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MacSurfer's Archive: Tuesday, June 5, 2012


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Weekend Highlights: Late Thursday, Apple took new tack against Qualcomm seeking invalidation of four patents; fresh ruling from US Supreme Court backs Apple's iPhone privacy stance requiring warrants to access cellphone data—reports in our Apple/Macintosh section; Dan Moren expresses frustration over slow Mac updates, delcaring "long product cycles are ... now normal for the Mac"; Ben Lovejoy thinks he has a solution to the MacBook Pro dilemma that would keep all parties happy; ZDNet takes FileMaker 17 for a spin; Simon Royal argues life's "too short to argue over operating systems" says end result is that you're happy with your choice; Gregg Keizer delves into new privacy features in Mojave; Japan now seeing Apple mapping vehicles on the roads; man in Toronto, CA sues Apple over Apple Watch scratches; The Drum interviews Susan Bennett, Siri's original voice; interesting interview with Andy Hertzfeld; BGR claims exclusive first look at 6.1" LCD iPhone; commentary from Channel NewsAsia poses question whether "Xiaomi is twice as good as Apple".

Today's MacUpdate Promo offers its MacUpdate Desktop for $20.00. "MacUpdate Desktop brings seamless 1-click app installs and version updates to your Mac. With a free MacUpdate account and MacUpdate Desktop 6, Mac users can now install almost any Mac app on with a single click, including thousands of titles not available in the Mac App Store."

  • "Apple and Google Expand Their Battle to Mobile Maps" [Paid Membership Required] 7:46 AM
  • "Apple to Chart its Own Course on Maps, Ditch Google" FOXBusiness 9:42 AM
  • "Apple To Google Maps: We Have Our Own App For That" NPR 7:10 PM
  • "Why Tim Cook Won't Kill Apple's Mystique"  TheStreet 11:23 AM
  • "Who Poses the Biggest Threat to the Apple iPad?" ["But when it comes to consumer demand for individual manufacturers, 73% of planned tablet buyers are still reporting they'll purchase an iPad. And while that's down a bit from the extraordinary demand levels seen at the time of the March new iPad launch, it's a clear sign that Apple's massive domination of the market is continuing going forward."]  ChangeWave Research 7:38 AM
  • "ChangeWave, Apple, Amazon's flickering Fire and user experiences" Computerworld 8:27 AM
  • "Apple's iPad favored among vast majority of would-be tablet buyers" CNET News 10:16 AM
  • "Survey: Apple iPad's 'massive domination' of market persists" Fortune 10:29 AM
  • "Apple Will Probably Lose German Motorola Mobility Xoom Case" ["'We don't think someone sits in a coffee house using the Xoom and hopes other people will think he owns an iPad,' Brueckner-Hofmann said."]  Bloomberg 8:01 AM
  • "Judge says Apple jumped the gun on Galaxy Tab 10.1 ban, denies motion for the time being" Foss Patents 8:24 AM
  • "Apple scores latest win in Motorola patent case: The court has granted Apple's motion to rule out one of Motorola's two patents being used in the legal battle between the two companies." CNET News 11:23 AM
  • "Apple Scores Another Win in Motorola Patent Fight" PC Magazine 7:10 PM
  • "Apple Faces Delay in Bid for Ban on US Sales of Galaxy Tab 10.1" IDG News Service 7:54 AM
  • "What's Apple going to unveil next week in San Francisco?" Fortune 7:56 AM
  • "Anatomy of a video file: What those letters, numbers, and tongue-twisting acronyms really mean" Macworld 8:41 AM
  • "Lion Server: Ports used by Profile Manager" Apple Support 6:46 PM
  • "Lion Server: Profile Manager does not save a profile if Exchange account information is blank" Apple Support 6:46 PM
