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MacSurfer's Archive: Monday, December 10, 2012


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Thursday Highlights: Bloomberg's Mark Gurman hears long-anticipated AirPower wirless charger will hit store shelves in September, delay due to "technical hurdles"; Ben Lovejoy thinks Apple's recent habit of pre-announcing products hurts company more than consumers—reports and opinions in our Apple/Macintosh, and Op/Ed sections today; Nir Eyal at Quartz opines the reason Apple, Google don't want us using phones more is to curb harmful behavior, instead creating "healthy habits with [our] digital devices"; Tim Cook explains to Irish Times Apple's commitment to Ireland; Final Cut Pro turns 7 today—reports in our OS X section; Apple part of car consortium to establish digital car key specs for smartphones; Apple adds another original program to show lineup; the honeymoon is over, US Supreme Court rules states may now require online retailers to collect sales tax; CNET thinks Logitech Crayon so good Apple should copy it.

Today's MacUpdate Promo offers its MacUpdate Desktop for $20.00. "MacUpdate Desktop brings seamless 1-click app installs and version updates to your Mac. With a free MacUpdate account and MacUpdate Desktop 6, Mac users can now install almost any Mac app on with a single click, including thousands of titles not available in the Mac App Store."

  • "'Apple' tax: America's costly obsession" Reuters 6:02 PM
  • "Apple TV set – an enduring fantasy? Rumours continue over CEO Tim Cook's phrase 'an area of intense interest', but an Apple TV set still seems unlikely"  The Guardian 8:43 AM
  • "Parsing Apple's TV ambitions: People don't replace their TVs every few years, which makes the idea of an Apple TV set less plausible compared to an Apple set-top box, says former Apple exec Jean-Louis Gassée." CNET News 3:26 PM
  • "Tim Cook Won't Stop Dropping Hints About an Apple Television Set: The company might have to navigate the pitfalls that Google TV already discovered." Minyanville 1:19 PM
  • "Apple to bring Bluetooth to Apple TV, could add Siri, gaming" Macworld UK 8:50 AM
  • "Why Apple is Great and Everyone Else Is Not Even Close" Forbes 9:07 AM
  • "Apple's iMac on the road to irrelevance: The computer that saved company's bacon in '98 peaked a year ago"  Computerworld 8:45 AM
  • "Apple's Solid Mac Performance Compares Favorably To Sluggish PC Sales" Seeking Alpha 10:20 AM
  • "Apple and Google named in $500m Kodak patent bid" V3 6:03 PM
  • "Apple updates OS X Server to version 2.2" Macworld UK 8:40 AM
  • "When Back to My Mac won't" Macworld 8:53 AM
  • "Mac Data Recovery Guru review: A handy utility for recovering deleted files or files on damaged drives" Macworld UK 8:57 AM
  • "How to Hack a Dashboard Widget" Mactuts+ 8:53 AM
  • "If You Love Reminders On Mac Or iPhone You'll Love The Muscle In NotifyMe" Mac 360 8:25 AM
  • "Got Time Machine On Your Mac? Here's How To Change Time Machine's Backup Schedule" NoodleMac 8:25 AM
  • "It's Not Peanut Butter And Chocolate But Notes And Tasks Tastes Good On A Mac" Mac 360 8:25 AM
  • "How To Turn Your Mac's Screen Into A Living Digital Aquarium" TeraTalks 8:25 AM
  • "Try The Free Distraction Free Writing App For The Mac That's Not Really Free" McSolo 8:24 AM
  • "Got Videos? Here's How To Convert Videos From One Format To Another On A Mac" Mac 360 8:24 AM
  • "Time Machine bug still excluding data" ZDNet 3:11 PM
  • "Role of OS X in Fine-Tuning Your Mac and Why You Need to Switch to an External Defragmentation Source" Mac Amour 8:53 AM
Press Releases
