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MacSurfer's Archive: Tuesday, December 25, 2012


  • "The Google Of The App Search Era Just Might Be Google" TechCrunch 12/24
  • "Steve Jobs' yacht: The anatomy of a news cycle" Fortune 12/24
  • "Amazon is discounting ebooks, whenever it's allowed to, unlike Apple" Gravitational Pull 12/24
  • "Mark Cuban Says Nokia's Lumia 920 'Crushes' The iPhone 5" Business Insider 12/24
  • "iPhone 5S With Built-In Pico Projector – [Concept] RazorianFly 12/24
  • "How Third-Party Apps Are Taking Over iOS" Gizmodo 12/24
  • "We Hope Apple Pays Attention To The Latest Super-Useful iPhone Hack For Managing Your Apps" Business Insider 12/24
  • "New thinner, lighter iPad 5 on the way in March?" VentureBeat 12/24
  • "Rumor Tips Thinner, Lighter iPad in March" PC Magazine 12/24
  • "Rumor: New iPad 5 Arriving In March 2013" AppleBitch 12/24
  • "Is It That Time Of Year Already? New iPad Rumours" Forbes 12/24
  • "What Apple Really Needs More Than Anything Right Now Is Another Juicy Rumor" Business Insider 12/24
  • "A dozen shades of Macintosh and iOS rants (Part 2)" ZDNet 12/24
  • "A dozen shades of Macintosh and iOS rants (Part 1)" ZDNet 12/24
  • "Will A $99 Android Tablet Be Enough To Make You Ditch Your iPad?" Business Insider 12/24
  • "Rumor: Next iPad Will Look Exactly Like You'd Expect" Gizmodo 12/24
  • "Google: With Or Without The 'X-Phone' Has A More Sustainable Business Model Than Apple"  Seeking Alpha 12/24
  • "Apple's Newton eMate 300 was an iPad and MacBook Air forerunner" AppleTell 12/24
  • "For all those alone with a gadget this Xmas" CNET News 12/24
  • "Is Red Hat Building A Business, Or Growing To Nowhere?" Investopedia 12/24
  • "Linux round-up: A bunch of Mints for Christmas" ZDNet 12/24
  • "Wired, Tired, Expired for 2012: From Stellar to Suck" Wired 12/24
  • "Facebook?! Twitter?! Instagram?! We Did That 40 Years Ago" Wired 12/24
  • "We don't need more data scientists — just make big data easier to use" GigaOM [Free Registration Required] 12/24
  • "Review: Kingston Hyper-X 3K 240GB SSD" The Register 12/24
  • "Top 15 most anticipated PC and video games of 2013" [Slideshow] PCWorld 12/24
  • "The Ten Best Games of 2012: With the release schedule cleared ahead of 2013 now's the time to talk the best videogames of the year." The Independent 12/24
  • "A holiday card to the IT industry, 2012: Windows 8? Ignore it. BYOD? BYOB. NoSQL? No worries. Keep your perspective and it's all good or at least more than good enough" InfoWorld 12/24
  • "What to get the tech titan who has everything: High tech's top names are usually impossible to shop for, but Cringely has a few gift ideas for Silicon Valley's finest" InfoWorld 12/24
  • "All I want for Christmas is a sign of technological sanity" InfoWorld 12/24
  • "The best business mobile products of 2012: InfoWorld's highest rated must-haves for serious mobile users" [Slideshow] InfoWorld 12/24
  • "7 Predictions For The Mobile Gaming Market For 2013" Forbes 12/24
  • "China set to surpass U.S. in R&D spending in 10 years" Computerworld 12/24
  • "Policy and privacy: Five reasons why 2012 mattered" CNET News 12/24
  • "Why The Simmering Social Revolution In The Workplace Will Boil Over In 2013" Forbes 12/24
  • "Is Amazon working on an AppleCare-like service?" VentureBeat [Free Registration Required] 12/24
  • "RIM's BB10 Seen With 85% Chance of Failure" Barron's 12/24
  • "Wondering How to Create a Great Tablet App for Kids? Ask Bert and Ernie." AllThingsD 12/24
  • "Report: Acer Prepping $99 7-Inch Tablet" PC Magazine 12/24
  • "The music industry dropped DRM years ago. So why does it persist on e-books? Experts say it may have to do with the size of the two markets, for one thing." Ars Technica 12/24
  • "Trust the cloud with my PRECIOUS? You gotta be joking: Violated, deleted... put your data up there and bad sh*t HAPPENS" The Register 12/24
  • "Internet Silence Speaks Louder Than Words" TechCrunch 12/24
  • "Why is Google trying to ruin Christmas?" The Verge 12/24