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Thursday, December 25, 2014
Checked 1:10 PM; Last Updated 9:40 AM CST; 15:40 GMT
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"Microsoft, Apple withdraw from Android patent trolling: Is the patent ..."

"Why Aren't Retailers Embracing Apple Pay? Apple's mobile wallet will ..."

"You are not Steve Jobs""

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Today's Poll...
Ever tempted to switch from iPad to Surface?

Yes, sometimes. They're pretty cool.
LOL. Seriously?! No. Never.
If so, I'd never admit it.

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Today's MacUpdate Promo saves 50% off the price of Portrait Painter for just $5.00. "Automatically create gorgeous images that look like expertly crafted paintings with Portrait Painter. Portrait Painter perfectly analyzes light and color to transform your snapshots into gorgeous digital paintings. Featuring a multitude of style and color options you can transform your pictures to look like anything from classical oil paintings on canvas to striking moderns with bursts of color!"

Ever tempted to switch from iPad to Surface? Vote for the results in the left column below or go straight to the results here.

Christmas Day Highlights: We wish our readers a very Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!; Barron's sees problem with Apple Pay success being stunted until US "retailers broadly accept it"; The Motley Fool urges readers to ignore the latest round of Apple television rumors; despite headlines stating Apple updated our Macs without our knowledge, Gene Steinberg and Kirk McElhearn point to how the updates work via your App Store settings; Mihaita Bamburic at ITProPortal looks at Apple security this year, thinks jury is still out on how company handled issues; infographic shows Apple brand preferred among students looking for smartphones, tablets, laptops; Apple turned down Sony's request to put "The Interview" on iTunes, "rejected fast timetable"; study says your sleep quality is impacted negatively using e-readers or tablets before bed; Cult of Mac exclusive report hints Foxconn will be Apple's sapphire supplier for iPhone screens; Apple was Taiwan's top smartphone vendor this past November; Leander Kahney at Cult of Mac has been testing Microsoft's fitness band, loves it, analyzes impact on Apple Watch; AppleInsider looks at app Duet Display, which makes your iPad a second screen for your Mac; Apple Gazette reviews Apple Pay competitor, Loop Pay; Macworld UK has a setup guide for iPhone newbies.

THURSDAY BLOWOUT: Every NEW or RENEWING paid subscriber receives 2 YEARS FREE.