  • "Wide Angle Software Launches TouchCopy 12 Essential Back-up/Restore Software- Protects iPhones, iPods & iPad from Devastating Data Loss" Thomas PR 1:18 PM
  • "Crystal Tower Game for Mac OS is Updated and is Free for a Limited Time" prMac 8:31 AM
  • "Retina Display Support Arrives For Office For Mac 2011" MacPrices 8:26 AM
General Interest/Potpourri
  • "Your Money: The 'Apple Tax' - America's costly obsession"  Reuters 6:03 PM
  • "Apple Fixes Maps Snafu Dubbed 'Potentially Life-Threatening' by Police" Wired 3:11 PM
  • "Apple redraws maps after Australian drivers led astray in the bush: Mildura police issue warning after motorists lose way in scorching temperatures because town misplaced on Apple Maps" The Guardian 6:06 PM
  • "Apple Fixes 'Potentially Life Threatening' Australian Maps Problem" The Mac Observer 6:06 PM
  • "Apple Maps 'is life-threatening' to motorists lost in Australia heat" BBC 8:46 AM
  • "Australian travelers stranded in wilderness because of iOS 6 maps: Motorists were taken over 40 miles off course." Ars Technica 9:12 AM
  • "Police issue warning after Apple Maps leads drivers astray in Australian wilderness" The Verge 8:23 AM
  • "Australian Police Warn Against Apple Maps, Citing 'Potentially Life Threatening' Misdirection" TechCrunch 9:05 AM
  • "Apple Maps 'Life Threatening,' Say Australian Police" AllThingsD 12:14 PM
  • "Apple Maps guides Australian motorists into 'life threatening' situation" BetaNews 10:22 AM
  • "FTC's Second Kids' App Report Finds Little Progress in Addressing Privacy Concerns Surrounding Mobile Applications for Children: Kids' Data Still Collected, Shared without Parents' Knowledge, Consent" Federal Trade Commission 3:19 PM
  • "FTC Faults Makers, Retailers of Kids' Apps" [Paid Membership Required] 8:32 PM
  • "FTC Urges Apple & Google to Get Serious About Kid Privacy" The Mac Observer 4:28 PM
  • "Worldwide Smart Connected Device Market, Led by Samsung and Apple, Grew 27.1% in the Third Quarter, According to IDC" Business Wire 4:02 PM
  • "IDC: 'smart connected device' shipments reach record 303.6m in Q3 2012, led by Apple and Samsung" The Next Web 9:00 AM
  • "IDC: Samsung and Apple are driving holiday sales" Fortune 10:13 AM
  • "Smart Device Shipments Broke Records In Q3 2012, Reaching 303.6 Million Devices; Expected To Grow To 362 Million In Holiday Quarter" TechCrunch 9:06 AM
  • "Millennial Media: iPad mini impressions grew 28% per day" Fortune 12:36 PM
  • "Chengdu's First Apple Store Opening This Saturday Together With Hong Kong's Third Store" M.I.C. Gadget 8:53 AM
  • "Apple's Massive New Hong Kong Store with 30-Foot Tall Glass Windows Leads Next Weekend's Grand Openings" MacRumors 8:49 AM
  • "Black Friday on the iPad: Revisiting some dubious data/The holiday shopping news for Amazon was not quite as awful as it seemed" Fortune 8:52 AM
  • "Sprint: T-Mobile USA's Recent iPhone Deal Won't Allow It To Overtake Sprint" Seeking Alpha 8:46 AM
  • "Apple still one of the Happiest Companies in America — but not as happy as before" AppleDailyReport 9:40 AM
  • "Apple Plummets To 42 On This Year's List Of 50 Happiest Companies To Work For" Cult of Mac 9:15 PM
  • "Woman photographs herself unlocking stolen iPhone: A woman unwittingly took a photograph of herself as she tried to unlock an iPhone that had been stolen from a nightclub." Telegraph 10:12 AM
  • "8 great free Mac gifts" [Slideshow] Macworld 8:56 AM
Non-Apple News
  • "No password is safe from this new 25-GPU computer cluster: The setup uses 25 AMD Radeon graphics cards and can make 350 billion guesses per second. All eight-character passwords fall in hours; some take only six minutes." CNET News 2:53 PM
