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MacSurfer's Archive: Saturday, May 26, 2012


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Thursday Highlights: Bloomberg's Mark Gurman hears long-anticipated AirPower wirless charger will hit store shelves in September, delay due to "technical hurdles"; Ben Lovejoy thinks Apple's recent habit of pre-announcing products hurts company more than consumers—reports and opinions in our Apple/Macintosh, and Op/Ed sections today; Nir Eyal at Quartz opines the reason Apple, Google don't want us using phones more is to curb harmful behavior, instead creating "healthy habits with [our] digital devices"; Tim Cook explains to Irish Times Apple's commitment to Ireland; Final Cut Pro turns 7 today—reports in our OS X section; Apple part of car consortium to establish digital car key specs for smartphones; Apple adds another original program to show lineup; the honeymoon is over, US Supreme Court rules states may now require online retailers to collect sales tax; CNET thinks Logitech Crayon so good Apple should copy it.

Today's MacUpdate Promo offers its MacUpdate Desktop for $20.00. "MacUpdate Desktop brings seamless 1-click app installs and version updates to your Mac. With a free MacUpdate account and MacUpdate Desktop 6, Mac users can now install almost any Mac app on with a single click, including thousands of titles not available in the Mac App Store."

  • "Apple to DOJ: Bite me/The Justice Department may regret trying to make its e-book antitrust suit stick to Apple" Fortune 8:49 AM
  • "Google's Motorola wants Apple to pay $347 million for past use of two wireless patents in the U.S." Foss Patents 2:23 PM
  • "Watch this rare video from inside the Foxconn facility where 70% of iPhones are made" The Next Web 8:55 AM
  • "Streaming with Apple TV: Apple's slick interface and the iTunes Store make Apple TV a great way to stream movies, music and more." Barron's [Subscription Required for Full Article] 8:47 AM
  • "Apple CEO Tim Cook's Stock Rises With Choice to Turn Down $75 Million Dividend"  AllThingsD 5/25
  • "Apple CEO Tim Cook passes up $75M: Forgoes dividend payments, but has $629M waiting for him if he sticks with Apple through August 2021" Computerworld 5/25
  • "Apple CEO Tim Cook to forgo a $75 million dividend payout" Fortune 5/25
  • "Apple CEO hands employees $75-million pick-me-up" The Globe and Mail [Free Registration Required] 5/25
  • "Apple's Cook Forgoes Millions in Dividend Payments: MarketWatch Video" MarketWatch 5/25
  • "Apple's Tim Cook Voluntarily Forgoes $75 Million Payout" Forbes 5/25
  • "Mr. Cook goes to Washington/Apple CEO Tim Cook has paid his first visit to a place Steve Jobs preferred to avoid: Capitol Hill. Aides say Apple's hot-button issues were not addressed."  Fortune 5/25
  • "Apple CEO Cook's doing a good job, but Jobs 'would have lost his mind over Siri'" Macworld UK 5/25
  • "Apple TV slated to debut in December? That's according to Piper Jaffray analyst Gene Munster, who also weighs in on iPhone 5." CNET News 5/25
  • "Apple, Amazon, And The DOJ" redOrbit 5/25
  • "Apple Sued for iCloud & iTunes Services with Symantec Patents" Patently Apple 5/25
  • "Apple settles patent lawsuit with SimpleAir: Research In Motion had earlier settled with SimpleAir in this litigation" IDG News Service 5/25
  • "Mac developers vent frustrations at Apple's Mac App Store sandboxing fiasco: There is much confusion and even more frustration exacerbated by the fact that Apple is not responding to developer's questions or requests for help." Macworld UK 5/25
  • "Facebook to acquire browser maker Opera? Maybe. Here's what we know." The Next Web 5/25
  • "Locating and dispensing with old applications" Macworld 5/25
  • "Pull up a list of any OS X app's keyboard shortcuts with CheatSheet" AppleTell 8:55 AM
  • "Premiere Pro CS6's aesthetic and workflow improvements boost editing efficiency" Macworld 5/25
  • "Zengobi Curio Core 7.4.3 holds your best ideas" Macworld 5/25