  • "Apple: The world's most hated stock? Markets can swing from optimism to pessimism in the blink of an eye. It's unusual, however, for two competing companies, both leaders in their field making incredible sums of money, to be priced as if one was headed to the moon and the other to the scrap heap." Sydney Morning Herald 7:01 AM
  • "Why Aren't Retailers Embracing Apple Pay? Apple's mobile wallet will not be successful in the U.S. until retailers broadly embrace it."  Barron's 12/24
  • "Apple, Inc. Television Rumors Are Back -- and Why You Should Ignore Them" The Motley Fool 12/24
  • "Microsoft, Apple withdraw from Android patent trolling: Is the patent war drawing to a close?"  ExtremeTech 12/24
  • "Clearinghouse RPX Buys 4,000 Rockstar Patents for $900M: The Apple-led Rockstar Consortium sold 4,000 smartphone patents to the RPX clearinghouse for $900 million." PC Magazine 12/24
  • "Apple Did Not Update Your Mac Without Your Permission" Kirkville 12/24
  • "Apple rolls out OS X patch to protect against critical NTP security flaw" Intego 12/24
  • "Apple issues first automated security update to Mac users" Telegraph 12/24
  • "The first 10 apps to install on your brand-new Mac" Macworld 6:52 AM
  • "Mac Starter Pack: unleash your iTunes gift card and upgrade your Mac with these great apps" 9to5Mac 8:47 AM
  • "Video chatting with family: How to use FaceTime, Skype, or Google Hangouts to keep in touch" Macworld 6:52 AM
  • "iZotope Iris 2 enables virtually limitless creativity" IT.Enquirer 6:49 AM
  • "How to manually patch NTP for OS X 10.6 and 10.7" MacIssues 12/24
  • "Think Retro: How HyperCard inspired a generation of future developers" Macworld 12/24
  • "iTunes Tip: Change Videos from Home Movies to Movies, TV Shows or Music Videos" Kirkville 12/24
  • "If MacPaint Had Lived It Would Cost This Much On A Mac" TeraTalks 12/24
  • "Yet Another Way To Make iPhone Phone Calls From Your Mac" Mac 360 12/24
  • "Yes, Virginia, There Is A New Way To Do Email On Your Mac" BohemianBoomer 12/24
  • "New Ways To Backup iCloud Drive" Mac 360 12/24
  • "Free: Hocus Pocus Now You Can Focus" NoodleMac 12/24
  • "The jury's out on Apple's security in 2014" ITProPortal 12/24
Press Releases
  • "Ohanaware releases Fun Card Studio 2 (OS X): Reboot of Photo Sharing App" prMac 6:53 AM
  • "Tis the Season: Christmas Wallpapers, Holiday Screensavers for Mac" FairerPlatform 12/24
  • "Continuity Activation Tool adds Yosemite features to old Macs" Digital Trends 12/24
  • "Atama releases iOS and OS X SDK for its Sesame2 Bluetooth 4.0 Lock" prMac 12/24
  • "128bit Technologies Updates Their Free Fonts Collection on Mac App Store" prMac 12/24
General Interest/Potpourri
  • "Could 2015 be the year wearable tech becomes sexy?" The Guardian 7:04 AM
  • "What's on the horizon: the giant leaps for tech in 2015" TechRadar UK 7:05 AM
  • "An Apple developer's perspective of the highlights in 2014" TechRepublic 12/24
  • "Apple Found to be Preferred Brand for Smartphones, Tablets and Laptops Among Students" Modmyi 12/24
  • "Tech Time Warp of the Week: In the '90s, Apple Celebrated Christmas by Bashing Microsoft" Wired 12/24
  • "Swiss Researchers: Using iPhone Is Giving Your Thumbs 'Superpowers'" RazorianFly 12/24
  • "NYT: Apple declined offer from Sony Pictures to stream 'The Interview' on iTunes" 9to5Mac 12/24
  • "Apple Said to Have Declined Offer From Sony to Host 'The Interview' on iTunes" MacRumors 12/24
  • "The Interview: Apple enters the picture" Fortune 12/24
  • "Sony wanted 'The Interview' on iTunes for Christmas, but Apple rejected fast timetable" AppleInsider 12/24
  • "Quick change to Apple Pay site hints at retailers that may be unable to incorporate new payment method in 2014" O'Grady's PowerPage 12/24
  • "Watch an iPhone sort M&Ms by color" Engadget 12/24
Non-Apple News
  • "Study finds constant smartphone use changes the way your hands work" Canadian Reviewer 8:47 AM
  • "Sony to take on Apple's 'iPad Pro' with its own 13-inch Android tablet" BGR 8:46 AM
  • "Santa brought you a Chromecast? Here's what to do first" BetaNews 6:56 AM
  • "High speed internet access in the US reaches farther, goes faster" Engadget 6:56 AM
  • "A simple security oversight was responsible for the massive JPMorgan Chase hack" BGR 12/24
  • "Doubt Growing Over North Korean Involvement in Sony Hack" PC Magazine 12/24
  • "Sony to show 'The Interview' on Youtube, other Internet channels" Reuters 12/24
  • "Google weighed security, free speech in move to stream Sony film" Reuters 12/24
  • "PNAS study shows e-readers, tablets negatively impacting sleep quality" Electronista 12/24
  • "ACM 286: Apple and The Interview, Rockstar and the Mobile Patent Wars" The Mac Observer 12/24
  • "The Command-Control-Power Crew Discuss Real-World Yosemite and iOS 8 Use" MacVoices 12/24
  • "Let's Talk Jailbreak 87: $9,796 Mac Pro upgrade" iDownload Blog 12/24
  • "iMore show 436: Stories of the year, part 1" iMore 12/24
  • "Apple Invents a Highly Advanced Air-Gesturing System for Future iDevices and Beyond" Patently Apple 9:35 AM
  • "Apple Patent Reveals a 3D Zoom-Based Gesture User Interface" Patently Apple 7:02 AM
  • "Exclusive: Apple could rely on Foxconn for its sapphire iPhone screens" Cult of Mac 12/24
  • "Rumor: Apple to Launch 'iPhone 6s Mini' for the Small-Handed" PC Magazine 12/24
  • "Taiwan market: Apple is top smartphone vendor in November" DigiTimes 12/24
  • "iPhone 6 dominates smartphone sales in Taiwan" Cult of Mac 12/24
  • "Apple Leak Confirms New iOS Version" Forbes 12/24
  • "Apple Invents a Display Process to Diminish Bright Reflected Light" Patently Apple 12/24
Price Trackers/Deals
  • "All The Best App Store Holiday Sales And Freebies" Apple Sliced 9:42 AM
  • "Splashtop Remote Desktop For iPhone Is Temporarily Available For Free (Normally $6.99)" Apple Sliced 12/24
  • "Camera360 Concept -HelloCamera For iPhone Is Free Right Now (Previously $0.99)" Apple Sliced 12/24
  • "Tower of Fortune 2 For iPhone/iPad Is Free Today (Was $1.99)" Apple Sliced 12/24
  • "15" MacBook Pro Prices & Sales" MacPrices 12/24
  • "13" MacBook Pro Prices & Sales" MacPrices 12/24
  • "MacBook Air Prices & Sales" MacPrices 12/24
  • "iTunes Boxing Day sale brings albums on the cheap to the UK, Canada" iMore 12/24

