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Friday, July 29, 2016
Checked 8:55 AM; Last Updated 8:45 AM CDT; 13:45 GMT


MacSurfer's Tracked Sites

Accelerate Your Mac! (Checked 8:45 AM CDT; no changes since Thursday)
  • "Download Nvidia Graphics Driver Update for OS X 10.11.6"
  • "Apple/product Related News, Tips, Updates, Op-Ed, PR"
  • "Recent Apple Support Article Updates"
  • "Other News, Updates, Tips, OT"
  • "FW Update for Yamaha RX-A1050/2050/3050, RX-V1079/2079/3079, CX-A5100"
  • "Nvidia Graphics Driver Update for OS X 10.10.5 (after security update 2016-004)"
  • "Nvidia Graphics Driver Update for OS X 10.9.5 (after security update 2016-004)"
  • "Info/Downloads of OS X 10.11.6, Security Update 2016-004 for Yosemite/Mavericks"
  • "Apple Articles on Safari 9.1.2, iOS 9.3.3, tvOS 9.2.2, WatchOS 2.2.2 Updates"
  • "OS X Server 5.1.7, new Betas of Sierra, Xcode 8, iOS 10, tvOS 10, watchOS 3" ...
Apple World Today (Updated 8:45 AM CDT)
  • "iMovie for iOS gets new project creation, sharing features"
  • "Daily Deal: Virtually indestructible Titan Lightning Cable at 24% off"
  • "Kanex’s GoPower USB-C portable battery is a great traveling companion for the 12-inch MacBook"
  • "Cabinet for OS X and iOS can save time for Neenah Paper customers"
  • "Patent report: iPads/iPhones with digital crowns, full screen Touch ID, quantum dot displays"
  • "AWT News Update: July 28, 2016"
  • "Apple Store mobile app may soon offer recommendations based on your past purchases"
  • "Apple’s Ivan Krstić to speak on iOS security at Blackhat USA 2016"
  • "Ex-QNX CEO joins the ‘Apple Car’ team"
  • "Notable apps and app updates for July 28, 2016" ...
Cult of Mac (Checked 8:45 AM; no changes since 8:15 AM CDT)
  • "iPhone 7 launch date leaks and Apple Car rumors heat back up on The CultCast"
  • "Today in Apple history: Mac Centris 660av is an audio-visual masterpiece"
  • "The Apple Store app is getting a big redesign"
  • "Apple engineer to give behind the scenes look at iOS 10 security"
  • "Apple turns car ambitions toward self-driving system"
  • "Alleged iPhone 7 headphone adapter spotted in the wild"
  • "The World Trade Center is getting an Apple Store"
  • "Apple’s hardline negotiating tactics stalled TV expansion"
  • "Why do some folks hate Apple? It’s complicated."
  • "How to use Tabs in MacOS Sierra to get your docs in a row" ...
iLounge (Checked 8:45 AM CDT; no changes since Thursday)
  • "News: Report: Apple now prioritizing autonomous driving system in car project"
  • "News: WSJ: Apple’s ‘hard-charging’ approach unsuccessful in negotiations with TV networks"
  • "News: Video purports to show official Lightning to 3.5mm headphone adapter"
  • "News: New iPhone pre-orders to start Sept. 9?"
  • "News: Daily Deal: Mobile Data Management Bundle"
  • "News: Apple has sold one billion iPhones"
  • "Tip of the Day: Finding Frequently Visited Locations on your iPhone"
  • "News: Parkopedia to provide detailed parking information for Apple Maps [Updated]"
  • "News: Microsoft releases Pix camera app for iPhone"
  • "News: Adobe launches new Lightroom viewer for Apple TV" ...
iUseThis OS X Software (Checked 8:45 AM; no changes since 7/6)
  • "TomTom MySports Connect - 2.3.2"
  • "AirVPN - 2.10"
  • "Mail Designer Pro 3 - 3.0.2"
  • "DRM Converter for Mac - 4.9.3"
  • "Hocus Focus - 1.3"
  • "Easy DRM Converter for Windows - 4.9.3"
  • "Iridient Developer - 3.1"
  • "Displays - 1.2"
  • "AllVideoConverter for Mac - 4.4"
  • "WinX Free DVD Author - 6.3.7" ...
