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Saturday, November 1, 2014
Checked 9:00 AM; Last Updated 8:50 AM CDT; 13:50 GMT
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"Why Apple's Tim Cook was right to come out publicly: ..."

"FT interview with Google co-founder and CEO Larry Page" ["Page ..."

"Debunk: No, Apple didn't change up iPhone 6 Plus internals ..."

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Will Seth Rogen make a good Steve Wozniak?

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Will Seth Rogen make a good Steve Wozniak? Vote for the results in the left column below or go straight to the results here.

Weekend Highlights: MasterCard does not foresee total replacement for credit cards, but hails Apple Pay as a step closer to mobile payment acceptance; Apple fears losing tax breaks, facing higher tax rate plus back taxes in Ireland while Euro regulators investigate; Tim Cook announces he is gay, reactions were varied, not all pleased, but Wired thinks it has so much meaning to the workplace—more down in our Op/Ed section; major court ruling by Circuit Court judge in Virginia Beach grants police right to require your fingerprint to unlock your mobile phone but cannot require your pass code; Microsoft releases new version of Outlook for Mac but only for Office 365 users, more updates coming in 2015; AppleInsider tracking growing reports of WiFi drops following upgrades to Yosemite; former Apple employee, Dave Sobotta, gives kudos to Apple for new iCloud drive; Jony Ive reveals design challenge presented by the Apple Watch; J.D. Power gives Amazon title of best tablet maker?; Seth Rogen to play Woz in Sony's biopic of Steve Jobs; will your next washing machine charge your mobile phone?; The Register reviews the 5K iMac; The Inquirer and Macworld UK review the iPhone 6 Plus; Macworld reviews their 10 days of using Apple Pay; Business Insider says "Apple has forced a huge change at Samsung"; BGR posts some of the best App Store reviews of MCX's CurrentC Apple Pay alternative.

This weekend's MacUpdate Promo saves 60% off the price of Novel Writer’s Bundle for just $39.97. "This Novel Writer’s Bundle contains three apps great for the aspiring novel writer. Contour because the need for a story outline is crucial. We’ve included Persona because you have your good guys and bad guys too, only they have more room to be complicated. Finally, there’s StoryMill, a place where you can pour your heart out into the scenes and chapters of all your characters."

  • "Mobile Payments Is Shaking Up Finance - What Will Apple Pay Do?" Forbes 8:16 AM
  • "Why Apple's Tim Cook was right to come out publicly: The news that Apple CEO Tim Cook is homosexual may not come as a surprise, but that doesn't detract from the bravery and importance of his announcement, writes Chris Mandle"  Telegraph 8:18 AM
  • "Apple designer Jony Ive picks up 2014 Bay Area Treasure Award" Digital Spy 8:19 AM
  • "Apple Pay Moves World Closer to Mobile Payment Acceptance: The World Is Gradually Adopting Mobile Payments, But Complete Card Replacement 'Unlikely', MasterCard Says" [Paid Membership Required] 10/31
  • "Following the launch of Apple Pay, Juniper Research thinks NFC will finally be a success/Summary: For the past decade, NFC (Near Field Communications) has promised much and delivered little. But Juniper Research predicts that Apple Pay will now drive market adoption..." ZDNet 10/31
