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MacSurfer's Archive: Tuesday, September 5, 2017


  • "A rare look at the advanced exercise labs Apple uses to fine tune the Apple Watch" BGR 9:11 PM
  • "Apple leads as Samsung looks for direction/Commentary: As Samsung's co-CEO admits his company is a ship without a captain, Apple's Tim Cook seems to be poised to take his brand higher." CNET 7:46 PM
  • "iPhone AR Selfie Revolution: Is that ARKit all over your face?" Medium: Mike Rundle 4:57 PM
  • "Tech Talk: iPhone pricing, intent-based networks, GPS spoofing and smartwatches, oh my!" Computerworld 3:41 PM
  • "Move to iconic film studio could help Apple's video push"  Business Insider 11:54 AM
  • "An exec who worked with Steve Jobs for 26 years says everyone got it wrong about him"  Business Insider 11:11 AM
  • "Apple's next iPhone could cost up to $1,200, or it won't" Mashable 11:54 AM
  • "Will iPhone 8 offer two or three storage options?" iDownload Blog 11:19 AM
  • "The next iPhone could run away from Home: As Apple joins other handset makers in stretching screens to the edges of the phone body, it may not be able to go Home again. That could press some users' buttons." ZDNet 10:10 AM
  • "Forget the iPhone 8 — the iPhone 7 is going to be an incredible deal soon" Business Insider 10:09 AM
  • "Apple's localization problem" The Loop 8:11 AM
  • "Comment: Samsung's easily-fooled face-recognition system shows sense in Apple's 'best not first' approach" 9to5Mac 8:10 AM
  • "How Apple is turning Siri into its next great platform"  ZDNet 3:43 PM
  • "Why I'm expecting big things for Siri"  Computerworld 7:58 AM
  • "People in Glass houses: Throwing stones at the Apple Watch" Macworld 6:28 AM
  • "11 Much-Hyped Tech Features That Aren't Worth the Money" PC Magazine 4:46 PM
  • "Essential Phone: iFixit's 1/10 'repairability' teardown score seems a bit generous" 9to5Google 10:09 AM
  • "Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Review: Superb But Too Familiar" Time 10:41 AM
  • "Hands-on: Galaxy S8 Active – all about battery life [Video] 9to5Google 10:10 AM
  • "Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Review: Bigger, Badder, But I Still Want More" Gizmodo 10:09 AM
  • "The Lonely Lives of Silicon Valley Conservatives: At liberal tech companies, those who disagree on politics say they're more isolated than ever before" Bloomberg 8:00 AM
  • "Google: it is time to return to not being evil" OSNews 6:45 AM
  • "Memo to camera makers: put Android in your device or face extinction" Monday Note 6:33 AM
  • "The SD Cars Gold Rush Winner/After Personal Computers and Smartphones, both richly deserving the 'epoch-making' epithet, we now have a new tech Gold Rush: Self-driving (SD) cars. Is Alphabet/Google/Waymo in a position to be the Microsoft of this new era?" Monday Note 6:33 AM
  • "Why is Silicon Valley obsessed with biohacking?" Recode 6:28 AM
  • "Can virtual reality survive?" MCT 6:24 AM
  • "Comic: Mac mini Fans Never Give Up!" iMore 8:13 AM