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MacSurfer's Archive: Sunday, November 25, 2012


  • "Early Promotions Drive Record Online Sales for Thanksgiving, Fuels Black Friday Retail Surge, Reports IBM: Mobile Commerce Exceeds 16 Percent of Online Sales, led by the iPad" ["The iPad generated more traffic than any other tablet or smartphone, reaching nearly 10 percent of online shopping. This was followed by iPhone at 8.7 percent and Android 5.5 percent. The iPad dominated tablet traffic at 88.3 percent followed by the Barnes and Noble Nook at 3.1 percent, Amazon Kindle at 2.4 percent and the Samsung Galaxy at 1.8 percent."] PRNewswire 8:26 AM
  • "Apple's iPad led Thanksgiving and Black Friday online buying" Fortune 8:26 AM
  • "iPad and iPhone dominate Black Friday online shopping: IBM found that 24 percent of online shoppers used mobile devices, compared to 14.3 percent in 2011. The iPad was used by 88.3 percent of tablet shoppers." CNET News 12:05 PM
  • "We're Holiday Shopping Online With iPads, Um, for iPads" AllThingsD 12:09 PM
  • "Is the iPad Changing the Way We Shop? Or Is the Way We Shop Changing How We Use the iPad?"  Forbes 12:06 PM
  • "What would Apple have to do to ruin your relationship? Your relationship with a brand isn't entirely dissimilar to your relationship with a lover. What might make a committed Apple user leave the brand?" CNET News 5:16 PM
  • "Facebook's Internal Android Campaign Illustrates iPhone's Strength With Innovators"  Forbes 8:21 AM
  • "Facebook uses posters to push employees to switch to Android: The apparently aim of the campaign is to improve the Facebook experience on smartphone platform with the largest marketshare." CNET News 8:53 PM
  • "Samsung attacking Apple's screen-to-speech functionality with German patent" Foss Patents 9:10 AM
  • "Apple widens scope of Samsung patent lawsuit" Bloomberg 12:09 PM
  • "Apple And Samsung Add Every Device But The Kitchen Sink To Their Patent Dispute" Seeking Alpha 8:25 AM
  • "Apple files to add six devices to next Samsung patent trial" Electronista 12:04 PM
  • "Tablets 'threatening to overtake laptops' says analyst" Crave @ CNET 8:21 AM
  • "Google, Apple, eBay shouldn't pay taxes - people should pay taxes" The Register 8:19 AM
  • "Apple adds six Samsung products including Note II, S III mini and Galaxy Tab 2 to California lawsuit"  Foss Patents 11/24
  • "Apple targets Galaxy Note 2, S3 Mini in latest court request: The Apple-Samsung patent war continues, as Apple answers Samsung's midweek, iPad and iPod court filing with some additional paperwork of its own." CNET News 11/24
  • "Apple adds six Samsung products to Galaxy Nexus dispute" AppleInsider 11/24
  • "Apple Adds A Bunch Of Other Devices In Lawsuit Against Samsung, Including Galaxy S III mini, Galaxy Note 10.1" Redmond Pie 11/24
  • "Apple asks judge to add Galaxy Note II and other Samsung devices to latest suit" The Verge 11/24
  • "Google loan patents received special treatment under Apple-HTC settlement" Foss Patents 11/24
  • "Will iPad Mini Top Holiday Gift Lists Or Is Screen a Problem?" Associated Press 11/24
  • "Will Apple's Rebound Continue Next Week?"  Forbes 11/24
  • "Apple to make cheap iPhone by 2014, analyst says" Crave @ CNET 11/24
  • "Apple headquarters not cleared for take-off" Bloomberg [Free Registration Required] 11/24