  • "Apple says it may lose Irish tax break: Apple says it is at risk of being hit with a higher tax rate and back taxes as European regulators investigate its tax affairs in Ireland."  CNNMoney 10/31
  • "Amid EU probe, Apple flags Irish tax impact to investors" ZDNet 10/31
  • "Reaction to Apple CEO announcement that he's gay" CBS News 10/31
  • "Apple's Tim Cook says he is gay. Here's a reminder that not everyone is pleased."  Washington Post [Free Registration Required] 10/31
  • "Why Tim Cook's 'Proud to Be Gay' Essay Means So Much to the Workplace" Wired 10/31
  • "Police can require cellphone fingerprint, not pass code: A Circuit Court judge has ruled that a criminal defendant can be compelled to give up his fingerprint, but not his pass code, to allow police to open and search his cellphone."  The Virginian-Pilot 10/31
  • "U.S. court rules that phone passcodes are protected by the 5th Amendment, but fingerprints aren't" 9to5Mac 10/31
  • "Court rules cops can demand fingerprints, not passcodes, to unlock smartphones" Macworld 10/31
  • "Virginia police can now force you to unlock your smartphone with your fingerprint" ZDNet 10/31
  • "Apple Watch starts countdown on face off with Swiss industry" Financial Times [Paid Membership Required] 10/31
  • "Microsoft updates Outlook for Mac-but You'll have to wait for the rest of Office" Digital Trends 8:17 AM
  • "Swedish hacker finds 'serious' vulnerability in OS X Yosemite" Techworld Sweden 10/31
  • "Microsoft revamps Outlook for OS X ahead of new Office for Mac version in H2 2015" iDownload Blog 10/31
  • "Microsoft releases new Outlook for Mac, other Office updates coming in 2015" The Verge 10/31
  • "Microsoft Overhauls Outlook for Mac, Promises Word, PowerPoint and Excel in 2015" WSJ Blogs 10/31
  • "Microsoft to Mac Users: Happy Halloween, Here's a New Outlook for Mac" Time 10/31
  • "Microsoft jolts awake, remembers it still makes Office for Mac" The Register 10/31
  • "Fix or help stem Wi-Fi connectivity problems in OS X" MacIssues 10/31
  • "Users report slow Wi-Fi, dropped connections after upgrading to Apple's OS X Yosemite" AppleInsider 10/31
  • "OS X 10.10 questions include notes about installer packages and Apple ID embedding; printer compatibility; firmware updates; disk formatting changes and boot partitions; network routers; IPSecuritas; and more." MacInTouch 10/31
  • "OS X 10.10 experiences include notes about BIAS Peak, sync glitches, window management; iCloud keychain problems; and BBEdit." MacInTouch 10/31
  • "New Outlook for Mac shines, but licensing confusion gets in the way: New version brings new interface and features—including full push e-mail." Ars Technica 10/31
  • "OS X Yosemite: What you need to know before installing" iMore 10/31
  • "Dark Dock, light menus -- it's possible with this Yosemite hack" TUAW 10/31
  • "iTunes 12 Brings More Power to the Column Browser" Kirkville 10/31
  • "How To Clean Up and Rebuild Apple Mail Data [Yosemite Update] The Mac Observer 10/31
  • "Yosemite: Maximizing Windows & the Green 'Stoplight' Button" The Mac Observer 10/31
  • "Resize and upload images with Acorn and Transmit" Six Colors 10/31
  • "System Preferences in OS X 10.10, Yosemite: Notifications" eXtensions 10/31
  • "Free On A Mac: Photos, Meet Stickies" Mac 360 10/31
  • "Free: A Mac Menubar Launcher Finder" Mac 360 10/31
  • "Need Names? Your Mac Can Do That" TeraTalks 10/31
  • "Apple Closer To A Real Cloud With iCloud" Applepeels 10/31
Press Releases
