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Friday, November 21, 2014
Checked 6:10 AM; Last Updated 9:20 PM CST; 03:20 GMT


  • "Can iOS 8.1.1 Free 500 MB on Your iDevice?" Low End Mac 9:19 PM
  • "Video: This Apple Watch app will tell you when you're going to die" BGR 9:13 PM
  • "Apple is still hard at work making Apple Maps usable" BGR 7:53 PM
  • "iPhone + Beats: Will Music Win?" Tapscape 5:52 PM
  • "A Few Thoughts On WatchKit And The Initial Apple Watch" Medium 11:44 AM
  • "Apple's Sapphire Plant Problem Was Even Worse than We Thought" TechnoBuffalo 11:04 AM
  • "Openly Gay Leadership Sets Important Tone At The Top, But There's Still Work To Do: One day after Apple CEO Tim Cook announced to the world that he was gay, Apple stock remained flat – shareholders didn't seem to care one way or another. On the same day, in Russia, a memorial to Apple founder Steve Jobs was dismantled, ostensibly to abide by a law combating 'gay propaganda.'" Forbes 11:00 AM
  • "Will Apple's Next iPhone Capture DSLR Quality With 2 Lenses?" TechNewsWorld 9:34 AM
  • "What's new with Google and Apple?" CNBC Videos 8:54 AM
  • "How One Word Made a Massive Change to Apple's App Store" Time 11:04 AM
  • "Apple's iOS 8 Crisis Continues With New Update Controversy" Forbes 8:46 AM
  • "No More 'Free' Apple App Store Apps" Forbes 8:36 AM
  • "Religious refrain: Please stop comparing Apple to a religion" Macworld 8:18 AM
  • "Steve Jobs Movie Goes Kaput at Sony" TG Daily 8:38 AM
  • "An excellent summary of reasons why Apple will never buy Tesla" AppleDailyReport 7:58 AM
  • "Apple's Somewhat Obvious Plan To Maybe Kinda Sorta Possibly Kill The iPhone" PixoBebo 7:50 AM
  • "The High Cost Of Being Apple" Mac 360 7:50 AM
  • "Blame Apple For Killing The Web (not)" Mac 360 7:50 AM
  • "Surgeon develops an image of how texting warps your spine. We have a quick solution" VentureBeat 2:48 PM