  • "Appidemic: Inpaint Pro 4 for OS X" AppleTell 8:35 AM
  • "Mac News: Reviews: Ringer for OS X Sets Just the Right Ringtone" MacNewsWorld 8:30 AM
  • "How-To Replace MobileMe Features That Apple Discontinued In iCloud [Feature] Cult of Mac 12:25 PM
  • "How to Remotely Lock Your iPad" Macinstruct 8:31 AM
  • "Stop the Lion 'rubber-band' bounce" Macworld 10:36 AM
  • "Shift-Option modifier for fine volume control returns in 10.7.4" Mac OS X Hints 10:15 AM
  • "Create a Sorted Applications Launcher & App Menu for the Mac OS X Dock" OS X Daily 2:30 PM
  • "How To Use Your Mac And A Free App To Eliminate Writer's Block" PixoBebo 7:37 AM
  • "Try A Mac App That Gives Your Mouse Or Trackpad Pixel By Pixel Controls" McSolo 7:37 AM
  • "Yet Another Mac Backup App That's Low Cost, Easy To Use, And Good For Multiple Backup Destinations" Mac 360 7:37 AM
  • "A Redshirt in the DRM Wars" TidBITS 6:38 PM
  • "Time To Pull The Plug On Ping" MacNews 7:41 AM
Press Releases
  • "Date Time Calc 1.2 is a small utility to calculate future, past dates and time difference between dates on Mac OS X" Tension Software 8:26 AM
  • "Battery Guru 1.0 Free for OS X: Battery Life Monitoring and Optimization" prMac 9:16 AM
  • "Vitamin-R 1.80 displays calendar events" prMac 8:41 AM
  • "Zevrix Updates Package Central for InDesign CS6 Compatibility" prMac 8:11 AM
  • "Yummy Software introduces Yummy FTP Watcher and Yummy FTP Alias" prMac 8:11 AM
  • "World's First Cloud-Based Font Server Released by Insider Software" Insider Software 7:36 AM
General Interest/Potpourri
  • "Sprint's Virgin Mobile USA to offer iPhone" MarketWatch 6:47 PM
  • "iPhone 4, 4S reportedly heads to Virgin Mobile next" CNET News 9:36 PM
  • "Ad networks thumb nose at iPhone privacy settings" ZDNet 8:10 AM
  • "Matthew Modine to play John Sculley in Steve Jobs biopic" CNET News 6:51 PM
  • "Apple Starts Decorating Moscone West with WWDC 2012 Banners" MacStories 9:10 PM
  • "Moscone WWDC 2012 Banners start going up 'Where great ideas go on to do great things' [Gallery] 9 to 5 Mac 7:42 PM
  • "Reports say full-fledged Siri coming to iPad with iOS 6" ZDNet 8:19 AM
  • "Apple's voice assistant Siri coming to the iPad: report" AFP Relax News 8:13 AM
  • "Patent trolls beware: app makers partnering up with legal community/Appsterdam wants to be a 'one-stop legal shop for the app maker community.'" Ars Technica 8:25 AM
  • "The pen that revolutionises your iPad" ["Collusion, he says, turns the iPad into a useful productivity device for business and education, rather than for just entertainment. It includes a high precision pen and storage of files in the cloud, similar to Google Docs, allowing for real-time collaboration."] Sydney Morning Herald 10:57 AM
  • "Controvery Brewing Over Historic Sign At Future Store" ifoAppleStore 6:49 PM
  • "Apple is adding Cool Springs store: No opening date announced yet" The Tennessean 7:57 AM
  • "Man Uses Anti-Theft Mac Software To Catch Crook Red Handed [Report] Cult of Mac 12:26 PM
  • "Multiple iPads used to created Jumboltron" UberGizmo 8:59 AM
  • "iPhone hacker Chpwn (Grant Paul) now interning at Facebook" 9 to 5 Mac 8:39 AM
Non-Apple News
  • "Samsung Invents a Dual Display Device with Unique Remote" Patent Bolt 1:18 PM
  • "Samsung announces Cloud Gaming TVs" CNET Reviews 11:23 AM
  • "Facebook Mulls New Breed Of Networking Gear" Wired Magazine 11:06 AM
  • "Gigazone Redefines the Living Room PC" PC Magazine 10:36 AM
  • "Adobe patches critical flaws in Photoshop, Illustrator CS5.x" IDG News Service 10:03 AM
  • "Netflix builds its own delivery network" CNNMoney 10:01 AM
