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MacSurfer's Archive: Sunday, December 2, 2012


  • "Cassandra -Monday Review: It will soon be Friday" eXtensions 9:39 PM
  • "New Apple Patent Outlines The Wireless Charging Future We're All Dreaming Of" Gizmodo 12:46 PM
  • "All Of Apple's TV Commercials In One Place" Forbes 11:41 AM
  • "Watch this: Apple's TV commercials from 1977 to present day" The Verge 7:25 AM
  • "Are Apple's new iMacs being assembled in the U.S.?" Fortune 12/1
  • "Unlocked iPhone 5: Worth The Cost? Apple is now selling an unlocked version of the iPhone 5 starting at $649. Make sure you know the pros and cons involved in buying an off-contract device." InformationWeek 12/1
  • "Opinion: The iMac And The Problems With Good Design" AppleBitch 12/1
  • "The Macalope Daily: Microsoft FTW" Macworld 12/1
  • "Apparently No One Knows Who Tim Cook Is" Gizmodo 12/1
  • "Apple: Eight Reasons Why the iPad Will Dominate the Tablet Category" Forbes 11/30
  • "Taking the new iMac out of its weird-shaped box: New trapezoidal box is harder to stack but much easier to open." Ars Technica 11/30
  • "Is Apple TV becoming a sleeper hit?"  Los Angeles Times [Paid Membership Required] 11/30
  • "Huh: Tim Cook Is Getting Interviewed By NBC News At The Grand Central Apple Store" Business Insider 11/30
  • "Apple Should Include A Visitor's Center In Its New HQ Whether It Wants One Or Not" Silicon Beat 11/30
  • "Apple vs. App Annie: the definitive story on 2012 iOS app store revenue growth"  VentureBeat 11/30
  • "Oi, Apple, stick to phones, forget about TV - Time Warner CEO: Time Warner Cable CEO Jeff Bewkes has subtly mocked Apple's ambitions to conquer the TV biz by describing the iPhone maker as a 'great device company'."  The Register 11/30
  • "The Macalope Daily: Creepy" Macworld 11/30
  • "The best tablet for you" TechHive 11/30
  • "Greg's Bite: Scott Forstall, CEO Of Microsoft" MacNews 11/30
  • "Question: How Can Microsoft Defeat Apple In Smart Phones And Tablets?" Mac 360 11/30
  • "Can Microsoft Really Crush Google And Defeat Apple In Smart Phones And Tablets?" PixoBebo 11/30
  • "Schibsted's extraordinary click machines" Monday Note 1:19 PM
  • "Is General Electric Aiming to Poach Programmers from Apple, Facebook, and Google?" Wall St. Cheat Sheet 11:44 AM
  • "Updated: 'Scientists' uncover global league of mythical creatures/Lack of peer review makes findings less credible, more awesome." Ars Technica 12/1
  • "Addicted to Your Cellphone? You're Not Alone" Mashable 11/30
  • "How the PC Market Became a Zombie: Lack of competition has sucked the life out of the PC industry and it now walks the earth as the living dead." PC Magazine 11/30
  • "10 Tech Predictions For 2013: Apple TVs, Win 8 Flop And More" Forbes 11/30
  • "Annoying Facebook notifications: How to get rid of them" ZDNet 11/30
  • "10 awesome laptop bags for geeks" ZDNet 11/30
  • "How an Obscure Comic Artist Became John McAfee's Lifeline to the World" Wired 11/30
  • "Four key mistakes to avoid when building your hybrid cloud" The Register 11/30
  • "Manners, please: diner shall not direct waiters while engaging the portable telephone" Sydney Morning Herald 11/30
  • "The Top 10 Priorities for CIOs in 2013" CIO 11/30
  • "iPhones chipping away at BlackBerry enterprise stronghold" CIO 11/30
  • "Does Your Cell Phone Make You Too Available?" PC Magazine 11/30
  • "We love our cellphones and feel only a little guilty about it" Los Angeles Times [Paid Membership Required] 11/30
  • "5 tips to find and hire data scientists" InfoWorld 11/30
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  • "Hottest Android news and rumors for the week ending Nov. 30" Network World 11/30
  • "Smartphone giants and wannabes square off: iOS and Android jockey for supremacy, while Windows Phone and BlackBerry scramble for footing" InfoWorld 11/30
  • "10 Essential Android Apps For Work, Home" [Slideshow] InformationWeek 11/30
  • "Google Chrome shows best anti-phishing detection, test finds: But rivals not far behind" Techworld 11/30
  • "Bing vs. Google: Where should you shop? A heated battle is brewing over who provides the best results for consumers. Let's test it -- and buy some stuff!" Salon 11/30
  • "Google Counters Amazon's Storage Price Cuts: Google cut storage prices by 20% at start of week, and then slashed another 10% in response to Amazon's price drops. Is there a storage price war going on in the cloud?" InformationWeek 11/30
  • "The crazy truth: Google+ can thrive alongside Facebook" CNET News 11/30
  • "What's the most mobile-centric Internet company? Hint: It's not Twitter." Washington Post [Free Registration Required] 11/30
  • "Microsoft Surface Pro pricing dooms it to failure" View From Above 11/30
  • "666 chip? Why a Texas student thinks her school ID is the 'Mark of the Beast'" Ars Technica 11/30
  • "Fewer Than 2-In-5 PC Owners Plan To Upgrade To Windows 8" MacNews 11/30
  • "The crazy truth: Google+ can thrive alongside Facebook" CNET News 11/30
  • "Google's Drive + Gmail: A 10GB Dropbox killer" The Register 11/30
  • "Caturday: The Snuggler" TUAW 12/1