Deal Brothers Daily Deal: BuyBack+ offering 20% more for gadget trade-ins

  • "Review: Skech Crystal Case for the iPhone 6 Plus" Run Around Tech 7:02 AM
  • "Retina 5K iMac: Powerful Proof of the PC Renaissance" New York Times [Free/Paid Registration Required] 12/24
  • "Why I love Microsoft's fitness band, and what it means for the Apple Watch" Cult of Mac 12/24
  • "Review: Duet Display makes Apple's iPad even more useful for Mac users" AppleInsider 12/24
  • "Review: Griffin's Reveal, STM's Dux, Verus's Damda Slide show value of slimmer iPhone 6 Plus cases" 9to5Mac 12/24
  • "Review: Lepow PIE iPhone 6 3000mAh MFI Apple Certified Battery Case" Run Around Tech 12/24
  • "Hands On: Scrolls (OS X, Windows, Android)" Electronista 12/24
iPad/iPhone/iPod touch Apps
  • "20 essential games for your new iPad" VentureBeat 8:47 AM
  • "'SimCity BuildIt' Guide - How to Win Without Spending Real Money" Touch Arcade 12/24
  • "LoopPay: An Apple Pay Alternative with More Options" Apple Gazette 12/24
  • "Have you been good this year? It's time to track Santa on this Christmas Eve" AppAdvice 12/24
  • "10 apps for creating your own holiday traditions" Macworld 12/24
  • "Auxo 3 review: a legendary tweak inches closer to perfection" iDownload Blog 12/24
  • "7 Must-Haves for iPhone Photographers" Time 12/24
  • "'Gentlemen...Ricochet Mini!' Review - Something to Reflect Upon" Touch Arcade 12/24
  • "'Volt' Review - An Electrifying Puzzle Platformer" Touch Arcade 12/24
  • "'Star Nomad Elite' Review - Size isn't Everything" Touch Arcade 12/24
  • "'Ultimate Robot Fighting' Review - Lacking A Bit of Soul" Touch Arcade 12/24
  • "9to5 Guide: Hello, new iPad owner! Here are the best accessories to buy right away" 9to5Mac 8:59 AM
  • "9to5 Guide: Hello, new iPhone / iPod owner! Here are the best accessories to buy right away" 9to5Mac 8:59 AM
  • "How to get started with iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus: The ultimate guide" iMore 8:47 AM
  • "How to switch from iPhone to Android: A simple guide to going Google" TrustedReviews 7:06 AM
  • "How to set up a new iPhone or iPad: get up and running with our easy step-by-step guide" PC Advisor 7:06 AM
  • "How to switch from Android to iPhone: A simple guide to going Apple" TrustedReviews 7:06 AM
  • "How to listen to your favorite podcasts over the holidays" AppleInsider 7:06 AM
  • "Everything you need to know about the Apple iPhone 6 and 6 Plus: Read the ultimate A-Z encyclopedia of Apple's flagship smartphones" Stuff Magazine 7:05 AM
  • "9 free iPhone apps you must download first" Pocket-lint 7:05 AM
  • "Making the switch? How to change from Android to iPhone 6 or 6 Plus" Pocket-lint 7:05 AM
  • "How to Get Your New Fire TV Device Up and Running" Wired 7:02 AM
  • "You Got A New iOS Device For Christmas? The First Games To Install For 2014" Apple'n'Apps 6:56 AM
  • "You Got A New iOS Device For Christmas? The First Apps To Install For 2014" Apple'n'Apps 6:56 AM
  • "5 Super-Useful Things You Can Do With Your Old iPhone" Time 8:47 AM
  • "Seven things to do with your new tablet this Christmas: Whether it's an iPad or an Android tablet, here are seven things to get you going with your new Christmas gadget" The Guardian 7:02 AM
  • "Seven Tips To Get The Most From Your New iPhone" Forbes 7:02 AM
  • "Trying to Update an Overloaded iPhone: Q. For months, I've had a message on my iPhone telling me there's a system update, but when I try to download the software, I get an alert saying I don't have enough space. What can I do?" New York Times [Free Registration Required] 12/24