  • "Google renames developer groups to scare away punters: GTUGs become GDGs and no, they won't teach you Gmail" The Register 10:56 AM
  • "Google Apps Security Beat By CloudFlare Hackers: Google's Gmail password recovery routine allowed two-factor authentication to be bypassed." InformationWeek 9:46 AM
  • "Fujitsu comes to market with a pair of ultrabooks" CNET Reviews 9:42 AM
  • "Toshiba shows off Windows 8 prototypes at Computex" CNET Reviews 9:42 AM
  • "Sony cuts pay of top seven executives" Financial Times [Paid Membership Required] 10:16 AM
  • "Sony at E3: Games Take Center Stage" PCWorld 10:39 AM
  • "Gregg Lowe, ex-TI exec, takes helm at Freescale" EE Times 10:11 AM
  • "Napster founders launch Airtime video chat app" USA Today 10:58 AM
  • "'Siri, Kill That Guy': Drones Might Get Voice Controls" Wired 7:52 AM
  • "Exclusive | Jennifer Love Hewitt InterviewBack: 'I use an AirBook. I use an iPad. I use my iPhone. I use my iPod. I'm very Mac-Happy!'" MacDirectory 1:56 PM
  • "Ray East of BeLight Software On Getting Art Text For Free" MacVoicesTV 10:37 AM
  • "After nearly two years without an update, Apple to finally revamp Mac Pro next week"  9 to 5 Mac 5:37 PM
  • "Mac Pro may soon be updated for the first time in almost 2 years: Whither Mac Pro? It'll get a refresh, claim new sources." Ars Technica 7:09 PM
  • "Apple pulls Mac Pro stock ahead of refresh" Tapscape 6:43 PM
  • "Apple to Update Mac Pro Next Week" iClarified 6:48 PM
  • "New 13-inch MacBook Pro specs leaked early? A Chinese forum claims to have a photo from a U.S.-based Apple employee who snapped an image of the device's specs."  CNET News 7:49 AM
  • "Possibly fake MacBook Pro spec sheet: USB 3.0, Ivy Bridge and no Retina Display" Engadget 8:12 AM
  • "MacBook Pro 13-inch spec sheet leaks showing USB 3.0, 1280 x 800 resolution, and Ivy Bridge?" The Verge 8:17 AM
  • "Leaked 13.3" MacBook Pro Specs Suggest No Retina Display, Addition of USB 3.0, and Only Minor Changes" MacRumors 8:35 AM
  • "Apple to Update Nearly All Macs at WWDC [Report] Mashable 8:13 AM
  • "Surprise! Liquidmetal Is Already Being Used In Apple Products" Business Insider 8:43 AM
  • "Liquidmetal CEO confirms that Apple is commercializing Terminator alloy" iDownload Blog 9:16 AM
  • "Apple Releases 5.0.2 Update for 2nd and 3rd Generation Apple TV" MacRumors 3:52 PM
  • "Apple TV 5.0.2 software update released for 2nd gen and 1080P models" The Next Web 3:51 PM
  • "Chipbond lands orders for driver ICs used in new iPhone and Samsung TFT-LCD panels" DigiTimes 10:10 AM
Granted Apple Patents
  • "Apple Wins Patents for Industrial Design, Future 3D Remote & Harnessing Power through Electromagnetic Induction" Patently Apple 1:18 PM
  • "Surprising Win for All-New Apple iWallet Credit System Patent" Patently Apple 9:37 AM
  • "Apple Conjuring Up 'Magic Wand' TV Remote?" MacNews 8:31 AM
  • "Steve Jobs One Of The Inventors Of Media User Interface Patent" MacNews 8:14 AM
Price Trackers/Deals
  • "MiniFlyer For iPhone and iPad Is Temporarily Available For Free (Normally $0.99)" Apple Sliced 8:08 AM
  • "Dune Rider For iPhone and iPad Is Free Right Now (Previously $0.99)" Apple Sliced 8:08 AM
  • "Sonic & SEGA All-Stars Racing For iPhone and iPad Is Free Today (Was $1.99)" Apple Sliced 8:08 AM
  • "MacBook Air Prices & Sales" MacPrices 7:41 AM
  • "MacBook Pro Prices & Sales" MacPrices 7:41 AM

  • "Product Review: LifeProof iPhone Case" App Advice 7:05 PM
  • "Create your own patterns with the Incipio Dotties case" Macworld 8:45 AM
  • "Carved exotic wood skins for iPhone review" iMore 10:36 AM
  • "Review: Griffin WaveStand for iPad" Kirkville 7:58 AM
  • "Video Review: AluPen Pro" MacTrast 7:23 PM
