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Tuesday, July 28, 2015
Checked 9:40 PM; Last Updated 9:30 PM CDT; 02:30 GMT


MacSurfer's Tracked Sites

Accelerate Your Mac! (Checked 10:30 PM EDT; no changes since Monday)
  • "Frequent Notebook Hard Drive Head Unloading (revisited)"
  • "Apple/related news, tips, PR"
  • "Recent Apple Support/Troubleshooting/How-To Article Updates"
  • "Other News, Tips, Updates, PR, OT"
  • "(Mid 2015) MacBook Pro Flash Storage Firmware Update"
  • "Java for OS X 2015-001 (OS X 10.7 to OS X 10.11)"
  • "Questions on Early 2011 MBP GPU 3rd party Repairs/GPU Upgrade"
  • "Late 2012 Mac Mini EFI Update 1.8 (to fix USB problems after Wake)"
  • "Nvidia Graphics Driver Update for OS X 10.9.5 (w/security update 2015-005)"
  • "Nvidia Graphics Driver Update for OS X 10.8.5 (w/security update 2015-005)" ...
dealMac (Checked 10:30 PM; no changes since 9:15 PM EDT)
  • "Monster Diesel VEKTR HD Headphones for $27 + pickup at Walmart"
  • "LG 43" 1080p LED LCD HDTV for $300 + free shipping"
  • "Samsung Galaxy S6 32GB 4G Android Phone for free w/ HDTV purchase + free shipping"
  • "Brenton Studio Mesh Task Chair for $50 + pickup at Office Depot"
  • "Logitech G35 7.1 Surround Sound Headset for $58 + free shipping"
  • "Monoprice Bluetooth Headphones w/ Mic for $30 + free shipping"
  • "Sennheiser HD 202-II Professional Headphones for $15 + free shipping"
  • "HP Ink Cartridges: Buy 1, get 50% off 2nd + free shipping"
  • "Refurb iPhone 4 16GB Smartphone for Verizon for $64 + free shipping"
  • "Thermaltake Poseidon Z Mechanical Keyboard for $56 + free shipping" ...
iLounge (Checked 10:30 PM; no changes since 5:00 PM EDT)
  • "Tip of the Day: Activating Siri by voice"
  • "News: Apple Music added to T-Mobile’s Music Freedom"
  • "News: Daily Deal: iFixit Pro Tech Screwdriver Set & Jimmy Bundle"
  • "News: Report: Apple Music hits 10M subscribers"
  • "Gear: Hex Infinity Cross Body"
  • "News: Apple Maps vans landing in France, Sweden in August"
  • "News: Report: Slimmer iPad mini 4 on the way, upgraded iPad Air 3 a possibility"
  • "News: Beijing police bust massive iPhone counterfeiting operation"
  • "News: Report: Apple interested in BMW i3 as ‘starting point’ for its own car"
  • "News: Nike to offer customers cash in proposed FuelBand settlement" ...
iUseThis OS X Software (Checked 10:30 PM; no changes since 7:00 AM EDT)
  • "BirdFont - 2.6"
  • "Micro Snitch - 1.0.1"
  • "Focus 2 - 2.0"
  • "Messenger for Facebook - 1.0.3"
  • "Panopto Recorder - 4.9"
  • "WinX Free MOV to AVI Converter - 5.1.0"
  • "NeteaseMusic - 1.2.1"
  • "PowerPhotos - 1.0.5"
  • "Regain Mac Files Utility - 7.0"
  • "Adobe Acrobat Reader DC -" ...
Low End Mac (Checked 9:00 PM; no changes since 9:15 AM CDT)
  • "Mac of the Day: Quadra 800, introduced 1993.02.10. This minitower runs a 33 MHz 68040 and introduced a challenging new enclosure."