  • "Viewing Saved Passwords in Mac OS X" Amsys 5/25
  • "How to Run Absinthe 2.0 on OS X Mountain Lion" iClarified 5/25
  • "Sharing a Drive Between Mac and PC" MacMost 5/25
  • "Pull Down To Refresh On Your Mac [OS X Tips] Cult of Mac 5/25
  • "Keyboard shortcut for fine grain volume, brightness control" FairerPlatform 5/25
  • "How To Add Video Callouts To Final Cut Pro Video Clips On Your Mac" Mac 360 5/25
  • "Speaking Of Lorem Ipsum On the Mac (try LittleIpsum for free)" TeraTalks 5/25
  • "How To Bring Colored Icons Back To The Sidebar On Your Mac (free and simple)" BohemianBoomer 5/25
  • "2 Ways To Love, 1 Way To Hate The Mac App That Finds Photos And Images On The Web" NoodleMac 5/25
  • "Another Cool App To Sync Files And Folders On Your Mac (from anywhere in the world)" Mac 360 5/25
  • "Got Media Projects? Photos, Videos, Audio, Or Graphic Projects Need This Free Mac App" McSolo 5/25
  • "One of the difficulties with iCloud syncing is that when I set up a particular data stream to sync through iCloud with other devices, the data can newly appear in unexpected places. Then deleting the data at its unwanted (illogical?) location, say, a Note that was composed on an iPhone and is suddenly found in the inbox of a POP3 account in the OS X Mail app, causes erasure across all devices." MacInTouch 8:43 AM
  • "I am not sure if I was thinking, as of yet, that my Safari issues were the norm for everyone. The impetus for my original comment was that these issues have become so noticeable to me at this point. Most browsers have nit-pickable issues. It seems heavy use of Flash and Java content are the norm for the web-based experience. I certainly don't know what the future holds in that regard. But by comparison Safari seems to be having more significant issues, in that regard, than other browsers... in my experience..." MacInTouch 8:42 AM
  • "'My gosh, Safari is really that bad under Lion? I had no idea. Does anyone care to defend Safari and Lion here?' As you'll see with a careful reading of the responses to MacInTouch, Safari in Lion does not have any major built-in issues.One user reports having to force Software Update to redownload Safari. Another succeeded with a mere reset. Others have suggested that visiting too many Flash-based pages slows things down. I'd guess that the vast majority of users are like me, perfectly satisfied with Safari in Lion." MacInTouch 5/25
Press Releases
  • "Convert Panasonic Lumix DMC-LX5 AVCHD Lite to Apple ProRes for FCP Mac" prMac 9:20 PM
  • "Mysteryville 2 from Nevosoft Now Available on the Mac App Store" prMac 8:47 AM
  • "LicenseSupport 2.0 for Software Support and License Integration: Improve Customer Support and Web Integration of Protected Applications" Excel Software 5/25
  • "Aperture 3.2.4 improves Snow Leopard stability" FairerPlatform 5/25
  • "Music Pub 1.0 for Mac OS X - Awesome Drinking Music Experience" prMac 5/25
  • "ClearDisk 1.0 for Mac OS X - Clears the Hard Disk of Useless Stuff" prMac 5/25
  • "PDF2Office Pro v6.0 - PDF Converter for Mac converts Windows XPS files" prMac 5/25
  • "Theme Inn Presents a Pack of Templates for MS PowerPoint for Mac" prMac 5/25
  • "Zevrix Updates Output Factory for InDesign: Adds PNG Transparency" prMac 5/25
General Interest/Potpourri
  • "Apple in Review: Tech Struggles, Office to the iPad?" The Motley Fool 4:43 PM
  • "Sweating The Small Stuff: Sotheby's Selling Original Steve Jobs Note About Atari Circuit Improvements" TechCrunch 8:56 AM
  • "Get Cast In The Steve Jobs Biopic With The Right Look Or Car" Cult of Mac 7:45 PM
  • "West Jordan teen releases 5th iPhone app" Deseret News 7:45 PM
  • "Teacher unions fight to keep clout with Democrats" ["Contributions from investors, philanthropists and Silicon Valley executives, including Netflix Chief Executive Officer Reed Hastings and Laurene Powell Jobs, widow of Apple founder Steve Jobs, have flooded into Johnson's campaign. Independent groups funded by an overlapping network of donors have blanketed the district with mailers backing him."] Reuters 9:28 AM