  • "Give the Gift of Tech Support: 4 Super Simple iOS Maintenance Tips for iPhone & iPad" OS X Daily 12/24
  • "Protect yourself from Sony-style hacks with these cyber security resources" The Next Web 12/24
  • "Is Google less afraid of hackers than Apple?" BGR 9:36 AM
  • "Why It's Better for Apple If You Choose an iPhone over an iPad" The Tech Night Owl 8:09 AM
  • "Whether you've been naughty or nice, don't expect Apple's 12 Days of Gifts to come this year" AppAdvice 6:56 AM
  • "Our Father, Who Art In The Apple Store: The Decline Of Christmas And The Looming Tech Nightmare" Forbes 12/24
  • "Why isn't Apple showing 'The Interview'?" Mashable 12/24
  • "Would Sony Have Been hacked if They Used Macs?" GWMac 12/24
  • "Apple reportedly skips 12 Days of Gifts this year" iMore 12/24
  • "Will Apple Build An A-series ARM Processor Powered MacBook Air? – The 'Book Mystique" MacPrices 12/24
  • "All I want for Christmas is... the return of the iPod Classic" ZDNet 12/24
  • "Beware Tech Support Scams" Kirkville 12/24
  • "Why did Apple choose to be a Grinch this year?" Cult of Mac 12/24
  • "Why Apple Must Lead To Survive" Mac 360 12/24
  • "My recently erratic world of the Gmail spam filter" VentureBeat 12/24
  • "No, Video Games Should Not Be Included in the Olympics: World of Warcraft creator Rob Pardo thinks the Games should embrace e-sports. He's wrong." PC Magazine 12/24
  • "What do your mobile habits say about you?" The Next Web 12/24
  • "Xiaomi: It really ISN'T a biz-miracle idiot tax like Apple" The Register 12/24
  • "How Laws Restricting Tech Actually Expose Us to Greater Harm" Wired 12/24
  • "Q*bert: The Escher-inspired platform puzzler from 1982" The Register 12/24
  • "Why Amazon will double down on the Fire Phone" CNET 12/24
Press Releases/Products/Public Relations
  • "Best iPhone and iPad Games of 2014" Touch Arcade 8:59 AM
  • "13 free iPhone 6 wallpapers that put Earth's beauty in your pocket" Mashable 7:02 AM
  • "Vudu's digital movie library is rebuilt and easier to use on iOS" Engadget 6:56 AM
  • "Learn Ukulele Songs with the Latest Release of iUke 2 App" prMac 6:53 AM
  • "Glooze - Intriguing and Addictive Algorithmic Shape Matching Game" prMac 6:53 AM
  • "Our favorite free iOS games of 2014" [Slideshow] Macworld 6:52 AM
  • "This iPhone 6 / 6 Plus Case Doubles As Charging Case, Bluetooth / Wi-Fi Speaker System [Video] Redmond Pie 12/24
  • "2 new weather apps just in time for your holiday sojourns" TUAW 12/24
  • "Here Lets You Inform People You've Arrived With A Selfie" TechCrunch 12/24
  • "The Best iPhone Apps You Should Download This Week" Time 12/24
  • "Slopes 1.4 added to App Store with Health Kit" TechnologyTell 12/24
  • "Hipstamatic's Cinamatic lets you sprinkle some holiday cheer on your seasonal videos" AppAdvice 12/24
  • "Santa Run: Your ultimate quest for the Christmas gift!!" prMac 12/24
  • "Illogical Games introduces Dead Hunt for iOS - Battle Waves of Zombies" prMac 12/24
  • "The 20 best iOS games of 2014" [Slideshow] Macworld 12/24
Computer Industry
  • "Lizard Squad hackers force Xbox Live, PSN network outages" Neowin 6:44 AM
  • "Yet another old Windows 8 build has leaked, this time it's build 8888" WinBeta 7:02 AM
  • "Next-gen AMD and NVIDIA GPUs delayed" VR-Zone 6:58 AM
  • "IRS wants Ballmer, other Microsoft leaders to testify in corporate tax audit" Seattle Times 12/24
  • "Ireland sides with Microsoft in email privacy case: The country files a friend-of-the-court brief asking the US to respect its sovereignty and not go over its head by seizing emails stored on Microsoft servers in Ireland." CNET 12/24