  • "July 28 in LEM history"
Macworld (Checked 10:30 PM; no changes since 4:30 PM EDT)
  • "T-Mobile's new iPhone promo solves the “buy now or wait” dilemma"
  • "Apple Music racked up 10 million subscribers in less than a month"
  • "Freemium Field Test: Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation turns the spy thriller into a routine shooter"
  • "FuelBand buyers eligible for $25 gift cards in Nike, Apple settlement"
  • "The Week in iPad Cases: Logitech’s triple-threat keyboard case is good looking, damage resistant, and practical"
  • "The week in Apple news: 47.5M iPhones, pleased Apple Watch users, Equality Act, VMAs, and more"
  • "Inside the Macworld Vault: A hidden collection of vintage Macs"
  • "Apple Pay rival CurrentC may finally roll out in stores next month"
  • "You Should Play: Headbutt zombies, eat brains in the ridiculous GoatZ"
  • "Terminator robots still cutting edge" ...
MacDailyNews (Checked 10:30 PM; no changes since 9:15 PM EDT)
  • "Apple TV delay crushes Akamai stock"
  • "Survey: Apple Watch positively impacting users’ health and fitness"
  • "The tragedy of iTunes: Nothing ‘just works’"
  • "How a simple Apple feature is changing lives"
  • "Apple’s Mac sales have risen and iPad sales have now declined for six consecutive quarters"
  • "How AT&T factored into Apple’s missed ‘whisper’ number"
  • "iOS 9: Apple’s Maps app gets smarter with automatic directions based on user habits"
  • "Dear Apple, please go thermonuclear on iTunes"
  • "Breakthrough! ‘3D Xpoint’ memory – up to 1,000 times faster NAND flash – arrives next year"
  • "T-Mobile customers can now stream Apple Music for free, get free iPhone 6s/Plus upgrades" ...
Macintosh News Network (Checked 10:30 PM; no changes since 7:15 PM EDT)
  • "Briefly: 'Steve Jobs' at NY film fest, Keith Richards' Apple Music vid"
  • "Daily Deals: MacBook Pro, 16.3MP Samsung camera, Seagate 3TB USB Drive"
  • "Study: Apple Watch having material impact on health of users"
  • "Hands On: NC Twitter Widget for Notification Center 1.1 (iOS)"
  • "Motorola launches Moto X Play, Moto X Style, third-generation Moto X"
  • "Repair facilitator iFixit partnering with electronics recycler ERI"
  • "Hands On: This is My Food 1.0.0 (iOS)"
  • "App Update: ChronoSync Express, Liquid Rhythm, FilePane, more"
  • "Intel, Micron reveal 3D XPoint non-volatile memory technology"
  • "T-Mobile adds Apple Music to Music Freedom, reveals iPhone 6 offer" ...
MacInTouch (Checked 9:00 PM; no changes since 4:50 PM CDT)
  • Office 2016: keyboard tricks, Word alternatives, more
  • Security: remote exploit hits iTunes/App Store; more
  • Yosemite: Apple Mail troubleshooting, keyboard substitution
  • Backup: labelling, logging, more
  • Reports: iMac; Help; iPhone/iOS; iTunes; MacBook Pro
The Mac Observer (Checked 10:30 PM; no changes since 8:30 PM EDT)
  • "Buy iPhone 6 from T-Mobile Now, Swap for iPhone 6s for Free, Apple Music Exempt from Data Limits"
  • "CoMacadore Plus - Mac OS 6.0.1 Running on an Amiga 500"
  • "Your Fitness Tracker May be Wrong, but that Doesn’t Make it Bad"
  • "The Surreal Selfie Stick (Video)"
  • "Logitech’s MX Anywhere 2 Mouse is a Joy to Use"
  • "Pay What You Want for the Game Developer Bundle"
  • "No One Really Needs an Apple Watch Today"
  • "TMO Daily Observations 2015-07-28: Google+ gets Smaller, Apple gets Bigger"
  • "Apple Targets Fitness, Travel, Music Apps in New Apple Watch Ads"
  • "Google Plus + Google Agenda = Facebook Win" ...