  • "Zevrix Graphic Inspector Now Supports Mac OS X 10.10 Yosemite" prMac 8:44 AM
  • "Evernote for Mac 5.7: New Spotlight Search, 3X Faster Sync" FairerPlatform 10/31
  • "Apple releases OS X 10.10 Yosemite Open Source Darwin code" 9to5Mac 10/31
  • "Apple Releases 10.10.0 Darwin Source" tonymacx86 10/31
  • "Gabriel's Journey to Yosemite. Shot on RED Epics, edited in Final Cut Pro X" 10/31
  • "Study: Mac users prefer MP4 and MOV when it comes to video format usage" AppleDailyReport 10/31
  • "Chronos Announces Business Card Shop 6" Chronos 10/31
  • "Freaky Friday: Free Stuff From Microsoft" Mac 360 10/31
General Interest/Potpourri
  • "Apple's Jony Ive Says Smartwatch Was Design Challenge" WSJ Blogs 10/31
  • "Apple's Ive Talks 'Humbling' Apple Watch Design Process" PC Magazine 10/31
  • "Trent Reznor on Turning 50 'With Some Sense of Dread,' the Future of Nine Inch Nails and a Top-Secret Apple Project" Billboard 10/31
  • "Trent Reznor on Working for Apple: 'It's Everything I Asked For" The Mac Observer 10/31
  • "Android has beaten Apple in the smartphone wars" Computerworld 10/31
  • "Apple loses title of best tablet maker to Amazon in latest J.D. Power rankings" Cult of Mac 10/31
  • "J.D. Power Names Amazon as Number One in Tablet Customer Satisfaction Survey" PadGadget 10/31
  • "Amazon Leaps Ahead Of Apple In Tablet Satisfaction Rankings" HotHardware 10/31
  • "iOS and Android combine to capture 96% global market share in Q3" 9to5Mac 10/31
  • "Large Apple Store in Lille, France expected to open next month" 9to5Mac 10/31
  • "France Stores Run Afoul of Video Privacy Rules" ifoAppleStore 10/31
  • "Worldwide smartphone shipments increase 25.2% in 3Q14, tablet shipments increase 11.5%, says IDC" DigiTimes 10/31
  • "Nike's Digital Guru Hints at the Post-FuelBand Future" Wired 10/31
  • "Apple and GTAT: What went wrong - update" Fortune 10/31
  • "Judge to Unseal GT Advanced Bankruptcy Filing Documents" The Mac Observer 10/31
  • "FT interview with Google co-founder and CEO Larry Page" ["Page relates a frequent debate that he says he had with Steve Jobs, the boss of Apple, who died three years ago: 'He would always tell me, You're doing too much stuff. I'd be like, You're not doing enough stuff.' The argument he made to Jobs: 'It's unsatisfying to have all these people, and we have all these billions we should be investing to make people's lives better. If we just do the same things we did before and don't do something new, it seems like a crime to me.'"]  Financial Times [Paid Membership Required] 10/31
  • "Crippled by Apple, Instagram's Hyperlapse Forgettable as Standalone App" TheStreet 10/31
  • "Seth Rogen bags Woz role in Sorkin's Steve Jobs biopic: Another big name added to starry cast and crew" The Register 10/31
  • "Apple Replaces iPad Air That Was Destroyed By NASA Antares Rocket Shockwave" PadGadget 10/31
  • "Ex-Apple CEO John Sculley Launches Low-Cost Smartphone Brand" Time 10/31
  • "Meet Obi: Ex-Apple CEO's new smartphone brand" CNBC 10/31
Non-Apple News
  • "AT&T and Verizon are upping bandwidth on select data plans" Engadget 8:50 AM
  • "Will He Ever Return? Head Of Google's Web Spam Team Matt Cutts Extends Leave Into 2015: 14 year veteran of Google says web spam fighting has been running fine since he took leave in July." Search Engine Land 10/31
  • "Verizon responds to AT&T by offering more data on $80 & $100 plans, $150 port-in credit" iMore 10/31
  • "FCC Wants to Make Sure Software Bugs Don't Take Down 911" PC Magazine 10/31