  • "Diablo III sets records for PC and Mac games" AppleTell 12:09 PM
  • "President of Turkey visits Tim Cook, discusses bringing technology into Turkish education" 9 to 5 Mac 5/25
  • "Video offers rare glimpse inside Foxconn iPhone factory" AppleInsider 5/25
  • "Apple Maintains Leading Mobile Device Manufacturer Status In Millenial Media Survey" MacPrices 5/25
  • "Apple owns 74% of smartphone web traffic, 95% of tablet traffic" Yahoo! News 5/25
  • "iPad-vertising Is Taking Off: There is a dearth of creative formats for tablets, despite the wild popularity of the iPad. 'The need for more intelligent and optimized ads is becoming critical,' said David Hewitt, global mobile practice lead with SapientNitro. Traditional desktop display ads have worked as a band-aid for tablets thus far, but touch-friendly and context-aware ads are becoming expected by tablet users." E-Commerce Times 5/25
  • "IBM doesn't just block Siri, it restricts iCloud use too (but likes BlackBerry and Android devices)" The Next Web 5/25
  • "Apple tipped to integrate Baidu search services into iOS next month" The Next Web 5/25
  • "Apple introduces Editors' Choice to App Stores: A 'Free App of the Week' promotion is also being pushed out on the App Store's Twitter" Macworld UK 5/25
  • "Apple improves app discovery with 'Editors' Choice' and free 'App of the Week' features" The Next Web 5/25
  • "Apple to sell Nest Learning Thermostat" iLounge 5/25
  • "Apple's iTunes Promo Gives Paid Apps Away for Free" PCWorld 5/25
  • "Apple's iOS and Mac App Stores Now Feature 'Free App Of The Week' And 'Editor's Choice' Promotions" TechCrunch 5/25
  • "Apple Is Going To Start Giving Away One Free App Every Week" Business Insider 5/25
  • "Get Cut the Rope Experiments HD, for iPhone free" FairerPlatform 5/25
  • "Yahoo Kills Livestand After Just Six Months: Mobile Newstand App Had Trouble Gaining Traction" Advertising Age 5/25
  • "Sotheby's to Auction Steve Jobs Atari Memo (Photo Gallery)" The Mac Observer 5/25
  • "Sotheby's Auctions Off Steve Jobs Memo From Atari Days [Gallery] Cult of Mac 5/25
  • "Siri Tells John Malkovich a Better Joke" Gizmodo 5/25
  • "Recipe for Restaurant Success: Locally Sourced Foods/Trendy San Francisco restaurant flour + water has droves of foodies lining up for locally sourced and hyperlocal cuisine." ["And if you want in, neither having a big name—even Steve Jobs wasn't allowed to just walk in—nor a reservation may eliminate the typical two-hour wait to be seated."] Inc. 5/25
  • "Woman traces stolen iPhone after alleged thief's photos were uploaded to iCloud" Telegraph 5/25
Non-Apple News
  • "This Cadillac Is Powered by Linux" Wired 5/25
  • "Tech gifts for grads and dads" USA Today 5/25
  • "Tractor beam can pull as well as push" TG Daily 5/25
  • "Max Payne 3 PC: Developer Interview" PCWorld 5/25
  • "Samsung Prepping Galaxy S III Pop-Up Stores in London" PC Magazine 5/25
  • "No Ice Cream Sandwich for Sony's Xperia Play" PC Magazine 5/25
  • "Blizzard promises Diablo III server patch, denies security issues" TG Daily 5/25
  • "Security researcher urges IT managers to keep up with SAP patches" IDG News Service 5/25
  • "Hacker Group Plans to Attack 46 Companies" [Video Report] FOXBusiness 5/25
  • "Comcast's 'intelligent home' offers high-tech peace of mind" Sacramento Bee 5/25
  • "Comcast's fight for the pipes of the Internet" Fortune 5/25
  • "Sony Files Patent For In-Game Advertising" Forbes 5/25
  • "Google tablet set to be unveiled at I/O conference?" CNET News 5/25
  • "Google's 7in tablet stalled for last-minute tweaks: Asus-built device now rumoured for July release" The Register 5/25
  • "Video From Google's Project Glass Surfaces" PC Magazine 5/25
  • "Google Asked to Yank a Million Search Results a Month" PCWorld 5/25
  • "Curt Schilling's 38 Studios lays off entire staff: Prospects called bleak for ailing R.I.-based video games maker" Boston Globe [Free Registration Required] 5/25
