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Sunday, February 1, 2015
Checked 1:40 PM; Last Updated 10:00 AM CST; 16:00 GMT


  • "Op-Ed: Why Apple should give us an 'iPad Pro' with a yucky stylus" AppAdvice 9:59 AM
  • "My grandma's Los Altos garage is where Apple was created" Business Insider 1/31
  • "MacBook vs. Dell laptop is a question that prompted an interesting discussion about the pros and cons of each in a work environment where the company gives employees a choice." MacInTouch 1/31
  • "iPhone 7 vs. Galaxy S6 - New Features Compared" ValueWalk 1/31
  • "Apple Watch, WatchKit, and false expectations" iMore 1/31
  • "Apple's missing out on X: Where X is whatever isn't shipping yet" Macworld 1/31
  • "Still betting long on Apple" iMore 1/30
  • "Repatriation Tax Bill Holds Promise, but Faces Uphill Battle" The Mac Observer 1/30
  • "Apple Watch huge risk point: Trader" CNBC Videos 1/30
  • "Open thread: Would you trade iPhone thinness for crazy battery life?" MacDailyNews 1/30
  • "How Apple's monster Q1 made them #1" iMore 1/30
  • "Tim Cook is already subtly telling people why we need an iPad Pro" Business Insider 1/30
  • "Samsung's biggest headache isn't Apple, it's China" ZDNet 1/30
  • "Apple Watch faces stiff competition this year" Market Realist 1/30
  • "NSFW: Hey developers, paying for coverage is a scam" iMore 1/30
  • "Opinion: neither the iPad Pro nor 12-inch MacBook Air make much sense to me" iDownload Blog 1/30
  • "Why Jeff Williams is Apple's unsung hero" Cult of Mac 1/30
  • "Apple And The Battle For Security" Mac 360 1/30
  • "Enough Already, Apple. Here's What To Do With Apple TV" Mac 360 1/30
  • "Solution to spam? Sadly, there isn't a good one" Palm Beach Post 6:30 AM
  • "Will Twitter Still Be Around For Super Bowl LII in 2018?" Forbes 6:17 AM
  • "Why some of tech's greatest minds are still missing the Internet of Things picture" VentureBeat 1/31
  • "Gadget Ogling: A Touchless Thermometer, Flashing Audio, and a Mesmerizing Mattress Cover" TechNewsWorld 1/31
  • "10 ways Facebook has ruined your life" Mashable 1/31
  • "FIghting Sexism In Silicon Valley" TechCrunch 1/30
  • "Does the enterprise marketplace really need a new email solution?" Gigaom 1/30
  • "Why Jay-Z's New Music Service Won't Beat Spotify" Time 1/30
  • "Sling TV review: Television's future is still in development" TechHive 1/30
  • "Comic: Blue Screen Dearest" iMore 1/31