  • "Valve chief confirms Steam-centric console-killing PC" The Register 2:15 PM
  • "Police-themed ransomware speaks to victims -- literally: New variant of Reveton ransomware uses localized voice messages to trick victims into paying rogue fines" IDG News Service 1:19 PM
  • "Amazon, Barnes & Noble slash Kindle, Nook prices" PCWorld 1:15 PM
  • "Stallman attacks are 'FUD,' argues Canonical community manager" Network World 1:19 PM
  • "Meet Ubuntu Linux 12.10 'Quantal Quetzal': Pictures" [Slideshow] PCWorld 1:15 PM
  • "With BlackBerry 10's Launch Fast Approaching, RIM Offers A First Glimpse At The Hardware" TechCrunch 2:05 PM
  • "RIM Releases BBM 7 With Free Wi-Fi Voice Calling" PC Magazine 1:13 PM
  • "Twitter may release its own Instagram-like photo filters this month" Los Angeles Times [Paid Membership Required] 1:04 PM
  • "Spotify Founder Daniel Ek Wanted to Create Something 'Better than Piracy'" ABCNews 11:03 AM
  • "Antivirus guru John McAfee sells rights for movie about his life" CNET News 9:25 PM
  • "John McAfee: Let me go to the USA - or old Blighty" The Register 2:13 PM
  • "Google Now, Google's effort to automate your life, may be coming to Chrome" VentureBeat [Free Registration Required] 2:22 PM
  • "Google Drive and Gmail services back online after outages" V3 2:20 PM
  • "Ada Lovelace: 'The Enchantress of Numbers'/Ada Lovelace was the visionary half of the team that helped create the modern computer. Lovelace is honored by Google as the 'first computer programmer.'" Christian Science Monitor 11:40 AM
  • "Google Stashed $2B in Taxes in the Bermuda Triangle in 2011" AllThingsD 9:59 AM
  • "Huawei to Open Research Center in Finland" New York Times [Free/Paid Registration Required] 10:44 AM
  • "Huawei Sets Up in Nokia's Back Yard" [Paid Membership Required] 9:40 AM
  • "Google to sell off Motorola's set-top box business as Google TV flounders" AppleInsider 8:55 AM
  • "Record Breaking Price Paid At Auction For First Apple Computer - But This Collector Owns Two Of Them!" The Classic Computing Blog 3:09 PM
  • "Holiday Gift Ideas from The MacJury" MacVoicesTV 11:45 AM
  • "Our Christmas gadget wish lists. It's kind of like Oprah's 'Favorite Things' except without the ad support." The MT Show 8:26 AM
  • "iPhone 5 hits 300,000 reservations in China" Macworld 6:04 PM
  • "Indications of Appy Holidays for Apple TV" Mac OS Ken 8:47 AM
  • "Apple TV apps section hints at upcoming Apple television sets" Beatweek Magazine 8:25 AM
  • "Holiday Apps categories begin appearing in Apple TV menus: Mistakes or preview of what's to come?" 9 to 5 Mac 8:55 AM
  • "Apple TV Likely To Get Bluetooth Support In Next Update: Gaming And Siri Could Follow" TechCrunch 9:23 AM
  • "USPTO Strikes Blow to Apple's Prized Multitouch Patent" MacNewsWorld 5:41 PM
  • "Apple's 'Steve Jobs' Patent Is in Trouble" Mashable 10:20 AM
  • "Jefferies: The iPhone 5S Is Coming Next June In 6-8 Colors" Business Insider 9:42 AM
  • "Analyst Suggests iPhone 5S Could Launch in Mid-2013 with NFC, 128 GB Storage, 6-8 Colors" MacRumors 3:19 PM
  • "27-inch iMacs now being prepped to ship to early buyers" CNET News 9:06 AM
  • "First round of 27-inch iMacs expected to arrive as soon as December 13th" 9 to 5 Mac 12:13 PM
  • "Microsoft Leaks References to 'Office Mobile for iPhone', 'Excel for iPad' and 'PowerPoint for iPad'" MacRumors 3:19 PM
  • "This Custom Datacenter Rack Has 160 Mac Minis Crammed Inside of It" Gizmodo 12:14 PM
  • "Apple Releases Mac Mini EFI Firmware Update 1.7 to Fix Flickering on HDMI External Displays" MacRumors 3:19 PM
Price Trackers/Deals
  • "LogYourRun -GPS pedometer running tracker For iPhone Is Temporarily Available For Free (Normally $1.99)" Apple Sliced 9:31 AM
