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MacSurfer's Archive: Thursday, November 22, 2018


  • "7 Things Apple Needs to Add to the iPad Pro in iOS 13" [Slideshow] iDrop News 2:55 PM
  • "Queen guitarist Brian May: 'Apple's become an entirely selfish monster'" iDownload Blog 3:01 PM
  • "Is this just fantasy? Queen's Brian May hates Apple's USB-C cables" Cult of Mac 11:27 AM
  • "iPad Pro Diary: The 12.9-inch iPad is so good my advice to friends has changed ..." 9to5Mac 9:38 AM
  • "Pulling our leg: Google says it's 'just as secure'/The only question then is 'As what?'" Macworld 8:04 AM
  • "iPhone X production lines said to be be restarting, but for unlikely reasons" AppleInsider 8:13 AM
  • "Laughable report suggests most iPhones in China bought by the 'invisible poor'" 9to5Mac 8:02 AM
  • "Reverse Ferret! Forget what we told you – the iPad isn't really for work: ...sadly, and here's why it won't ever be" The Register 8:01 AM
  • "Apple adapter bites the dust, Queen guitarist Brian May explodes: 'My love for Apple is turning to hatred,' the musician writes after his USB-C adapter hits a sour note." CNET 11/21
  • "Comment: The new iPad Pro Smart Folio cases are great, but I miss the classic Smart Cover" 9to5Mac 11/21
  • "Today Marks 10 Years Of Emoji On iPhone, Here's What The Original Set Looked Like" Redmond Pie 11/21
  • "Apple's iPad Pros And Mac Options Should Leave Investors Scratching Their Heads" Seeking Alpha 11/21
  • "The iPad needs a new kind of USB-C dock [Opinion] Cult of Mac 11/21
  • "My Today at Apple Experience" MacStories 11/21
  • "Apple says iPad Pro can replace your computer: But you don't all agree/Readers respond to Apple's five reasons why an iPad Pro can be your next computer." ZDNet 11/21
  • "Here's the latest Steve Jobs book everyone should read" Apple Must 11/21
  • "13 years after Steve Jobs said his mortality was a crucial tool for decision-making, people are writing their own eulogies as a career exercise" Business Insider 11/21
  • "Bad News for iPhone Sales Just Keeps Piling On" Thurrott 11/21
  • "5 reasons iPad Pro won't be your next computer" Macworld 11/21
  • "Top 10 iPad features we'd like to see in iOS 13" Macworld 11/21
  • "Video: Tim Cook on being gay, Apple and AI" Apple Must 11/21
  • "How Facebook's P.R. Firm Brought Political Trickery to Tech" New York Times [Free/Paid Registration Required] 11/21
  • "5 Reasons Cryptocurrency Prices Are Plunging Again" New York Times [Free/Paid Registration Required] 11/21
  • "Palm phone review: A tiny 'second phone' no one needs" Engadget 11/21
  • "The Snowden Legacy, part one: What's changed, really? In our two-part series, Ars looks at what Snowden's disclosures have wrought politically and institutionally." Ars Technica 11/21
  • "Pearls Before Swine for November 22, 2018" GoComics 9:28 AM