  • "FCC: A range of net neutrality options remain on the table" PCWorld 10/31
  • "Heartbleed, nude selfie thefts and tweets from beyond the grave: Top 10 2014 tech traumas" V3 10/31
  • "Could your washer really charge your smartphone from across the room?" Engadget 10/31
  • "Slices of Apple episode 10: Polishing the Apple" TUAW 10/31
  • "The TouchArcade Show - 179 - Only $9.99 a Month" Touch Arcade 10/31
  • "Debug 49: Siracusa, round 2" iMore 10/31
  • "Josh Centers Helps You Take Control of iOS 8" MacVoices 10/31
  • "Podcast: Discussing Disruption Theory" Tech.pinions 10/31
  • "Debunk: No, Apple didn't change up iPhone 6 Plus internals to avoid bending"  9to5Mac 10/31
  • "iPhone 6 Bending Problems May Have Quietly Been Fixed"  GottaBeMobile 10/31
  • "Did Apple Alter the iPhone 6 Plus To Avoid Bending? Nope" TechnoBuffalo 10/31
  • "iOS 8 app crash rate falls 25% since release" Computerworld 10/31
  • "Official: Fondling of Apple's slab declines – iPad sales DOWN in Q3" The Register 10/31
Price Trackers/Deals
  • "Le Vamp For iPhone And iPad Is Temporarily Available For Free (Normally $0.99)" Apple Sliced 10/31
  • "Ride 'Em Rigby -Regular Show For iPhone And iPad Is Free Right Now (Previously $0.99)" Apple Sliced 10/31
  • "Crazytarium For iPhone And iPad Is Free Today (Was $1.99)" Apple Sliced 10/31
  • "Apple adds 15-inch 2014 Retina MacBook Pros to refurb store" Electronista 10/31
  • "15" MacBook Pro Prices & Sales" MacPrices 10/31
  • "13" MacBook Pro Prices & Sales" MacPrices 10/31
  • "MacBook Air Prices & Sales" MacPrices 10/31

Deal Brothers Daily Deal: BuyBack+ offering 20% more for gadget trade-ins

  • "Review: UNU Aero Wireless Charging Battery Case for iPhone 5/5s" AppleInsider 8:03 AM
  • "Pixel mania: Apple 27-inch iMac with 5K Retina display/Cupertino computer in value for money shocker" The Register 10/31
  • "iPhone 6 Plus review: Phablet is a welcome addition to Apple smartphone range" The Inquirer 10/31
  • "iPhone 6 Plus review: Speed tests, camera and video tests, and Bendgate problems assessed" Macworld UK 10/31
  • "iPhone 6 Plus: Half of a very portable work system/Summary: The iPhone 6 Plus becomes an integral part of a small work system that packs a punch when combined with the right accessory." ZDNet 10/31
  • "Why iPhone 6 Plus Camera Beats iPhone 6" Forbes 10/31
  • "Real World Shootout: iMac Retina 5K i5 w/M290X versus iMac Retina 5K i7 w/M295X" Bare Feats 10/31
  • "Review: Seidio Ledger Case with Metal Kickstand for the iPhone 6" Run Around Tech 10/31
  • "Mophie Juice Pack Air iPhone 5/5s Review" Low End Mac 10/31
iPad/iPhone/iPod touch Apps
  • "Two coasts, 10 days: Macworld's thorough field test of Apple Pay" Macworld 10/31
  • "Zero Age review: use blocks to build new paths to enlightenment" iDownload Blog 10/31
  • "Speed Of Time iOS Game Review" Tapscape 10/31
  • "Hands On: Surgeon Simulator (iOS)" MacNN 10/31
  • "Hands On: Organ Trail Director's Cut (iOS and Android)" Electronista 10/31
  • "Retry Review: Flappy who? Let Retry wash all those bad bird-related memories away on a cool retro-flavored flight... right into the side of a cliff. Over and over and over again." 148Apps 10/31
  • "Splot Review: Splot is a tight platformer with controls that work surprisingly well for a touch screen device." 148Apps 10/31
  • "Monster Flash Review: Solid shooting and a surprising amount of spooky tension make Monster Flash a great portable piece of Halloween." 148Apps 10/31