  • "Jar on a Bar For iPhone and iPad Is Free Right Now (Previously $0.99)" Apple Sliced 9:31 AM
  • "Project: Mayhem For iPhone and iPad Is Free Today (Was $0.99)" Apple Sliced 9:31 AM
  • "Mac mini Prices & Sales" MacPrices 8:26 AM
  • "Best Buy trims $50 off iPhone" CNET News 8:43 AM
  • "Refurbished iPad Deals: Buy 1, Get 2nd for 50% Off" FairerPlatform 10:11 AM

  • "Review: Apple Mac Mini 2012/Nice media centre, shame about the HDMI glitches" The Register 9:10 AM
  • "Nexus 10 vs Surface RT vs iPad 4 tablet comparison review" PC Advisor 8:48 PM
  • "Prizefight: Apple iPad 4th generation vs. Google Nexus 10/It's a slobber knocker between two of the heaviest-hitting full-size tablets. Can Apple's iPad 4 keep its spot as the Prizefight champion, or will Google's Nexus 10 finally take it down? Let's get it on!" CNET TV 5:41 PM
  • "Lunatik Touch Pen – iPad Gear Review" PadGadget 3:44 PM
  • "A Larger Disk for Time Machine Backups: Western Digital, My Book Studio, 2 TB" eXtensions 8:26 AM
  • "Review: Seagate Backup Plus and Slim External Portable USB Hard Drives" Beatweek Magazine 8:26 AM
  • "Review: Boston Acoustics MC200 Air AirPlay Wireless Speaker" Beatweek Magazine 8:26 AM
  • "STM Tracer Deluxe stylus review: Two-colour pen, touch screen stylus combo from dependable STM" Macworld UK 12:13 PM
  • "Review: The Grove Bamboo Case for iPhone 5" MacTrast 8:32 PM
  • "OtterBox Defender Case for iPad mini: an Elegant Fortress" The Mac Observer 3:08 PM
  • "Cygnett Workmate iPad mini case review" AppleTell 8:58 AM
  • "Reviews: Spigen SGP Slim Armor for iPhone 5" iLounge 8:55 AM
  • "Apogee MiC for iPad, iPhone and Mac review" AppleTell 8:58 AM
  • "Hardware renaissance: A look at the Christie Street platform and Doorbot video streaming doorbell" The Next Web 8:41 AM
  • "iloome ScreenMate Tempered Glass 9H Hardness Screen Protector for iPhone 5 Review" Run Around Tech 8:53 AM
  • "Yes, Dear Mac User, It's True Confessions Time. 'I Run Trains On My Mac" BohemianBoomer 8:24 AM
iPad/iPhone/iPod touch Apps
  • "Autodesk FormIt – iPad App Review" PadGadget 4:40 PM
  • "Fantastical for iPhone Review" Mac|Life 12:13 PM
  • "Bill-Splitting Causing a Splitting Headache? Try These Apps." AllThingsD 8:59 AM
  • "Fly Delta App – 'This is not the upgrade you're looking for!" Best App Site 9:03 AM
  • "KitCam for iPhone review: New photo app from the creators of the PhotoForge series impresses" Macworld UK 10:22 AM
  • "Review - Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour - The Franchise FPS Returns On IOS" MacTrast 12:09 PM
  • "Appidemic: Monster Pinball for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch" AppleTell 8:58 AM
  • "'Partia' Review - A SRPG Diamond in the (Very) Rough" Touch Arcade 8:56 AM
  • "Wordistic iPhone Game Review: Fun Game, Strange Design" Tapscape 8:30 PM
  • "Audiobooks HQ Review: Audiobooks HQ gives users access to over 5300 audiobooks, comprising of many of the great classics over the years." 148Apps 10:13 AM
  • "Race of Champions World Review" 148Apps 12:38 PM
  • "Critical Missions: SWAT Review" 148Apps 3:26 PM
  • "How To: Manage App Notifications in Notification Center" 148Apps 12:37 PM
  • "How to make DVDs as holiday gifts" Macworld 8:56 AM
  • "MacMost Now 798: How To Not Miss Posts On Facebook" MacMost 10:16 AM
  • "Is Tim Cook Moving Apple To A Six Month Product Cycle?" Forbes 8:30 PM
  • "Reuters Exposes 'Apple Tax' for 'Enslaved' iOwners" The Mac Observer 8:28 PM
  • "Roll up your iPad and stuff it in a pocket? Soon, that may be reality" VentureBeat 6:05 PM
  • "Is Apple leading or following U.S. tech manufacturing trend?" Los Angeles Times [Paid Membership Required] 6:03 PM
