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MacSurfer's Archive: Sunday, October 13, 2019


  • "From the Editor's Desk: The elephant in the room — Apple and China/We try to avoid talking about political issues here at iMore, but sometimes it can't be avoided and Apple's involvement with China is one of those times." iMore 12:44 PM
  • "Apple TV+ execs say 'See' will be as epic as 'Game of Thrones', free three month trial voucher in Emmy Magazine" 9to5Mac 7:15 AM
  • "CNBC's latest Apple video is a 13-minute wet kiss for Android" CNBC 7:09 AM
  • "iPhone 12 Pro Concept Envisions Notch-Less, Flat-Edged Design, Bilateral Charging, More" Redmond Pie 7:06 AM
  • "Apple To Launch iPhones With In-House Custom-Made 5G Chip By 2022" Redmond Pie 7:07 AM
  • "The iPad Pro Is Not A Computer"  McCann Tech 7:04 AM
  • "Making the Grade: What should K-12 schools factor in when considering replacing Apple deployments?" 9to5Mac 10/12
  • "Why Apple Killed The MacBook Pro"  Forbes 10/12
  • "Apple's China Nightmare Just Got Much Worse" Forbes 10/12
  • "Microsoft brought book burning into the digital age — and you should be worried: Microsoft shutting down its ebooks and Apple retiring iTunes is stark reminder of digital ownership." The Next Web 10/12
  • "Apple TV report reveals South Park China episode an accurate portrayal of reality" MSPoweruser 10/12
  • "Noise-canceling AirPods 3 and Apple's AR glasses could be here sooner than we thought: AirPods 3 rumors abound after clues spotted in iOS 13.2 beta point to a new in-ear design, plus Apple's AR glasses might get a 2020 release date." CNET 10/12
  • "Report: Apple told Apple TV+ creators to avoid portraying China 'in a poor light'" 9to5Mac 10/12
  • "Apple Opts to Contribute to the Hollywood Hellscape by Launching Its Own Studio: Report" Gizmodo UK 10/12
  • "China's Powerful Marketplace Is Encouraging Studios to Succumb to Censorship" Pixel Envy 10/12
  • "Throwing away an old cable ended up being an expensive mistake: In my attempts to declutter, I tossed away my old USB-A-to-Lightning cables - a big, and quite expensive mistake." ZDNet 10/12
  • "Ming-Chi Kuo Expects Apple to Launch AR Glasses in Second Quarter of 2020" Daring Fireball 10/11
  • "Decoding Apple's Touch Bar philosophy: Developing new user interfaces takes time; Apple's Touch Bar is a case in point." Computerworld 10/11
  • "Forget the iPhone 11: The next iPhone could spark the next big thing for Apple" Business Insider 10/11
  • "The Lesson I Learned from Steve Jobs: A challenge from technology's greatest showman led Marc Benioff to a breakthrough insight about how to find true innovation at" [Paid Membership Required] 10/11
  • "Tim Cook's Hypocrisy Comes Home to Roost" iPad Insight 10/11
  • "Its Products Make You Feel Good, But Apple Isn't Your Friend" The Mac Observer 10/11
  • "Silicon Valley needs to grow a backbone and stand up to China: Big tech talks a good game. Apple says it 'cares deeply about the people who build our products,' Microsoft calls tech 'a powerful force for good,' and Google says it 'helps those affected by crises through our products, our people, and our partners.'"  Digital Trends 10/11
  • "How Apple, Google and Blizzard Are Silencing Hong Kong Protesters" Tom's Guide 10/11
  • "Hong Kong app: Apple should prioritize 'values over profits'" 9to5Mac 10/11
  • "Tim Cook on Hong Kong protest app removal: We did it to protect our users" Mashable 10/11
  • "Poll: Should Apple keyboards follow Microsoft's example and have an emoji key?" 9to5Mac 10/11
  • "Roku Ultra (2019) review: Ultra convenience extras but not the ultimate high-end streamer" CNET 10/12
  • "Every brand has 'true wireless' earbuds now: what are the important differences?" SlashGear 10/12
  • "Google's next Pixelbook is basically a Macbook that runs Chrome OS" Ars Technica 10/11
  • "Google's Pixel 3, one year later: Amazing camera, rough start" Engadget 10/11