM
General Interest/Potpourri
  • "A statement from Amanda Gorton, CEO of Corellium, regarding Apple DMCA filing"  Corellium 1:48 PM
  • "Corellium CEO says Apple is trying to 'eliminate public jailbreaks' with latest DCMA filing" 9to5Mac 1:49 PM
  • "Corellium Accuses Apple of Using Lawsuit to 'Crack Down on Jailbreaking'" MacRumors 1:49 PM
  • "iPhone XR outsold all other smartphones for four straight quarters since Q4 2018" Digital Trends 7:49 AM
  • "Just how good was 2019 for wireless headphones? Very, very good." TechCrunch 1:57 PM
  • "Woman says iPhone feature saved her from attempted sexual assault at Virginia Beach Oceanfront" News 3 TV WTKR, VA Beach 8:39 PM
  • "August 2019: Apple Card arrives, Siri listeners, trade wars escalate" AppleInsider 4:44 PM
  • "July 2019 in Review: MacBooks shaken up, trade wars, and Apple TV+ defense" AppleInsider 7:41 AM
  • "Apple Really Wants Slofie to Be a Thing" Softpedia 7:53 AM
  • "Apple TV+ could be shut out of Russia if it gets too successful" Cult of Mac 9:59 AM
  • "Did you know 'Star Trek: Enterprise' used Mac G4 Cubes during production? You do now" iMore 7:50 AM
Non-Apple News
  • "Wyze: Data Leak Exposes 2.4 Million Customers" PC Magazine 8:46 PM
  • "Huawei says sales rose 18% in 2019 despite US pressure" Seattle Times 7:43 PM
  • "Taking Immersion in Gaming One Step Further: Full PC Immersion with the CoolBitts ICEbox" AnandTech 4:44 PM
  • "TCL Mini-LED TVs To Take On OLED Image Quality At Lower Costs For CES 2020 Debut" HotHardware 4:36 PM
  • "Samsung's Galaxy Fold 2 might be released even before the Galaxy S11" BGR 2:18 PM
  • "Apps don't provide reliable help for suicide prevention" The Verge 1:51 PM
  • "The 2019 Good Tech Awards: It's true! Some tech companies had a positive social impact this year." New York Times [Free/Paid Registration Required] 11:09 AM
  • "Fight against facial recognition hits wall across the West" Politico 8:30 AM
  • "'Do Not Sell My Info': U.S. retailers rush to comply with California's new privacy law" Reuters 7:39 AM
  • "Pope Francis: It's good to talk, but not on mobiles" BBC 7:23 AM
  • "Enhanced Intelligence, VR Sex, and Our Cyborg Future: Recent progress in AI, many believe, makes the promise and peril of transhumanism increasingly possible." Wired [Free/Paid Registration Required] 7:23 AM
  • "Internet Deception Is Here to Stay—So What Do We Do Now? Fake followers. Fake news. Foreign influence operations. The last decade revealed that much of what's online is not as it seems." Wired [Free/Paid Registration Required] 7:23 AM
  • "How Old Should Kids Be When They Get Their Own Digital Devices? PCMag polled 1,000 parents of school-age children about when they'd feel comfortable buying their kids smartphones, tablets, laptops, and smart speakers. Here's what we found." PC Magazine 7:07 AM
  • "A Decade of Apple Stories – TMO Daily Observations 2019-12-30" The Mac Observer 2:15 PM
  • "BOE will supply OLED displays for the iPhones in 2020, more than LG and less than Samsung" RPRNA 7:41 AM
  • "2020 iPhones will have Chinese-made OLED screens for first time, says report" 9to5Mac 7:41 AM
  • "Evidence of (PRODUCT)RED Apple Watch Series 5 leaks out early" Cult of Mac 10:05 AM
  • "Apple reportedly planning PRODUCT(RED) Apple Watch Series 5" AppleInsider 11:22 AM
  • "Are Your Callers Hearing an Echo from your iPhone 11 Pro? You're Not Alone" iDrop News 11:51 AM
  • "watchOS: Unable To Install Update" macReports 7:49 AM
