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MacSurfer's Archive: Sunday, February 11, 2018


General Interest/Potpourri
  • "Apple, LG invest $10M in OLED microdisplay maker eMagin" CNET 2:09 PM
  • "This teenager worried about walking alone, so she created an app to make it safer" Washington Post [Free Registration Required] 8:37 AM
  • "Facial recognition software is biased towards white men, researcher finds" The Verge 2:09 PM
  • "Study: Facial Recognition Systems Struggle to ID Dark-Skinned Women" PC Magazine 2:10 PM
  • "Apple Watch Olympics ad (Video)" Apple 3.0 8:36 AM
  • "Is Google working on an iMessage competitor?" Digital Trends 8:38 AM
  • "Today in Apple history: iPad fails to impress Bill Gates" Cult of Mac 8:37 AM
  • "Widespread iTunes scam costing people thousands of pounds forces HMRC to send out mass warning to supermarkets" Gloucestershire Live (UK) 2/10
  • "Apple updates YouTube Support channel with three HomePod how-to videos" AppleInsider 2/10
  • "Tampa man says Apple AirPod earphone blew up" WFLA Tampa 2/9
  • "Apple investigates AirPods explosion" Cult of Mac 2/9
  • "Apple adds live news channels to TV app for iOS and Apple TV" TechCrunch 2/9
  • "Apple rolls out live news in TV app for iOS and Apple TV" The Verge 2/9
  • "Apple Has Four New HomePod Commercials: Equalizer, Distortion, Bass, and Beat" The Mac Observer 2/9
Non-Apple News
  • "7 amazing Sci-Fi Technologies That Brilliant Engineers Made A Reality" Digital Trends 7:39 PM
  • "McAfee discovered 'malicious documents' targeting Winter Olympics ahead of opening ceremony 'hack'" ZDNet 6:22 PM
  • "Why Amazon built its workers a mini rain forest inside three domes in downtown Seattle" Washington Post [Free Registration Required] 8:49 AM
  • "There Are Ajit Pai 'Verizon Puppet' Jokes That the FCC Doesn't Want You To Read" Slashdot 8:25 AM
  • "Google 'Snow Games' Celebrate Day 2 of the Winter Olympics" Time 2/10
  • "Google Trips will help plan your travel with the minimum of hassle" BetaNews 2/10
  • "Google Autocomplete Suggestions Are Still Racist, Sexist, and Science-Denying" Wired 2/10
  • "Winter Olympics organizers say a cyberattack took down their computer servers during opening ceremonies" Business Insider 2/10
  • "Millions Of Samsung And Roku Smart TVs Found To Be Vulnerable To Remote Hacks" Redmond Pie 2/9
  • "Facial Recognition Is Accurate, if You're a White Guy" New York Times [Free/Paid Registration Required] 2/9
  • "This crafty tactic may let states get around the FCC on net neutrality" Washington Post [Free Registration Required] 2/9
  • "Internet Association pressures Senate to reverse FCC's net neutrality repeal" Digital Trends 2/9
  • "Huawei's iPhone X clone has three rear cameras and a smaller notch" BGR 2/9
  • "Why Amazon needs Shipping with Amazon and control of the last inch of delivery: Now UPS and FedEx have to answer the dreaded Amazon question as the e-commerce giant aims to launch a shipping service for third party sellers." ZDNet 2/9
  • "We still don't know if cell phones cause cancer or not: American scientists released two new major studies investigating whether or not there's connection between cancer risk and cell phone use and the much-awaited answer is...*drumroll, please*...we still don't really know anything for certain."  Quartz 2/9
  • "CTRL+T podcast: The future is flying cars, rockets and diabetes-detecting Apple Watches" TechCrunch 10:24 AM
  • "Podcast: Apple HomePod, Google-Nest Integration, Twitter And Nvidia Earnings" Seeking Alpha 8:36 AM
  • "Podcast: Apple HomePod, Google-Nest Integration, Twitter and Nvidia Earnings" Tech.pinions 2/10
  • "The Talk Show: 'Only Wireless. Less Smart Than An Echo. Lame.', With Special Guest Paul Kafasis" Daring Fireball 2/9
  • "025: HomePod launch day edition Daily" 9to5Mac 2/9
  • "The iPhone X, 8 and 8 Plus probably won't feel the effects of Apple's throttling (Apple Byte Extra Crunchy Podcast, Ep. 118)" CNET 2/9
  • "593: Take the HomePod Challenge" iMore 2/9
  • "HomePod Setup Experience and Some Tips -TMO Daily Observations 2018-02-09" The Mac Observer 2/9
  • "Let's Talk Jailbreak 169: The state of iOS 11 and iOS 10 jailbreaking" iDownload Blog 2/9
  • "The HomePod, Intel's Vaunt smart glasses, and the Falcon Heavy launch" The Verge 2/9
  • "Exponent Podcast: The Products They Built Along the Way/On Exponent, the weekly podcast I host with James Allworth, we discuss Apple's Middle Age." Stratechery 2/9
  • "What you should know about HomePod, before you buy, on The CultCastCult of Mac 2/9
  • "AppleInsider podcast interviews Michal Jurewicz of Mytek, talks about HomePod and a 6.1 inch iPhone" AppleInsider 2/9