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MacSurfer's Archive: Sunday, January 6, 2019


  • "iPhone XI renders might be the beginning of the end" SlashGear 9:01 PM
  • "Apple is putting iTunes on Samsung TV — here's why!" iMore 7:01 PM
  • "Valley Spirituality: After three busy weeks in the Country of Good Sin, we take a brief detour to a meeting of Buddhists and Buddhist-curious at Apple Park." Monday Note 4:31 PM
  • "Apple's TV service can't succeed without outside help: Expect to see plenty more TVs and set-top-boxes welcoming iTunes and AirPlay 2."  Engadget 3:32 PM
  • "An Apple saleswoman says this is the only reason to buy an iPad Pro: Is it because the Pro is just as good as a laptop? Not quite, apparently."  ZDNet 7:14 AM
  • "Here's what happened when I swapped my iPhone for a dumbphone: I bought a mobile phone that can only handle voice calls and SMS text messages" South China Morning Post 5:01 PM
  • "Apple Posts Support Article Addressing iPad Pro Bending" Pixel Envy 1/5
  • "Comment: Making the case for over-ear Apple headphones in 2019" 9to5Mac 1/5
  • "It's time for Apple to stop playing it safe" New York Post 1/5
  • "How Apple could fix HomePod in 2019: Home Pod 2, HomePod mini, HomeBar, HomePad — the assistant battle has just begun and here's how Apple can fight and win it." iMore 1/5
  • "Apple's Biggest Problem? The iPhone Isn't Better Than Android (Premium)" [Free/Paid Registration Required] Thurrott 1/5
  • "Here's what Trump said about Apple's warning (Video): Count the Pinocchios." Apple 3.0 1/5
  • "Apple Just Bought a Company that Acts Like a Record Label. Why? Is Platoon the key to unlock Apple's long-discussed potential as a music rights-owner?" Rolling Stone 1/5
  • "Embracing Apple's Boring Future: The company's most exciting years may be behind it, but that's okay." The Atlantic 1/4
  • "5 things Apple fans should watch for at CES 2019" Cult of Mac 1/4
  • "The Solution to Apple's New Crisis: Build More Great Stuff. Sell It To Us" The Mac Observer 1/4
  • "Hey Apple, longer-lasting iPhones are a good thing"  iFixit 1/4
  • "Editorial: Apple's iPhone strategy is bad for investors, good for consumers" AppleInsider 1/4
  • "Apple's Inflection Point" Tech.pinions [Paid Membership Required] 1/4
  • "The solution to Apple's problems is easy: Release a cheaper iPhone"  Business Insider 1/4
  • "Apple has way bigger problems than China, analysts say"  Business Insider 1/4
  • "'Picked Off'" ["I'm 99.8 percent certain that hasn't happened — if there were Chinese phones built with stolen Apple technology we'd know it because we'd see it."] Daring Fireball 1/4
  • "Diet iPhone: Can a new formula refresh Apple's bottom line? Cupertino needs a 'just right' mobile device for an upgrade-averse generation that has the same great taste but is less filling."  ZDNet 1/4
  • "Yes, Apple, the slowing smartphone market affects you, too" Android Authority 1/4
  • "Comment: Early rumors point to a more premium (higher priced?) mainstream iPad" 9to5Mac 1/4
  • "Is your Fitbit or Apple Watch data being used for less than healthy means?" Diginomica 1/4
  • "The iPhone Is No Longer 'Magical'"  Kirkville 1/4
  • "Apple should implement this cool 'environmentally-lit' UI effect in iOS" The Next Web 1/4
  • "5 ways to fix slumping iPhone sales: Whether it's a bump or a free fall is all up to Apple's response." Macworld 1/4
  • "What Net Neutrality In California Could Mean For Facebook, Google And Apple" Forbes 1/4
  • "Stop worrying so much about how much time kids spend looking at screens" BGR 1/5
  • "Amazon's Alexa: The annoying thing about having the same name" BBC 1/5
  • "We got 6 big predictions about how Amazon could disrupt healthcare from execs in the tech giant's backyard" Business Insider 1/4
  • "Pearls Before Swine by Stephan Pastis for January 05, 2019" GoComics 1/5