Price Trackers/Deals
  • "12" iPad Pro Prices & Sales" MacPrices 7:23 AM
  • "11" iPad Pro Prices & Sales" MacPrices 7:23 AM
  • "10.2" iPad Prices & Sales" MacPrices 7:23 AM

  • "2019 Mac Pro 12-Core stuffed with FOUR GPUs -Will it work? Will it scream?" Bare Feats 10:00 AM
  • "Hands-On With Salt's Apple TV Remote Replacement" MacRumors 4:44 PM
  • "House of Marley Positive Vibration XL headphone review: Eco-friendly, good features, good sound" TechHive 7:40 AM
  • "How to get started with HomeKit home automation" Cult of Mac 6:43 PM
  • "iOS 13 can help you find your parked car using Maps on your iPhone — here's how to do it" Business Insider 1:57 PM
  • "How to hand off music from your iPhone when you arrive home" Cult of Mac 1:49 PM
  • "How to use your iPhone as an Apple TV remote with a free app" Business Insider 12:17 PM
  • "How to get Apple Arcade on your iPhone, and gain access to a wide selection of new games" Business Insider 10:25 AM
  • "How to get email notifications on an iPhone from a specific email account or recipient" Business Insider 10:05 AM
  • "How To Disable Double Click To Install" macReports 7:49 AM
  • "How to sell or trade in your old iPhone: You can get cash for your iPhone from buyback sites, trade it in to your wireless carrier for a credit on future bills, or even swap it for a gift card to Target, Best Buy, Amazon, or Walmart." Macworld 7:40 AM
  • "End a Call with the iPhone's Power Button and Other Hardware Button Tricks" The Mac Observer 1:58 PM
  • "22 Siri commands (almost) every AirPod user needs" Computerworld 11:01 AM
  • "TouchArcade's Top Stories of 2019 – 'Valor's Reach' Reveal, 'Another Eden' Guide, and 'Dawn of Isles' Review" Touch Arcade 6:43 PM
  • "Why I may dump Apple in 2020... and why you should consider it too: My love affair with Apple began with an iPod nano. I now own an iPhone, an Apple Watch, an iPad Pro, and a MacBook Pro. And I'm no longer happy."  ZDNet 2:05 PM
  • "Mac of the Decade: MacBook Air (Late 2010)" 512 Pixels 10:06 AM
  • "Year in Review: Everything Apple Introduced in 2019" MacRumors 10:05 AM
  • "A Decade in Review: Apple's Ten Best and Worst Products" iPhone Hacks 7:08 AM
  • "Here are four public companies that Google should consider buying to catch up with Amazon and Microsoft in the cloud wars, according to a Wall Street analyst" Business Insider 2:41 PM
  • "How AR and VR is shaping up for CES 2020" GearBrain 1:58 PM
  • "2019: The Year in Videogames (Premium)" Thurrott 11:21 AM
  • "Dear Samsung, please let me exclude screenshots from Google Photos backups" Android Police 10:25 AM
  • "The Real Reasons Why The Xbox Continues To Fail In Japan" Forbes 7:57 AM
  • "Did PlayStation lose its golden touch in 2019?" The Sixth Axis 7:57 AM
  • "When does protecting privacy morph into invading privacy?" Computerworld 7:39 AM
  • "We spent a decade waiting for tech's next big thing. Here's why it never came" Digital Trends 7:08 AM
Press Releases/Products/Public Relations
  • "'Smoke' brings Steam to Apple Watch with support for friends, news, store details, more" 9to5Mac 7:11 PM
  • "7 magnificent metal bands for your new Apple Watch" Cult of Mac 6:43 PM
  • "Bye, Siri. Make your car give you directions in your own voice." Mashable 2:41 PM
  • "WhatsApp Ending Support for Older iOS, Android Versions" PC Magazine 2:05 PM
  • "There's a New Apple Health Website Dedicated to Research and Care" The Mac Observer 1:51 PM
