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MacSurfer's Archive: Wednesday, September 14, 2016


  • "Apple's first ad for iPhone 7 is a horror movie/Technically Incorrect: The first ad for Apple's new iPhone is almost jet black. Now that's different for Cupertino." CNET 8:59 PM
  • "The Wall Street Journal goes to new Depths to Review Apple's latest iOS Devices" Patently Apple 7:22 PM
  • "Tim Cook Prefers Augmented Reality to VR, But Don't Expect Either to Emerge From Apple's Labs Any Time Soon" The Mac Observer 6:43 PM
  • "The iOS Home Screen Grid of Apps Doesn't Need Changing" The Mac Observer 2:35 PM
  • "If you're holding off on downloading iOS 10, you're not alone" Business Insider 1:30 PM
  • "The new iPhone has one feature that would've saved my iPhone screen years ago" Tech Insider 12:34 PM
  • "Apple iOS 10: Should You Upgrade?" Forbes 12:32 PM
  • "Last Week's Big Apple News That Most Of Us Missed – The 'Book Mystique" MacPrices 12:25 PM
  • "Apple ruling was fair: Joseph Stiglitz" CNBC Videos 10:05 AM
  • "How Apple Can Regain Share in the Wearables Market" Market Realist 10:05 AM
  • "Apple iPhone 8 Rumors, Patent Point To Ceramic Housing For Flagship's 10th Anniversary"  HotHardware 3:59 PM
  • "Here's a convincing theory that the iPhone 8 will be made of ceramic"  Quartz 10:03 AM
  • "The iPhone 7 reviews are in: Camera praised, AirPods panned" CNBC 10:00 AM
  • "'Super Mario Run' Just Shows Apple Is Way Overhyped"  Forbes 10:00 AM
  • "Robert Reich Appears Not To Understand Apple Or Corporate Taxes" Forbes 8:52 AM
  • "iPhone 7 Heralds The Age Of Incremental Improvements (Mac is already there)" Mac360 8:06 AM
  • "Apple iPhone 7 vs. Samsung Galaxy Note 7: One Is Cool, The Other Is On Fire" Mac360 8:43 AM
  • "The iPhone 7 or Samsung Galaxy S7: Which one should you buy?" [Video] Business Insider 8:04 AM
  • "The Mac Pro hasn't been updated in 1,000 days" The Verge 7:30 AM
  • "Apple's Problem With Audio Is Not Audio" NoodleMac 8:43 AM
  • "Apple of my ear: The iPhone 7's missed audio opportunity" Recode 7:13 AM
  • "Favorites or Favourites: Apple Music's Spelling Inconsistency" Kirkville 7:12 AM
  • "Here's why Samsung Note 7 phones are catching fire: The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 could explode. Read this to satisfy your burning curiosity." CNET 8:59 PM
  • "FBI director James Comey recommends that everyone put a cover on their computer's webcam" 9to5Mac 8:50 PM
  • "Here's How Amazon's New Echo Dot Is Actually Different" BuzzFeed 1:29 PM
  • "Have we reached a critical point in AI, and why?" Mashable 10:01 AM
  • "Facebook Messenger Just Made Some Serious E-Commerce Strides. Here's Why We Should Care." Forbes 8:01 AM
  • "The Samsung Debacle and the Long Term Impact on its Reputation" Tech.pinions [Insider Content] 7:08 AM
  • "Why hackers hack: Is it all about the money? A simple question with a complex answer, according to HackerOne research." ZDNet 6:44 AM