  • "Fitbit Kit Helps You Get Fit" MacNews 7:42 AM
iPad/iPhone/iPod touch Apps
  • "Airtime channels Chatroulette: real-time, browser-based video chat for your social graph" The Verge 6:49 PM
  • "Agenda 3.0: Fast Event Creation, Custom Repeats and More" MacStories 6:47 PM
  • "Hands on with Pris camera app for iOS" Macworld 6:47 PM
  • "Review: Feedswire – A New RSS App In A Competitive Market" MacTrast 8:35 AM
  • "Review: Panes for iPad (Or the Occasional Pains of Developing for the App Store)" iSource 8:29 AM
  • "Quotebook for iPhone and iPad review" iMore 8:37 AM
  • "The King of Fighters-i 2012 Review" Mac|Life 10:16 AM
  • "Heroes Call for iPhone and iPad review" iMore 6:48 PM
  • "'Shoot The Zombirds' Review - High Flying, Horror-themed Fun" Touch Arcade 3:51 PM
  • "'Love Me Not' Review - As Elegant and Beautifully Simple as the Flowers It Stars" Touch Arcade 2:29 PM
  • "'Plague Inc' Review - Rid the World of Those Pesky Humans" Touch Arcade 10:31 AM
  • "Axon Runners Review: Axon Runners is a fast-paced hoverboarding game where players must jump around corridors in order to rack up high scores." 148Apps 2:31 PM
  • "Timer Review: Timer is a one-tap app designed with a well-polished interface that makes keeping track of multiple timers a breeze." 148Apps 11:24 AM
  • "Inferno+ Review: Inferno+ is the latest iOS port from Radiangames, a level-based twin-stick shooter where players fight through hordes of enemies and earn upgrades." 148Apps 10:31 AM
  • "Zombie Carnaval Review: Grow the zombie horde and keep the party going." 148Apps 1:28 PM
  • "Plague Inc. Review: It might not be the first extinction of the human race via a deadly virus simulator, but it just might be one of the best." 148Apps 8:29 AM
  • "How to Remote Wipe an iPhone or iPad" OS X Daily 6:49 PM
  • "How to download your photos from popular sharing sites" TechHive 1:28 PM
  • "How to fix the Home button on a Verizon or Sprint iPhone 4" iMore 12:25 PM
  • "ButtonHide Example in iPhone: In this application we will see how to hide button from the iPhone application. So let see how it will worked." The iPhone Developer Resource 8:29 AM
  • "Manually updating your Apple TV's software Tips" iLounge 7:05 PM
  • "Using Apple TV for Home Videos" iLounge 7:05 PM
  • "Not Sure Which Writing App to Use on Your iPhone or iPad? This Chart Compares Them All" Lifehacker 6:43 PM
  • "Child-Safe Browsing On The iPhone and iPad, And How To Hide The Safari Browser On iOS Devices" Forbes 2:30 PM
  • "Make Google+ Hangouts your new meeting room: Get started with this simple (and free) video conferencing service" Macworld 8:59 AM
  • "Cassandra -Wednesday Review -The Week in Full Swing" eXtensions 8:32 PM
  • "Office for iPad exists, but Microsoft isn't sure when to release it, says NYT" The Next Web 7:01 PM
  • "iPad May Be Cheaper And More Business-Friendly Than Windows RT Tablets" Cult of Mac 6:48 PM
  • "This iOS 6 Concept Is Actually Quite Good, Only If Apple Pulls It Off [Video] Redmond Pie 6:48 PM
  • "Don't hold your breath for in iOS 6, here's why" iDownload Blog 6:47 PM
  • "Why Apple could sell more than 50 million iPhones this holiday season" iDownload Blog 6:47 PM
  • "iPad Mini Puts Apple in Sweet Spot: Pros" CNBC 3:55 PM
  • "Apple: What To Expect At Tim Cook's WWDC Keynote Monday" Forbes 2:30 PM
  • "Why Ron Johnson Can Never Make JC Penney As Magical As The Apple Store" Cult of Mac 10:15 AM
  • "The Macalope Daily: How's all the winning going?" Macworld [Insider Content] 10:15 AM
  • "What If Apple's New MacBook Pros Don't Have Retina Displays?" Techland 10:59 AM
  • "Four out of five ain't bad? Apple readies WWDC Mac refresh" Tapscape 10:10 AM