  • "Blackmagic releases Apple Pro Display XDR update for eGPU and eGPU Pro" 9to5Mac 11:21 AM
  • "Blackmagic eGPU update brings Pro Display XDR support" Cult of Mac 11:09 AM
  • "10 must-have apps for your new iPhone: What should you download after you install YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, and Snapchat?" Macworld 7:40 AM
Computer Industry
  • "Microsoft will stop providing security updates and support for Windows 7 computers on January 14 as the company pushes customers to upgrade to Windows 10" Daily Mail (UK) 7:56 AM
  • "Windows 7 Users Must Upgrade To Windows 10 Before 14th January 2020: Here's Why And How To Do It" Forbes 7:56 AM
  • "Windows 7 Support Ends Soon, Here's A Refresher On Upgrading To Windows 10 For Free" HotHardware 4:36 PM
  • "Microsoft says North Korea-linked hackers stole sensitive information" Reuters 6:42 PM
  • "Microsoft takes down 50 domains operated by North Korean hackers" ZDNet 6:42 PM
  • "The 2010s: Microsoft, the cloud company/Microsoft made substantial headway in its goal to morph from the Windows company to a cloud company over the past decade." ZDNet 10:05 AM
  • "Azure founders reflect on Microsoft's first decade as a public cloud vendor" ZDNet 2:05 PM
  • "IBM Bet Everything on an Acquisition in 2019. Now They Need To Grow Again." Barron's [Free/Paid Registration Required] 7:38 AM
  • "No more heavy metals? New IBM battery chemistry research could address mineral sourcing concerns" GreenBiz 8:09 AM
  • "Orange Spain expands use of IBM Watson for customer service" Telecompaper 8:09 AM
  • "Report: Intel to Unveil New Chip Cooling Tech at CES/A combination of vapor chambers and graphite sheets will dissipate heat to the back of a laptop display and in so doing let the laptop run 30 percent cooler." PC Magazine 8:23 AM
  • "Intel Had a Roller Coaster of a Year. There Could Be More Storms Ahead for the Stock." Barron's [Free/Paid Registration Required] 7:38 AM
  • "The Road Ahead Looks Promising for Intel's Mobileye" Morningstar 8:23 AM
  • "An Interview with AMD's CTO Mark Papermaster: 'There's More Room At The Top'" AnandTech 8:29 AM
  • "AMD Radeon RX 5600 XT specs leak out: Navi taps slower GDDR6 memory" TweakTown 8:10 AM
  • "Graphics cards could become even more expensive in 2020" Guru3D 8:11 AM
Finances (Click heading for current Apple Stock price.)
Apple News
  • "Apple hits new all-time closing high" MacDailyNews 4:42 PM
  • "Apple Stock Will Repeat as Top FAANG in 2020, Says Bull Who Called 2019" Barron's [Free/Paid Registration Required] 11:01 AM
  • "Can Google and Apple Destroy the Dapp Ecosystem?" Cryptovest 7:54 AM
Industry News
  • "Stocks mark steepest slide in about 4 weeks with one trading day left in 2019: Wall Street is closed on Wednesday for New Year's Day" MarketWatch 6:40 PM
  • "Stocks End Lower on Wall Street's Next-to-Last Trading Day of 2019: Stocks ended lower Monday during the next-to-last trading day of 2019, a banner year for equities." TheStreet 6:40 PM
  • "Stocks give up Santa Claus rally as 2019 winds down: Investors engaged in some year-end profit taking" FOXBusiness 6:39 PM
  • "Stocks on Track for Best Year Since 2013: With one full trading day left in 2019, the benchmark S&P 500 has surged 29%" [Paid Membership Required] 2:16 PM
  • "Asian markets mixed with eyes on North Korea, U.S.-China trade deal: Nikkei dips, stocks in Hong Kong, mainland China rise" Associated Press and MarketWatch 7:59 AM

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