  • "Future Nokia Lumia devices to feature waterproof technology" V3 5/25
  • "Nokia reveals Lumia 610 June release date and contract pricing" V3 5/25
  • "Intel-inside Lenovo K800 phone coming next week" CNET News 5/25
  • "Reddit Founder And Activists Aim To Build A 'Bat-Signal For The Internet'" Forbes 5/25
  • "Lynch eyes next autonomous move" Financial Times [Paid Membership Required] 5/25
  • "Lenovo Invents Handgrip Keyboards for Tablet Computers" Patent Bolt 5/25
  • "Huawei's EU antitrust complaint against InterDigital: unFRANDly demands are abusive" Foss Patents 5/25
  • "Vatican in pact with Microsoft to initiate world's youths into Office" Channel Register 5/25
  • "Take Control of iBooks Author' Teaches Multi-Touch Book Creation" TidBITS 5/25
  • "Gene Steinberg meets Steve 'Mr. Gadget' Kruschen and Laptop magazine's Avram Piltch this week on The Tech Night Owl LIVE" The Tech Night Owl LIVE 5/25
  • "Jim Dalrymple Goes Social on the Facebook IPO" MacVoicesTV 5/25
  • "Engadget Podcast 295 - 05.25.2012" ["51:05 - gTar iPhone guitar hands-on, 53:33 - Apple applies for optical stylus patent, Hell reports coldest day on record"] Engadget 5/25
  • "Cook vs Jobs, More Pixels for the next iPhone, Jaws, Yahoo Axis, Facebook Camera + More! (Podcast)" Insanely Great Mac 5/25
  • "Siri's Bad Behavior, Facebook Camera, And Sir Jony Ive On Our Newest CultCast" Cult of Mac 5/25
  • "Apple Releases A New Version Of iOS 5.1.1 For The iPhone 4" Apple Bitch 8:58 AM
  • "Usage of new iPad overtakes original iPad: It's taken just two months for the new iPad to catch up to the original iPad in terms of usage share" Macworld UK 5/25
  • "Mac Pro petition gains traction as pro users seek information" AppleInsider 5/25
  • "Mac Pro petition gaining steam on Facebook" CNET News 5/25
  • "Apple iPen is a next-generation stylus for your iPad" Crave @ CNET 5/25
  • "Foxconn chairman says Europe and US economy to worsen" DigiTimes 5/25
  • "Q&A: MacFixIt Answers/MacFixIt covers How To install alternate Wi-Fi adapters, and other questions." MacFixIt 5/25
  • "Apple releases revised iOS 5.1.1 build for GSM iPhone 4, available for new installs" 9 to 5 Mac 5/25
Price Trackers/Deals
  • "Photo Slice For iPhone Is Temporarily Available For Free (Normally $0.99)" Apple Sliced 8:43 AM
  • "Letterbox For iPhone and iPad Is Free Right Now (Previously $0.99)" Apple Sliced 8:43 AM
  • "AstroBurst For iPhone and iPad Is Free Today (Was $5.99)" Apple Sliced 8:43 AM
  • "Apple MacBook Air Buyer's Guide -Up To $250 Off Currently Shipping Models" MacReviewZone 4:20 PM
  • "Apple MacBook Pro Buyer's Guide -17 Inch Models -Up to $487 Off Current Models" MacReviewZone 4:19 PM
  • "PadGadget Daily App Deal – 26 iPad Apps on Sale" PadGadget 8:52 AM
  • "Memorial Day MacBook Air deals, from $799" FairerPlatform 11:51 AM
  • "Infinity Blade II For iPhone and iPad Is Available At An All-Time Low Of $2.99 (Normally $6.99)" Apple Sliced 5/25
  • "Bejeweled 3 For Mac Is $4.99 Right Now (Previously $19.99)" Apple Sliced 5/25
  • "Jillian Michaels Slim-Down Solution For iPhone Is Free Today (Was $1.99)" Apple Sliced 5/25
  • "Good Deal: big-name iOS apps and games on sale for Memorial Day weekend" The Verge 5/25
  • "iPad (2012) Prices & Sales" MacPrices 5/25
  • "MacBook Air Prices & Sales" MacPrices 5/25
  • "MacBook Pro Prices & Sales" MacPrices 5/25
  • "Memorial Day Deals: iPad 2 with free accessory kit" FairerPlatform 5/25
  • "iPad Accessories Buyer's Guide -Best Selling Apple iPad Accessories -From $2 To $350" MacReviewZone 5/25
  • "Best Selling Mac Scanners -From $100 To $496 -Prices, Reviews And Information" MacReviewZone 5/25

  • "Seagate GoFlex Slim portable hard drive review" AppleTell 4:44 PM
  • "Mercury Accelsior PCIe SSD Upgrade from Other World Computing (Video Review)" Insanely Great Mac 4:21 PM
  • "ProMAX ONE 16-core Tower: The Future of the Mac Pro?" Bare Feats 5/25