  • "Apple's Mr. Fix-It Eddy Cue Tweets Like a Spambot" Gizmodo 3:21 PM
  • "Apple Is Crashing, but We're Not All Screwed!" TheStreet 1:17 PM
  • "Five Apps Apple Should Delete from the iPhone" TidBITS 12:53 PM
  • "Misek: Here's Why Apple Didn't Make A TV This Year" Business Insider 12:13 PM
  • "Why Apple and Google Teamed Up for Kodak's Patents" [Video Report] Bloomberg 9:42 AM
  • "This is out of hand now: Apple attempts to trademark the LEAF" The Register 9:10 AM
  • "Class Warfare, Fragmentation, Usability Gap? The Android vs iOS Engagement Paradox" Forbes 9:09 AM
  • "Opinion: Apple's Maps Program Is One Accident Away From Being A Total Wreck" App Advice 8:48 AM
  • "Love Don't Cost A Thing, Well Maybe An iPhone 4" Kotaku 8:46 AM
  • "Apple TV Holiday Apps Mistake, A Sign for Tighter Integration with iOS Devices?" PadGadget 3:26 PM
  • "Apple trolling us with Apple TV apps and games?" iDownload Blog 9:43 AM
  • "Apple Will Not Build A TV, Says Former Exec Jean-Louis Gassee" ReadWrite 8:59 AM
  • "Apple television: Where others failed, content could hold the key" ZDNet 8:46 AM
  • "Tim Cook Opens Up in First Extended Interview" TidBITS 8:25 AM
  • "Macs Made In The Good Old U.S. of A? Which Mac? This Mac? Really?" PixoBebo 8:25 AM
  • "Android, too complex for its own good" ZDNet 2:28 PM
  • "Hardware, the Ugly Stepchild of Venture Capital, Is Having a Glamour Moment" Wired 2:25 PM
  • "Yes, Valve is prepping a Steam Box" TG Daily 2:12 PM
  • "Gift Guide: The Google Nexus 4" TechCrunch 2:04 PM
  • "LG Optimus G Android Smartphone Review" HotHardware 1:39 PM
  • "What Does a Cloud IT Career Really Mean?" CIO 1:18 PM
  • "Augmented Reality Is Revolutionizing the Publishing Industry (Finally!)" PC Magazine 1:14 PM
  • "Does it still make sense to buy an e-reader?" CNET Reviews 2:53 PM
  • "Your key technology decisions for 2013" InfoWorld 12:52 PM
  • "Why we need to win the battle for an ultrafast Internet: Do you really think the ISPs are giving us enough bandwidth? Think again" InfoWorld 12:52 PM
  • "8 biggest myths about managing geeks" InfoWorld 12:52 PM
  • "What If Google Ignores BlackBerry 10? Google's long-time support for RIM's BlackBerry platform seems to be waning. Will BlackBerry 10 be able to win back Android and iPhone users without mobile apps from Google?" InformationWeek 12:23 PM
  • "The Cloud: No Longer Distrusted and Misunderstood" [Podcast] E-Commerce Times 12:02 PM
  • "3 Windows 8 ultrabooks: Lightweight and powerful/We examine the HP Envy TouchSmart, Sony Vaio T13 and Toshiba Portege Z935 to see how these new Windows 8 ultrabooks shape up." Computerworld 11:49 AM
  • "All-in-ones don't deserve to be desktops" Boston Herald 11:19 AM
  • "BlackBerry 10 won't be PlayBook redux. Here's why" CNET News 10:35 AM
  • "Android Is Dead - Part 2: Titans Clash" Seeking Alpha 10:24 AM
  • "How T-Mobile's smartphone pricing could change the U.S. wireless industry" GigaOM [Free Registration Required] 10:03 AM
  • "Holiday Gift Guide: the best gadgets under $200" VentureBeat [Free Registration Required] 10:03 AM
  • "Is Amazon's 8.9-Inch Kindle Fire HD a Flop?" Gizmodo 12:55 PM
  • "Toward a More Informed Discussion on Android" Tech.pinions 9:41 AM
  • "Samsung's Capital Structure" asymco 8:53 AM
Press Releases/Products/Public Relations
  • "'Tube Socks' on my iPad mini" iSource 6:05 PM
  • "Instagram 3.2 Brings Better Camera" MacStories 5:42 PM
  • "Twitter Brings Aviary-Powered Photo Filters To Its Android And iPhone Apps" TechCrunch 5:51 PM
  • "Twitter officially announces that Instagram-like photo filters are coming to iOS app" 9 to 5 Mac 5:41 PM