  • "Dementia: Book of the Dead Review/A witch hunter is sent after a demonic book in the spooky but short-lived Dementia: Book of the Dead." 148Apps 10/31
  • "How To Enable Hidden Battery Usage Menu In iOS 8 / 8.1" Redmond Pie 10/31
  • "How to remove a credit card from Apple Pay" iMore 10/31
  • "iClarified - iPad - How to Jailbreak Your iPad Air 2, Air, 4, 3, 2, Mini Using Pangu8 (Windows) [iOS 8.1] iClarified 10/31
  • "How to connect to Instant Hotspot on your iPad" iMore 10/31
  • "How to pair the Microsoft Band with the iPhone" iMore 10/31
  • "How to avoid deleting messages when swiping your iPad too briskly" Macworld 10/31
  • "Apple Watch: What Rolex Dealers Say" Forbes 10/31
  • "This Man's Betting On The Technology Behind Apple Pay - And Even He Says It's Years Away From Wide Adoption" Forbes 10/31
  • "Apple Wins the Old-fashioned Way: Outsmart the Competition" The Mac Observer 10/31
  • "Apple Pay Vs Walmart's CurrentC: What Shoppers Need To Know" Forbes 10/31
  • "Apple Is Starting To Claw Back Some iPhone Market Share" Forbes 10/31
  • "Apple is about to kill a whole bunch of apps — or not" The Exchange 10/31
  • "A Higher Purpose For Apple's Sales In Iran" Forbes 10/31
  • "Apple Has Forced A Huge Change At Samsung — As These 2 Phones Unveiled Last Night Show"  Business Insider 10/31
  • "Proposed FCC rules would mean big opportunity for the Apple TV" AppleDailyReport 10/31
  • "The Apple Watch Just Got the Perfect Rival: Microsoft's Band" Wired 10/31
  • "iPhone fans are trashing Apple Pay rival CurrentC in App Store reviews – here are the funniest ones"  BGR 10/31
  • "Swisher: Tim Cook makes a difference" NBC News 10/31
  • "What Tim Cook's essay means to me" Fortune 10/31
  • "Trolls pop misshapen heads above bridge to hurl abuse at Tim Cook: Apple CEO suffers Twitter attacks after 'I'm proud to be gay' letter" The Register 10/31
  • "Here is the most idiotic reaction to Tim Cook coming out as gay" BGR 10/31
  • "Measuring the Apple Watch opportunity" asymco 10/31
  • "You, Your Mac, Monotony, Or Insanity" NoodleMac 10/31
  • "Here's What's Wrong With iPad Air 2" Mac 360 10/31
  • "Apple And The Problem Of Targets" Mac 360 10/31
  • "Keyboards: iPad Air 2? Or, MacBook Air?" Mac 360 10/31
  • "The Audiophile Fallacy" Kirkville 8:00 AM
  • "Pianist asks The Washington Post to remove a concert review under the E.U.'s 'right to be forgotten' ruling – The Washington Post" Kirkville 7:57 AM
  • "Hands On With Microsoft's New Fitness Wearable, The Band" TechCrunch 10/31
  • "Hackers Probing Financial System's Defenses Show Why Everyone Should Worry" Bloomberg 10/31
  • "The FCC's 'half-pregnant' plan for net neutrality, and why it won't work" Gigaom 10/31
  • "Motorola Droid Turbo vs. Google Nexus 6: Android Shootout" PC Magazine 10/31
  • "Mobile devices make sales work more complicated" BetaNews 10/31
  • "Low Latency 113: Bro band/Out of nowhere, Microsoft debuted a fitness tracking smartwatch called the Band. At first glance, it's kind of awesome." CNET 10/31
  • "How to tell if your iPhone is haunted!" The Joy of Tech [cartoon] 10/31
Press Releases/Products/Public Relations
  • "Wonderwood Games releases Note Wars for iOS - Hand Drawn Strategy Game" prMac 8:44 AM
  • "Apple updates WWDC app with support for iOS 8, iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus" AppAdvice 10/31
  • "Stitcher Radio podcast app updated with CarPlay support and bug fixes" 9to5Mac 10/31