  • "Microsoft and the Irish government appeal case over emails stored in Ireland" BetaNews 12/24
  • "Ireland backs Microsoft in data privacy case" The Inquirer 12/24
  • "Ireland Lends Support to Microsoft in Email Privacy Case" New York Times [Free/Paid Registration Required] 12/24
  • "Ireland wants US to use treaty to access Microsoft held emails" PCWorld 12/24
  • "Ireland says US courts need its permission to view emails on Dublin servers" The Next Web 12/24
  • "Ireland Weighs in on Microsoft's Data Fight With U.S." PC Magazine 12/24
  • "Ireland: Hey, you. America. Hands off Microsoft's email cloud servers" The Register 12/24
  • "Ireland: US courts need our permission to view emails stored on Dublin server" Engadget 12/24
  • "Microsoft and Google team up to fight hotels' personal Wi-Fi hotspot blocks" BetaNews 12/24
  • "Google and Microsoft back fight to protect personal Wi-Fi at hotels" Digital Trends 12/24
  • "Microsoft takes action against tech support scammers" TechRepublic 12/24
  • "Tech giants Google and Microsoft battle to find Santa" BBC 12/24
  • "PC vendors not expecting Windows 10 to trigger replacement demand" DigiTimes 12/24
  • "IBM Is One Week Away from Dow Infamy: International Business Machines Corp. has been making a go of it lately, rebounding 7.8% from last week's low and adding 75 points to the Dow Jones Industrial Average in that time amid the index's 1,000-point pop since last Wednesday to 18000." WSJ Blogs 12/24
  • "IBM's Stock Is About To Hit An Embarrassing Milestone" Business Insider 12/24
  • "Oracle to Expand Cloud Marketing with Datalogix Buyout" Zacks 12/24
  • "HP's Zero Day Initiative Changes Bug-Buying Guidelines" ThreatPost 12/24
  • "HP Rolls Out Chromebook 14 with Full HD Touch Screen" CIO Today 12/24
  • "Intel Corporation Mobile Business Lost $4 Billion in 4 Quarters" TechInsider 12/24
  • "Intel Core M 5Y70 Broadwell Tested, Benchmarked" Digital Trends 12/24
  • "AMD and Nvidia 20nm and 16nm GPUs Slightly Delayed." WCCF Tech 12/24
  • "Made in China: Global vendors may miss out to home-grown technology" ChannelNomics 12/24
  • "China's Future in the Tech Industry: In the next 20 years, China might become the newest tech powerhouse. Thanks to our help." PC Magazine 12/24
  • "Experts: FCC will adopt net neutrality rules in early 2015" PCWorld 12/24
Finances (Click heading for current Apple Stock price.)
Industry News
  • "Dow ends further in record territory" USA Today 12/24
  • "Market Snapshot: U.S. Stocks Inch Higher As Santa Rally Stays Jolly" MarketWatch 12/24
  • "Dow Barely Musters Record Close in Time For Christmas Break" TheStreet 12/24
  • "Wall Street Inches Up After Five-Day Run" Reuters 12/24
  • "Dow Edges Up to Record Close: S&P 500 Ends Nearly Unchanged; Stock Market Closed Early" [Paid Membership Required] 12/24
  • "Asia Markets: Asian shares mixed amid thin trade/Asian stock markets were mixed amid thin trading Thursday, following a sharp run-up in recent days as strong U.S. data propelled Wall Street stocks to record highs." MarketWatch 6:49 AM
  • "Europe Markets: French stocks slip, U.K. gains ahead of Christmas break/European shares were mixed Wednesday in a holiday-shortened session ahead of the Christmas break." MarketWatch 12/24
  • "Most active Nasdaq-traded stocks: Nasdaq's 10 most active stocks at the close of trading" Associated Press 12/24
  • "Final Glance: Computer companies/Computer companies shares mixed at the close of trading" Associated Press 12/24

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