  • "Moshi Concerti iPad case review: Plush, secure/The Moshi Concerti is a good choice if you're seeking something different to cover your iPad with." CNET Reviews 5/25
  • "Video Review: Incipio OffGrid Pro for iPhone 4/4s" Run Around Tech 5/25
  • "Best iPad 3 cases and covers: Looking for a new case or cover for the third-generation iPad? Here are CNET's top picks." [Slideshow] CNET News 5/25
  • "The Olympus TG-820 Is Ready To Adventure Where Your iPhone Can't [Review] Cult of Mac 5/25
  • "Broken iPhone? That's No Problem if it's in a cellhelmet Case" Patch 5/25
  • "Bamboo duo is a sweet stylus-pen combo" MacNews 5/25
iPad/iPhone/iPod touch Apps
  • "Review: office applications for the iPad" WA Today 7:56 PM
  • "Review: Bicycle Jacked Up Interactive Card Game For iPhone and iPad" MacTrast 9:29 AM
  • "InstaCRT: Analog Output for for iOS Devices -Nice Idea, Local Problems" eXtensions 5/25
  • "Taking Axis for a Spin: New iOS Browser Is a Sweet Ride" MacNewsWorld 5/25
  • "You May Like Facebook Camera, But You'll Still Love Instagram" PCWorld 5/25
  • "Facebook Camera iOS app arrives with filters, bulk upload" Crave @ CNET 5/25
  • "Pulp v2.5 update adds iCloud syncing, Retina display support and new home page (hands-on)" The Verge 5/25
  • "Two World War II reference apps for the iPad: Timeline World War 2 stands out with features that put history in context" Macworld 5/25
  • "Gun Runner Review: The name says it all. This clever homage to classic side-scrolling shooters is easy to enjoy but hard to master." 148Apps 5/25
  • "Defender Chronicles II: Heroes of Athelia Review" 148Apps 5/25
  • "Wingsuit Stickman Review: Wingsuit Stickman is a physics-based game where players control a stickman on a glider." 148Apps 5/25
  • "Samplodica Review: Samplodica is an intuitive musical instrument that is played by whipping the iPhone in the air." 148Apps 5/25
  • "Stupid But Useful Mac Trick: Turn Off Internal MacBook Pro Screen With a Magnet" OS X Daily 4:47 PM
  • "Try NotifyMe, An Alternative To Reminders [iOS Tips] Cult of Mac 5/25
  • "How to use Siri faster by talking less" iMore 5/25
  • "Apple iPhone power: 20 tips for longer battery life" Computerworld 5/25
  • "Why I Think Apple Will, Indeed, Launch A Television" SlashGear 4:50 PM
  • "How many Apple IDs should your family have?" GigaOM 4:29 PM
  • "MacOS KenDensed: Apple's Patent Lawsuit & Antitrust Shuffle" The Mac Observer 9:28 AM
  • "The Macalope Weekly: A kinder, gentler Macalope" Macworld 9:14 AM
  • "Tim Cook Told A Room Of Investors That Facebook Is 'The One Company That Is Closest To Being Like Apple'" Business Insider 9:00 AM
  • "Particle Debris: The TV Industry's Dreadful Little Secret" The Mac Observer 5/25
  • "9 Reasons To Manage iPhones & iPads From The Cloud" Cult of Mac 5/25
  • "After A Week With The Windows Phone, I See A Lot Of Flaws In The iPhone" Business Insider 5/25
  • "Get over it, haters – apps really are the future, says Wired publisher" paidContent 5/25
  • "The Macalope Daily: You talkin' to me?" Macworld [Insider Content] 5/25
  • "Jonathan Ive's biggest design challenge? Himself." Macenstein 5/25
  • "SSDs won't replace hard drives anytime soon" MacNews 5/25
  • "WSJ: Analysts now agree we're going to see new Retina Macs in June" 9 to 5 Mac 5/25
  • "Cook's Apple isn't Steve's" Tapscape 5/25
  • "More on Apple's Removal of Airfoil Speakers Touch From the App Store" Daring Fireball 5/25
  • "iPhone display rumors galore: Hold on to your hats folks, there are a number of interesting and credible iPhone 5 rumors circulating around the blogosphere this week that are worthy of some attention." Network World 5/25
  • "Should you care that Siri is taking notes? IBM blocks Siri on networked devices even as it acknowledges it sees no threat in Apple capturing voice commands from users" InfoWorld 5/25
  • "Is Apple's Siri really a corporate Mata Hari?" MarketWatch 5/25
  • "Memo to Apple: Siri's Charms Fading Fast/If Apple doesn't improve its Siri iPhone personal assistant, a breakup is coming. Performance issues, privacy worries may outweigh the magic." InformationWeek 5/25
