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MacSurfer's Archive: Sunday, September 16, 2018


  • "With its new iPhones, Apple shows slowness has become a strength: By playing the long game better than anyone else, Apple's new iPhones and the Apple Watch 4 have positioned the firm to both deal Samsung a body blow and boost popularity in China" Wired UK 5:10 PM
  • "10 Good Reasons Not to Buy the iPhone XS" iPhone Hacks 2:05 PM
  • "Can anyone out there tell me how much battery life Apple claims the iPhone XS delivers?"  Apple Must 1:52 PM
  • "Should You Upgrade from iPhone 6s, iPhone 7 to iPhone XS? A Decision Calculator" iPhone Hacks 1:51 PM
  • "eXtensions -Future Bangkok Apple Store at IconSiam: Images, Speculation and Comments" eXtensions 1:50 PM
  • "Apple wants to make the iPhone indestructible" BGR 8:44 AM
  • "Winners and losers: Apple's 2018 iPhone event" GSMArena 7:23 AM
  • "No, Apple didn't delete that guy's movies. Here's what really happened/Analysis: Digital purchases are more ephemeral than physical copies, but switching iTunes 'regions' seems to be the culprit here." CNET 9/15
  • "Should You Upgrade from iPhone X to iPhone XS? A Decision Calculator" iPhone Hacks 9/15
  • "Should You Upgrade to Apple Watch 4? A Decision Calculator" iPhone Hacks 9/15
  • "If you have an iPhone X, should you upgrade to the iPhone XS or iPhone XS Max? Preorders for the iPhone XS and XS Max have just commenced, and some may be wondering if it's worth ordering one if they already own an iPhone X. It's a question AppleInsider's has been asked a lot, so let's talk about it." AppleInsider 9/15
  • "Bigger Phones, Bigger Watches, Forever and Ever"  Gizmodo 9/15
  • "Apple Loop: New iPhone XS Hands On Review, Tim Cook Cancels iPhone Battery Offer, iPhone XR Delayed" Forbes 9/14
  • "What Apple Watch Series 4 Means for Accessibility" iMore 9/14
  • "The Best (and Worst) iPhone Xs, XR & Apple Watch Reporting" The Mac Observer 9/14
  • "Thoughts on Apple's iPhone event" The Loop 9/14
  • "What notch? Apple finds way to hide controversial iPhone 'feature'" Cult of Mac 9/14
  • "Apple does not seem to mind using leaked photos of the iPhone XS in its official marketing" Business Insider 9/14
  • "Apple has officially missed the boat on USB-C with this year's iPhones: If Apple won't commit to USB-C, why should any of its customers?"  The Verge 9/14
  • "Apple's new pricing strategy: Is it good news or bad news for Android?" Android Authority 9/14
  • "Comment: The iPhone Upgrade Program is great for Apple, less great for customers" 9to5Mac 9/14
  • "Talking Points on 2018 iPhone Announcement" MacPrices 9/14
  • "The iPhone Xs: An innovation dilemma"  Macworld 9/14
  • "Apple should not have killed off the pocketable iPhone SE"  GearBrain 9/14
  • "No iPhone SE? No problem: This is the 'budget' iPhone to get" CNET 9/14
  • "Will Apple Host Another Product Event in October?" The Motley Fool 9/14
  • "New Apple Watch and XS series iPhones already in short supply" Apple Must 9/14
  • "Comment: Sadly, all hope for an iPhone SE 2 is now lost"  9to5Mac 9/14
  • "Apple's iPhone XR: The Reasonable choice/I think I figured out what the 'R' really stands for."  ZDNet 9/14
  • "If I were to upgrade my iPhone X, I'd go for the iPhone XR without skipping a beat" BGR 9/14
  • "Apple and OnePlus deliver bad news for fans of the humble headphone jack"  VentureBeat 9/14
  • "XS or Xs or XS Max or Xs Max or XR or Xr"  500ish Words 9/14
  • "A tale of two CEOs: Tim Cook demonstrates what some want from Elon Musk" The Verge 9/14
  • "Cramer: The Apple Watch is like 'the gateway drug' to Apple's whole ecosystem" CNBC 9/14
  • "The Quiet Demise of the Apple Watch Editiion" Kirkville 9/14
  • "The Increasing Price of the Apple Watch" Kirkville 9/14
  • "What is the meaning of LinkedIn?" TechCrunch 5:24 PM
  • "HTC U12+ review: Seriously, just give us buttons" Neowin 4:59 PM
  • "Entanglement allows one party to control measurement results: Alice controls Bob via quantum measurements. Bob can't reciprocate." Ars Technica 8:43 AM
  • "Google Maps could be about to surprise Apple fans with a new update: GOOGLE Maps could be about to surprise Apple fans with a new update that could prove to be extremely useful." Express UK 9/15
  • "Best laptops 2018: The definitive breakdown/The laptop market is a pain — this guide isn't. We compare reviews for Apple, Dell, Huawei, and more of today's best brands to help you find a device that fits your lifestyle." Mashable 9/15
  • "The internet – not as great as we all thought it was going to be, eh? Number of netizens in favor of the web drops, according to latest US study" The Register 9/14
  • "Google should be sent to email jail for murdering Inbox" The Next Web 9/14
  • "Stop calling Facebook's effort to fix itself an 'arms race'" The Verge 9/14
  • "iPad magician pranks mall goers with snakes" Cult of Mac 9/14