Low End Mac (Checked 9:15 PM; no changes since 12:30 PM CDT)
  • "Mac of the Day: 20th Anniversary Mac, introduced 1996.03.20. Honoring Apple's 20th anniversary, the TAM was the first flat panel desktop Mac and had a unique design."
  • "Fisheye or Panorama?"
Macworld (Checked 8:45 AM CDT; no changes since Thursday)
  • "Apple Store app for iOS will feature recommendations"
  • "Apple’s latest car hire could steer the company toward autonomous driving"
  • "WSJ: Apple’s shot at launching a TV streaming service hurt by its own difficult demands"
  • "Apple could stick a Digital Crown on the iPhone"
  • "Facebook’s Birthday Videos are another attempt to repackage your life for social sharing"
  • "Virgin America app arrives with Spotify integration"
  • "Podcast 518: Zany Bob Mansfield's Apple Car Emporium"
  • "Apple has sold 1 billion iPhones"
  • "The Week in Mac Apps: Happy Pokémon hunting! Tutorial for Pokémon Go is here to help"
  • "Microsoft says Pix, its new iOS camera app, is better than Apple's" ...
MacDailyNews (Updated 8:45 AM CDT)
  • "Q316 earnings signal new direction for Apple"
  • "Apple again taps debt markets, preps $7 billion bond sale to fund dividends and buybacks"
  • "Apple patents Apple Watch-style digital crown for iPhone and iPad"
  • "Google/Alphabet: Flushing away billions"
  • "Apple, IBM and the digital transformation of everything"
  • "Apple hires founder of QNX with Apple Car project increasing focus on self-driving software"
  • "Apple supplier LG Display invests $1.75 billion into flexible OLED displays"
  • "IDC: Worldwide smartphone volumes relatively flat in Q216; Samsung widens market share lead over Apple"
  • "Microsoft releases ‘Pix’ camera app for Apple’s iOS, supports Live Images"
  • "Apple’s Eddy Cue alienated cable providers and networks with an assertive negotiating style – report" ...
MacInTouch (Checked 9:15 PM; no changes since 8:20 AM CDT)
  • Discussions: Apple; Apps; Classic Mac OS; El Capitan; Emulation; more
  • Products: iTerm2; Server Ranger; RBrowser; MountainDuck
The Mac Observer (Checked 8:45 AM CDT; no changes since Thursday)
  • "The 1994 Video Where Steve Jobs Stares Down Mortality and Legacy"
  • "My Year With the Stellar 2015 MacBook and Life With USB-C"
  • "Layze Flexible Universal Car Mount: $12.99"
  • "Apple Patents iPhone Digital Crown, but that Doesn’t Mean We’ll See One"
  • "TMO Daily Observations 2016-07-28: Apple’s Evolving Business Model, iPhone Digital Crown Patent"
  • "Apple Tops 1 Billion iPhones Sold"
  • "Junecloud’s Deliveries app Adds Complete Set of Apple Watch Complications"
  • "OS X Preview: Clipping Out Backgrounds Using Instant Alpha"
  • "Olympics Committee tells Non-sponsors to Stay off Twitter"
  • "Apple, Accustomed to Skating to the Puck, Now Also Guiding the Puck" ...
Mac News (Checked 8:45 AM CDT; no changes since Thursday)
  • "SafeGrip Rugged iPad cases used at East Tennessee Children's Hospital"
  • "Moth Software announces Mail Archiver X 4.0 for OS X"
  • "Zevrix Deliver now supports Microsoft Exchange email servers"
  • "Apple celebrates one billion iPhones"
  • "Red Giant revs PluralEyes to version 4.1"
  • "Duplicacy for Mac is a new deduplication cloud backup tool"
  • "AKVIS updates all its artistic plug-ins and apps"
  • "Apple’s services revenue grows 19%; App Store hits all-time record"
  • "Bare Bones Software Releases TextWrangler 5.5"
  • "Tower for Mac adds Visual Studio Team Services support" ...
