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MacSurfer's Archive: Wednesday, July 4, 2018


General Interest/Potpourri
  • "Who tech founders would be if they were America's Founding Fathers" ["Steve Jobs is Benjamin Franklin...Tim Cook is James Madison"]  Mashable 1:25 PM
  • "Clown make-up used to outsmart facial recognition software" Telegraph 7:49 AM
  • "Samsung shows Apple what the 2018 iPad Pro should look like" Cult of Mac 7:45 AM
  • "These gadgets could transform the lives of visually impaired people" CNNMoney 9:50 AM
  • "Senior Apple Siri director to lead machine learning talk at upcoming AI Frontiers conference" 9to5Mac 7/3
  • "Drake's new album shatters every Apple Music record" Cult of Mac 7/3
  • "Apple Hires BBC Films Alum Joe Oppenheimer for International Content Role"  Variety 7/3
  • "It took Apple six years to get China Mobile to carry the iPhone" Apple 3.0 7/3
  • "A British watchdog looked into ads that said the iPhone camera was 'studio quality' — and Apple won" Business Insider 7/3
  • "Gavin Williamson interrupted by Siri during Commons statement" BBC 7/3
  • "iPhone Confuses 'Syria' for 'Siri' During UK Defense Secretary's Speech" Gizmodo 7/3
Non-Apple News
  • "Kim Dotcom loses latest appeal against US extradition" BBC 8:57 PM
  • "Cyborg Law: What Laws Should Govern a Society of Cyborgs" Digital Trends 3:59 PM
  • "More than 1 in 10 consumers want voice commands for their toilet" ZDNet 3:58 PM
  • "This password-stealing malware just added a new way to infect your PC" ZDNet 3:57 PM
  • "How to declare independence from technology" CNBC 10:42 AM
  • "Consumers more interested in social hashtags over brand handles: Understanding how customers talk about them on social is key to a better customer experience - and a positive experience with a brand will make them more loyal." ZDNet 8:28 AM
  • "Samsung is reportedly developing a curved battery for its foldable phone" The Next Web 8:28 AM
  • "Phone apps aren't secretly listening to your calls: But what they do is still 'alarming'/Researchers find that apps aren't using a phone's mic but they are watching what you do on the screen." ZDNet 8:07 AM
  • "Tech-support scammers revive bug that sends Chrome users into a panic: Similar bugs reportedly affect Firefox and other browsers, too." Ars Technica 7:48 AM
  • "Who's reading your Gmail? Not us, says Google, and we vet 3rd-party apps that do: Google says it doesn't get paid for giving third-party apps access to Gmail and checks them thoroughly." ZDNet 7:47 AM
  • "Google would like you to know that your Gmail is safe even though people you don't know can read it" BGR 7:45 AM
  • "AppAdvice Podcast Episode 73: Catching Up On Apple's TV Independence" AppAdvice 9:39 PM
  • "Slack didn't kill email — and it might have made it stronger: Front's Mathitlde Collin on why email is making a comeback" The Verge 8:17 AM
  • "iOS 12 AutoFill Security Concerns, Samsung Phone Shared Photos Bug -TMO Daily Observations 2018-07-03" The Mac Observer 7/3
  • "AppStories, Episode 62 – SiriKit Demystified" MacStories 7/3
  • "Episode 246 of Let's Talk iOS: Down the middle" iDownload Blog 7/3
  • "Ways to improve the Apple TV remote and more." The MT Show 7/3