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MacSurfer's Archive: Sunday, June 9, 2019


  • "Apple explains what the closure of iTunes means for you and your music" BetaNews 6/7
  • "Here are 6 MacOS Catalina security changes coming from Apple this fall: Some of these changes announced at WWDC will look familiar to iPhone owners." CNET 6/7
  • "macOS Catalina lets you approve even more with Apple Watch" iDownload Blog 6/7
  • "Why your Mac is running slow and what you can do to fix it: It only takes a few minutes to figure out what's ailing your Mac." CNET 6/7
  • "Apple Kills iTunes: Everything You Need to Know/With macOS Catalina, Apple is replacing iTunes with three separate apps: Music, TV, and Podcasts. What does that mean for your files, and what about those on Windows PCs? Here's what you need to know about the demise of iTunes." PC Magazine 6/7
  • "How to downgrade from the developer beta of macOS Catalina back to macOS Mojave: If you decide the developer beta of macOS Catalina just isn't working for you, you can downgrade back to Mojave." iMore 6/8
  • "How to make a bootable Mojave drive to downgrade from the developer beta of macOS Catalina: The developer beta of macOS Catalina is the new hotness right now, but you may not want to keep it. You may want to go back to Mojave." iMore 6/8
  • "Most important MacOS Catalina features coming to Mac this fall: Apple has a lot in store for your Mac, from running your mobile apps to using the iPad as a second screen." CNET 6/8
  • "Apple's macOS Catalina fixes the most annoying thing about Dark Mode" Mashable 6/7
  • "Can't import a .peg file? Use the Image Capture app: An old oddity seems to block certain file imports from iOS devices." Macworld 6/7
  • "Here are 6 MacOS Catalina security changes coming from Apple this fall" CNET 6/7
  • "Mac User's Guide: How To Set Up And Use Find My Friends Feature?" Apple Gazette 6/7
  • "How to sync your iPhone and iPad with your Mac in macOS Catalina" iMore 6/7
  • "Creating A Letterhead Template In Mac Pages" MacMost 6/7
  • "How to add a Google Chrome shortcut icon to your desktop" Business Insider 6/7
  • "How to open Apple's DMG files in Windows 10" AppleInsider 6/7
  • "How Do I Preserve My iTunes Purchased Music When iTunes Is Gone?" MacMost 6/7
  • "Apple's Screen Time for macOS Catalina is a tool, not a nanny: Screen Time on the Mac will prevent you over-using social media and it will encourage you to step away from your Mac. Yet it's still up to you whether or how much you let it help you." AppleInsider 1:21 PM
  • "The makers of Duet Display and Luna on life after Apple's Sidecar" TechCrunch 6/8
  • "The NeXT Era Ends, and the Swift Era Begins" Pixel Envy 6/8
  • "The NeXT Era Ends, the Swift Era Begins"  inessential 6/7
  • "iTunes to Apple Music in Catalina: What You Need to Know" The Mac Observer 6/7
  • "WWDC 2019 First Words, Which I May End Up Eating Later, but Hopefully Not" inessential 6/7
  • "Why SwiftUI might be the biggest thing to come out of WWDC" Cult of Mac 6/7
  • "SwiftUI: Embracing the nonobvious?" Erica Sadun 6/7
Press Releases
  • "Microspot Ltd Releases MacDraft 7 64 bit, the latest CAD App for Mac" prMac 6/7
  • "Jamf product manager 'excited' and pleased with this week's WWDC announcements" Apple World Today 6/7