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MacSurfer's Archive: Sunday, April 15, 2018


  • "Apple Could Sell 2 Million HomePods In 2018, Low-Cost Model A Possibility" UberGizmo 6:56 PM
  • "The HomePod's price isn't to blame for tepid demand, Apple is" TechnoBuffalo 6:46 PM
  • "iOS 12 - our hopes and expectations"  GSMArena 6:17 PM
  • "Will Apple Cut Intel Out of the iPhone? One analyst expects that it's just a matter of time." The Motley Fool 6:11 PM
  • "Feature Request: Playing TV shows & movies on Apple TV using HomePod &┬áSiri" 9to5Mac 6:10 PM
  • "Maybe Apple's HomePod Is Just A Niche Product. And Maybe That's Okay: If the HomePod isn't selling well, the reasons are probably more complicated than the ones thus far presented." Fast Company 7:54 AM
  • "15 Best Apple Commercials of All Time"  MacTrast 4/14
  • "Making The Grade: Does repairability of Mac laptops matter?"  9to5Mac 4/14
  • "HomePod racing: Apple not keeping up with the competition" Macworld 4/14
  • "Someone Convince Me That an iPhone Wallet Case Isn't the Dumbest Idea in the World" Gizmodo 4/14
  • "Apple memo warns employees to stop leaking info. Someone leaked it." The Next Web 4/13
  • "Behind Apple's Strategy of Making Its Own Chips"  Market Realist 4/13
  • "Apple ramping up effort to stop leaks with legal action, according to leaked memo" 9to5Mac 4/13
  • "Company-Wide Apple Memo on 'The Impact of Leaks' Leaks"  Daring Fireball 4/13
  • "Is Apple's HomePod failing? Two editors talk it out." Engadget 4/13
  • "Apple's Pricey HomePod AI Speaker Falters As Orders Are Cut Due To Low Demand" HotHardware 4/13
  • "Predictions of HomePod doom and gloom continue, with analyst expecting only 2.5 million sold across all of 2018" AppleInsider 4/13
  • "Apple Music Hits 48M Subscribers; Should Spotify Worry?" Zacks 4/13
  • "Has HomePod flopped like the iPhone X and Apple Watch?" Apple 3.0 4/13
  • "ARM Mac Part Deux: Less Confusion"  Monday Note 9:07 PM
  • "It's time to give Firefox a fresh chance: Because everyone using Chrome for everything is a bad idea" The Verge 10:13 AM
  • "YouTube demonetized my tuba videos (also, I make tuba videos): YouTube can't decide if I can make money off my 10-year-old Legend of Zelda video or not." Ars Technica 4/14
  • "Graphic: The rise of Chinese venture capital/No Apple angle here, just an amazing graphic courtesy of the Wall Street Journal ($)." Apple 3.0 4/14
  • "What Google Is Planning for the Pixel: It stopped selling the first generation of its flagship phone. Why that makes sense—and what to expect next." Slate 4/13
  • "Android's trust problem isn't getting better" The Verge 4/13
  • "Opinion: There shouldn't be a 'next Facebook'" The Next Web 4/13
  • "Facebook Has a Profile On You Even If You Don't Have an Account" The Mac Observer 4/13
  • "Will Facebook be regulated?" Recode 4/13