  • "Coming November 1: Gene Steinberg meets Susie Ochs of Macworld, and John Martellaro of The Mac Observer, this week on The Tech Night Owl LIVE!" The Tech Night Owl LIVE 10/31
  • "SkyBalance by Nik Wallenda: The game app before the walk" Chicago Tribune [Free Registration Required] 10/31
  • "Let your iDevice help you stay on task at the grocery store with these apps" AppAdvice 10/31
  • "First Third-Party SSD With Native OS X TRIM Support Launched by Angelbird" MacRumors 10/31
  • "Control your lights from Notifications Center with Hue Widget" Digital Trends 10/31
  • "An app a day helps a teacher stay sane: How your iPad can keep kids on track" [Slideshow] Macworld 10/31
  • "'Icewind Dale: Enhanced Edition' Coming Soon, Held Up in Apple Approval" Touch Arcade 10/31
  • "PadGadget's DIY iPad Project Spotlight: iPad Baby Stroller" PadGadget 10/31
  • "Waterfield Unveils Rugged Outback Slip Case for iPad Air 2, iPad mini 3" PadGadget 10/31
  • "This Apple 3.0 poster is a must-have for every Apple fan" TUAW 10/31
  • "5 iPhone Apps Your Teen Doesn't Want You to Download" Time 10/31
  • "This app uses iOS 8 HealthKit to tell you when you're going to die" Cult of Mac 10/31
  • "'Run Sackboy! Run!' Reunites Us With LittleBigPlanet's Hero" Apple Gazette 10/31
  • "Cydia gets an update and is now bundled with Pangu for iOS 8" AppAdvice 10/31
  • "Brushstroke 2.0 brings iPhone 6 support, new styles, additional colors and more" AppAdvice 10/31
  • "'King of the Highwire' Nik Wallenda Releases Licensed Mobile Game to Commemorate Historic Tightrope Walk Over Downtown Chicago This Sunday" PRNewswire 10/31
  • "Nemetschek Vectorworks and Datacubist Oy Partner to Strengthen IFC Quality Exchange" Architosh 10/31
  • "Monkey Business: Revenge on the tree intruder for iOS" prMac 10/31
  • "Kidz Learn Applications releases kidz Play Puzzle 8.0 for iOS & Android" prMac 10/31
  • "Fly to stars and examine the Solar System with Explorium-Space for Kids" prMac 10/31
  • "Flight Unlimited Helicopter for iOS hits the App Store" prMac 10/31
  • "Doctor Spin Reinvents Apps with Hilarious Content and Device-Spinning" prMac 10/31
  • "Speaking Times Tables HD for iPad - really simple and fun multiplication" prMac 10/31
  • "PhatWare Releases WritePad Handwriting Recognition SDK for iOS 8" prMac 10/31
  • "iOS app aims to reduce healthcare cost and decrease rate of suicide" prMac 10/31
  • "iPad Air 2 Guide - eBook released in time for launch of new device" prMac 10/31
  • "The Cutest Nursery Rhymes Entertain Kids on iPhone and iPad" prMac 10/31
Computer Industry
  • "Microsoft Could Still Win the Future of Health Wearables" Wired 10/31
  • "Why it's smart that Microsoft's wearable is aiming for the middle" The Daily Dot 10/31
  • "7 Ways Satya Nadella's Microsoft Is Completely Transformed" Time 10/31
  • "Microsoft Stops Selling Windows 8 And Windows 7" Forbes 10/31
  • "Digitimes Research: Skylake processor delay to weaken Windows 10 notebook demand" DigiTimes 10/31
  • "Samsung Asks Judge to Invalidate Microsoft Contract: South Korean Smartphone Maker Says Microsoft Purchase of Nokia Violated Collaboration Pact" [Paid Membership Required] 10/31
  • "Samsung says Microsoft deal invites 'charges of collusion': filing" Reuters 10/31
  • "Samsung asks court to declare it can terminate its Android patent license agreement with Microsoft" Foss Patents 10/31
  • "Tencent, IBM Team Up to Offer Cloud-Based Services for Businesses: Chinese Internet Giant Tencent Expands Cloud-Based Services With Help From IBM" [Paid Membership Required] 10/31