  • "iOS 6 and Siri: Six things we need to hear at WWDC" Electricpig 5/25
  • "Does Siri Work As Advertised? – [Opinion] RazorianFly 5/25
  • "How Siri Really Handles Samuel L. Jackson's Requests" Cult of Mac 5/25
  • "Suddenly Apple Gets that Siri Is a Huge Joke" Yahoo! News 5/25
  • "Apple's iPhone hype: Siri is all hot air" MarketWatch 5/25
  • "Why Apple's iTV Will Fail" TheStreet 5/25
  • "Bigger than an iPhone, yet smaller than an iPad: the next Apple TV?" GigaOM 5/25
  • "The New Apple Television: The Winners And Losers" PixoBebo 5/25
  • "RIP webOS: Again and for good this time" ZDNet 5/25
  • "So What Does It Mean to Be a Geek?" Wired 5/25
  • "Video: The Most Insanely Important, Mind-Blowing Tech News of the Week" Techland 5/25
  • "Most OpenOffice users run Windows: However, Apache's download stats might not tell the whole story" Network World 5/25
  • "Don't make cloud management an afterthought" InfoWorld 5/25
  • "Microsoft and Google cut the crapware, but the odor lingers" InfoWorld 5/25
  • "Open source celebrates the freedom to leave: A new survey suggests many are losing patience with vendors that tout 'open core' and 'dual license' models that lock in customers" InfoWorld 5/25
  • "Thorsten Heins' no good, very bad first 100 days as RIM's CEO" The Globe and Mail [Free Registration Required] 5/25
  • "The Hard Lesson From the Downfall of Curt Schilling's 38 Studios" Forbes 5/25
  • "Could Your Smartphone Replace Your Wallet?" Forbes 5/25
  • "Diablo III Review: Blizzard's Brilliant, Blundering Wreck" HotHardware 5/25
  • "Hard-up telcos get stingy with mobile give-aways" Reuters 5/25
  • "Top five routers: 802.11ac ushered in" CNET Reviews 5/25
  • "Facebook Is Killing Silicon Valley: Entrepreneur" [Video Report] Daily Ticker 5/25
  • "10 ways to make Android better than the iPhone" [Slideshow] Network World 5/25
  • "The Digital Skeptic: DuckDuckGo Cooks Google's Goose" TheStreet 5/25
  • "RIP webOS: Again and for good this time" ZDNet 5/25
  • "Steve Ballmer has an 80-inch Windows 8 tablet in his office that Microsoft plans to sell" The Verge 5/25
Press Releases/Products/Public Relations
  • "YPmobile: App takes the Yellow Pages on the road" Washington Post [Free Registration Required] 7:06 PM
  • "iPhone Viewfinder Eases Shooting in Bright Sunlight [Video] Mashable 4:30 PM
  • "WordPress 3.0 for iOS: More better comment moderation tools" FairerPlatform 11:49 AM
  • "Absinthe 2.0: Which iPhone, iPad models are compatible" FairerPlatform 11:47 AM
  • "Infinity Blade II goes on sale for a limited time" AppleTell 9:02 AM
  • "Wordpress For iOS Presses Ahead With Push Notifications" App Advice 8:52 AM
  • "InfoShell introduces WakeUpper 1.0 for iOS - Talking Alarm Clock" prMac 8:47 AM
  • "Alpha Studios introduces Love Quiz! 1.0 for iOS" prMac 8:47 AM
  • "New Fun Interactive iPhone/iPad Audio Storybook App For Kids" prMac 8:47 AM
  • "Tharle Games releases Animal Shift HD 1.0 - Free iPad Game" prMac 8:47 AM
  • "Word Pig iOS Game App Released for iPhone and iPad" prMac 8:47 AM
  • "runWithMe 1.0 - Social Workout for iOS: Run Against Anyone, Anywhere" prMac 8:47 AM
  • "ResourceHelper launches - No more image resource mistakes" prMac 8:47 AM
  • "Phone Word 3.0 for iOS - Convert Phone Numbers To Words" prMac 8:47 AM
  • "AirFloat removed from the App Store" TUAW 5/25
  • "31 apps that make news reading better" [Slideshow] The Globe and Mail [Free Registration Required] 5/25
  • "The TechCrunch iPad App Is Now Live" TechCrunch 5/25
  • "Holy Guacamole! Fruit Ninja: Puss In Boots Gets New Blades And A New Hideout To Boot" App Advice 5/25
  • "Jeff Gamet talks Cool Apps & Accessories on Not Another Mac Podcast" The Mac Observer 5/25
  • "13 Year-Old Releases First App, Mad Pigs" 148Apps 5/25
  • "MilliTalk 2.5 Releases New Features for iPhones, the iPod Touch and Brings Calling to the iPad" PRWeb 5/25