  • "Mogreet Report Finds Apple iPhone Users Represent Most Engaged Mobile Audience, MMS Gaining in Popularity" Business Wire 4:02 PM
  • "Belkin Announces 2nd MFi-Certified Lightning Car Charger" Business Wire 4:02 PM
  • "MacPractice Clipboard 4.2 App for iPad and iPad mini Adds Customization and Enhances Registration Integration" MacPractice 3:42 PM
  • " iMuscle + Mac" iLounge 3:18 PM
  • "Get the TidBITS News App for iOS 4.2 and iOS 5 Now" TidBITS 3:16 PM
  • "Awesome iPhone, iPad accessories (December 2012 edition)" ZDNet 3:11 PM
  • "Oceanhouse Media Delivers Rudolph's Gift on the App Store for the Holidays" PRWeb 3:11 PM
  • "WynCASE Might Be The First iPhone Gaming Case That Doesn't Suck" Cult of Mac 1:14 PM
  • "2013 Best of Show Awards rules available; submit by Dec. 21" iLounge 12:55 PM
  • "Gotta track 'em all with Pokédex for iOS" AppleTell 1:13 PM
  • "Nintendo on iOS? Pokédex arrives on iOS in the US and Europe, costs $2" Engadget 12:37 PM
  • "12 Best iPhone, iPad Apps Of 2012" [Slideshow] InformationWeek 12:06 PM
  • "Playdek and Looney Labs Launch Fluxx (iOS)" GamesBizWire 9:41 AM
  • "The MUG Event Calendar for the Week of December 10: Bob 'Dr. Mac' LeVitus, Tonya Engst, Holiday Gifts, and Holiday Parties" The MUG Center 9:25 AM
  • "flicpost iPhone app launches your photos physically worldwide" SlashGear 9:06 AM
  • "Tiny WiFi Packetta Shares Files With iDevices And PCs" Cult of Mac 8:59 AM
  • "Flicpost turns iPhone photos into 57' prints and ships them anywhere in the world for just $0.69" The Next Web 8:40 AM
  • "BBC iPlayer gets widescreen iPhone 5 update: Beeb's TV catchup service now optimised for iPhone 5's 4in screen" Macworld UK 8:40 AM
  • "Shoplog The First App for Serious Shoppers" prMac 12:09 PM
  • "Traders Get Their First Real App" prMac 12:09 PM
  • "Celebrate this holiday season with Christmas PicFX App for iPhone" prMac 8:31 AM
  • "Cover Photo Camera is a New Revolutionary iOS Application" prMac 8:31 AM
  • "Output Factory for Adobe InDesign at 50% off on BitsDuJour: December 10" prMac 8:31 AM
  • "Grantwood Technology Releases iPhone 5 Tuneband Armband" prMac 8:31 AM
  • "New MetroTimer 3.0 Free for iOS: The Most Accurate Metronome App for iOS" prMac 8:31 AM
  • "New Comprehensive iPad App on Civil War: Photos, Timelines and Audios" prMac 8:31 AM
  • "TrustedDataWorks Release Their New App DriverMatePro 1.0" prMac 8:31 AM
  • "In Shape by Emperor Lab: the Weight-Loss Solution That Really Works" prMac 8:31 AM
  • "The $249 Bose SoundDock Series III Is Ready For Your iPhone 5" TechCrunch 9:06 AM
  • "Bose outs Lightning Connector-equipped SoundDock Series III speaker dock" Insanely Great Mac 8:30 AM
Computer Industry
  • "Is A Corporate Raider Eyeing HP?" CRN 11:44 AM
  • "Autonomy's Lynch Hasn't Heard From HP in Accounting Row" Bloomberg 10:17 AM
  • "HP still top of PC league, but trailing fourth in all-devices rankings: HP may still be clinging onto the top spot in the global PC stakes but in the world of smart connected devices it is becoming less and less of a relevant player, market stats show." Channel Register 2:16 PM
  • "Hewlett-Packard stirs more concerns with decline in printing" San Jose Mercury News [Free Registration Required] 10:20 AM
  • "Faster networks anyone? IBM pops optics on conventional silicon chips." GigaOM 9:31 AM
  • "IBM advances silicon nanophotonics: IBM's work on silicon nanophotonics could engender a new class of higher throughput optical networking equipment" Computerworld 11:48 AM
  • "Big Blue etches silicon nanophotonics with regular chip tech" The Register 2:13 PM
  • "IBM inches towards commercial 25Gbit/s optical chips" V3 2:19 PM