  • "Tencent, IBM team up to offer cloud-based services for businesses" MarketWatch 10/31
  • "IBM, Tencent Offer Enterprise Cloud In China: IBM partners with Tencent, China's largest Internet company, to offer enterprise-level, industry specific cloud services." InformationWeek 10/31
  • "IBM SoftLayer to build Chinese cloud presence with help from Tencent" Gigaom 10/31
  • "IBM and China's Tencent Begin Cloud Partership" 24/7 Wall St. 10/31
  • "Michael Bastian Creates a Smartwatch That Looks Like a Watch: High-tech meets high-style in the MB Chronowing from Michael Bastian and Hewlett-Packard." [Paid Membership Required] 10/31
  • "We Finally Know What HP's New Designer Smartwatch Will Look Like" Business Insider 10/31
  • "HP teamed up with a fashion designer to make a stunning smartwatch" Engadget 10/31
  • "HP and Michael Bastian enter wearables discreetly with a stylish, semi-smart watch" TechHive 10/31
  • "HP's New PC Can Project a Touchscreen Onto Your Desk" Wired 10/31
  • "HP's radical new Machine could start computing by 2016" PCWorld 10/31
  • "Intel settlement means cheap round for anyone who bought Pentium 4 processor" The Inquirer 10/31
  • "Why AMD has a strong hold in the game console market" Market Realist 10/31
  • "Why AMD announces layoffs like other technology peers have" Market Realist 10/31
  • "More notebook brands shifting focus to gaming models, say sources" DigiTimes 10/31
  • "FCC Broadband Plan: No One Loves It/Agency's Two-Tier Compromise Stirs Ire but All Sides Agree on One Thing: It'll Have to Be Hashed Out in Court" [Paid Membership Required] 10/31
Finances (Click heading for current Apple Stock price.)
Apple News
  • "Insider Selling: Apple SVP Unloads 261,935 Shares of Stock (AAPL)" Ticker Report 10/31
  • "Apple stock headed to $120 per share: Pro" CNBC 10/31
  • "Apple Inc. Stock At All-Time Highs: Is It Still a Buy?" The Motley Fool 10/31
Industry News
  • "Tech Stocks: Huge gains for LinkedIn, GoPro, Groupon as tech stocks surge/Led by big gains from LinkedIn Corp., GoPro Inc. and Groupon Inc., tech stocks surged Friday as the broader U.S. stock market closed at a record." MarketWatch 10/31
  • "Halloween treat: Record stock market close" CNNMoney 10/31
  • "Stocks in record territory as Japan index leaps" USA Today 10/31
  • "S&P, Dow Close at Record Highs as U.S. Economic Strength Trumps Global Fears" TheStreet 10/31
  • "Market Snapshot: S&P 500, Dow Close At Record Levels" MarketWatch 10/31
  • "Dow, S&P 500 are back at record highs as the stock market closes out a seesaw month" Associated Press 10/31
  • "U.S. Stocks Surge; Dow, S&P 500 Hit Closing Records: Bank of Japan Unexpectedly Announces More Stimulus Measures" [Paid Membership Required] 10/31
  • "Telecoms Up Only Slightly as Traders Ditch Defensive -- Telecoms Roundup" Nasdaq 10/31
  • "Asia Markets: Nikkei rallies to seven-year high after BOJ surprise stimulus/Other Asia stocks rally, Japan index positive for the year" MarketWatch 10/31
  • "Europe Markets: Stoxx 600 ends with biggest weekly gain of the year" MarketWatch 10/31
  • "Most active Nasdaq-traded stocks: Nasdaq's 10 most active stocks at the close of trading" Associated Press 10/31
  • "Final Glance: Computer companies/Computer companies shares up at the close of trading" Associated Press 10/31
  • "Midday Glance: Computer companies/Computer companies shares mixed at 1 p.m." Associated Press 10/31

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