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MacSurfer's Archive: Sunday, November 5, 2017


  • "Apple sales graphs and the iPhone 7" Dr. Drang 9:07 PM
  • "Overwatch For Mac Possibly Being Developed" UberGizmo 12:31 PM
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  • "Here's Why iPhone X Features Two-Cell Dual Batteries" Redmond Pie 8:43 AM
  • "Apple iPhone X vs LG V30: first look" phoneArena 11/4
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  • "The big winner under the GOP tax plan is... Apple Inc." Apple 3.0 11/4
  • "A closer look at the capabilities and risks of iPhone X face mapping" TechCrunch 11/4
  • "The Mystery of Apple, Inc.'s One-Time Services Boost" The Motley Fool 11/4
  • "Help Me, Laptop: What's a Good Laptop Alternative to an iPad?" LAPTOP Magazine 11/4
  • "iPhone X undergoes torture test, shows only one flaw" CNET 11/4
  • "Wanna bet? Face ID's chances of success" Macworld 11/4
  • "The lines for the iPhone X show that best might be yet to come for Apple" Quartz 11/4
  • "Apple iPhone X Doubters Are Straight Up Dumb" TheStreet 11/4
  • "The iPhone X cracked on the first drop" CNET 11/4
  • "Buy AppleCare+ or a case for your iPhone X -- or else" CNET 11/4
  • "This GIF nails how the iPhone X could be the foundation for Apple's rumored smart glasses" Business Insider 11/4
  • "Early Adopters Unbox iPhone X and Share Overwhelmingly Positive First Impressions" MacRumors 11/3
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  • "Animoji karaoke almost justifies the iPhone X's creepiest feature" The Verge 11/3
  • "For fanbois only? Face ID is turning punters off picking up an iPhone X: More say it's a bad idea than a good idea" The Register 11/3
  • "iPhone X: The launch that changed everything"  iMore 11/3
  • "I chose the iPhone 8 Plus instead of waiting for iPhone X and I don't regret it." iMore 11/3
  • "Apple's extremely wealthy CEO insists that the $1,000 iPhone X is affordable" BGR 11/3
  • "Tim Cook says spending $999 on the new iPhone X is like buying high-quality coffee"  CNBC 11/3
  • "Why the Long-Term Case for Apple Inc. Depends on Services Revenue: Apple earnings blew past expectations, but Apple Services is the star, not iPhone sales" InvestorPlace 11/3
  • "The significance of the iPhone X and the return of Apple Store lines" The Loop 11/3
  • "iPhone X: Why did people queue up overnight?" BBC 11/3
  • "With iPhone X, Apple reinvents the camera. Again." Cult of Mac 11/3
  • "IKEA's head of design said Apple has become 'less exciting'" ["Engman, who first joined the Swedish company in 1983, added that the Californian tech giant is failing to 'push and nudge people to behaviours in the way that they did before.' ... 'I'm not here to judge Jonathan Ive and his team at all actually,' he said. 'What they've done is truly great stuff. It's changed the world. Myself, I'm not waiting in line anymore for those things.'"]  Business Insider 11/3
  • "Screw it, I'm pronouncing it 'iPhone eX'" Mashable 11/3
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  • "Comment: Apple's earnings report & guidance show that its three-model strategy has paid-off" 9to5Mac 11/3
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