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MacSurfer's Archive: Friday, November 3, 2017


  • "iPhone X secrets revealed: The phone has two batteries and two logic boards" BGR 7:41 AM
  • "iPhone X teardown puts a spotlight on crazy small motherboard, two-cell battery, decent repairability" Pocketnow 8:53 AM
  • "The iPhone X Has the Weirdest Battery We've Ever Seen" PC Magazine 10:58 AM
  • "What Apple Won't Tell You About iPhone X Apps: Many apps need to be updated to look good, or even to work at all, on the iPhone X." PC Magazine 9:46 AM
  • "Here's why some apps will look bad on the iPhone X" Mashable 10:13 AM
  • "Tablet Market Declines 5.4% in Third Quarter Despite 4 of Top 5 Vendors Showing Positive Year-over-Year Growth, According to IDC" ["Although Apple still enjoys a substantial premium over competitors, the lower-priced iPad has helped it to cement the first-place position. The latest version of iOS has helped make iPads a more serious PC competitor than ever before but the need for legacy apps (especially in the commercial segment) and strong value offerings from other PC and mobile vendors has prevented iPads from becoming the primary computing device for the masses."] Business Wire 7:54 AM
  • "Is Apple Ditching Qualcomm Components Next Year?" Market Realist 11:59 AM
  • "Here Are the Suppliers Powering the iPhone X" Bloomberg 11:41 AM
  • "Apple Releases iOS 11.2 Beta 2 for iPhone X" MacRumors 3:48 PM
  • "Download iOS 11.2 Beta 2 IPSW Links And OTA For iPhone X" Redmond Pie 3:48 PM
  • "Apple patent is for 'drop countermeasures' for electronic devices" Apple World Today 7:53 AM
  • "Apple says color and hue shifting, OLED burn-in expected on iPhone X" 9to5Mac 5:00 PM
  • "Apple Says Minor Screen Burn-In and Shifts in Color When Looking at iPhone X Off-Angle Are Normal" MacRumors 3:38 PM
  • "Apple warns of possible screen burn-in on new iPhone X" Neowin 9:06 PM
  • "Getting iPhone X Activation 'Could Not Activate iPhone' Error? You're Not Alone" Redmond Pie 8:44 PM
  • "Can't activate your iPhone X? Here's why" iMore 3:39 PM
  • "Some New iPhone X Owners Facing Activation Issues" MacRumors 2:33 PM
  • "'i' spy an iOS 11 bug: Erroneous Unicode character being displayed in Messages" AppleInsider 12:18 PM
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