MacUpdate (Updated 8:45 AM CDT)
  • "Doppel 1.4 - High-speed duplicate detector. (Shareware)"
  • "RapidCart Pro 4.8.5 - Professional e-commerce solution for RapidWeaver. (Shareware)"
  • "BusyCal 3.0.5 - Powerful calendar app with multiple syncing options. (Shareware)"
  • "HoudahGeo 5.0.9 - Photo geocoding and geotagging. (Shareware)"
  • "GitKraken 1.5.0 - Cross-platform Git client. (Free)"
  • "IsoM�tadonn�es 3.11 - Visualize and change image metadata. (Commercial)"
  • "VUWER 1.9 - Remotely track lost or stolen Macs. (Free)"
  • "Wedding Planner Pro 1.0.9 - Keep track of everything for your wedding day. (Commercial)"
  • "CalendarPro for Google 2.1.7 - Google Calendar application. (Commercial)"
  • "HTML Egg Pro 7.65.8 - Drag-and-drop website designer. (Shareware)" ...
MacWindows (Checked 4:30 PM; no changes since 6/19)
  • "CrossOver improving Windows apps on Macs"
  • "WinClone 5 makes incremental backups of Boot Camp partitions"
  • "Emailchemy 12_1_15 converts email between platforms"
  • "Boot Runner 2 adds VMs to Mac startup manager screen"
  • "Does the final Mavericks update fix SMB file sharing"
  • "File locking not working on OS X Server with Windows clients"
  • "ABE tip for Mavericks ACL problem a no-go for reader"
  • "Yosemite to default to SMB 3 file sharing"
  • "Reader confirms nsmb.conf file sharing fix for Error 36"
  • "ExtremeZ-IP 9 adds instant Spotlight search of NAS" ...
Macworld UK (Checked 8:45 AM; no changes since 6:30 AM CDT)
  • "New MacBook Air UK release date, specs & features rumours"
  • "macOS Sierra: Public Beta available now | OS X 10.12 renamed | UK release date"
  • "iPhone 7 Plus release date & new features rumours"
  • "How to Jailbreak Apple TV"
  • "How to call someone who has blocked your number on their iPhone"
  • "New Mac mini 2016 UK release date, specs & new features rumours"
  • "Apple user's dictionary of tech jargon"
  • "The 6 best chatbots for iPhone users | Best free chatbots for iOS"
  • "New MacBook 2017 release date, design, features and spec rumours"
  • "Best iPhone 6s deals & iPhone 6s Plus deals UK" ...
O'Grady's PowerPage (Checked 8:45 AM CDT; no changes since Thursday)
  • "Rumor: Apple hires Dan Dodge to head up car project, may be shifting focus towards autonomous driving systems"
  • "Rumor: Apple to open iPhone 7 preorders on Friday, September 9th"
  • "Microsoft releases Pix, goes toe to toe with built-in iOS camera app"
  • "Rumor: Next-gen iPhone to feature Space Black color option, capacitative Home button"
  • "Apple announces $42.4 billion in revenue, $7.8 billion profit for Q3 2016"
  • "Prisma app becomes unavailable, rumors swirl as to potential buyout"
  • "CarPlay, Android Auto functionality included in all 2017 vehicles with SYNC 3"
  • "Rumor: Apple to release next-gen iPhone on Friday, September 16th, “iPhone 6SE” name in the running"
  • "Edward Snowden announces forthcoming prototype of device to prevent iPhone radio transmission"
  • "Intel announces Kaby Lake processors, chips may arrive too late for inclusion in next-gen MacBook Pro" ...
prMac (Checked 8:45 AM CDT; no changes since Thursday)
  • "Moth Software announces Mail Archiver X 4.0"
  • "Monitor internal business KPIs with custom integrations in Numerics 4.3"
  • "New Release of iFotosoft's iPhoto HDR for Mac"
  • "Introducing Red Giant PluralEyes 4.1, Updated Audio/Video Syncing Tool"
  • "Blicke - Simple and Challenging Puzzle Game for iOS"
  • "MacUpdate Bundle Exclusive With Just Released Toast 15 Titanium"
  • "Duplicacy for Mac - A Free and Efficient Deduplication Cloud Backup Tool"
  • "Zevrix Deliver Now Supports Microsoft Exchange Email Servers"
  • "Enjoy reading MAD Magazine on Magzter"
  • "Bare Bones Software Releases TextWrangler 5.5" ...