  • "IBM takes optical chip breakthrough to standard manufacturing" ZDNet 2:28 PM
  • "Microsoft Seeks to Invalidate Motorola Patent in U.K. Trial" Bloomberg 10:23 AM
  • "Windows 8 hybrid laptops will be scarce through the holidays" PCWorld 1:15 PM
  • "Microsoft Surface Coming To Store Near You? Microsoft hopes broader retail distribution strategy will boost Surface sales, says analyst." InformationWeek 10:55 AM
  • "Microsoft may not want smashing Surface RT tablet sales: Analysts say Microsoft is likely looking to seed market for key Surface partners like Lenovo and Samsung" Computerworld 11:48 AM
  • "Microsoft Has Reportedly Sold At Least 4.2 Million Windows Phones Since October" Forbes 2:50 PM
  • "The second annual Dell World kicks off this week in Austin, Texas, and more than 500 solution providers are expected to attend, according to the Round Rock, Texas-based company." [Slideshow] CRN 11:43 AM
  • "What's the way ahead for Dell storage?" The Register 2:17 PM
  • "Cisco Aims to Wake Up Sleepy Brand With New Campaign" AllThingsD 9:58 AM
  • "Cisco Busts Out New Brand Strategy" [Video Report] TheStreet 2:44 PM
  • "Cisco grabs for 'No. 1 IT company' crown" Associated Press [Free Registration Required] 11:18 AM
  • "Cisco: Still Marching To Its Own Beat" TheStreet 9:33 AM
  • "Intel Designs New Process for Mobile Chips" [Paid Membership Required] 5:42 PM
  • "The meeting that could kill the internet? Fears of internet oppression by the UN are unfounded, writes Christian Caryl." Sydney Morning Herald 1:49 PM
  • "Russia backs down on proposals to regulate the Internet" Reuters 2:55 PM
  • "IEDM goes deep on 3-D circuits" EE Times 12:01 PM
  • "Is silicon's crown under threat?" TG Daily 2:11 PM
  • "Google, Facebook call for an end to 'abstract' patents: A group of tech companies including Google, Facebook, Red Hat and Dell have stepped into a US patent case to call for a ban on patenting abstract ideas." TG Daily 2:11 PM
  • "When is a patent too abstract? Google and Facebook weigh into key software case" ZDNet 2:28 PM
  • "Tech World Discovers New Species: The Cloud Architect" Wired 2:24 PM
Finances (Click heading for current Apple Stock price.)
Apple News
  • "Apple could buy all the gold in China, more likely to increase investor dividend: Rather than purchase China's gold, it's been suggested that Apple will pay a larger dividend to shareholders" Macworld UK 12:14 PM
  • "Apple's Return On Capital Employed Is Not Sustainable" Seeking Alpha 12:09 PM
  • "Why Apple Should Not Give-in to Special Dividend Demands" The Motley Fool 12:06 PM
  • "Apple: Reasons for the Fall and What to Do About It" The Motley Fool 12:06 PM
  • "'Apple Has Become a Casino': Terranova" [Video Report] CNBC 12:39 PM
  • "Apple Stock Hardly Died After Past Death Crosses" Forbes 10:13 AM
  • "iPad Projected to Have Strong Growth the Next Four Years" Forbes 9:24 AM
  • "Why Jefferies Cut Its Apple Price Target" TheStreet 9:40 AM
  • "What Do This iPhone Supplier's Earnings Tell Us?" The Motley Fool 9:15 PM
Industry News
  • "Asia Markets: Asia stocks mostly rise, but Tokyo, Shanghai lag/Most major Asia stock markets saw modest gains Tuesday, although the Japanese market slipped amid weakness for utility firms, and mainland Chinese shares pulled back after recent gains." MarketWatch 9:27 PM
  • "Tech Stocks: H-P rises on Icahn speculation, but Apple slips/Billionaire reportedly building position in H-P; Groupon stock falls" MarketWatch 8:43 PM
  • "U.S. stocks rise on hopes for fiscal-cliff talks: Market Snapshot: MarketWatch" MarketWatch 4:04 PM
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