  • "Nine Ways to Change the World using Android and iPhones Developed by Harvard, Berkeley Students: Researchers invite everyone to join in building a new network for planetary change by fully utilizing the fantastic capabilities of today's mobile devices." PRWeb 5/25
  • "If the iPhone goes 16:9, how do you want Apple to get there? [Poll] iMore 5/25
  • "Facebook Releases 'Camera For iOS' on iOS App Store" Apple Bitch 5/25
  • "Facebook Camera: Top iOS app rating shows Zuckerberg's finally doing mobile right" Electricpig 5/25
  • "Pulp For iPad And Mac Updated With Smart Home Page And iCloud Sync" App Advice 5/25
  • "Jailbreak for iOS 5.1.1 Now Available" AppleBitch 5/25
  • "How to convert an iOS 5.1.1 tethered jailbreak to an untethered jailbreak using Rocky Racoon 5.1.1 Untether" iDownload Blog 5/25
  • "Jailbreak Only: Absinthe 2.0 Available Now - Jailbreak Your iOS 5.1.1-Powered Device" App Advice 5/25
  • "Notably Awesome: Awesome Note HD Gains iOS Calendar Integration And Retina iPad UI" App Advice 5/25
  • "Kanex outs non-Apple Thunderbolt cable (updated)" Engadget 5/25
  • "iLift Loop 1.0 for iOS - Learn Music from Song Recordings" prMac 5/25
  • "Plentiful Play Zone Hits Apple App Store" prMac 5/25
  • "Shaderific brings OpenGL ES 2.0 shader development to the iPad" prMac 5/25
  • "F18 Carrier Landing: A new Landing Experience" prMac 5/25
  • "Artfinder 3.0 Free for iOS - Art and Exhibitions at Your Fingertips" prMac 5/25
  • "Physique: Intelligent Workout Planning and Tracking App Now Available" prMac 5/25
  • "Relive a Fairy Tale Starring your Child in It's Me! Peter Pan for iPad" prMac 5/25
  • "Scrap It: Baby Years HD 1.0: Fairy Tales, Birthdays, and Lovable Animals" prMac 5/25
  • "Scrap It: Summer Time HD 1.0 for iPad - Summer Time Scrapped" prMac 5/25
  • "Screen Calculator for iPhone/iPad released by Badger Studios" prMac 5/25
  • "iLearnwords Japanese 1.0 for iOS-Japanese Language Learning for Children" prMac 5/25
  • "Speed Tracker for iPad - Everything you need in just One application" prMac 5/25
  • "24x7digital releases Smiley Sight Words 2.0 - Now optimized for iPad" prMac 5/25
  • "2WayResume iPhone App: Career Expertise/Social Media Optimize Job Search" prMac 5/25
  • "Sing Something the Game - Show your friends you are the next Idol" prMac 5/25
  • "iBargain app finds the best deals, launches on iTunes June 2012" prMac 5/25
  • "Apps for Children with Special Needs posts video for The Social Express" prMac 5/25
  • "Best Fishing Times Gives Best Times To Fish For Any Date, Any Location" prMac 5/25
Computer Industry
  • "NBC may buy Microsoft's stake: Partnership could be unwound this summer" Chicago Tribune [Free Registration Required] 9:09 AM
  • "Microsoft Envisions 80-Inch Windows 8 Tablets: CEO Ballmer uses an 80-inch touchscreen running Windows 8 in his office, and the technology will hit the market 'eventually.'" PCWorld 9:10 AM
  • "Windows 8 update: all the latest rumours, opinions and possibilities" CIO 9:04 AM
  • "Microsoft wins patent battle against Google's Motorola Mobility in Germany" ANI 9:03 AM
  • "Microsoft requested Google to remove 500,000 links to pirated software in April" Deccan Chronicle 9:06 AM
  • "Microsoft's Take-Down Link Requests Still Reside in Bing" Tom's Guide 8:03 PM
  • "Microsoft: Windows XP costs businesses five times more than Windows 7" The Verge 4:48 PM
  • "Bing reorganizes social-search components in challenge to Google" Bloomberg News 9:09 AM
  • "Opinion: Leaked Dell Windows 8 tablet specs seem weak/Details have leaked of what we can expect from the first generation Dell Windows 8 tablet, and the specs don't seem adequate." PCWorld 9:04 AM
  • "Dell in talks to buy network security firm Quest Software: report news" domain-b 9:13 AM
  • "Mark Hurd: 'I felt Oracle was in a position to do something nobody else could do'" Telegraph 4:37 PM
  • "Small caps: Lynch's HP exit hits Blinkx" Financial Times [Paid Membership Required] 8:54 AM
  • "What went wrong with HP and where is it headed? – Part 1" News Pakistan 9:13 AM
  • "Cisco ends development on Cius tablet" The Verge 8:53 AM