Mac OS X Hints (Checked 2:00 PM EST; no changes since Thursday)
  • "Notice: Mac OS X Hints is now a read-only site"
  • "Getting Java client apps to run the way you want"
  • "Siri: workaround Content Not Available error"
  • "Older browser behavior changes in Google search"
  • "10.8: Open a specific browser based on the URL"
  • "Setting Up an iOS 7 On-Demand VPN"
  • "Mousecape – Customize Cursors on OS X"
  • "Make iWork 09 the default and avoid update nagging"
  • "10.9: Update OS without creating a user on a new Mac"
  • "Name Faces in iPhoto efficiently" ...
Mac News (Checked 10:30 PM; no changes since 3:15 PM EDT)
  • "Macro 4 adds Email to Print and AirPrint support"
  • "Chukong Technologies launches Cocos 3.7"
  • "Stairways Software releases Keyboard Maestro 7.0"
  • "Apple releases fifth beta of OS X El Capitan"
  • "Barcode Basics adds support for nine new barcode types"
  • "ChronoSync Express updated for the Mac App Store"
  • "DaVinci Resolve 12 Public Beta is available for download"
  • "Soft-touch Bluetooth Port.Folio keyboard released for the iPad"
  • "Walter Murch to headline the Eighth Annual Amsterdam SuperMeet"
  • "Best Buy to begin selling the Apple Watch on August 7" ...
MacUpdate (Checked 10:30 PM; no changes since 5:30 PM EDT)
  • "PeerGuardian 1.8.0 - Security tool for P2P clients. (Free)"
  • "Zoom 3.5.21488.0723 - Cloud meeting software. (Free)"
  • "Infovox iVox 4.1.1 - Natural sounding voices in many languages to use in any app. (Demo)"
  • "Templates for MS PowerPoint 2.3 - Templates for Microsoft PowerPoint. (Commercial)"
  • "iTab for YouTube 1.4 - Quick access to YouTube. (Commercial)"
  • "TinkerTool 5.4 - Expanded preference settings for OS X. (Free)"
  • "Swift Note Notes Widget 1.1 - Note widget for Yosemite's Notification center. (Free)"
  • "Hurricane Track 3.0 - Hurricane Tracking, Radar, and Local Weather. (Commercial)"
  • "CopyClip 2.0 - Clipboard manager. (Demo)"
  • "Tinderbox 6.3.1 - Store and organize your notes, ideas, and plans. (Demo)" ...
MacWindows (Checked 10:30 PM; no changes since 6/19)
  • "CrossOver improving Windows apps on Macs"
  • "WinClone 5 makes incremental backups of Boot Camp partitions"
  • "Emailchemy 12_1_15 converts email between platforms"
  • "Boot Runner 2 adds VMs to Mac startup manager screen"
  • "Does the final Mavericks update fix SMB file sharing"
  • "File locking not working on OS X Server with Windows clients"
  • "ABE tip for Mavericks ACL problem a no-go for reader"
  • "Yosemite to default to SMB 3 file sharing"
  • "Reader confirms nsmb.conf file sharing fix for Error 36"
  • "ExtremeZ-IP 9 adds instant Spotlight search of NAS" ...
Macworld UK (Checked 10:30 PM; no changes since 2:15 PM EDT)
  • "T-Mobile's new iPhone promo solves the 'buy now or wait' dilemma"
  • "Apple Music racked up 10 million subscribers in less than a month"
  • "iPhone 6c release date rumours and images"
  • "Best iPhone headphones of 2015"
  • "What the Apple Remote says about Apple"
  • "Freemium Field Test: Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation turns the spy thriller into a routine shooter"
  • "Facebook and Twitter infiltrate VidCon to steal YouTube's biggest superstars"
  • "Facebook and Twitter infiltrate VidCon to steal YouTube's biggest superstars"
  • "51 facts about the new Apple spaceship HQ"
  • "Comparing Apples to lemons: Windows Phone beats Apple Watch" ...
O'Grady's PowerPage (Checked 10:30 PM; no changes since 10:45 AM EDT)
  • "Apple Pay now supports HSBC, First Direct banks in UK"
  • "Rumor: Supply chain evidence of purported “iPhone 6c” disappears, device not likely to debut this fall"
  • "Apple Watch to become available in select Best Buy locations come August 7th"
  • "Rumor: Apple to introduce notebooks with Intel’s next-generation Skylake processors in Q4 2015"
  • "Purported iPhone 6s front panel image leaked, handset set to be in production"
  • "Microsoft Office for iOS updated, adds Outlook integration, improved document sharing, etc."