Softpedia (Updated 8:45 AM CDT)
  • "Tinderbox 6.6.4 (Demo) - A comprehensive personal content management assistant designed to help you organize notes, ideas and plans, establish correlations between items, and more."
  • "Atom 1.8.0 / 1.9.0 Beta 2 (MIT License) - A highly customizable and fully-featured text editor based on modern web technologies and packed with tools designed for developers"
  • "goPanel 1.4.0 (Trial) - Connect to and manage Linux web servers via a beautiful OS X application, without having to install additional software on your server"
  • "FreeCAD 0.16 Build 6705 / 0.17 Build 8048 Pre (LGPL) - An open source project developed for the Mac OS X that enables you to create high quality CAD models and modify the design by changing parameters"
  • "MacLoggerDX 6.03 / 6.04 Beta 30 (Demo) - Streamlined and powerful OS X application designed to help you organize and instantly tune into any DX Cluster for both contests and casual talk"
  • "gPodder 3.9.0_2 (GPL) - Open-source and multi-platform podcast manager"
  • "DAZ Studio / Beta (Freeware) - A 3D modeling and animation software for Mac OS X that enables you to unleash your creativity and design stunning virtual characters or environments."
  • "VigCal 1.5 (Demo) - Organizer tool that offers you the possibility to keep tasks, notes, and events in the same place, keep track of upcoming deadlines, and so on"
  • "ImageMagick 7.0.2-5 / 7.0.2-6 Build 20160727 Beta (Apache) - A very powerful, free set of tools that can be used for the creation, modification and display of bitmap images on Mac OS X, Windows and Linux."
  • "HandBrake 0.10.5 / 20160728 Nightly (GPL) - A free and easy to use application designed to help you quickly convert your DVD and CD media content into MP4 or MKV video files" ...
TidBITS (Checked 8:45 AM CDT; no changes since Thursday)
  • "External Link: Your Wireless Keyboard May Be Betraying You"
  • "Comparing iPad Pro Technologies and Intangibles"
  • "External Link: Apple Music No Longer Counts Against T-Mobile Data Caps"
  • "External Link: Apple Music Scores “Carpool Karaoke” Series"
  • "Apple Beats Expectations in Q3 2016, but Slump Continues"
  • "External Link: Why Your Phone’s Battery Meter Is Wrong"
  • "External Link: Adam Engst and Josh Centers Discuss Preview on MacVoices"
  • "TidBITS Watchlist: Notable Software Updates for 25 July 2016"
  • "ExtraBITS for 25 July 2016"
  • "External Link: Verizon to Buy Yahoo for $4.8 Billion" ...
9to5Mac (Checked 8:45 AM; no changes since 8:30 AM CDT)
  • "Nobel prize-winning economist describes Apple’s Irish tax arrangements as fraudulent"
  • "Latest app update lets you control your Nest thermostat from your Apple Watch"
  • "Apple didn’t just sell a billion iPhones, it created the most popular product ever"
  • "Security researcher finds message storage flaw in WhatsApp, says same vulnerability present in iMessages"
  • "Apple launches new Spanish language App Store account on Twitter"
  • "Apple reportedly redesigning Apple Store app, will add ‘For You’ tab for personalized product recommendations"
  • "iMovie for iOS updated with improvements to project creation, Shared iPad support, more"
  • "Apple readying third bond sale this year, $7 billion expected to fund stock buyback program"
  • "Apple’s security chief to go behind the scenes of iOS security during upcoming BlackHat USA 2016 briefing"
  • "NPD: Wireless headphones exceed sales revenue of wired headphones for the month of June" ...
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