  • "The Digital Skeptic: How Apple Sells High-End, Mass Market All At Once" TheStreet 9:06 AM
  • "Battery Power Drives Screen Size: The rumors (and spy photos) of the next iPhone, probably coming this fall, indicate that it might be bigger than all iPhones to date." New York Times [Free Registration Required] 8:30 AM
  • "Apple Is Going To Put A Double-Hurting On Google In A Week" Business Insider 7:05 PM
  • "Apple Maps Out Its Problems With Google" Minyanville 12:26 PM
  • "Apple may ditch Google maps in next version of iOS" MSNBC 10:34 AM
  • "Apple's already started the process of replacing Google Maps — Apple News, Tips and Reviews" GigaOM 10:16 AM
  • "Here's Why Google Should Be Freaking Out About Apple Ditching Google Maps On iOS" Business Insider 8:26 AM
  • "Can Apple Avoid Being 'RIMMed' by Samsung?" TheStreet 8:09 AM
  • "Apple iTV May Turn DirecTV Into The Next Palm"  Forbes 2:29 PM
  • "What Apple Will Do to the World of TV" TheStreet 8:09 AM
  • "Apple TV + AirPlay = iOS6 Will Be The Next Generation TV App Platform (iTV Optional)"  Forbes 7:54 AM
  • "[Rumor] iOS 6 will borrow some features from Mountain Lion" AppleTell 2:30 PM
  • "What to expect in iOS 6" BGR 8:40 AM
  • "The 6 big iOS flaws Apple really needs to fix: As the iPhone 5 nears, six major defects in iOS really need to finally get addressed: especially for iPad users" InfoWorld 10:25 AM
  • "iOS 6: 7 Key Trouble Spots Apple Needs to Address"  Wired 7:52 AM
  • "Google, Quickoffice and Productivity Beyond X86" Tech.pinions 11:56 AM
  • "Convertible notebooks will sell, but for how long?" ZDNet 11:09 AM
  • "Oracle verdict double plus good for Linux movement" The Register 10:57 AM
  • "Ice Cream Sandwich eeks past 7%" TG Daily 10:54 AM
  • "E3 Trends: iPad, Augmented Reality Loom Over Video Game Trade Show" PCWorld 10:40 AM
  • "Hands on With Asus Tablet 810, Using Intel Clover Trail Chip" IDG News Service 10:40 AM
  • "Hands On: Toshiba Satellite U845w" PC Magazine 10:36 AM
  • "Hands On: Fujitsu Lifebook UH572" PC Magazine 10:36 AM
  • "Facebook Message 'seen' feature could create awkward situations" Los Angeles Times [Paid Membership Required] 10:29 AM
  • "Why I can't get inflamed over Flamer" InfoWorld 10:25 AM
  • "If ultrabooks don't take off, there are always ultra-likes" DigiTimes 10:10 AM
  • "OpenDNS will monitor kids' computers Track surfing with your router" Detroit Free Press 10:09 AM
  • "Google Gets More Social With Meebo Deal: Google's acquisition of social platform Meebo, reportedly valued at $100 million, should make Google+ more lively and more appealing to advertising." InformationWeek 9:47 AM
  • "Why Sony's Beyond may be one of the most important games of E3 2012" CNET Reviews 9:42 AM
  • "The Morning Download: CIOs Must Get More Social" WSJ Blogs 9:29 AM
  • "Nintendo faces big Wii-U challenge at E3: Game maker needs to win audience for new system, analysts say" MarketWatch 9:15 AM
  • "Qualcomm's plan to win the battle for the digital home" GigaOM 9:03 AM
  • "The End: Microsoft officially axes Zune brand" MacDailyNews 10:56 AM
  • "How working from home saved Pixar" ZDNet 8:18 AM
Press Releases/Products/Public Relations
  • "Low End Mac and Mission: Small Business" Low End Mac 6:56 PM
  • "Enjoy full-width banner notifications on your iPad with NCPad [jailbreak] iMore 6:48 PM
  • "Belkin boosts Thunderbolt Dock with USB 3.0" iTWire 6:38 PM
  • "This Gorgeous, Fast And Furious iPhone Speaker Dock Is Made Out Of A Hot Rod's Exhaust [Gallery] Cult of Mac 2:29 PM
  • "'Scribblenauts Remix' Goes 2.0, Adds World Pass" Touch Arcade 12:51 PM