  • "Patent application shows possible Apple TV remote with built-in Touch ID sensor"
  • "Apple adds 35 new issuers in the United States, brings total to over 375"
  • "Apple releases MacBook Pro Flash Storage Firmware Update 1.0 for mid-2015 Retina MacBook Pro units"
  • "Apple changes policy, iOS 9 beta users now prevented from submitting app reviews" ...
prMac (Checked 10:30 PM; no changes since 9:00 AM EDT)
  • "LinkOptimizer 4.9.46 for InDesign Adds New Photoshop Action Options"
  • "Bird Drops for iPhone and Android Devices"
  • "Percussion Loops HD iOS App updated with salsa loops, fills and samples"
  • "My Town : Home 1.1 for iOS - Children Discover, Learn and Imagine"
  • "MixTape - Beautiful and easy mixing for the Mac gets an overhaul"
  • "Top IT Firm Dot Com Infoway Launches Apple Watch App Marketing Services"
  • "Stairways Software releases Keyboard Maestro 7.0"
  • "Now Manage Emails Directly in iOS Notification Center with eMail Widget"
  • "Why Do I Do The Things I Do? Maybe Life Inventory App Can Help You Learn"
  • "The Cup of Galfar for iPhone and iPad - A Fantasy e-Book in 3 Languages" ...
Softpedia (Checked 10:30 PM; no changes since 10:15 PM EDT)
  • "Swimbi 1.8.1 (Freeware) - User friendly and very powerful Mac OS X application that enables you to seamlessly design various CSS menus and integrate them into your own projects."
  • "Liquid Rhythm (Trial) - A versatile beat generation software solution for OS X that allows you to manipulate rhythm patterns using a wide array of tools"
  • "Balsamiq Mockups 3.1.7 / 3.999.647 Beta (Trial) - A practical and user-oriented application that enables developers work on the same projects regardless of the used operating system"
  • "QCAD Professional 3.9.7 (Demo) - User-oriented and powerful CAD application designed to help you draft 2D technical drawings with the help of a well-designed interface"
  • "Jaikoz 8.3.2 (Trial) - Java based ID3 Tagger that offers you the possibility to quickly find and add metadata information to your large music collection."
  • "Dolphin 4.0 / 4.0.7123 Dev (GPL) - A free and very useful application designed to act as a GameCube or Wii emulator and to bring the console gaming experience to your desktop"
  • "Git 2.5.0 (GPL) - A reliable, free and open source distributed version control system specially made to help you to efficiently and easily manage large and small projects"
  • "GNS3 1.3.8 / 1.4.0 Alpha 2 (GPL) - A handy, open source multiplatform graphical network simulation utility that targets both network enthusiasts and professionals."
  • "Vox 2.5.4 Build 2540.63 (Freeware) - A lightweight and very easy to use music player that comes with support for multiple file types, such as MP3, AAC, FLAC, OGG or WAV"
  • "Bitsorb 1.1.2 Build 1 (Freeware) - Unobtrusive download accelerator that resides in your status bar and allows you to add download links to the queue with a simple drag and drop" ...
TidBITS (Checked 10:30 PM; no changes since 2:45 PM EDT)
  • "External Link: Nike Ordered to Compensate FuelBand Owners"
  • "TidBITS Watchlist: Notable Software Updates for 27 July 2015"
  • "ExtraBITS for 27 July 2015"
  • "External Link: Jim Dalrymple Recovers Most of His Music"
  • "External Link: Josh Centers Tackles Apple Finances with The Tech Night Owl"
  • "Give Better Presentations with “Take Control of Keynote”"
  • "External Link: Flickr Brings Back Pro Accounts"
  • "How to Replace a Cracked iPhone 5c Screen with Screasy"
  • "FunBITS: Music in Time and Space"
  • "External Link: Jim Dalrymple Quits Apple Music, Calling It a “Nightmare”" ...
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