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MacSurfer's Archive: Saturday, August 17, 2019


  • "Animation hidden in latest WatchOS 6 beta reveals something important about the Apple Watch" phoneArena 5:05 PM
  • "Tim Cook has another dinner date with the President: Did they order Chinese? Were tariffs on the menu?" Apple 3.0 8:02 AM
  • "Why we don't want you and your Android green bubbles in our iMessage chat"  Fast Company 8/16
  • "What makes the Mac Mini a great computer? Users tell us what Apple's smallest PC excels at." Engadget 8/16
  • "Siri, Privacy, and Trust" ["Apple literally advertises on the basis of its user-focused privacy policies — but apparently the billboards should have read 'What happens on your iPhone stays on your iPhone, except for some of your Siri recordings, which we listen to.'"]  Daring Fireball 8/16
  • "Siri and Spotify is nice and all, but here's why Apple should let us customize iOS default apps"  Macworld 8/16
  • "Apple Arcade: Bringing back the premium mobile gaming experience/Apple is launching Apple Arcade this fall. We're eager to see it in action, as it could bring back the glory days of iOS gaming." iMore 8/16
  • "My iMessage Twitter Thread and My Time as a Green Bubble" Tech.pinions [Free/Paid Registration Required] 8/16
  • "Apple's Corellium lawsuit is a direct attack on iOS emulation" VentureBeat 8/16
  • "Editorial: Apple's use of 'iPhone Pro' is a marketing label, not a personal description" AppleInsider 8/16
  • "Traveling with Apple tech: What soars, what falls flat/Travel is a great time to see how tech interacts with the real world." Macworld 8/16
  • "Apple accounts for 4x as many U.S. jobs as it did in 2011 – claim" Apple Must 8/16
  • "Acer Predator Triton 500 Laptop Review: A Lot of Gaming Performance Despite the Slim Case" Notebook Check 8:06 AM
  • "Galaxy Note 10 Plus ongoing review: What's good and bad so far/Our take after a day with Samsung's 6.8-inch superphone." CNET 8/16
  • "Why Critics Want Public Review of T-Mobile–Sprint Merger" Market Realist 8/16
  • "Comment: Android's fragmentation also happens to be its core strength [Video] 9to5Google 8/16
  • "Apple chip partner TSMC declares Moore's Law is not dead" AppleInsider 8/16
  • "I installed Verizon's free junk call blocker and it seems to kind of help" ZDNet 8/16
  • "Forget the Note 10: The Google Pixel 3A is 2019's most important phone" CNET 8/16