  • "Upgrade your MacBook Air to First Class with the new SurfacePad for Air wrist pad." Twelve South 12:21 PM
  • "Matrox Announces $249 Thunderbolt Docking Station For MacBook and Ultrabook" MacPrices 12:20 PM
  • "Yelp hops on Mitt Romney's 'Amercia' train with new iOS support" Digital Trends 10:16 AM
  • "Denny's Invites Guests On A Tour Of America With New Mobile App" PRNewswire 8:58 AM
  • "Pong Unveils World's Most Advanced iPad Case" PRNewswire 8:58 AM
  • "iSales 100 For Sage 100 ERP By xkzero Now Available On Apple Store" PRWeb 8:56 AM
  • "OnTrion® Unveils Protective iHangy™ iPad® Smart Pen Cover with Multi-Functional Suction Stylus" PRWeb 8:56 AM
  • "MyPsych iPhone App Helps Users Be Happy, Healthy" PRWeb 8:56 AM
  • "Wheel It Off Has Launched an Apple App for Measuring Online Anything On The Outside Of a Property - This is a Game Changer Tool Under $300 Super Simple to Use" PRWeb 8:56 AM
  • "FitPlay App for iOS Launches - On Demand Video Workouts from the World's Best Coaches on your iPhone, iPad and Apple TV" PRWeb 8:56 AM
  • "FileTrek Releases Management Tool on iPad: FileTrek for iPad Tracks Projects, Data and Activity to Improve Mobile Collaboration and Project Management" Business Wire 8:54 AM
  • "Clarifire Community™ App Now Available to Realtors and Others for Download" Business Wire 8:54 AM
  • "Belkin shows off its updated Thunderbolt Express Dock rocking 9 connections for $399 in July" 9 to 5 Mac 8:45 AM
  • "Groove for iOS Studies Your Listening Habits, Builds Custom Mixes and Auto-Tags Your Music" Lifehacker 8:39 AM
  • "Introducing Macworld's Mac Gems Superguide, second edition" Macworld 8:36 AM
  • "Daily iPhone App: Air Mail flies high in the sky" TUAW 8:29 AM
  • "CableJive updates docXtender 30-pin extension cable for Apple devices" Insanely Great Mac 8:27 AM
  • "Traducto Pro Wants To Be Your One Stop Shop For iOS And Mac App Localization" TechCrunch 8:26 AM
  • "Where's My Water? Joins Phineas and Ferb in the Upcoming Where's My Perry?" 148Apps 8:40 AM
  • "Disney Mobile Announces Where's My Perry? Game For iOS" App Advice 8:25 AM
  • "Scribblenauts Remix 2.0 Lets You Play God" App Advice 8:25 AM
  • "Asymmetric competition | Horace Dediu | Mobilism 2012 on Vimeo" asymco 8:25 AM
  • "Gameloft Announces Amazing Spiderman Game for Android, iOS" LAPTOP Magazine 8:22 AM
  • "Yelp for iOS Has Added Support for New Country, Amercia" Gizmodo 8:21 AM
  • "Nuance's Dragon ID unlocks mobile devices by voice command" ZDNet 8:18 AM
  • "Nuance's Dragon ID lets you unlock your phone by voice" GigaOM 8:17 AM
  • "Finale Songbook Brings Finale Sheet Music to the iPad" The Mac Observer 8:14 AM
  • "Let's get starting - The new way of enjoying oneself by photo" prMac 10:30 AM
  • "Self - A Meditation Machine 2.0: Helps Users to Relax and Meditate" prMac 9:16 AM
  • "Spellorama 1.0 for iOS - The Fun Way to Learn to Spell" prMac 8:42 AM
  • "Ten Monsters Come to Call - New Storybook App Teaches Counting Skills" prMac 8:41 AM
  • "Indie hip-hop legend Sole and Mad Monkey Miltia release Sole App for iOS" prMac 8:41 AM
  • "The Christian Toolbox App Is Now Available For iOS Devices" prMac 8:40 AM
  • "Iris - A Siri like assistant for iPhone, but better" prMac 8:40 AM
  • "Euro 2012 England - No England app like it - Hardcore Fans Only" prMac 8:12 AM
  • "Home Inventory Manager HD update 1.5.0" prMac 8:12 AM
  • "Introducing Letter Gap for iOS - Brain-Teasing Word Game" prMac 8:12 AM
  • "Myzantium Inc. Launches Wonga Bazaar - an Entertaining App for iPad" prMac 8:12 AM
  • "SwipeVideo for iPhone lets users share videos share videos fast" prMac 8:11 AM
  • "Beginning Guitar - App Teaches From The Player's Perspective" prMac 8:11 AM
