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Sunday, September 14, 2014
Checked 9:00 PM; Last Updated 8:40 PM CDT; 01:40 GMT


  • "Will Apple iPhone 6 Plus help doom 7-inch tablets?" ZDNet 8:37 PM
  • "The Evolution of iOS - An Infographic" MacTrast 7:19 PM
  • "Is Apple Watch out of time?" BetaNews 7:16 PM
  • "Retargeting and iOS 8: Thriving in a time of change" VentureBeat 7:15 PM
  • "15 Awesome Things We Learned From Steve Jobs' 1985 Playboy Interview" Business Insider 7:10 PM
  • "What Tim Cook Doesn't Think Enough People Know About Steve Jobs" Business Insider 10:05 AM
  • "Smartwatches: smart first or watch first?" Pocketnow 10:00 AM
  • "Surface Pro 3 stock sellouts and record iPhone 6 pre-orders make for nice headlines but are meaningless" BetaNews 8:19 AM
  • "Tables Turn: Samsung Disses Apple iPhone 6 As Big Imitation" HotHardware 9/13
  • "The Verge Playlist: I'm not buying an iPhone" The Verge 9/13
  • "What About the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus?" Low End Mac 9/13
  • "The murky potential of a larger iPad: Will Apple supersize the iPad as it has the iPhone? There's more to the equation than just a bigger display." CNET 9/13
  • "10 things you need to know about the Apple Watch" iMore 9/13
  • "Spotify can never replace my iPod, but it can ease the pain" CNET 9/13
  • "That Time Apple Told Apple III Customers to Drop Their Computers" TekRevue 9/13
  • "How the iPhone 6 Plus could cannibalize sales of the iPad mini" TUAW 9/13
  • "Which iPhone 6 Color Scheme Would Best Suit You?" ValueWalk 9/13
  • "Apple CEO Tim Cook on secret products, Steve Jobs, IBM deal, Google rivalry, and the 'screw ups'" ZDNet 9/13
  • "Tim Cook Talks iCloud Hack, iPhone 6, and More With Charlie Rose" Gizmodo 9/13
  • "NSFW: Apple, U2 and looking a gift horse in the mouth" iMore 9/13
  • "Tim Cook's iPhone moment, Andy Ihnatko's fitness moment and other Apple milestones" Chicago Sun-Times 9/13
  • "Apple's Mr Havisham: Tim Cook says dead Steve Jobs' office has remained untouched" The Register 9/12
  • "Apple gets a failing grade for Canadian geography" Reuters 9/12
  • "Charlie Rose Interviews Tim Cook: Where is Steve?" FairerPlatform 9/12
  • "The Apple Watch Is Most Interesting At The High-End" TechCrunch 9/12
  • "Letter of recommendation" ["But I'm not here to feed Internet tittle-tattle. Rather, as someone who's been with Macworld (and MacUser before it) for a very long time, I'd like to provide potential employers (and those who are simply interested in their favorite writers) some details about my departed colleagues."] Hair-Breened Ideas 9/12
  • "Apple almost has its mojo back" ZDNet 9/12
  • "The iPod Classic: Thanks and goodbye" ZDNet 9/12
  • "Apple's appalling iPhone 6 camera compromise" ZDNet 9/12
  • "The Apple Watch Is Most Interesting At The High-End" TechCrunch 9/12
  • "Apple Pay – How it Will Change the Way We Buy" PadGadget 9/12
  • "The Disappointing Design of Apple's New Gadgets" Wired 9/12
  • "Apple's Success: Going to Extremes and Out of Control"  The Mac Observer 9/12
  • "Larger iPhone 6 Plus Sells Out, 'Record Number' of iPhone Pre-Orders" Daring Fireball 9/12
  • "Apple Pay Tips To New Era Of Fully Digitized Money" Forbes 9/12
  • "iPhone 6: One-Third Of Doctors Might Buy It By Thanksgiving. Why Do They Love iPhones So Much?" Forbes 9/12
  • "Apple Watch Will Encourage You To Get Active" PadGadget 9/12
  • "Wait, Where Is The 'Normal' Sized iPhone 6?"  Forbes 9/12
  • "Why Apple's website crash is troubling"  MoneyWatch 9/12
  • "Apple Watch not wowing health care industry, yet" CNET 9/12
  • "iPhone 6 – Why You Should Upgrade" PadGadget 9/12
  • "Crystal Baller: Biggest winners and losers in the iPhone rumor game" Cult of Mac 9/12
  • "You just made a very huge mistake by ordering the iPhone 6 Plus" BGR 9/12
  • "Apple's Web Wobbles Again" Kirkville 9/12
  • "Apple Pay could put an end to data breaches" PCWorld 9/12
  • "How the Apple Watch Stands a Chance With Teenagers In the Race For Wearables"  TheStreet 9/12
  • "3 Competitor Reactions To Apple Inc.'s iPhone 6" Benzinga 9/12
  • "Chase bank kept Apple Pay a secret by hiding it with a real apple" The Verge 9/12
  • "Chase Execs Used A Secret Code To Signal When They Could Talk About Apple Pay" Business Insider 9/12
  • "Walmart and Best Buy Opt Out of 'Apple Pay' as Apple Leverages Required Point-of-Sale Upgrades" MacRumors 9/12
  • "Why Apple timed things perfectly with the launch of Apple Pay" 9to5Mac 9/12
  • "Apple Reportedly Spending Over $100 Million On That U2 Album Nobody Wants Or Likes" Business Insider 9/12
  • "Apple CEO Cook Victorious as Samsung Trade Ins Surge" Tapscape 9/12
  • "iPhone 6: One-Third Of Doctors Might Buy It By Thanksgiving" Forbes 9/12
  • "Shocker: Reuters reports next-gen Apple Watch will be even better than first-gen model" BGR 9/12
  • "Apple Watch: Top 10 exciting features" V3 9/12
  • "Why I didn't pre-order the iPhone 6" iMore 9/12
  • "The Retina MacBook Air might have an unexpected surprise for you when it launches... in mid-2015" BGR 9/12
  • "iPhone is the Hub of the Mobile Lifestyle" AppleTechSpot 9/12
  • "A Few More Thoughts On Apple Watch" NoodleMac 9/12
  • "My top iPhone 6 and iOS 8 features" Amsys 9/12
  • "iPhone is the Hub of the Mobile Lifestyle" AppleTechSpot 9/12
  • "Apple: Collision? Or, Blend? Or, Dilemma?" Mac 360 9/12
  • "A Few Question For Apple Executives" Mac 360 9/12
  • "5 must-have attributes for future-proof application integration" The Next Web 10:07 AM
  • "Sony, the catch-up king" Engadget 9/12
  • "T-Mobile brings free Wi-Fi calling to its customers, and it's terrible news" BetaNews 9/12
  • "Trolls Are Ruining Facebook for the Rest of Us [Comic] Mashable 8:38 PM
  • "Siri vs the Scottish Accent (NSFW language)" TUAW 9/12
  • "Conan O'Brien Celebrates the iPhone 6 by Mocking Acer" Digital Trends 9/12