  • "Canada's RIM to cut at least 2000 jobs- report" Reuters 8:52 AM
  • "Cookie law on websites comes into force today" Crave @ CNET 8:59 AM
  • "Cookie law set to come into force" BBC 8:59 AM
  • "UK cookie law compliance takes effect today" The Register 9:00 AM
  • "Forget Instagram and SocialCam; Mobli Wants To Be The Next Google" Forbes 9:00 AM
  • "ViewSonic teases 22-inch tablet, Ballmer touts 80-incher" Crave @ CNET 8:59 AM
  • "Anonymous hacks Reliance's Internet filtering server" ZDNet 8:55 AM
  • "Facebook Is Building The Facebook Phone Right In Front Of Our Eyes" Business Insider 8:52 AM
  • "Facebook's Royal Wedding" New York Times [Free/Paid Registration Required] 8:50 AM
  • "Presidential Panel Urges More Flexible Use of Spectrum" New York Times [Free/Paid Registration Required] 8:36 AM
  • "Microsoft shows cheaper version of Kinect gesture-control system" GMA News 9:11 AM
  • "Microsoft Windows 8: First impressions" DailyBhaskar 9:05 AM
  • "Coming Attractions: Windows 8/A Mac man test drives and rants about Microsoft's OS" Macworld 9:04 AM
  • "Facebook buying Opera, planning own browser?" TechShout 9:04 AM
  • "Parents get new weapons in war over kids' phones: Kids' phones expose them to bullying, predators, adult content and Internet addiction. Now parents are fighting back." Computerworld 9:00 AM
  • "Staying wired avoids a lot of headaches: A reader describes quirks in his experience with wireless technology. Eventually, he solved the problems, but dealing with wireless can be baffling." Seattle Times 8:58 AM
  • "Selling Software That Kills" TechCrunch 8:56 AM
  • "Opinion: Finding the perfect carputer is still a nightmare" Digital Trends 8:56 AM
  • "Minute By Minute: Here's How NASDAQ Screwed Up The Facebook IPO" Business Insider 8:52 AM
  • "Make No Mistake, Facebook's IPO Was Good For Facebook" Business Insider 8:52 AM
Finances (Click heading for current Apple Stock price.)
Apple News
  • "Gene Munster: 10 thoughts about how Apple gets to $1,000"  Fortune 5/25
  • "Apple: Gene Munster's 10 Reasons To Stay Bullish" Forbes 5/25
  • "Apple tops Goldman Sachs' VIP list of hedge fund stocks" Fortune 5/25
Industry News
  • "Techs put in mild gains; Facebook falls again: Social network may end first trading week 16% below IPO price" MarketWatch 5/25
  • "U.S. stocks stumble on trouble in Spain: Major indexes fall, but all three snap 3-week losing streak" MarketWatch 5/25
  • "U.S. Stocks Fall As Spanish Debt Overshadows Economy" Bloomberg 5/25
  • "Stocks Extend Losses in Afternoon Action" FOXBusiness 5/25
  • "Stocks Snap Three-Week Losing Streak But Concerns Linger" TheStreet 5/25
  • "Stocks snap three week losing streak" CNNMoney 5/25
  • "Dow Closes in the Red: Stocks fell ahead of the long holiday weekend as reports of weakness in Spain underlined anxiety about the euro zone, outweighing a better-than-expected reading on U.S. consumer confidence." [Paid Membership Required] 5/25
  • "Stocks set to open mixed; Europe in focus" CNNMoney 5/25
  • "Asia Markets: Australia's ASX Hits 6-Month Low" [Paid Membership Required] 5/25
  • "Asian Stocks Fall as Economic Slowdown Cools China Bank Lending" Bloomberg 5/25
  • "Asia Markets: China stocks drop in Asia amid credit fears/Hong Kong shares rebound; Nikkei ends down for 8th straight week" MarketWatch 5/25
  • "European Stocks Notch Small Gains" [Paid Membership Required] 5/25
  • "Europe Markets: Europe stocks end week higher after choppy session" MarketWatch 5/25
  • "Most active Nasdaq-traded stocks: Nasdaq's 10 most active stocks at 1 p.m." Associated Press 5/25
  • "Midday Glance: Computer companies/Computer companies shares mixed at 1 p.m." Associated Press 5/25
  • "Final Glance: Computer companies" CBS News 5/25
  • "Nasdaq, Direct Edge Move to Tame Quote Traffic" [Paid Membership Required] 5/25
  • "Nasdaq CEO went ahead with Facebook IPO despite signs new software had bugs" New York Post 5/25

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