  • "E-Folk - Guitar for beginners on the AppStore and Android Market" prMac 8:11 AM
  • "Monkey Drum Deluxe 1.0 for iOS - Educational Music App Featured By Apple" prMac 8:10 AM
  • "Cow Abduct! 1.0 released for iOS - Abduct Cows for Fuel" prMac 8:10 AM
  • "Build your own tribe and discover the best tweets" prMac 8:10 AM
Computer Industry
  • "Defending H-P in Age of Tablets: CEO Meg Whitman Sees Strong Future for Computer and Printer Giant" [Paid Membership Required] 7:09 PM
  • "Meg Whitman battles to convince world that HP isn't in terminal decline" BetaNews 7:09 PM
  • "H-P-Oracle lawsuit: only in Silicon Valley" MarketWatch 9:15 AM
  • "Tennis Pals Ellison and Hurd Explored HP-Oracle Merger" Wired Magazine 11:06 AM
  • "Oracle faces HP in court over Itanium chip lawsuit" BBC 9:53 AM
  • "HP To Oracle: You Owe Us $4 Billion For Screwing Up Our Server Business" Business Insider 3:18 PM
  • "Oracle Buys Collective Intellect to Bolster Social Media Analysis" New York Times [Free/Paid Registration Required] 9:29 AM
  • "Oracle buys Collective Intellect for 'social intelligence' tools" IDG News Service 10:02 AM
  • "Oracle to buy Collective Intellect" Reuters 9:29 AM
  • "Oracle Continues Getting Social" WSJ Blogs 12:24 PM
  • "Oracle to buy cloud firm Collective Intellect" MarketWatch 9:16 AM
  • "Oracle to launch first cloud service suite" MarketWatch 9:16 AM
  • "Oracle sues patent troll Lodsys on behalf of customers" V3 6:49 PM
  • "Seven Questions for HP Enterprise Chief Dave Donatelli" AllThingsD 9:15 AM
  • "HP Claims Record-Setting Backup Speeds: HP rolls out new deduplication hardware and software, improved data protection and search features, and 3PAR direct-attached capability." InformationWeek 9:46 AM
  • "EMC: HP's 'ridiculous' 100TB dedupe claim is bogus" ZDNet UK 11:11 AM
  • "HP Discover: HP looks to storage innovations to reverse ailing fortunes" V3 11:00 AM
  • "HP Discover: HP places big data hopes in Autonomy and Hadoop connection" V3 11:00 AM
  • "HP rolls out Hadoop AppSystem stack" The Register 10:56 AM
  • "HP's Envy 15, 17 Ivy Bridge update sneaks out" CNET News 9:42 AM
  • "Researchers reveal how Flame fakes Windows Update: Bogus certificates key, but espionage malware also spoofs Microsoft's update service on a network" Computerworld 10:04 AM
  • "Microsoft to expand Xbox subscription plan" MarketWatch 11:18 AM
  • "Microsoft to Offer Xbox Subscriptions at Best Buy, GameStop" [Paid Membership Required] 11:05 AM
  • "Windows Phone Marketplace Crosses 100,000 App Mark: Microsoft hits key milestone for Windows Phone app store as its U.S. market share also rises a bit." InformationWeek 6:53 PM
  • "Dell's Scrappy 'Copper' ARM-Based Server Initiatives" E-Commerce Times 10:11 AM
  • "Dell updates Inspiron notebooks with Intel Ivy Bridge chips: Dell has put MaxxAudio technologies from Wave in the laptops for better audio playback" IDG News Service 10:03 AM
  • "Dell's redesigned Inspiron laptops are near-ultrabook thin" CNET Reviews 9:41 AM
  • "Dell storage sales drooping while others thrust up: Compellent sales could be down" The Register 10:56 AM
  • "Dell's Boomi adds crowd sourced regression testing in latest update" ZDNet 11:09 AM
  • "IBM announces big data focused Smarter Computing' initiative" ZDNet 11:10 AM
  • "IBM Adds Agility, Efficiency To Storage Systems: New products include compression appliance for active data, enhancements to Tivoli Storage Productivity Suite, new tape and storage systems for SMBs." InformationWeek 10:22 AM
  • "Chip Turf War Heats Up: Rivalry Between Intel, AMR Escalates Ahead of Windows 8 Launch" [Paid Membership Required] 11:04 AM
