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Monday, June 27, 2016
Checked 12:50 AM; Last Updated 9:00 PM CDT; 02:00 GMT


  • "iPhone 7 Leak Reveals Bigger Camera" Forbes 1:01 PM
  • "iPhone 7 Rumors: Next iPhone May Feature Bigger Camera While iPhone 7 Plus May Sport Dual-Lens Camera" Tech Times 12:49 PM
  • "Newest iPhone 7 leak reveals huge rear camera" SlashGear 7:54 AM
  • "Apple Discontinues Its Big Beautiful Thunderbolt Display" Gizmodo UK 7:54 AM
  • "iOS 10 won't collect any more data on you unless you tell it to" TechRadar UK 4:30 PM
  • "Apple Makes Differential Privacy Feature In iOS 10 Opt-In" HotHardware 6/25
  • "New Rumor Corroborates Next-Gen Thunderbolt Display With Built-In GPU" Redmond Pie 6/25
  • "Apple to Drop Thunderbolt Monitor: 4K or 5K Replacement Coming?" eWeek 6/25
  • "New leaks show bigger lens opening on 'iPhone 7,' dual-lens camera on '7 Plus'"  AppleInsider 6/25
  • "iPhone 7 will get a larger camera, according to spy shot: And the headphone jack is here to stay, apparently" Engadget 6/25
  • "Latest round of leaked iPhone 7 photos show new (larger) cameras for both 4.7 inch and 5.5 inch models" 9to5Mac 6/25
  • "iPhone 7 Rumors: Bigger Camera? Maybe A Headphone Jack?" PC Magazine 6/25
  • "Apple Watch specs for the 2017 edition may feature a micro-LED display claims new report: The Apple Watch 2 slated for a September release will still bear an OLED display." International Business Times 6/25
  • "Apple Watch 2 could have a big surprise in store for your wallet" Digital Spy 6/25
  • "New Thunderbolt Display With Integrated GPU Still in the Works"  MacRumors 6/24
  • "Apple still working on next-gen external display with integrated graphics card - report" AppleInsider 6/24
  • "Apple monitor with integrated GPU still expected following discontinued Thunderbolt Display" 9to5Mac 6/24
  • "Thunderbolt Display With Integrated GPU Still In The Works" UberGizmo 6/24
  • "Apple pulls plug on Thunderbolt display: Apple has pulled the plug on its thousand-dollar Thunderbolt display, which was first introduced back in July 2011." ZDNet 6/24
  • "Apple retires the Thunderbolt Display without announcing a replacement: Apple tells users to look elsewhere instead of replacing the 5-year-old screen." Ars Technica 6/24
  • "Apple discontinuing Thunderbolt Display: The company said there were 'great' third-party options available" Computerworld 6/24
  • "Apple Removes Encryption From iOS 10 Kernel, Which Could Pay Off Big: Though Apple's move might seem to decrease iOS security at first, it will actually allow many more to try and poke holes in Apple's products—and Apple, in turn, can patch them up faster." PC Magazine 6/24
  • "Apple is leaving the iOS 10 kernel unencrypted... to increase security" BetaNews 6/24
  • "Apple developing Micro LED panels for Apple Watch, say Taiwan makers" DigiTimes 6/24
  • "2017 Apple Watch reportedly switching to Micro-LED screen technology, away from OLED panels" 9to5Mac 6/24
  • "Future Apple Watch may ditch OLED for micro-LED display" Pocketnow 6/24
  • "Apple may soon have an extra supplier of OLED displays for future iPhone: Sharp" 9to5Mac 6/24
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