  • "Intel, ARM battle ahead of Windows 8 launch" MarketWatch 11:17 AM
  • "Intel Talks Ultrabooks, Tablets, Smartphones at Computex" eWeek 10:12 AM
  • "Intel says 20 Windows 8 tablets in works with new Clover Trail chip: Intel seeks a reboot in tablet market with Atom chips code-named Clover Trail and Windows 8 OS" IDG News Service 10:25 AM
  • "35 New Ivy Bridge-powered Ultrabooks Coming Over Next 30 Days" PCWorld 10:40 AM
  • "Intel open to Windows Phone OS on smartphones: Intel has the 'hooks' to bring Windows Phone OS to smartphones with x86 chips, but only if it is commercially viable, says an exec" IDG News Service 10:03 AM
  • "Intel open to putting Windows Phone on its chips" CNET News 9:40 AM
  • "Will Slowing Computer Production Hurt Intel? Maxim Group is lowering the chip giant's price target because of weak production estimates from the likes of Dell and H-P." Barron's 2:29 PM
  • "Intel, AMD, ARM Joust for Notebook Success at Computex" Barron's 7:10 PM
  • "Chip Turf War Heats Up: Rivalry Between Intel, AMR Escalates Ahead of Windows 8 Launch" [Paid Membership Required] 12:25 PM
  • "TiVo Claims Cisco Infringes Digital Video Recorder Patents" Bloomberg 9:21 AM
  • "TiVo countersues Cisco as DVR patent battle heats up" Reuters 9:21 AM
  • "Cisco's Strategic Box" New York Times [Free/Paid Registration Required] 9:20 AM
  • "Cisco Upgrades Mobile Carrier Switches With an Eye on Escalating Traffic" IDG News Service 10:39 AM
  • "Cisco Unveils ASR 5500 Mobile Platform" eWeek 10:12 AM
  • "Cloud Pricing: Amazon, Microsoft Keep Cutting/Look for cloud computing prices to continue falling as vendors compete for enterprise IT workloads." InformationWeek 9:47 AM
  • "Flexible Willow glass displays thin and curvy gadget future: Ultra-slim sheets ready to roll" The Register 10:55 AM
  • "Willow Glass: ultra-thin glass can 'wrap' around devices/A new type of flexible ultra-thin glass has been unveiled by the firm that developed Gorilla Glass, currently used to make screens of many mobile devices." BBC 9:53 AM
  • "Dual-screen, detachable and Windows 8 star at Computex" The Register 10:56 AM
  • "Windows and Intel, but not Wintel, take center stage at Computex" DigiTimes 10:10 AM
Finances (Click heading for current Apple Stock price.)
Apple News
  • "Investor 'Social' Sentiment Turning On Apple" Seeking Alpha 3:50 PM
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Industry News
  • "H-P, Oracle, Groupon lead tech gains: Freescale's shares also rally after firm appoints new CEO" MarketWatch 4:21 PM
  • "Stocks Zigzag as Traders Balance G7 Inaction, Data" FOXBusiness 10:21 AM
  • "U.S. Stocks Gain As ISM Services Index Unexpectedly Rises" Bloomberg 4:22 PM
  • "Stocks Snap Losing Streak" TheStreet 4:23 PM
  • "Stocks end higher on upbeat report" CNNMoney 4:23 PM
  • "U.S. Stocks Rise on Service-Sector Data" [Paid Membership Required] 4:23 PM
  • "Investors focus on Spain and Greece" CNNMoney 9:03 AM
  • "Asia Markets Bounce Back Before Key Meetings" [Paid Membership Required] 9:15 AM
  • "Asian Stocks Advance Amid Speculation on Global Policy Stimulus" Bloomberg 9:19 AM
  • "Asia Markets: Asian stocks rebound ahead of G-7 meeting/Hong Kong, Tokyo, Sydney stocks snap a 4-day losing streak" MarketWatch 9:08 AM
  • "European Stocks Advance as U.S. Services Report Beats Estimates" Bloomberg 11:13 AM
  • "Europe Markets: Europe stocks mostly higher amid G-7 talks/Greece stocks sink; Spain minister says country's shut out of market" MarketWatch 9:08 AM
  • "Most active Nasdaq-traded stocks: Nasdaq's 10 most active stocks at 1 p.m." Associated Press 12:27 PM
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